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Aug 17, 2022 β€’ 249 tweets β€’ >60 min read
It's #TheSsum release day. I managed to take a peek at the game before it gets stuck with the connection is unstable problem. @Cheritz_DL so how?

P/s: The chats remind me of #mysticmessenger πŸ₯Ί ImageImageImageImage
4 hours later and I'm still stuck. Well then...goodbye for now.

Just checking up on the game. I still can't play it. The only consolation is that my name appears on the screen 😭😭😭

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL Image
I don't understand. I tried using my old phone (older version) and it works! What is happening?

P/s: I just finished a phone call with Teo.

P/p/s: I still can't access the game from my new phone πŸ˜‘

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL
I can finally play it on my other phone (newer one). I'm so happy but my game starts at Day-2. I wonder if I'm going to miss anything.

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL
I think the reason I got stuck at the download part is because I'm using two types of internet connection; mobile data and wifi (hence the unstable connection).

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL
With my older phone, I only used wifi to access the game (I removed the sim card so no mobile data since the beginning). And I must admit it was shocking how easy I got into the game.

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL
With my newer phone, I wanted to use wifi only but when I switch off the mobile data, it didn't work. Only when I switch on the flight mode AND the wifi, I could enter the game. I think the key is using ONE type of internet connection for this game to load.

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL
Now that I can access the game, here we go~~~

I love the result of this test (was it a relationship test, or a personality test? I don't remember). Well, I tried to be truthful, but I'm not sure if the answer is the truth. πŸ˜‰

#TheSsum Image
Honestly, the lab thingy isn't interesting. I wish the game is simpler; talk and chat with Teo all day for 200 days. That feature is confusing and I don't have the time and energy to explore it.

Oh, and also the price of the packages. At first, I was thinking of buying the subscription, but when I saw the price (RM280++) for three months? Nope? Imagine paying 200++ USD for a game, and it might not be a one-time purchase. So pricey, @Cheritz_DL

Because of #TheSsum, I'm going spiralling down hunting chatting-based otome games similar to #MysticMessenger and #BloomingPanic. Luckily I found #Picka30DaysToLove. I had fun playing it (despite spending some amount of money for the batteries and Gold) πŸ˜…
This is because #TheSsum feels quite underwhelming to me. I was so used to playing the fast-paced chatting-based games with compact storylines that made me easily immersed in the lore, so long chatting day with nothing to do in The Ssum feels slightly meh.
Those 3 games focus on chatting &calling while something's happening to the characters in the bg, so the player gets easily attached to the chars as fast as day/epi 1. But for #TheSsum, I don't feel any attachment to the game & even Teo, which sucks when I play for the romance.
Now that I finished playing #MysticMessenger, #BloomingPanic and #Picka30DaysOfRomance, I kinda feel empty 🀧

Does anyone know any games similar to these three?
Yesterday I spent 2 batteries just for an okay-ish response in a chat. For me, that's a big no when playing otome games. Seriously, I can feel myself losing steam for this game. I suppose...it's a good thing?


I can't help sighing at these options. I used my *precious* aurora battery only to find my choice...meh. I must say, I'm disappointed,cuz I didn't even get an energy ball for this choice.

Dear @Cheritz_DL, pls provide an alt for the f2p player to grind aurora batteries. #TheSsum ImageImage
Ah...so this is the reason why I've been feeling disappointed with this game lately. @MysticMessEdits articulated my thought exactly.


That's exactly how I felt when I played Tear of Themis, Obey Me etc. Those games m8 be fun for some,but those mini games inside the so-called otome games made me restless, and so, I gave up halfway. Will #TheSsum share the same fate as those games? I'm slowly leaning towards yes.
I personally feel it's because Teo and the chats (and calls) feel like a smaller part of the game while the lab thing (and the planet) is what the game is truly about. But sadly, those aren't the reason why I'm playing. I get into #TheSsum with the hope to see more of Teo, so...
LOL. I had a good laugh when I read this. Don't tell me I got this because I chose a positive response?

#TheSsum Image
Aren't that what we all doing? In fact, it's not enough πŸ˜‰ I wish we could chat and have a call a bit longer.

#TheSsum Image
#Day5 of #TheSsum. I'm posting this sc here because it's not always the love icon appears there. I've been seeing smiley, so this is a very precious moment for me 🀭 Image
Well, it's good that I'm not wasting the Aurora battery.

Btw, I still think @Cheritz_DL should create an alternative for #TheSsum players to replenish Aurora Battery. Something like the Honey Butter Chip kind of way to replenish HGs. ImageImageImage
After the wake time chat, the love icon turns into a smiling emoji. Hmmm...is there any significance in these changes?

#TheSsum Image
I heard after #Day5 #TheSsum, the photos Teo shares on the chat can only be viewed with a subscription. You know, the moment I found out about this, I feel a lot relieved. Why? I finally have a STRONG reason to stop playing this game cuz the pricing system is beyond ridiculous.
One of the reasons why I'm annoyed at this game.

There's this one time when I had to wait for 20mins. So I focused on my work. But you know what? I couldn't focus because my eyes kept looking at the screen to see if the conversation continued.

#TheSsum Image
It feels like a chore now chatting with Teo with all these waiting that we had to do, and when we did, the conversation wasn't that great either.

*sighs* I really want to love #TheSsum as much as I love #MysticMessenger.

