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About the fate of those who refuse to participate in the world debt reset program, healthpass or the #vaccination schedule: "Indefinitely" in isolation until one complies and having "all their assets seized"
- a 🧵 Image
You can see how they are tracking the progress of their agenda on the lower left corner of the document. Image
The fake pretense for isolation and asset seizure: the "Shielding Approach" Image
This is old but it's important to know that NY has the same power to haul into a concentration camp as Australia's government, under the pretense of "contacts with carriers" (hence the overwhelming implementation of contact tracing apps worldwide, so they can isolate anyone) Image
These #quarantine camps may be your new home if you "test positive" or refuse a test when the government requires one of you. This is mainstream but few people care. ImageImage
(Notice the crematorium on the earlier tweet)
Australia predicts the need for quarantine camps for "at least five years". In Australia, the government wants access to your emails & social media accounts, to be able to "add" or "delete" info and to "send messages" in your name. ImageImage
They boldly state everywhere: "the world will never return to normal". Coca Cola advertisements even feature some weird poetry about this "new normal", suggesting we should have "no more fear of change". Image
A peek at the schematics of where they want to quarantine people: It will feature a 24/7 surveillance system (seems to be akin to airport security) coupled with a state of the art motion sensing AI infrastructure. You'll be forced to wear wearables that track your every movement. Image
German #covid jails are a thing and they can lock you up there at will on "suspicion of infection". They say they won't lock you up forever, only until you test negative but the fake test, normally random, can be rigged to yield more "positives" by altering the cycle threshold. Image
Letter from Australian government to resident describing the setting up of a quarantine facility in their neighborhood. Notice how they phrase it based on the fake premises discussed earlier. Image
They want to be able to remove you from your home in New York if they deem you "contagious" and require you to be vaxed. (this home removal mirrors what has been the case in Australia, for example). Image
They are building #vaccination registers all over the world. They can cross check that with the DNA samples one gives them by testing. They'll have name & DNA of most citizens & #vax status very soon. Also, in Australia questioning the narrative is grounds for "investigation". Image
How Saul Alinsky's playbook (basically, practical communism), so prevalent in elite circles, ties in with the great reset: Image
People may already be familiar with this: Bill Gates' "666 patent" to use "body activity data" to "mine" cryptocurrency: Image
Contact tracing was negotiated 6 months before fake "#pandemic" started Image
"Edible vaccines" research Image
Land amount owned by Bill Gates by state Image
Genetically engineered corn (95%+ of corn that is produced and consumed in the US and most of the corn produced and consumed in the West broadly is GMO). The fact that they made infertility causing corn in 2001 means those may be already the cause widespread infertility. Image
Bill Gates, the largest farmland owner in the US: "no more meat-eating for you". ImageImage
Bayer executive states #mRNA shots are gene therapy. Speaking in 2021, he said that "2 years ago" (that is, before the "pandemic") 95% of the people would refuse these "#vaccines".

Media marketing and labelling of #genetherapy injections as vaccines is what made people take it. Image
(Compare to earlier tweet for full irony effect) Image
Some technical hints on how they plan to accomplish their satanic cyborg bio-digital future: Image
Graphene Oxide can be used to make individuals more robotic and enable "behavior modeling". Rats "forget" defensive behaviors they engaged in just 6 days after a hostile incident when injected with #Grapheneoxide. This can be used to make humans more malleable/controllable. ImageImage
In the in Vitro part of the same research, the writers conclude that the #graphene flakes can then be used to prevent what they call "pathological plasticity" of the synapses (short for synaptic arrangements that cause "undesirable behaviors"). Image
The idea of the previous tweet being openly promoted: Image
They want to add "#graphene technology" to your water supply. Image
They already can control animals with nanoparticles that disrupt and redirect cell function. Remotely controlling an animal's brain cells, using nanoparticles to change the behavior of threadworms & turning pain receptors on and off. Not impossible they'll try this with humans. ImageImage
Google "internet of bodies" Image
Microsoft wants to do "computation inside living cells". They can and want to program people's DNA to their liking. In fact, they are already doing it at some level with their gene therapy injection. They certainly don't seem to be satisfied with the way God made us. Image
A little bit more on the #internetofbodies. This pertains to how they will fuse the analogic human body and brain to the digital matrix through implants and/or ingestibles, making people's analog body data available to the digital internet. The plan is to connect and control all. ImageImage
Electromagnetic radiation damages genetic material (research 5G): Image
What could be drawn from this is that US agencies, including NASA, were invested in popularizing the internet in the 90s in order to pave the way to the "great reset". The mode in which we use the internet is just a similitude of what the real motive to push it to avg people was. Image
