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This report is very interesting. We've seen some speculation that the feds executed the warrant because that's the only way they can get classified documents back if the holder refuses, which made me skeptical. But this is different....


/2 ... it suggests the search as the endgame of a criminal investigation of wrongful taking of classified documents, not just an effort to get them back for natsec purposes. That's more credible to me. In the unlikely event DoJ's only purpose was restorative . . . .
/3 . . . . under these extreme circumstances I think they'd say so (actually I think they would have used other measures and public pressure first). If, on the other hand, there's a live grand jury that's going to consider the search results, they wouldn't say anything.
/4 This is as good a moment as any to recognize that we're terrible at waiting to find out what the truth is and insistent on trying to infer what the truth is from incomplete information, which is fun but only somewhat reliable.
/5 But this report would be consistent with one line of messaging from the Trump camp, through Kash Patel, who is floating the "oh President Trump declassified all of that stuff before leaving office we just didn't note it down" defense.
/6 The way to defeat that defense would be through statements the Trump camp made claiming they didn't have the classified documents rather than claiming the documents weren't actually classified. Would have been dumb for them, but, well, you know.
/7 But at any rate I think the reaction to the search has demonstrated that no matter what the truth is, the GOP has decided to go full on MY LIFE FOR YOU and will adapt any narrative necessary to reject, deny, or minimize any case, no matter what filth-wallowing that requires.

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Elon Musk is 100% free to boot Kanye for any reason just like be can boot ANYONE for any reason or none. He owns the platform. That’s HIS free speech and free association, and anyone who’s not an idiot or a Fifth Circuit judge knows it.

But here’s what’s embarrassing . . .
. . . . Elon’s still trying to stick with his “free speech hero fighting cancel culture” routine, even though it’s increasingly transparent bullshit, this time by saying that Kanye’s posts were “inciting violence” (which they weren’t, unless you make up a definition). Moreover…
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Here is why Joel Greenberg’s sentencing in Florida LIKELY means that there’s not going to be a Matt Gaetz indictment, at least on the issues related to Joel Greenberg’s cooperation.

/2 We’ve known for a long time that Greenberg was cooperating with the feds against Gaetz, and that his sentencing was repeatedly delayed during that cooperation, as is typical. But now they’ve pulled the trigger and sentenced him.
/3 The feds recommended the judge give him a VERY substantial break at sentencing for cooperation. A ten-level recommendation is a LOT. So whatever he told them or gave them made them very happy with him.
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Bear in mind that SBF has two professors -- two STANFORD LAW professors -- as parents, and with the greatest respect and fondness, it's possible that this is not an ideal scenario for raising someone to act sensibly.

I suspect this based on personal observation.

/2 A very long time ago as a Stanford student I lived in a dorm with two resident professors and a child. The professors and child would eat meals with us and generally occupied the same living space.

It was . . . different.
/3 The professors were very smart of course and perfectly nice but seemed to view the child's upbringing in part as a philosophical exercise, premised on various Western Civilization (which was then still very much a thing) premises such as Rosseau's ideal state of nature.
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