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I had so much fun with the #DailyHaiku last year... 365 poems that told a story of love & loss; fun & food; faith & hope... so ... here we go again 👍
Monday 08-08-2022
With Hayley, my love,
Relaxing by moonlit surf
Thirty three today

#DailyHaiku A footprint bespattered bea...
Tuesday 08-09-2022
Alarm! Sleep ended
Got to kiss Hayley goodbye
It made this day good

Wednesday 08-09-2022
Time to tell our tale
A narrative–hopeful joy
Will they understand?

Thursday 08-10-2022
Volunteering fun
300+ burgers cooked
I had a spare grill

#DailyHaiku Image
Friday 08-11-2022
Dad turns sixty. Cheers!
A rainy walk with Hayley
Family assembled

#DailyHaiku Cheesecake drizzled with ch...
Saturday 08-12-2022
On the road to friends
Picnic in an empty park
Bought a sharp new suit A smiling Joel and Hayley d...
Sunday 08-13-2022
So many people
A park break so we can rest
Look! I found a rock

#DailyHaiku Joel poses majestically ato...
Monday 08-15-2022
Script is due, looks good
Unlike me, now sleep deprived
Ugggh–Carpe Diem
Tuesday 08-16-2022
Miss my fiancée
She is far away this eve
We both need a hug

#DailyHaiku A forlorn Joel standing in ...
Wednesday 08-17-2022
Clean clean clean the lab
Important people will tour
Free food is a perk

Thursday 08-18-2022
Surprise! Change of plans.
WiFi never looked so good
Fruit and wine with you

#DailyHaiku Bright berries and chilled ...
Friday 08-19-2022
A chill day at work
Too brief a call with Hayley
Construction at home

Saturday 08-20-2022
Construction projects
And farmer's market meet-up
Life is quite busy

#DailyHaiku Farmers market bounty: a gr...
Sunday 08-20-2022
Mountaintop picnic
A video call with Jack
More time with Hayley

#DailyHaiku A picnic spread with canary...
Monday 08-22-2022
Monday, a long day
Everything seemed to break
Glad Hayley loves me

Tuesday 08-23-2022
Glass, stone, cloth, and wood:
Registry compilation.
Plumbing completed

Wednesday 08-24-2022
Comfort in food, words
Crispy eggs and creamy gorg
Late night for talking

#DailyHaiku Omelet adjacent eggs that l...
Thursday 08-25-2022
Couples date with 'rents
Shuu-shee salmon, bright white wine
Cocktails with Hayley
Friday 08-26-2022
Clean sort organize
And also conversations
Tacos with cousins A tray of 20 delicious Mexi...4 happy humans around 20 ha...
Saturday 08-27-2022
Market volunteer
Spicy noodle study time
Pouring rain, blue jazz

#DailyHaiku 4 people enjoying the oshko...
Sunday 08-28-2022
Family cooking
Comfort on a gloomy day
Celebrate with steak

#DailyHaiku Fire roasted vegetables in ...Shiitake mushrooms and shal...Grilled steak & scallops in...At the table with gourmet f...
Monday 08-29-2022
Said goodbye at dawn
Stayed awake through work meetings
Sweet farewell at dusk

Tuesday 08-30-2022
Let the whole world know
Black Forest mettwurst fry-up
Poems of mem'ry

#DailyHaiku Shallots and Sausage Links ...
Wednesday 08-31-2022
Family drama
The joy of conversations
Shopping for new shirts

#DailyHaiku A selection of calico print...
Thursday 09-01-2022
Stressful day at work
Some people need oversight
Point-ward to Hayley

Friday 09-02-2022
Short night, long long day
A good start to the weekend
Tacos with Hayley

#DailyHaiku A pulled pork taco... pure ...
Saturday 09-03-2022
5 AM Market
A bathroom framing project
Still found time to cook

#DailyHaiku Breakfast scramble of eggs,...Pisco Sour... Peruvian styl...Orange and green pumpkin fl...
Sunday 09-04-2022
Church with Hayley, Josh
Dash back home to work and cook
Ribeyes and puzzles

#DailyHaiku A tasty seared ribeye with ...
Monday 09-05-2022
Long weekend! Woot! Woot!
Créme brûlèe french toast brunch
Dinner with inlaws