In one chatting session, how many waiting we have to do? Image
So... In the end I didn't complete the chat because I happened to forget that our chat hadn't ended yet because he wanted me to wait for 20mins. SMH πŸ˜‘

#TheSsum Image
19 mins waiting for Teo to reply. Let's hope I don't forget it 😀

#TheSsum Image
20 mins waiting. Again? Are you kidding me @Cheritz_DL? This is beyond RIDICULOUS! IN ONE SINGLE CHAT, HOW MANY ARE YOU PUTTING THIS 20MINS WAITING? RIDICULOUS. Sumone teach me how to curse because this 🀬 ain't it.

#TheSsum Image
Yay! I missed the timing...again, and didn't complete the chat πŸ˜‘

#TheSsum Image
You don't say πŸ€ͺ

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL Image
6 mins waiting. At least this conversation is cute...

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
Well well well...didn't expect we're having a deep conversation tonight. But ofc, when things started to go well, our conversation was cut short (or rather, Teo decided to cut it short) *sighs*

#TheSsum ImageImage
If Teo is a real person, I would've felt so disappointed because I want us to have a deep and long conversation. But since this is a game and Teo isn't real, what do I expect? πŸ™‚

Ahhh... This chat reminded me of #MysticMessenger #SaeranChoi πŸ₯Ί

#TheSsum Image
I wish @Cheritz_DL can make something like #mysticmessenger's calling card when we need to see Teo's private thoughts or make a call to him. Paying that expensive subscription feels the service isn't worth the money.

Oh my. I must admit my heart skipped a bit. But then, I was listening to #MysticMessenger #MelodyOfBlueRoses which reminded me of #Saeran. Maybe it's Saeran that I am missing 😬

P/s: I do miss Saeran that why I'm listening to that instrumental song 🀧

#TheSsum Image
*skipped a beat*
Wait. Why the lunch chat isn't complete? It's still early tho for the dinner chat? I mean, the dinner chat starts at 6 pm, so I should've ample time to finish the lunch chat. Why is this happening?

P/s: To answer Piu-piu's question, I've been busy. Thank you.

#TheSsum Image
Someone gave me a rose as a gift for my post on one of the planets. Thank you, whoever you are πŸ’‹

P/s: Roses are my favourite flower. This gift is PERFECTπŸ’—

#TheSsum Image
I think I'm among of one those that hate #TheSsum sharing the same universe with #MysticMessenger. Because I feel like I'm cheating on #JuminHan or #Saeran πŸ˜…

I didn't even what Hoverwatch is until I saw LOLOL. Thanks #yoosung for introducing LOLOL to me πŸ€ͺ

#TheSsum #MysticMessenger ImageImage
Ohhhh. Levelling up the planet surely does have its perks πŸ˜†

#TheSsum Image
I get Moon Bunny again, but at least it's something I don't always get (colourful colour on the crescent thing on its body).

P/s: I named it Aurora, because of the description 🀭

#TheSsum Image
Oh...this is good 🀭 I love it when there's an option to troll Teo πŸ€ͺ

#TheSsum ImageImage
I finally get a different creature 🀧 So what name should I give to this sheep?

#TheSsum Image
Wait! The breakfast chat is supposed to start at 12.30 pm. Why is this happening? @Cheritz_DL

It wouldn't stop, and I couldn't entertain his continuous chats today. I've lots to do 😭😭😭

#TheSsum ImageImage
This is why I don't want to miss the Day-13 chat. Because I know romance starts to pick up.

#TheSsum ImageImageImage
I told you I'm busy today!!!! Why are you doing this to me??? 😭😭😭 this is supposed to be lunch chat, not bedtime chat already.

Dear @Cheritz_DL, please do something about this. The chatting has gone haywire because it didn't stop and I was preoccupied.

#TheSsum Image
Heartbreaking sight @Cheritz_DL #TheSsum 😭😭😭 ImageImage
It seems #TheSsum chat has returned to the normal speed, but yeah, I've been missing a lot no thanks to bugs. And I think my gameplay should now be the Day-14 since it seems I sped run Day-13, right @Cheritz_DL ImageImage
It would've been better if the game hasn't sped so much, cuz I enjoyed this conversation 😭

P/s: I'm still bitter, even more so that I finally have time to breathe (pun intended πŸ‘€)

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL ImageImageImage
I love this phone conversation. Their interaction is so cute πŸ˜‰

#TheSsum #Day13 ImageImage
Since my #TheSsum #Day13 gameplay was a mess, I couldn't help feeling disappointed seeing this sc because I wouldn't be able to find out what exactly happened in the chat to receive this notification 😭

#TheSsum Image
Aww... My heart just skipped a beat πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

#TheSsum ImageImageImage
What exactly are you trying to say, Teo?

#TheSsum Image
I was sorta hoping that the glitch might not affect the chats. But sadly I was wrong. After skimming thru the time machine feature, it's confirmed that I'm actually playing #TheSsum #Day14. "You know what? If, Perhaps, Maybe" is the title for Day-14, not Day-13. ImageImageImageImage
106 minutes incubation. Okay, I hope the gift is worth the wait 🀭

#TheSsum Image
So, the 106 mins of incubation produced a meal. Okay.