With the previous tweets, this begins to make more sense, no? The fingerprint is a similitude, they are actually talking about using your genetic data, that they are collecting from everyone worldwide through the fake PCR tests, as your world citizen ID. Image
They say it boldly: "welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better". Image
The patent for testing for covid-19 was submitted in 2015 by Richard Rothschild. Image
In 2016, domains for government vaccine passport websites were registered by the same person. Some of these are in current use now. If you think this is not a hoax to utterly enslave you after reading all this, what are your excuses to believe the narrative? Image
Maybe you do not know this: the WHO claims that the flu has been killing up to 650000 each year (until 2020 that is, from henceforth it took a "vacation", according to the media), yet no pandemic response was ever devised for this. ImageImage
The WHO changed their own definition of herd immunity to one that exclusively has to do with arbitrary "#vaccination" rates. Image
You probably heard of the nearly 4 trillion transferred from the peasantry to billionaires over the course of 2020. A corporate and feudalistic one world government (except they don't need the peasantry anymore because of automation). Image
CDC data: 82% of the women injected with an mRNA jab miscarried Image
FBI plants microphones in bus stops, under rocks, light fixtures and more. This is also part of the surveillance/control grid and will be used to persecute the #unvaxed, among other things. Image
Notice that everything is about injecting you, that is their current priority. After they get you hooked on their stated #genetherapy updates every 3 months and have pumped you full of #grapheneoxide, you're branded cattle and every other thing is easier for them. Image
These are the most relevant features of their #Quarantine camps in Australia (but really, this or some variation of might apply to the whole world soon). Read closely. Image
The "#vax" has #grapheneoxide in it, that is why the linked tweet below is important 👇
Maybe you are familiar with Charles Lieber already but he is one of the guys who pioneered the nanotechnology used in the gene editing "#vaccine" they want to force you to take. The application is the invisible to naked eye nanobodies made of #grapheneoxide that're in the "#vax". Image
He went to do research on these #nanomachines in China, under pretense of "working on batteries". It is interesting to see the link to the beginning of the #pandemic #hoax, since it began to be heavily touted to the public in early 2020 in China & he was arrested shortly after. Image
Charles Lieber didn't engineer disease. He was arrested in China & was the developer of tech used in these deadly #genetherapy injections. Hiding this was part of the elite's plan because they hid the graphene from public view, as well as the #mRNA tech. "Public was not ready". ImageImageImage
An official publication from Johns Hopkins, the preeminent medical authority in the Western world, used the #CDC’s own statistics to show that there were no new deaths, and all “#coronavirus #deaths” were laundered from other causes.…
They’re now blaming #vax deaths on the fake #virus which will guarantee that they have a plausible excuse for their "containment measures" and to, irrationally (but it does not have to make sense), ask you to get even more #graphene injections. Will you give in? Image
The masks, the distancing, the fear, the hysteria, the shutdown of the labor force, the separation from family, the alienation from the vaxed fear hysterics, the general state of alienation and isolation and the collapse of reality are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Image
But all this tribulation is profitable for the Children of God, who refuse to bow down to this insanity and will gladly suffer the persecutions unto death (if such is our fate) for the glory of the One True God. Through Jesus Christ we must remain unspotted from this world. Image
Another thing is that the masks alone are collapsing the social order. If a stranger makes eye contact with you without smiling, you brain registers that you are being menaced. You are in a monster world. (read the "psychological effects" tab): Image
#Blackrock, which you should be familiar with by now (along with the #VanguardGroup), is the 2nd biggest shareholder of #Pfizer Inc. and the 3rd biggest shareholder of #Moderna, Inc.

#Blackrock is also the 2nd largest shareholder of both #Apple Inc. and #Alphabet Inc. (#google) ImageImage
The nanoparticles of the fake "#virus", if it existed, would pass right through the #mask they still coerce many to use as sand through a chain link fence. Image
Having faith in a "#virus" allows their narrative to keep going and this is a big part of the problem. Image
Through the tests: they admittedly have been selling your DNA, the test has ethylene oxide (some people say this evaporates & is harmless but we know that any debris, like from the cotton, can hinder a substance from completely evaporating) & could be inoculating you w something. ImageImageImageImage
Proof that residues of this Ethylene Oxide (contained in test swabs) can remain on food and if so, it can remain on the cotton swab used for testing (proof required bc someone tried to say it causes no chemically induced harm to your health to get tested):…
Notice how it clearly says that cotton is a material which is highly prone to Ethylene Oxide absorption. COVID testing is harmful for soul AND health!
