On happiness:
Last year, when @SBF_FTX announced that Caroline and I were Alameda's co-CEOs, the goal for all involved was to bring titles in line with reality -- the two of us had been acting as CEOs for quite some time, and we wanted our outside image to reflect that.
It's with the same goal that I'm announcing today that I am stepping down as co-CEO of Alameda Research -- @carolinecapital will continue on as Alameda's CEO. I will stay on as an advisor, but otherwise will not continue to have a strong day-to-day presence at the company.
Over the past few months, I have significantly reduced my role at Alameda. This happened gradually, and has most recently involved a lot of time not really working at all -- and certainly not acting as the company's CEO.
The reason for that is pretty simple -- I can't personally continue to justify the time investment of being a central part of Alameda. Everyone works really hard here, and spending a "normal" amount of time at work is tricky -- especially when you're trying to be a leader.
Alameda is an awesome place -- the problems we solve here remain the most interesting I am aware of, and the team remains the most impressive I've ever known. It's an environment where so much is going on that work can easily become your life -- and for a long time, I LOVED that.
For years, I couldn't think of anything more worthwhile to do with my time than to give it to Alameda. It's honestly been a thrill to be a part of, despite being difficult and exhausting and consuming. But I've reached a point in life where I have to prioritize other things.
What other things? I'm really not sure, exactly. Lately I've been really happy, spending a lot of time traveling, visiting friends and family, working on "myself" and whatnot. Also I bought a boat, that's been cool. I needed to relax, and I'm really, really happy.
I can't 100% remove myself from crypto without going into withdrawal, so I'll probably still be around here to some extent. I don't currently have other "projects" lined up or anything, but I wouldn't rule anything out in the future once I feel more "recovered."
I guess that's about it. My time at Alameda has been the most formative of my life. I've learned how to think, I've found out how far I can push myself, and I've been gifted the incredible experience of being in the trenches with lifelong friends -- and *winning*.
I'll miss all of it -- I genuinely will. But if I've learned anything at Alameda, it's how to make good decisions -- and this is the right one for me.

• • •

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Reminder, “sold” and “will sell” are not the same just like “bought” and “will buy” are not the same; typical discourse around this kind of thing tends to be almost totally flipped (not investment advice etc etc)
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