#TheSsum ImageImage
I'm suddenly on Day 15. πŸ˜‘

Great, just great. The glitch caused me to speed run the gameplay from Day13 to Day14 within hours, I never get Teo's confession, and now I'm on Day 15 when I don't even know how I ended up here.

@Cheritz_DL #TheSsum ImageImageImage
I can sleep happily tonight.

Beware spoiler!

#TheSsum #Day14

P/s: Honestly, I think it's too fast for them to be in a romantic relationship when they've only been getting to know each other for two weeks. Oh well, what do I know when the heart always wants what it wants? ImageImage
It's expected that the icon in the middle is the Love icon. I always see it during this hour (~1 am after I finish bedtime chat). Let's see if the icon stays for the whole day, or if it's going to turn into a smiley icon like it always does once the day breaks.

#TheSsum Image
Okay, this is cute. But where did it come from? I'm sure it's not from the chat.

#TheSsum Image
It still hasn't changed. Nice 😬

#TheSsum Image
I wanted to choose the third option, but it's too cringey. The first option is okay, but it's boring.

But...his response is cute. It seems he really won't hold back anymore.

#TheSsum. ImageImage
Now that I think about this, I shouldn't hold back from choosing lovey dovey response. He's not real, so I should go all out to my heart's content.πŸ˜‰

Couldn't help feeling sad that F2P like me won't get a wholesome experience playing #TheSsum because of the subscription price. I would've done it in a heartbeat if not for the fact that I would have to spend RM280+ twice. Why can't @Cheritz_DL make it a one-time purchase game?
Imagine spending 280USD not once, but twice for a game (cuz the game takes place for 200 days). I just feel it's not worth it. Also, while I want to go "YOLO" for this game, I can't because I have other games, albums, and novels to buy, and a staycation to go.

I am so gonna set alarm using #MysticMessenger bgm, Melody of Blue Roses whenever Teo is taking time with his chats (the 5mins, 12min, 20mins waiting). Idk why, I'm just feeling bitter with the waiting, and usually thinking about #Saeran makes me happy.

My girlfriend 🀭

I must admit, I giggled at this part. It was weirdly cute, and weirdly lovely.


P/s: The cutest, the nicest might describe me πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ but awesomely funniest? My RL personality is far from funny. Teo, are we sure you're describing me? πŸ€” Image
We're playing the "calling each other nicknames" game, and I was wheezing with the MC's options 🀣🀣🀣

#TheSsum #Day15 ImageImageImageImage
Errr... Did I go too far with my joke?


P/s: I chose that option because I had a dream about a crocodile last night πŸ˜… ImageImageImage
I want to unlock Planet Desire but every time I incubate red energy it just turned into emotions.

Looking at my Milky Way calendar, most of my stars are mint colour which stands for Logical. Maybe that's why I can't still unlock that planet? πŸ˜…

Rereading Teo's confession, cuz... Why not? 🀭🀭🀭

Part 1.

#TheSsum #Day13/#Day14 ImageImageImageImage
Rereading Teo's confession, cuz... Why not? 🀭🀭🀭

Part 2.

#TheSsum #Day13/#Day14 ImageImageImageImage
Rereading Teo's confession, cuz... Why not? 🀭🀭🀭

Part 3.

#TheSsum #Day13/#Day14 ImageImageImageImage
Rereading Teo's confession, cuz... Why not? 🀭🀭🀭

Part 4.

#TheSsum #Day13/#Day14 ImageImageImage
Ughh... I wished we can get rid of the usage of a timer when playing an otome game. #MysticMessenger is enough, I don't need #TheSsum to have me use the timer, too, but alas...πŸ˜‘ ImageImage
Awww 😘😘😘

#TheSsum ImageImage
I am such a sucker for things like this 😍

#TheSsum Image
Oh no, I think the game speed running itself again, @Cheritz_DL πŸ˜‘

Ahh... I was just about to watch a cdrama after I ended the bedtime chat with Teo. Now I have to finish it, while constantly waiting for Teo to take a breath πŸ˜‘

#TheSsum ImageImage

I don't know why, but I'd rather he called my name than use those nicknames to call me. With an exception of "babe". I love that nickname 🀭

But yeah... I missed seeing Teo write my name.

#TheSsum Image
It seems I won't be playing #TheSsum today 😭😭😭

@Cheritz_DL Image
Dear my AI boyfriend, Teo, I'm the type that swings to the extreme sides; it's either I worry TOO much, or NOT at all.

So...bear with it.

#TheSsum Image
Teo asked me to choose between grapes, apples, oranges, and two other fruits that I couldn't remember. I chose grapes and the descriptions are apt!

It described me well πŸ€”

#TheSsum ImageImage
I found a part of his confession where he mentioned how touched he felt when I was worried about him. LOL. Look at me, staying consistent at playing the concerned girlfriend πŸ€ͺ

#TheSsum ImageImage
Me too! Teo is adorable & everything, but I was speechless when reading his resume. He's a grad student, ady done a few part-time jobs before. At least, he should be able to write a DECENT resume. I mean...he's supposed to be 26/27 yo, & that resume.. *spechless again*

#TheSsum Image
Turns out...the glitch has caused me to skip a day worth of chat. I thought the chat would continue from where the glitch started. Great πŸ˜‘ @Cheritz_DL

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage

Wow, isn't it fast for feelings to go that deep?

