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Interesting dialogue between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan presidents. They don't conversate in Russian, but in their native tongues. Both languages are Turkic, but belong to different language sub-groups: Azeri is Oghuz, Kazakh is Kipchak. Therefore, pronunciation is very different
Oghuz speaking area stretches from Khwarazm in Uzbekistan to Eastern Thrace. Turkish, Azeri, Turkmen have the most speakers. Oghuz languages have harsh pronunciation, much harsher than Kipchak ones
Kipchak speaking zone is stretching from Kyrgyzstan in the southeast to the Tatarstan in the northwest, plus plenty enclaves in the Caucasus. Kipchak accent is much softer. From my perspective Anatolian Turkish sounds as if Russian who doesn't know Tatar was trying to speak Tatar
Another prominent group is Karluk. It has only two big languages: Uzbek and Uyghur. Anecdotally, some of my Uzbek acquaintances found Uyghur far more understandable than some of the "dialects" (=separate languages ofc) at their home country
While Oghuz, Kipchak and Karluk languages are kinda mutually understandable (though mutually funny sounding), Chuvash language is not. Tatars can understand Kazakhs, and even Anatolian Turks if they speak slowly enough. We cannot understand Chuvashs
Chuvash language is so isolated because it is the last remnant of Old Bulgaria. With its destruction, one group migrated to Danube, another to Volga. Danube Bulgars switched to Slavic (=Bulgaria), Volga Bulgars to Kipchak (=Tatars) by around 1400. Only Chuvashs did not
Apart from the Oghuz, Kipchak, Karluk and Oghur (=Chuvash) languages, there are also languages of Siberia. They are more distant from the rest though as they do not share Islamic heritage and Farsi/Arab vocabulary like others
Most Turkic cultures are very Persianate. That's why they belong to the "Stan" zone, adopting this Farsi work for a country in their official naming. There is only one nation keeping the ancient Turkic name for the country. It's Mari El. Interestingly enough, they're Finno-Ugric
Mari may be the last authentic pagans in Europe, still worshipping in the sacred woods and sacrificing geese to their gods. Their history is poorly known and generally misunderstood
Now Mari people are clustered in the ethnic republic Mari El and also have large enclaves in what is now Bashkortostan, where they escaped from the Russian conquest in the 16th c. Around the year 1500 though they were probably far more numerous
Most probably Finno-Ugrics comprised the bulk of Kazan Khanate population, being only partially touched by the Turkic and Islamic culture. Their mass conversion to Islam happened later. At least its well-documented part starts around the 18th c, long after the Russian conquest
That's a poorly known and somewhat counterintuitive story. Mass Islamization of the Middle Volga happened not under the Muslim power as one could expect, but centuries later, when Islam was a second class and persecuted religion of the Muscovite Tsardom and the Russian Empire
I'll go into details in a next thread on how Volga became Muslim. The end

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Aug 28
@RheinmetallAG responded to my last thread about their participation in construction of Mulino training ground where Putin trained and is still training his army for the war in Ukraine. And yet, I feel that their answer is misleading (to say the least). So I'll add some context🧵 Image
To start with, @RheinmetallAG claims that they simply provided the "simulation technology" for the Mulino project. The audience may think you were just one of many subcontractors. But that's not what your own press release from 2011 says. It's about winning an order to *build* it ImageImage
This, according to your own words, "state of the art training centre" was modelled after the Bundewehr facility in Altmark and represented "the German defence industry's first significant foothold in the Russian market". You hoped for more follow up orders from Russia Image
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Aug 27
@CITeam_en is reporting that Russia has formed the 3rd Army Corpse and is deploying it to Ukraine. Where did they form and train it? In Mulino ofc. German-built Mulino is the only modern training ground Putin has, so he trains his army of invasion there. Thank you, Rheinmetall AG
After 2014 Rheinmetall AG "left" the project to the Russian "Гарнизон" company. Thankfully, import genius allows to trace where Гарнизон was importing stuff from. It's all from Germany, Rheinmetall AG making the lion share

It looks as Гарнизон was merely a proxy for Rheinmetall Image
It was in Mulino where Putin launched his manoeuvres West-2021 preparing his army for the invasion of Ukraine. Because this Rheinmetall-built facility is the only modern training ground Russia has Image
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Aug 25
Kind of. That would take very long to explain though, plus most foreign audience won't get it anyway. But yes. Much of the Russian nightmare results from adhering to "positive" cultural values

Conflict avoidance -> Extreme violence
Justice and equality -> Slavery and destitution
Disclaimer: I mean it literally. People yearn for justice and equality and that's a major factor of why they end up as destitute slaves. For example, enthralment (закрепощение) of urban population historically happened under the public pressure. They petitioned to be enthralled
That may sound paradoxical, but extremely suboptimal outcomes do not necessarily result from adhering to "negative" values. Very, very often it's the opposite. You act according to something that sounds kinda "positive". And that's how you build hell on earth
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Aug 24
There is a common saying that "Russian liberalism ends at the Ukrainian question"

That's false. Russian liberalism ends at any question

In my observations, minorities, especially Caucasians are very concerned about those "liberals" so much cheered by the West coming to power
If possible, I would also like to ask for Mikhail Khodorkovsky's @mbk_center comments regarding the following blogpost of prominent nationalist Yegor Kholmogorov, who is now calling for the full destruction of Ukrainians as a nation
Putin-worshipping among the Western far-right is not so much a result of his propaganda as of their neediness. They're are very needy. They're desperate to project their hopes and dreams on a saviour like figure. He doesn't need to do much, their imagination gonna do all the work
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Aug 24
Regarding Darya Dugina. Many are calling her a "child". But she wasn't. She was a 30 years war old propagandist calling for "tougher", "less forgiving" mode of war. Publicly she acted as an aspiring Julius Streicher, trying to surpass her dad. Privately she mocked all this agenda
Let me show you some more innocent children to cry about later. This 62 year old child is Russian war propagandist Sergey Mardan
This is film director Karen Shakhnazarov
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Aug 23
Scientific rationality is overrated, evolutionary rationality is underrated. If such behaviour is common, it suggests it is evolutionary stable = rational

Tribe needs mythology to unite it. And mythology must be dumbed down for the entire tribe to get it, otherwise it won't work
It is absolutely rational to believe in some dumbed down crap. Reality is incomprehensible in all of its complexity anyway. And when you start adding 1st nuance, 2nd nuance, 3rd nuance, it can't unite the tribe anymore. Working tribal mythologies are very dumb. Hence, rational
That's a common mechanism of social changes. When a party is small, its myth is nuanced, complicated. But once it expands, it *must* dumb it down to unite everyone. As a result, the old core (inner party) has a nuanced myth and the newcomers (outer party) have dumbed down version
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