29. #KittenWatches Moonfall #DisasterMovie with @DisMoviePod

This movie is a disappointing, hot fuckin mess. I say that as a lifelong disaster movie addict. It's like they removed every fun element from a standard disaster movie then bulked it out with endless, boring,
complicated subplots & needless characters they didn't make you care for.

Worse, the entire thing was way more complicated & confusing than it needed to be. And omg, it took itself FAR too seriously, especially for such abject nonsense. The cardinal disaster movie rule, broken.
I want to slap everyone who wrote and participated in this convoluted nonsense. Especially given it's offensively large budget!!! 🙃

If Moonfall gets a sequel from it's genuinely terrible open ended ending, I give up.

On a painful note I have to mention that they evacuated the care homes. I can't even. 😭 (If you don't get why that is heartbreaking & deeply distressing, you probably aren't disabled & probably trust that authorities would actually do that in reality. Some of us know better.)
I was literally so exhausted by the end of this movie that I wanted to cry. I can only hope I remember how bad it was, despite my memory issues, and never accidentally watch it again! 😬

It could have been good. It should have been good. I'm so sad it was epically terrible!
My ★ review of Moonfall on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches Survival media watch. (Threaded above 👆)

Tldr? I have rarely been more disappointed by an epic disaster movie. 😭

30. #KittenWatches Survivors, 1975 (BBC adaptation of Terry Nation book)

I have more complex feels here than I'm able to express in current health crash… so I'll just say that the story itself is fascinating but it's ruined consistently by a huge heaping of bigotry.

In the end, I couldn't even finish the last season. It was just too upsetting. I think I only made it so far due to crash.

Honestly? I would just skip it and watch the newer BBC adaptation of the same book, from the 2000s!

So - please do note the following content warnings! 👇
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

Racism & xenophobia
Harm to animals
Sexual harassment and implied assault.

I have to score much lower than the story itself deserves, due to the sheer weight of bigotry contained. 1.5/5
31. #KittenWatches #TheCore

The Core is up there with the most ludicrous of disaster scenarios and is imo one of the more fun of the cheesy disaster movies, too! I mean honestly…the entire thing is so beyond fictional, it's just glorious!


👇 Movie poster for The Core. ...
This is a movie that knows damn well we can't reach the core of the earth, but audaciously asks "but what if we could?".

(Side note - I hope humans never do manage to go to the core, or anywhere even close. I dont want to know what we would do to it, nor why. We would all die.)
Also please know that Unobtanium is the literal best name for something ever.

🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

Pyrophobia triggers
Claustrophobia triggers
My ★★★½ review of The Core on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

Thanks goes to @DisMoviePod for helping me with the alt text for the utterly, amazingly, nonsensical movie poster for The Core because omg, that one was a doozy!!! 🤯
Jesus I just realised that in my foggy state I added a content warning for pyrophobia and added a firey gif to the same post.

Major face-palm moment. Cannot cope with myself, honestly.
I have just discovered that a friend has never seen Volcano and this heinous thing must be rectified. So I guess we're watching that. With immediate effect.
I have told him to expect cheese. Expect ridiculous. Expect DRAMA. Expect a terrible "that's about white" scene at the end - urgh. Expect nothing to make any sense at all. Expect glorious levels of destruction. & one disgusting death that always turns my stomach so I can't watch.
Omg I just heard that Anne Heche died. 💔

I feel some re-watches coming up.

32. #KittenWatches The Last Bus

A very British adventure at the end of the world for a bunch of school kids, on a run down double decker bus. Pretty chilled watch. Lots of great British slang and decent diversity. Decent hint of neurodiversity.

3/5 Promo poster shows a racial...
I wish to state that I have changed my #KittenWatches review of The Core to my better one in comments. 😂😂😂


My ★★★½ review of The Core on Letterboxd boxd.it/3cAn95
33. #KittenWatches #TheBelkoExperiment w/ @DisMoviePod

Holy. Fucking. Men!

This broadsided me. I didn't think I'd love it much, but it worked for me! You've gotta love hating the dick white guys & spending a movie plotting how you'd most like them to be ended! 🤷🏻‍♀️

#MovieReview Movie poster shows Adria Ar...
Stapler? Blow torch? Fire axe? Gun? Pipe? Roll of tape? Have your pick! (there were no picks, sadly)

Do we want the sexual harassing incel-adjacent office worker to go first, or the ex SAS CEO? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Can you pick the red shirts from the survivors? Will there BE any?