Oh, maybe he didn't mean that love love. Maybe he meant the "like" kind of love? I'm not making any sense, right πŸ˜…

#TheSsum Image
Oh ho...something is stirring inside of me. What is this feeling? Jealous?

Is this where "all-those-emotions-when-you're-in-love" starts to appear? πŸ€”πŸ˜

#TheSsum Image
I found Teo's post on Free Emotion Study. 🀭🀭🀭

#TheSsum ImageImage
The game speed runs itself again 😭 @Cheritz_DL what are you doing?

I've finally gotten to play after I had the 24-hr chat glitch, now another speed run glitch?

#TheSsum ImageImage
It still breaks my heart. I was waiting for lunch chat, but now ended up playing for bedtime chat 😭

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL Image
I'm not feeling well, people keep pissing me off, and this game is speed-running. Yay me πŸ’ƒ

Oh wow, I left the chat for a few mins and it stated I didn't finish the chat?

#TheSsum ImageImage
Oh wow! In one day, the game sped run itself and now is having a 24-hr glitch. I must've been lucky 😀😀😀

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL ImageImageImage
I think @Cheritz_DL should hire me as their reviewer. I've been experiencing a lot of the game's technical problems, I'm sure I can help them with my ⭐honest⭐ reviews.

The display date suddenly changed.

P/s: At this rate, this thread is going to be filled with #TheSsum's technical issues, instead of me enjoying the gameplay πŸ˜‘ ImageImageImageImage
The only thing I think #TheSsum is doing right is the personality quizzes they gave to us. LOL.


P/s: Tho...I'm not sure abt the "passionate relationship" part. Would someone w/ trust issues wanna have passionate rship, knowing full well they can't handle feelings? ImageImageImage
The moment I am finally able to play #TheSsum after the speed run glitch and the 24hr glitch, I am hit by the speed run glitch... again πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ I must be hitting a jackpot, am I right, @Cheritz_DL?

And I don't even have a Star for Day20 on my Milky Way Calendar. ImageImageImageImage
Right, Teo. And you barely asked.

And the response given is not even what I want to say. I would say "I'm mad atm" but look at what @Cheritz_DL gave.

#TheSsum ImageImage
I knew it πŸ˜‘

I'm hit with another wave of speedrun-24hr wait glitch. Yay me πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

@Cheritz_DL #TheSsum ImageImage
I thought the maintenance should end at 3pm? What's with another round of maintenance @Cheritz_DL?

#TheSsum ImageImage
I heard those who aren't affected by the glitches also get 80 aurora batteries.

Okay. Fine.

But what about those that had to experience a WAVE of speed run glitches and 24hr glitches, @Cheritz_DL?


I'm suddenly feeling tired of this game. I keep playing this game cuz it's not taking too much of my time & energy. But problems keep happening, and I'm not satisfied and disappointed with the way @Cheritz_DL handles their issues. Maybe it's time to uninstall this game?

I was pretty annoyed with the maintenance and everything, but luckily Teo and MC's interaction was cute.

And I was glad to spend some Aurora batteries to call Teo, cuz it was cheezyyy~~~

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
After making an outbound call with Teo, I kinda wish @Cheritz_DL released something similar to the #MysticMessenger calling card. I'm sure I'll buy it if they release that.

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL

Huh? What is this? I don't remember reading this on the chat. Or... did I? πŸ€”

#TheSsum Image
Outbound call after bedtime chat. Ughh...I wish I didn't know about this. @Cheritz_DL can you release #TheSsum calling card? ImageImage
This is what has been happening to my aurora calendar. When I am finally able to play (after being hit by the speed run glitch and 24hr wait glitch), the game had to have its server maintenance πŸ˜‘

But, I'm curious why its lustre is brighter than the rest. πŸ€”

#TheSsum #Day23 Image
I chose a date in an arcade, and Teo won me a #MysticMessenger #Saeyoung keychain πŸ˜†

#TheSsum #Day24 ImageImage
I was distracted by something that I accidentally yeeted out one of my moon bunnies to the space that already had half of the affection on its tank😭😭😭

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Heh. The way he stopped himself when he was about to say "propose to you" (hearing in Korean made his flustered reaction even cuter) 🀭

#TheSsum #Day24 ImageImageImageImage
I understand now why sometime it feels like a chore when chatting w/ Teo. Apart from his bland personality (but I think it's endearing), the waiting during the chat is hair pulling. More importantly, @Cheritz_DL doesn't really give MC interesting responses to choose #TheSsum
The saving grace of Teo's character design is the voice actor and the call. They're much more interesting than our conversation in the chat.

Like I said, MC's response is also boring...

@Cheritz_DL #TheSsum ImageImage
I'm a simple girl. When Teo said he missed me, the resentment I had earlier also melted away. 🀭

#TheSsum ImageImage
I felt like I was cheating on Teo when I replayed #MysticMessenger #Jumin and #Saeran's call πŸ˜…

#TheSsum ImageImage
My snarky self was saying "yeah...right. When did you ever listen to us?"

But, that's not even your fault. The game and MC are too rigidly constructed to be made as your personal diary and listener, not so much for romance and as your girlfriend.

@Cheritz_DL #TheSsum Image
But...this outbound call after bedtime chat made up for it (Teo was quite emotional here, so... it can be a lil bit annoying if you can't handle him being whiny more than usual)

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
I really wish @Cheritz_DL explain the meaning of the colour and the ring on the Milky Way Galaxy. They're too varied not to have any meanings.