#DailyHaiku Brioche turned to amazing f...
Tuesday 09-06-2022
Goodbye came with dawn
The day just a bit more grim
Hayley has gone home

Wednesday 09-07-2022
Plans and dates and such
And Shindigs and receptions
Venue shopping eve

#DailyHaiku An empty pavillion in black...
Thursday 09-08-2022
Moving our bookshelves
Cooking leftover veggie stew
Packing for a trip

#DailyHaiku A stew composed entirely of...
Friday 09-09-2022
Sisyphean tasks
Incomplete, but I don't care
Unwind at Red Eye A black lager named after B...A veritable tower of tosted...A piece of pizza that was t...
Saturday 09-10-2022
Past. Future. Present.
Thunderstorms and chilling cold
Many objet d'art

#DailyHaiku A collection of watercolor ...
Sunday 09-11-2022
Righteousness is truth
Persian past, present, mingling
Mountaintop sunset

#DailyHaiku Joel and Hayley standing at...
Monday 09-12-2022
Warm goodbye with rain
Testing with no end in sight
Seems I need more sleep

Tuesday 09-13-2022
Venue booked for real
All else is pure frustration
Bought the wrong parts... twice

Wednesday 09-14-2022
Working late again
Prototype assembly woes
Then work on the house

#DailyHaiku A picture of an attic... it...
Thursday 09-15-2022
Done with work on time
At least the work I'm paid for
House work never done

#DailyHaiku A strange black and white p...
Friday 09-16-2022
Dancing through the day
My love arrives at seven
Joyful weekend dreams

Saturday 09-17-2022
I'm off to the dump
Hayley's off to High Cliff Park
Yep, she had more fun

Sunday 09-18-2022
Justice is proclaimed
Wedding shopping afternoon
Games and scramble eve

Monday 09-19-2022
Oh joy, PID
But also giant Jenga
Plumbing not easy

Tuesday 09-20-2022
Côtes du Rhône recap
2x4s: gotten pricy
Tasty leftovers

Wednesday 09-21-2022
Extra work today
Airspeed and piping and lint
Glorious sunset

#DailyHaiku Sunset viewed looking up th...
Thursday 09-22-2022
Networking events
Lectures and food and spirits
Still missing Hayley

Friday 09-22-2022
Leadership is hard
Especially sleep deprived
Margarita eve

#DailyHaiku Antojitos's margarita fligh...
Saturday 09-24-2022
Family reunion
Revisiting the old farm
Making new mem'ries

#DailyHaiku Candid photo of a flannel a...
Sunday 09-25-2022
Warm bed, cold fall night
Afternoon showers with tea
Unwind with Sauv. Blanc

Monday 09-26-2022
Poetry, plumbing
The water flows clearer than
My inspiration

Tuesday 09-27-2022
Framing anchor points
But my house is Escheresque
Walls so far from square

Wednesday 09-28-2022
Electrical work
And not much sleeping tonight
The inspection's soon

Thursday 09-29-2022
Disappointing news
Plans changed like autumnal shades
Build joy in new plans

Friday 09-30-2022
It's inspection day
Scramble to perfect my work
Success! Now northward!

#DailyHaiku A collection of three inked...
Saturday 09-31-2022
Market early dawn
Drywall in the afternoon
Hayley all day long

#DailyHaiku Sepia tone photo of a smili...
Sunday 10-02-2022
Acts understanding
Read aloud, our past, future
Ringwork and woodwork A piece of rosewood gripped...
Monday 10-02-2022
Joel: "Problem solver"
Budgeting our future days
Brother's birthday bash

Tuesday 10-04-2022
Two roads diverging:
Bright lights and fame or dinner?
Duh! I choose Hayley

Wednesday 10-05-2022
Joyful color burst
Tracking down the paperwork
Hard to say goodbye

#DailyHaiku A smiling Joel and Hayley, ...
Thursday 10-06-2022
Chinese fish chowder
D&D shenanigans
Fireblocking done

#DailyHaiku Scuffed pipe and wires surr...A bowl of pale broth filled...
Friday 10-07-2022
Composing pledges
With a side of fish and chips
Don't forget the ale

Saturday 10-08-2022
Arbor construction
Shopping, hiking, and picnics
Joyfully tired day