(A direct to the point screenshot of the article linked above. compare to Ethylene Oxide on testing swabs facts to the right) 👇 ImageImage
#EthyleneOxide (EO) which is used to clean #COVID #testing swabs can, as in this case below, (even if #EO was so little as to unable to be measured) cause DNA damage in cells that get in contact with the EOized Rayon/cotton. (…). Image
In case you are wondering, this is what gene therapy induced brain clots look like: ImageImageImage
Why are they prohibiting people from having a job or even from buying food in certain places if they don't get injected with the poison? 👇
The German police draws your blood to check if you really are "#vaccinated". Insane stuff but keep in mind that society is quickly becoming only for the "#vaxed".
(Article:…) Image
Some of the contents analyzed in the #vax bear strong resemblance to the properties of #grapheneoxide, which can be made transparent to the naked eye through certain processes. Image
Furthermore, #mRNA delivery systems are known to use induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which depend on Graph3n3 0xid3. These same delivery systems may be used with the ab0rt3d c3ll lines derived, mRNA/lipid nanoparticles "C0vid-19 vaccines".…
Also, under the definition of "nanoparticle", according to the below scientific article and to existing nanomedical technologies, it is included the term "#graphene".…
It seems Gr4ph3ne 0xid3 nanoparticles will be activated & controlled by 5- G (which has such a high frequency that it is able to download data from the bodies containing #GO synthetic cells in + or - real time and to affect their systems in numerous ways).…
They openly say some mRNA delivery systems implement #GO. They also admit that GO can be controlled by frequencies and that it can "reshape synapses" and affect the nervous system broadly. Humans as bio-mechanically engineered & controlled by a worldwide network through 5 _G? ImageImageImage
A published practical application of #GO in animals for brain control was covered earlier in this thread here:
Here is Elon Musk on the #mRNA technology that they openly state is used on the "#vaccine": "You can turn someone into a freaking butterfly if you want with the right DNA sequence."
It is very clear that what they are injecting people alters them permanently. These shots contain gr4ph3n3 0x!d3, which is highly toxic. Whoever chooses, after believing this information, to get "#vaccinated" is making a deliberate & informed choice to relinquish bodily autonomy.
Taken from the inside the arteries of those who took the poisonous "#vax". Those spiritually immature, still in doubt, contemplating whether they should comply with the coercion to keep a job or stay at school/university should factor this in their decision. Image
What they are spamming now was "predicted" in the beginning of the year (nay, even earlier). Image
They're working on releasing "#microchip pills" to signal "companies" that the patient has complied with taking their #medication:
Again, this is what "#vax" induced brain clots look like. Still willing to get "#vaccinated"? Image
They know that since they can reduce birthrates by a lot (& outright k!.ll & cr!ppl3 people at will) with the satanic injection, abortion is not as necessary (it's good that it's being restricted though).

And a lot of it is thanks to Trump, the "father of the #vaccine." ImageImageImageImage
Point is, while it's good if abortion is limited in parts of the US, it can be a snare if it makes ppl forget about the #VaccineDeaths and #vaccineinjuries (though these are not really "#vaccines" - they might be lying abt mRNA to hide the #grapheneoxide).
The artificial nanowires and clots shown and explained in the video linked below. These are not normal blood clots. These weird structures were found inside arteries of someone that was "#vaccinated". ImageImageImageImage
Mortician explains unusual and massive "blood clots" found inside the arteries of the #vaccine havers:…
The "formula" of the #grapheneoxide #vaccine can be changed at will by the pharma companies: Image
A few more pictures of the highly unusual #clots taken from inside the arteries of the "#vaccine" v!ct!m. s - as the mortician states, there is a massive overlap between this type of clotting and the person having been "#vaccinated" (or having had a transfusion from the #vaxed): ImageImageImageImage
These "#mRNA #vaccines" also contain sm-102. This is Polyethylene Glycol (a petroleum product), which interestingly enough is used to crystalize cells. Sm-102 is also used in paint products. Below are crystalized protein cells. Looks like a recipe for #BloodClots. Image
This means that the man who talked about the "tiny razor blades", Dr. Andreas Noack, and died after talking about these, might not have been far-fetched after all. Image
The mortician says that pretty much all of those he found abnormal clots in were vaccinated but there were unvaxed ones who had the bio-engineered clot structures in their arteries because they had received #transfusions from the "#vaccinated".
So it turns out that you can be "#vaccinated" by blood #transfusions as well. The #virus is #fake as we very well know but this is a decent MSM video that had already hinted at this a while ago:
Study on higher likelihood of #myocarditis for the "#vaccinated": "men aged 16–24 correspond to a 5 times increased risk after...[#pfizer shot] & 15 times increased risk after #Spikevax [#Moderna] compared to unvaccinated” - Dr. Rickard Ljung #vaccineinjuries #VaccineDisability Image

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