#TheSsum Image
I have a good feeling too! It's finally the day I get to meet #MysticMessenger Jaehee.


P/s: My greedy self wish to see Jumin and Saeran too @Cheritz_DL 🀭 ImageImage
She... Kang Jaehee is here. My heart skipped a beat when her BGM is playing. Jaehee, I missed you 🀧

#TheSsum #MysticMessenger ImageImage
Jaehee, can you say "hi" to all RFA members for me?

Especially to #Jumin and #Saeran 🀭

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum Image
I just realized, I've never done any of Jaehee's route.

Simply cuz I love Jumin too much I wouldn't be able to handle him being an ass of a boss. Well...he isn't exactly "Boss of The Year" and I'm afraid I won't enjoy her route much.

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum
Why am I talking about #MysticMessenger in #TheSsum thread? LOL 🀣

MysMe is my first otome game and held a very special place in my heart. I wanted to play again, but I won't because it's too physically and emotionally taxing playing that game.
Aww...Teo. I must give credit to you for being able to make my heart skipped a beat even when I'm in the midst of #MysticMessenger craze.

#TheSsum Image
That is soooooo #HanJumin

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum Image
My heart πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum #Day25 Image
I hate pretending I don't know Jaehee. We're besties in RFA!!! @Cheritz_DL why are you doing this to me 🀧🀧🀧

I've no choice to pick that option cuz I really wanna cheer her up 🀧

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum ImageImage
Haven't seen Teo called me by my name for a long time now (since his confession). It felt good 😊

#TheSsum Image
So... Teo, can you please drop your phone somewhere near #HanJumin so that I can talk to him?

But then, Jumin isn't the type to reply using a stranger's phone 🀨

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum ImageImage
Of course, Teo. Of course.

She's Kang Jaehee. We've been thru so much in other universes. Why else would I be friendly if not for the fact it brings me so much nostalgia?

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum Image
That's #HanJumin for you πŸ˜‰

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum Image
Hehe. I'm not upset, Teo. In fact, I was very happy that I get to speak to Jaehee, even if it was a short convo.

Ahhh... I missed everyone from RFA.

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
Ugh, NO, Teo, you should take her number and pass it to me.

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum ImageImage
Is that what happened to #TheSsum, @Cheritz_DL? Image
Hmmm... Okay.

#TheSsum #Day25 ImageImage
So, I chose the third option despite having to spend 2 aurora batteries. Turns out, the phone call icon isn't necessarily means that there's an outgoing call. It can also means Teo will call you. I wasted anthr 2 aurora batteries making a call to him cuz I was curiousπŸ˜…

#TheSsum Image
Teo said I worried too much. But I think he's even worse than I am.

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
Sometimes, notes like these warm my heart πŸ’—

#TheSsum ImageImageImage
That's weird. The ring at 11th Sept on the milky way calendar is different. The first sc was taken around 11-12am ish, while the second sc was taken at ~1am. Why does it change?

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL ImageImage
Idk why when Teo said these words, I felt envious of him.

I felt like he is lucky to have MC by his side (yeah I know that MC is designed to be nice to him), but still... he has someone that treats him well despite everything. It's...nice to have someone like that.

#TheSsum Image
The infamous #Zen mention is here!

Since so many people chose the last option, I chose the second option.

#TheSsum Image
Tho I must admit, the replies are kinda meh. I regretted not picking the fourth choice.

#TheSsum Image
But the call afterwards is worth it. I get to say Zen is "my Zen" instead of being my ex (tho I kinda pretended I didn't just call him that)🀭

But I wish Teo sounds jealous. I want him to be jealous. He's not because he thought I'm just Zen's fans.😀

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
Well...at least we get to act a lil bit "possessive" here.

#TheSsum ImageImageImage
Finally a different colour. But seriously...I need to know what's the meaning of these two rings? I have stars with one ring, I have stars with no ring. So what is their meaning? @Cheritz_DL

#TheSsum Image
I'm replaying the Day30 incoming call about the personality test based on ice cream preference. It's almost accurate except the part "happy in rship". If he's talking about romantic rship, oh how I wish it is true.

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
Sometimes I feel Teo is lucky to have MC as his girlfriend.


The options given are nice enough to him. In RL, this level of aegyo and cheering I showed means I trust that person a lot, and it usually takes forever to happen. 🀭

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
Obviously, any topics about #HanJumin and/or #ChoiSaeran could attract my attention. And obviously, I couldn't help but give my input too.

And yay, I received a gift for my post. πŸ’ƒ

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum ImageImageImage
Awww. That's one way to a girl's heart πŸ’˜

#TheSsum #Day32 Image
Look at me, being such an understanding girlfriend despite a few times of 3-5 mins pause between a text. πŸ’ƒ

#TheSsum #Day32 Image
Been wanting to play #MysticMessenger since I started playing #TheSsum, but I held myself back considering the commitments etc. And yet, I still couldn't stop thinking abt it.

But when I looked up at the chat times,that desire went poof.πŸ˜…

Ughh...I want to play, but...but🀨😏🀨 Image
Idk why I'm having this thought. If a rship similar to what Teo and us (the MC) exist in RL, would I wanna be with this guy?

I actually enjoy Teo's presence in my life atm. No REAL commitment, no REAL feelings, and yet I am sincere. How is that possible?