#DailyHaiku Joel and Hayley smiling as ...
Sunday 10-09-2022
Art museum tour
So very many birds seen
Gloaming photoshoot

#DailyHaiku Joel and Hayley sitting on ...
Monday 10-10-2022
Drywall! More drywall!
All non Euclidean shapes
Or so it appeared

#DailyHaiku A construction project part...
Tuesday 10-11-2022
Fire drills and sun
Too nice to return indoors
But I still want pay

Wednesday 10-12-2022
Find potable gifts
Shopping for charcuterie
No housework today

Thursday 10-13-2022
Scratchy fiberglass
Mixed work clothes and socks in wash
Drat! My feet itch too!

Friday 10-14-2022
North to fancy food
And fine cocktails with my love
The Last Word in fun

Saturday 10-15-2022
Biscuits and gravy
Meeting with Josh and Morgan
Comfort food and words
Sunday 10-16-2022
Domestic workday
Swordfish à la Joel Morell
Pure joy with Hayley Crispy seared swordfish ste...
Monday 10-17-2022
Snow! In October?!
How surreal this world seems now
A bright colorful day An old cemetery slightlyout...
Tuesday 10-18-2022
Potential exists
Some resolution occurs
Job completed today?

#DailyHaiku Unfinished drywall again......
Wednesday 10-19-2022

Walked for many miles
Learned much Oshkosh history
New hat... great future

@visitoshkosh Selfie of me sporting a sty...
Thursday 10-20-2022
The last piece in place
So much drywall to mud now
But first love letters

Friday 10-21-2022
Last weekend visit
Food with Hayley tastes better
Lab tours, and lunch

Saturday 10-22-2022
On all the drywall
Lines of drywall mud appear
My bro is awesome!

#DailyHaiku Blue drywall panels are cri...
Sunday 10-23-2022
The last of many
Shopping trips for wedding stuff
This my fervant hope

Monday 10-24-2022

"Sufficient the day"
Says the Lord of the Lilies
Sparrow King–Sovereign

This one was a collaboration spearheaded (and pretty much entirely written) by the charming @catsinboxes92 A field of bright orange da...
Tuesday 10-25-2022
Embrace the absurd
(Tho' freighted with drama)
Northward lies my love

#DailyHaiku Grimly purposed, I drive in...
Wednesday 10-26-2022
I had to drive home
My last goodbye ere marriage
Hayley has flowers

#DailyHaiku A black cat stands guard ov...
Thursday 10-27-2022
Busy work and fun
Several side projects too
'Spresso maker ghost

#DailyHaiku A small, baseball cap clad ...
Friday 10-28-2022
So much prep to do
Great fun had by all involved
Escape for cocktails

#DailyHaiku Cleaning library windows wi...My beautiful fiancée is arr...
Saturday 10-29-2022
Blessed are the ones
Who have discovered God's gift
In each other's love

#DailyHaiku Hayley and I are married an...
Sunday 10-30-22
■■ ■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■■ ■■■■■
■ ■■■■■ ■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■
■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■

#HoneymoonHaiku Map of Chippewa River Valle...
Monday 10-31-2022
Spontaneous stops
Bring joyful new direction
Stories flow with beer

#HoneymoonHaiku Hayley and Joel perched on ...
Tuesday 11-01-2022
■■■ ■■ ■■■ ■■
■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■■■
■■■■■■ ■■■■■■ ■ ■■■■

#HoneymoonHaiku Joel and Hayley smiling at ...
Wednesday 11-02-2022
Duluth Bread again
Glensheen was money well spent
Bought too many books

#HoneymoonHaiku Hayley and Joel standing be...
Thursday 11-03-2022
■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■
■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■
■■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■■

#HoneymoonHaiku Joel and Hayley enjoying dr...
Friday 11-04-2022
Gooseberry falls hike
Long detour at Chester's Books
Thirsty Pagan beer

#HoneymoonHaiku Joel and Hayley in front of...
Saturday 11-04-2022
■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■
■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■
■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■

#HoneymoonHaiku Steak, mushrooms, potatoes,...
Sunday 11-05-2022
Driving home today
Black Cats and beaches and bookstores,
Took the scenic route

#HoneymoonHaiku Even though she is wearing ...

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