It felt like the movie ended really quickly because even without much by way of characterisation and character development, it kept my attention nicely, celebrating the wins against my hated characters and the losses of my favourites!
I also really enjoyed the filming of it and the incongruent touches they added in throughout.

It's also surprisingly not without humour, and has a very recognisable main cast of decent actors.

Oh! And there's a super hot chick to root for! 🙌 🔥

What's not to love, really?!
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

With very little tongue in cheek, the main CW here is just - Men. Men. Men. 😬 I think most people will know what I mean by this.

Pyrophobia triggers
Sexual harassment
Ableism (a villian having facial scars for no apparent reason)
Please note that it was impossible to gif this movie properly without throwing triggers everywhere - which ofc I'm not gonna do. Be aware, the body count is high. It is gory at times & there is a fair amount of blood!

Please, enjoy nonchalant dude with cup of tea, though. 😂
My ★★★½ review of The Belko Experiment on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)


Watching my favourite movie of all time like....

34. #KittenWatches #Twister

Twister taught us all, all we know about tornados. 😂 It's the quintessential natural disaster movie. It has everything! Tornados that growl at you. Cows that fly. "As you wish" guy as the cardboard cutout villain! It's perfect cheese!
The only thing I don't forgive in this movie is the kiss at the end. Because seriously... dude is a truly TERRIBLE fiance. Jfc actually. How could you kiss that? HOW?! 🙄😡

Half a star knocked off for that alone! 😝
It's both my favourite disaster movie of all time and the disaster movie all the other disaster movies want to be! It's also my favourite bad day watch! It never takes itself too seriously. It always brings the fun along with the action. The soundtrack makes you grin cheesily!
And please. Someone. Gimme a wind sculpture like Aunt Megs'!

(goddammit why isn't there a gif?) A still image of the wind s...
My ★★★★½ review of #Twister on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

35. #KittenWatches #Cliffhanger

A ridiculously (wonderful) survival movie, with tons of manufactured drama, some of the most awful, cheesy one liners I've ever heard, the inevitable family drama to be resolved by peril, and absolutely terrible acting.

#MovieReview Movie poster shows sylveste...
(I mean really - They had to play music over some scenes because some characters were so badly acted, with zero emotion, that they had to force the emotion with music, instead of acting.)

And it's absolutely glorious in its awfulness! A long time favourite! Sylvester stallone hangs fr...
(WHY DO I LOVE THESE MOVIES SO MUCH? Well... I mean... 👇!!! )
My ★★ review of Cliffhanger on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)
I already added #StTrinians to the thread but I've just got around to writing up a more coherent review. 😉


My ★★★★ review of St. Trinian's on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies/TV watch. (Threaded above 👆) 🌈
Can you tell I'm still trying to catch up from my weeks of crashing, lol? Sooooo behind! 😂
36. #KittenWatches #TheToweringInferno

This absolutely classic disaster movie really holds up - and its influence is undeniably long and wide reaching in the genre, whilst also resting on the backs of greats such as The Poseidon Adventure, itself!

#FilmTwitter Movie poster shows an artis...
The Towering Inferno is an #EatTheRich motivation movie if ever I saw one. And I couldn't help but relate it to horrific real life disasters around the world where those constructing and maintaining buildings have failed their residents so horrifically.

#DisasterMovie Still shows a skyscraper on...
I wish ppl building high rises had learnt from this movie.
Fire chief to architect, final scene:
"You know one of these days they're gonna kill 10,000 in one of these firetraps. & I'm gonna keep eatin' smoke & bringin' out bodies until somebody asks us how to build 'em." Yea. 💔 Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway...
Be aware it's really *very* long. I ended up having to split it over 2 nights because I didn't leave myself enough time before bed!

Note - I would not want any of the rescues in this movie any more than any of the deaths. Eektastic! Steve McQueen, speaking int...
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

Pyrophobia triggers
Acrophobia triggers
9/11 triggers
My ★★★★ review of The Towering Inferno on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)


37. #KittenWatches #Skyscraper.

This movie is what happens when The Towering Inferno mates with Die Hard - and doesn't take itself too seriously. I have unabashed love and to me, it's fuckin awesome - just a super fun, totally unrealistic, (& dont give a toss that is it), ride! Movie poster shows Dwayne j...
#Skyscraper is perfect for destruction junkies and #DisasterMovie fiends alike!