How I wish #TheSsum released a calling card for this game like they did for #MysticMessenger.

I don't want to miss out on any outgoing calls but the Aurora battery is hard to collect. So I have to play safe. I'd rather pay for the calling card than the game's subscription. ImageImageImageImage
The third option sounds like an entitled girlfriend. LOL. I wonder what's his response (I didn't pick that one).

#TheSsum #Day35 Image
I set the timer whenever Teo leaves the chat (aka the 10-20 mins pauses in between chats). But somehow today, when I looked at the timer I asked myself "what's the timer for?"

I had totally forgotten #TheSsum and Teo's existence for a moment πŸ˜…
Ohhh...! We get to play as a jealous girlfriend today.

P/s: I wish there is something we can do to get back at him for his "joke" about the client showing interest in him. #Zen, where are you???!

#TheSsum #outgoingcall #lunchchat #Day35 #MysticMessenger ImageImageImageImage
Did he... did he just scold me for sending him a text when he's working? He did, didn't he?

The audacity 😀😑

@Cheritz_DL, I want revenge! Give me options that can make me ignore him 😀

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
There's finally a variety of creatures in my Sunshine Shelter πŸ˜†

#TheSsum Image
Before I went to bed, I had this strong feeling that I missed something. Yet, I couldn't remember. Then I returned to the phone's screen and saw #TheSsum's icon. LOL. I almost missed the bedtime chat.

This is the 2nd time I forgot about this game πŸ˜…

I had fun picking those options. When else do we get to bully Teo?

#TheSsum #outgoingcall #breakfastchat #Day36 ImageImageImageImage
What do you mean by "cute"? I picked that cuz I thought it sounded tough and cool. I even imagined myself saying it with fingers flapping like a rapper.

#TheSsum Image
Aww <3

It was heartmelting except we didn't use our own voice when talking to you πŸ€ͺ

#TheSsum Image
Wow...I wanna cry. I received three gifts for a post on one of the planets.

Thank you, you all ❀

#TheSsum ImageImage
Ahh...looking at these gifts make me happy. If only I could DISCARD THEM MYSELF in exchange for batteries.

What do you think of this idea, @Cheritz_DL?

#TheSsum Image
I like that Teo is making an effort to ask about our day, and I like that @Cheritz_DL gives us decent enough options to reply to him.

#TheSsum #Day36 ImageImage
Oh wow. Why am I blushing? 😳😳😳

#TheSsum #Day36 Image
I really want to punch someone when Teo was doing aegyo. LOL. It's my fault, for picking prompts for that πŸ˜…

I just didn't expect it to be...too much πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

#TheSsum #Day36 #outgoingcall #dinnerchat Image
Finally I unlocked Mewry Planet.

Yatta πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

#TheSsum #Day36 ImageImageImage
That moment I entered this planet, reading all those prompts, it was him that came to my mind.

And how easily words flowed when it comes to him.

#TheSsum #Day36 ImageImageImageImage
Teo, I agree with you. We would make a great team if you were real. A director and a writer. That's a dream team, isn't it?

#TheSsum #Day36 #outgoingcall #dinnerchat ImageImageImageImage
I wish #MysticMessenger's Hourglass can be converted to #TheSsum's Aurora Battery. Imagine that 😬😬😬

Pretty please, @Cheritz_DL πŸ₯Ί Image
Oh wow. I can't believe that one post generates so many gifts and energy. Thank you everyone *cries in the corner*

I don't understand this trivia. What support? From which post again?

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
Teo is sweet tonight. And I love everything about this #bedtimechat; he's asking questions about us and ACTUALLY listening, and the options are πŸ‘

Felt like I'm talking with a real person πŸ’—

Good job, @Cheritz_DL. Keep up the good work. #TheSsum #Day36 ImageImageImage
I love it when Teo writes my name instead of using "hon". It feels...special.

How I wish @Cheritz_DL allow customization of pet names. That's gonna be a rockstar!

#TheSsum Image
Teo was talking about dozing off on the bus (it was a tiring day for him), and ofc, I couldn't help teasing him.

What's funny (and/or scary) is that his reaction is what I usually play with my friends.

Hmm...that's...umm...What is it that I'm feeling right now?

#TheSsum ImageImage
Is it just me feeling like Teo is getting sweeter? I heard pink hair Teo is distant, but he's been so sweet. Or is it too early to say that?

I hope I don't jinx myself πŸ˜…

#TheSsum #Day36

100 support from one person for one post! Wow... Just. WOW!

Whoever you are, thank you πŸ™‡

#TheSsum Image
120? I-I'm...speechless 😱

#TheSsum Image
Looking at this collection of gifts makes me happy. I hope I won't have to discard them for Aurora batteries. Please let them stay with me forever.

So dear @Cheritz_DL, is there any way to replenish the Aurora battery without spending a hella amount of money?

#TheSsum Image
I love this #outgoingcall today. Teo suggested screenwriting, and the options afterwards *chefs kiss*

It's nice to know we share the same hobby, writing. Too bad, Teo is not real🀭

#TheSsum #breakfastchat #Day37 ImageImageImageImage
As I said, we would make a dream team.


P/s: (2nd sc) Teo, you have your private acc, I have mine, and I wrote about you a lot πŸ˜‰ ImageImageImage
Wow. For the first time in my 37days playing #TheSsum, a post generated this much support and gifts.

