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Aug 18 4 tweets 1 min read
The real issue with "learning in public" is them emphasis placed on "being an expert," which is *everywhere*. It's a capitalist mindset, convincing people that even as beginners they should consider themselves "experts" bc this is how you get exposure aka how u scale. 🧵
Really, we should be obliterating the "become an expert" paradigm, and push hard on the "become a learner" paradigm. Learners learn. Experts (as @mnmlmnl has just said) can quickly lose touch with learners and learner issues. (see vs "elders" below)
Which is to say that the real problem with Learning in Public is novices and newbies presenting themselves as experts (this is *rampant*). But in an online society where "being an expert" is parroted at every level, who could blame them?
The vacuum left where the elder tradition once lived is filled with self-described "experts." This is exacerbated online where social context is intentionally made invisible. There is no wisdom. There is only the proliferation of data and information portrayed as wisdom.

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Aug 20
People speak in universals to A. sound smart, and most importantly B. take the magnifying glass off themselves. Said in a non-universal way: "When I speak in universals I'm attempting to sound smart, but mostly to take the magnifying glass off my own behaviors." For example....
"People learn better when they write with a pen and paper" is meant to take the attention away from the person making the statement who may or may not primarily work with pen and paper. It cuts closer to home to say: "I learn better when I write with pen and paper." Why?
Bc in the moment of making the statement the person will immediately self reflect on how often they write with pen and paper. This causes a tension in them, especially if they do so infrequently. Few people are comfortable with that feeling and so speak in universals to avoid it.
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Aug 18
Learning in public: "Here's this thing I came across 36 hours ago & now believe to be absolute truth even tho I don't know much about it & will drop 3 days from now when I lose interest cuz it doesn't work but will live on forever in a tweet & cycle through thousands of feeds."
Tech's idea of the democratization of learning.
"The strange game of telephone that has developed...means that new creators, themselves often relative novices, tend to perpetuate common misunderstandings that leave new community members more confused than when they started."…
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Aug 16
📜 Latest!👉🏽 Can permanent notes be deleted? 🤔 Can permanent notes be edited after they've been imported? 🤔 Can permanent notes be changed if a new piece of information comes along that contradicts it? 🤔…
"To throw out or delete notes simply because they no longer seem relevant now is to create a temporally-bound zettelkasten, a network of ideas based on the whims of your current self. This is short-term thinking."
"In English, the word 'permanent' suggests not only 'everlasting' but also 'unchanging' and 'immutable.' The Statue of Liberty can be both a permanent fixture in New York Harbor (not to be moved), as well as permanently discolored by oxidation (unchanging in its appearance)."
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Aug 3
As per @anthilemoon tweet on being an air traffic controller, I got to thinking about my various "waiting rooms" for notes/captures that have yet to pass the threshold into the slip-box or larger second brain....
The waiting room is a place(s) for the *stuff*. Some call it an inbox. Whatever u call it, it's the place where things go before you have a sense of how they fit into the overall matrix of the second brain.
The whole thing feels very "foyer" and I'm the guide, the host, the docent, the maitre d'. I take my captures and give them a place to be. I scan the rooms, the tables, etc and looks for what makes most sense.
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Aug 3
A question that regularly comes up in zettelkasten: "Can I change a permanent note when I have a new idea that counters an older one?" Let's take a look at it. 🧵
The term "permanent note" is a Sonke Ahrens coinage unique to his book HTTSN. Neither Luhmann nor Schmidt, whose work on zk predates Ahrens, are known to have used this term. If you find the term helpful, by all means use it. But, it is not necessary or inherent to the zk method.
The "permanent" in "permanent note" is meant to distinguish between notes that are fleeting and notes that are permanently stored in your slip-box (ie zettels, lit notes, etc). Luhmann is on record as saying that he never removed a note from his zk once he put it in there.
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Jul 13
One of the reasons why people come out of the woodwork with "the one true way to do zettelkasten" is bc when they find a way that works for them, they think they've found Luhmann's way. But, they haven't. 🧵
What they have done is make a system out of *aspects* of Luhmann's approach, leaving others aside. In essence, they've cleaned up Luhmann to work for them. Why? Bc Luhmann's system was a highly functional, but very much work-in-progress. It was not static.
We're all attempting to clean it up for ourselves. Very few if any pre-packaged systems (writing, PKM, etc) are fully applicable out of the box. They need to be tweaked. And, Luhmann's is far from pre-packaged. So, you have to clean it up.
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