(The building ends up being a real fixer-UPper! - I'm so sorry. I'll see myself out now. 😳)
It struck me that this is an actually beautiful skyscraper design! I mean. Really. fucking. beautiful.

I wouldn't want to be up in it! But gorgeous! 😍 Shame the men building these things usually just build ugly ass homages to their dicks. 🙄
There's some disability rep to unpack.
Our main character played by Dwayne Johnson, has a prosthetic leg. His kid has asthma and is in a building on fire. More than one character clearly has PTSD. All used for dramatic effect but somehow I didn't find any of it truly offensive -
much as I deeply wish an actual amputee had been chosen for the role if they were going to portray an amputee.

They skirted a line fairly well here. It could easily have been seriously offensive. There are issues with it, but not to the extent it spoiled my enjoyment at all. A promo picture shows dwayn...
I've actually watched this movie 4 times at this point, so it really is a firm favourite!

🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

Acrophobia triggers
Pyrophobia triggers
The Jamie N Commons' song, Walls, played during the credits became a firm favourite of mine after watch 1 of Skyscraper? Fuck yeah. Perfect choice. I love a movie that gives me new music loves!
My ★★★★ review of Skyscraper on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

38. #KittenWatches #Speed with @DisMoviePod.

A movie purpose made for destruction and survival junkies, who need a chillout film on a bad day! 🙌

It really is stupendous fun!

My ★★★½ review of Speed on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

39. #KittenWatches #PhoneBooth

Kiefer Sutherland's weirdly hot creepy voice really elevates this one location movie!

An easy watch with much creeping tension! It has a good dose of what I call invisible claustrophobia - trapped, but can't see what's hemming you in!
#FilmTwitter Movie poster shows Colin Fa...
My ★★★½ review of Phone Booth on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

40. #KittenWatches Chicken Little

I've gotta be honest, I wouldn't show this to my kids, if I had them. I was quite shocked at some of the problematic nature of the content, given it's a kids animation.

If you're a dad, don't be like this dad. 🤷🏻‍♀️

#Disney Movie poster shows a young ...
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

Ableist language
My ★½ review of Chicken Little on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

41. #KittenWatches #TuckerAndDaleVsEvil with @DisMoviePod

"I'm gonna put this leg down" 😂 🔥

This movie is a lesson for all the hateful, bigoted fucks of the world - prejudice fucks you over, too! (And we are gonna be HERE for it!)

#FilmTwitter Tucker and Dale stand in a ...
It's also a perfect bad day movie - for me anyway! It surprised the hell out of me by taking me from miserable to smiling in just a few minutes!

Be aware it really is very bloody... But is very much played for laughs, not scares!
It's kinda like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but for wimps like me who won't watch the real deal and just want to laugh at assholes getting themselves killed because they chose hate and judgement. 😂

I LOVE IT! So very much!
My ★★★★ review of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)


42. #KittenWatches #JurassicWorld: #CampCretaceous

I absolutely LOVE this show.

It takes all the pieces of the #JurassicPark movies that I like the best and makes an entire show about them. Kids surviving alone on an island full of dinosaurs. What's not to love?!

The body & racial diversity are good in this show & I love it for that.

#CampCretaceous also beautifully handles teens working through their sexuality, and has a lovely blossoming relationship between two girls - one entirely accepted and celebrated by other characters. A group of 5 racially diver...
I wanted to deep dive into how they handled the conversations around sexuality but I haven't been well enough. But it was so beautiful there were moments I wanted to cry! I wish with all I have that I had had access to shows like this as a child. It would've been life changing.🥰
43. #KittenWatches Revolution (2012)

I loved this show back when it came out, but frankly I now know FAR too much about US politics and patriotism, and it ruined a rewatch for me. 😂

44. #KittenWatches #ReadyOrNot w/ @DisMoviePod

Holy FUCK Ready or Not is a fucking #EatTheRich masterpiece! Samara Weaving is nothing short of a kickass delight - and a perfect contrast to the rich-as-sin family she is forced to contend with.


Samara Weaving covered in blood head to toe screaming "FUCKING RICH PEOPLE!!!" in a totally feral moment, is absolutely everything!!! 🔥

Holy fucking shit.
Love it. Love her.

This movie made me laugh. It made me want to scream in absolute fury!