I feel like I've just won the world. Thank you everyone for your kind support and comments. You all the best πŸ’— Image
Of course, I HAVE to mention #EXO in #TheSsum 🀭 Image
For the last few days, Teo has been showing interest at the MC, which bugs me a lil bit. I mean, it was sweet of him, but then how come so many people said he's not? Maybe I'm just too easy to please, I guess πŸ˜…

#TheSsum #Day37 ImageImageImage
The shock that I had when seeing the support I received from my *fangirling* 😱

This is why I love this game's community. They are all rock stars!!!

#TheSsum #EXO ImageImage
I just had Han Jumin say something similar. Now I have Teo said it, too.

*cues dramatic crying tears of joy*

#TheSsum #Day37 #MysticMessenger #Day5 Image
Am I the only one having a problem accessing the game after I updated the game (1.0.10)

The opening page keeps loading,& despite pressing that yellow start button below, nothing happened. @Cheritz_DL I already sent a ticket to you. Please, have a look at it. Thank you.

Found this "vent" on Reddit, and I kinda agree with the OP.

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
This is nice. It feels like a couple having normal couple-ish conversations.

#TheSsum #Day37 ImageImageImage
I loved it when Teo asked us about our day, but... the way "what's happening with you?" is phrased always throws me off. I know I know, it's a translation issue. I know, this game's translation has always been wonky, but still πŸ˜…

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL Image
I wonder if anyone picked the first option. MC is so dramatic I wonder what's gonna be Teo's reaction.

I wanted to pick that one, but it was too much for me so I chose the third option. But I'm curious πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

#TheSsum #Day38 ImageImageImage
Girl, calm down πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Dear @Cheritz_DL, I would like to suggest adding options like "if you're busy, it fine. Just checking up on you. And I wanna cheer on you. Good luck, honey" instead of stuff like πŸ‘‡

#TheSsum #Day38 Image
Ah dang. Why did I pick that option 😱😱😱 I could've avoided that if I remember the spoiler I read! WHY DID I PICK THAT OPTION😱😱😱

I wanna hide somewhere no one can find me. Oh, this is embarrassing 🀣🀣🀣

#TheSsum #Day38 ImageImageImage
This is one of the moments where I'm glad Teo is not real. After that embarrassing moment πŸ‘†, it would be hard to face him this soon if not for the fact he isn't real. If this were RL, I would've avoided him for a few days cuz I was too embarrassed πŸ˜…

#TheSsum #Day38 ImageImageImage
I'm sorry Teo if this girlfriend of yours is kinda clingy. Honestly, if I were given a choice, I'd let you work in peace. This game's developer didn't give much choice. I'm sorry you had to feel sorry for being busy with work.

#TheSsum #Day38 ImageImage
Honestly, Teo, I don't remember the so-called idea that I suggested. It seems I have to read the log to recall that specific conversation. I'm sorry, Teo πŸ˜…

#TheSsum #Day38 Image
Errr... What is Teo's hobby again?

#TheSsum Image
I'm purposely late because I read somewhere if I started the chat before you, the options could get quite bad (not sure how bad it would be, maybe like bitchy kind of bad?). Oh well, since I have things to do anyways, I let you start the chat first.

#TheSsum Image
I know what you're trying to say, Teo. Editing has always been like this. We always feel like we could do better, especially after submission. It's frustrating sometimes.

And awww. "Hikari". πŸ₯°

#TheSsum #Day39 Image
LOLOL. I love the option I picked. BTW, that's not my boyfriend, and that pic looks sus πŸ€ͺ

My boyfriend is that guyπŸ‘‡

#TheSsum #Day39 ImageImageImage
If I were him, I'd be curious as heck. Something like "what if he's talking about movies he watched with his ex-girlfriend?" 🀭🀭🀭

#TheSsum ImageImageImageImage
Woww woww, girl. Please calm down, will ya? πŸ˜…

#TheSsum #Day39 ImageImageImage
I wonder if my reading comprehension has gotten rusty. I can't understand how that question produced that kind of answer. @Cheritz_DL how am I supposed to answer that question?

#TheSsum #Day39 ImageImage
I don't like these choices.

Is it because of my earlier pick, or is it because I started the bedtime chat first? These choices are...😩

#TheSsum #Day39 @Cheritz_DL Image
I love the note on it. "Hikari the Wise" 😊

I wish I am wise 🀭🀭🀭

#TheSsum #Day40 Image
I found a new hobby; trolling Teo. 🀣🀣🀣

#TheSsum #Day39 ImageImageImage
Sometimes I wonder what's on @Cheritz_DL's writer's mind. Is it so hard to put another set of options where we ACTUALLY answer his question?

Then, the convo can continue with the options πŸ‘‡


#TheSsum #Day40 ImageImage
I know I should've picked you, Teo, but...but...the drawing is cute, too. I really can't choose! Sorry, Teo πŸ˜…

#TheSsum #Day40 ImageImageImage
What's with these choices 😭😭😭

And Teo's response 😭😭😭

@Cheritz_DL, we need to talk.

#TheSsum #Day40 ImageImageImage
I almost forgot this #dinnerchat #outgoingcall.

It was nice having a serious conversation with Teo regarding art, as both of us enjoy creating art. That's why this conversation felt personal.