Question - How many dresses did they test before landing on that one? Cos holy fuck was it perfect! Still image shows samara We...
This tweet is absolutely just an excuse to add another gif of Samara Weaving to convince you that this movie is absolutely fabulous! 🔥
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

So much blood
Harm to animals
Huge consent issues
Conditioning of children
Pyrophobia triggers (but no people on fire)
My ★★★★½ review of Ready or Not on Letterboxd boxd.it/3elROb

45. #KittenWatches #TheHandThatRocksTheCradle with @DisMoviePod

The powerful, smart women in this movie elevate it far beyond it's fairly typical 90's movie style/story. They are all absolutely amazing, acting from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes!

#MovieNight Movie poster shows a black ...
The way these actresses play off each other is just stunning work!

Genuinely, the role of men in this movie is really just to fade into the background and let the women (and girl!) do their jobs!

Yes, yes I did find a picture that perfectly depicts that. You're welcome! 🔥 AnnaBella sciorra stands lo...
To touch on some of the disability issues in this movie...

Firstly - If you are going to have an asthmatic in your movie, ensure your actors all know how to effectively portray it, and for fucks sake, how to use an inhaler. YOU. DO. NOT. spray it into your open mouth!!! 😤
Secondly - There is an awful lot to unpack in Solomon's character. He is a mentally disabled Black man, played by a mentally abled man. There's usually HUGE issues caused by that. This movie surprised me by not *deeply* offending me in the portrayal of this character. Ernie Hudson as solomon, st...
Solomon is not over acted. He is a sympathetic character without at all being pitied. He is treated kindly by all but the villian of the movie, for most of the movie. Whilst there are issues here, I did feel that it was about as good as I've seen, and that is something. Solomon, a Black man played...
He is also the damn hero of the piece & I love him very much.

🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

Abusive manipulation both of adults & a child.
Sexual assault (by a Doctor of his patient)
Abuse of position of power
Ableist abuse of a mentally disabled man
Overt ableist language
My ★★★½ review of The Hand that Rocks the Cradle on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)


46. #KittenWatches Alive (1993)

This movie was tolerable purely because I watched and critiqued the (fictional versions of these) men with @DisMoviePod!

Her take was much the same as mine! 👇

The real men might have been extraordinary, as the movie poster implies they became to survive. The movie men were only extraordinarily awful. I legitimately was rooting for most of these obnoxious horrors of men to die - which is all that kept me watching. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Movie poster shows a trio o...
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

Cannibalism (to survive starvation)
My ★½ review of Alive (1993) on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

47. #KittenWatches #NoExit

An absolutely elegant thriller with impressive twists I did NOT see coming!

@DisMoviePod & I watched this together recently & I'm just really struggling to find a way to unpack it all & my mind is totally whirling with thoughts!

#Thriller Movie poster shows a group ...
All I can say is that it is A LOT. *Multiple* disability issues to unpack. But wow. Wow. I really did enjoy it!

I am gonna ask that you go read her thread regarding the disability issues. She did a great job! 👇

🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

- A child in peril
- Some elements of body horror
- Human trafficking
- Cruelly using triggers about the suicide of a family member, against that person
My ★★★½ review of No Exit on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

48. #KittenWatches #EscapePlan (2013)

A poor man's Prison Break with extra depths of corruption & inhumanity, a side of torture, no hot doctor flirting or sexy fucking tats. But it's not bad, and Stallone does a decent job at playing the super smart escape artist!

#MovieNight Movie poster shows a prison...
Even Arnie steps it up, acting almost human for once!

Honestly, I didn't expect to enjoy this movie with so very much male energy, so it surprised me!

The ending left a lot to be desired, for me, though. 🤷🏻‍♀️
The doctor quotes Voltaire:
"Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, for men of whom they know nothing at all.
Being multiply chronically ill, I can say without a doubt that this is true, even centuries later!
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

Prisons with inhumane conditions
My ★★★ review of Escape Plan on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

49. #KittenWatches #Heathers w/ @DisMoviePod

A childhood favourite... That perhaps sparked my love for dark comedy!

My ★★★ review of Heathers on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch. (Threaded above 👆)

50. #KittenWatches #Jumanji (1995)

A serviceable 2.5/5. Perhaps you'd enjoy it more if you're a Robin Williams fan!?

My ★★½ review of Jumanji on Letterboxd for my #SurvivalMovies & TV watch. (🧵 above 👆)

51. #KittenWatches #ThePoseidonAdventure (1972)

This movie holds up pretty damn well, aside from some problematic content I would *deeply* enjoy cutting out and setting fire to.