#TheSsum #Day40 ImageImageImageImage
A scary coincidence is when you're playing #MysticMessenger #Day9 and #TheSsum #Day41 at the same time,& both of the plots are abt the missing Elizabeth the 3rd!

Right now, Han Jumin is going crazy abt his missing cat, & I'm also going crazy abt Han Jumin AND this coincidence! Image
I still can't stop thinking about this! I didn't even plan to play #MysticMessenger. And somehow, the timeline aligned with #TheSsum. That's...kinda scary...and amazing!

Only #Zen would call Elizabeth that 🀭🀭🀭

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum #Day41 ImageImage
This story feels...familiar.

Teo, will you do mine? I think I'm gonna commission you into making a video letter for me to someone, too.

#TheSsum #Day41 ImageImageImage
He was a guy working at the cafe & I was a regular there.

I did receive special attention from him. But I was too scared 2 open my heart. So I stopped going there. 3m later,I went there again only 2 find out he'd resigned😭

Its funny how #TheSsum felt relatable in a weird way.
Why is there no option of "she is my husband's cat".

LOLOL. That'd be the most apt option @Cheritz_DL could write for us, the #MysticMessenger's MCs 🀭🀭🀭

#TheSsum #Day41 ImageImageImage
I unlock new trivial, won with great imagination. LOLOL. Ofc I have great imagination; I'm a writer 🀭🀭🀭

#TheSsum #Day41 ImageImageImageImage
LOLOL. This is what I wrote last night. Then today Teo and I did discuss about that 🀭

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum #Day41
I was like "so sudden?" but my heart went πŸ’˜

I love it even more because he wrote my name! The effect would be lesser if he used "hon". 🀭

#TheSsum #Day42 Image
Teo talked about his senior in the #outgoingcall of #lunchchat. So I decided to pick these options, knowing he'll get jealous.

Thankfully Teo isn't real, because that "friend" I had was real. It's gonna be troublesome to explain to Teo about that person🀭

#TheSsum #Day42 ImageImageImageImage
I usually can wait patiently, but the wait is kind of annoying today. I had to wait for 10 mins a while ago and now...this! I'm quite busy today and I wish to end the conversation in one go but alas...😀

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL #Day43 Image
I wanna curse someone right now. This waiting is annoying when you're on the move and need to use your phone constantly. I want to just ignore this chat but I hate how it's nagging in my mind. Maybe I should just uninstall this gameπŸ˜‘


#TheSsum Image
Having a phone call with Teo when this happened!

Nothing is going well today 😭

If not for that many 5-10 mins waiting, I could finish this call. @Cheritz_DL...you...you (this is me attempting to hold back swearing)

#TheSsum #Day43 Image
This makes me happy 🀩

#TheSsum Image
Look who's here🀭🀭🀭


P/s: My dear Teo, do you know how important #Zen is to us, the #MysticMessenger MC? OFC I should focus on HIM AND HIM ONLY! (sorry for the caps)

#TheSsum #Day43 ImageImageImage
This is the second time I'm having the incubator working for more than 100 mins. It'd better be worth it. Last time, I waited for 106 mins to get a hearty meal. I'm curious about these two. Image
Hmmm... It seems, the long wait produced these. Okay.

#TheSsum Image
Wow! I've never received energies like these after picking an option. I wonder why πŸ€”

#TheSsum #Day43 Image
How did I know? Of course, from spoilers 🀭🀭🀭

#TheSsum #Day43 Image
Let me cry in the corner. I'm so touched and grateful for the support and gifts. Thank you 🀧🀧🀧

#TheSsum #Day43 ImageImage
I told Teo about #TheSsum 🀭🀭🀭

#thessumspoilers #Day44 Image
But, Teo, that is Zen!

Zen is like my big bro when I was in RFA. OFC I need to see him with my own eyes 🀧🀧🀧

#MysticMessenger #Zen in #TheSsum #Day44 Image
Just unlocked "Brutally Honest" trivial.

LOLOL. Now I'm curious what is in his private thought 🀭

#TheSsum #Day44 ImageImage
My dear, Teo, I would've focused on you had the option didn't mention Zen's name at all 🀭 I had to pick any choice that put Zen's name on it. I have to πŸ˜‰

#MysticMessenger #Zen in #TheSsum #Day44 Image
Scaring Teo was fun πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

#TheSsum #Day44 Image
I figure I had to write something on Mewry 🀭

And this post levelled up the planet. Good to know 🀭🀭🀭

#TheSsum ImageImage
I'm sure Teo is talking about Yoosung.

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum Image
Im shocked to see my response in Free Study generated this much support. I'm so thankful and touched 🀧🀧🀧

#TheSsum ImageImageImage
Which MC failed to get a Good Ending?

#MysticMessenger in #TheSsum Image
Sadly, I'm gonna have to say goodbye to Teo. As much as I'd like to play #TheSsum till the end, I can't. The short pauses (1-5mins) in between chats annoyed me so much, especially when I could use that short waiting to reply to my real boyfriend's text. Image
I could go back and forth between texting BF and Teo, but having constantly wait for the game to load drove me crazy.

So I'm sorry, Teo. I left when we were having our first argument & didn't repair it before I go (#TheSsum Day 51).

And thank you for the memories.
And to @Cheritz_DL, I hope u could reconsider abt these issue (the waiting, the loading, etc) and fix it.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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