Buckle up, this is a long one. 👇 😂

#FilmTwitter Movie poster shows an artis...
I remember often sitting as a family and watching this one - it's another movie that sparked my Special-Interest love for the disaster genre, so it holds a special place for me, for that!
There's plenty of destruction, imminent danger, and drama to keep this ticking along nicely! The ship turning over is a pretty damn epic scene. (Top tip for during such an event - Do. Not. For fucks sake. Cling. To. The. Tables!!!)

(OK ok the image is a spoiler but OMG!) Men in suits hang from tabl...
The Poseidon Adventure is absolutely stacked full of stars. And this movie's influence is undeniable, too. It's seeded throughout the genre, not to mention there have been so many re-makes in different forms - both movie and mini-series!
I just have to say, it's hilarious that Leslie Nielsen is the captain given his later parody in Airplane. I just can't quite see him as serious - I kept expecting him to break into full parody! 😂 Leslie neilsen in a ship ca...
If I were to endure this scenario, the last people I'm gonna trust are the ones in charge. Disabled ppl know better, given our current circumstances. I'd die on the way up (down) the boat anyway, stuck somewhere, unable to go on, due to disability… but I'd give it a damn try,
rather than staying where authority told me to, lol. 🤣 ESPECIALLY when authority dude starts literally ordering people to stay - See ya dude, I'm out!
I have slightly mixed feelings about the handling of a fat woman in this movie. It's clear she was placed there to add DRAMA as they try to find a way to get a fat person through this disaster - obviously gratuitous AF. And there are many moments it falls into full on fatphobia.
However she also is a relatively nicely rounded character, important to their survival & the group didn't consider abandoning her when the going got tough. (yes, I did just give myself a Billy Ocean earworm, dammit. & yes, I mentioned it purely to ensure I won't be alone in it!)
Susan's obsession with the preacher is creepy as fuck, and so is how he touches her and how he talks to her. She's a kid, ffs. ✂

The ending with the helo? Really?! I won't spoil you… but damn... well… OK then!?
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

- Grooming triggers (with a religious slant, but no sexual abuse)
- Religious themes
- Fatphobia
- Pill shaming happened in movies even in the 70s I guess. 🙃
- An unpleasantly misogynistic feel throughout
- Pyrophobia triggers (Inc. some fiery deaths)
My ★★★½ review of The Poseidon Adventure on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (🧵 👆👇)


52. #KittenWatches #Poseidon (2006)

And on to the remake!!

UNFUN disaster to live through. But epic fun to watch! I mean, this is just so much destruction, and a genuinely brutal fight for survival! 👏

🧵 👇

#MovieNight Movie poster shows a cruise...
As in the original, "Poseidon" is absolutely an "almost everyone is fucked" scenario - even more so, given the cruise liner this time is a damned floating skyscraper on its side. Absolutely huge in comparison to the original!

It's really pretty faithful to the original, actually, & the changes were mostly done in ways which corrected some issues with the original, like removing the misogynistic tint of hysterical women, the creepy pastor with his creepy relationship with a young woman,
The fatphobia, and making the cast a little less white.

However, they still seem to get off on ensuring the minorities (and ships staff) are wiped off the face of this planet. 😒
Captain Raymond Holt makes an appearance, which is hilarious to me. I love him and all, but I'm still not gonna trust his authority figure party line bullshit, and I am absolutely escaping that ballroom if I can!!!
I will say the scenario feels a little less realistic, given the rogue wave comes entirely out of nowhere, on a calm sea, & is ridiculously huge. But honestly who cares? I'm here for the wanton destruction, risk to life & epic fights for survival. 🎉
The ending is far better too!
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

- Claustrophobia triggers
- Suicide Triggers
My ★★★½ review of Poseidon on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. (🧵 👆👇) boxd.it/3fxRbr

Actually can we also give The Poseidon Adventure some props for their tagline, which imo is both accurate and cheesily perfect!

"Hell Upside Down".

I'm so proud.

👏 👏 👏
53. #KittenWatches San Andreas

Please let me mention first that Alexandra Daddario was enough reason to watch this, even if I wasn't absolutely obsessed with disaster movies! 🔥


It's a perfectly formulaic but fun, decently well acted disaster movie, with *dramatic* CGI & absolute *lashings* of destruction porn for those of us into that!

It's lacking in real depth & doesn't have enough charm & falls into too many tropes, but I (mostly) forgave it anyway.
The trope I hate the most is the separated, dysfunctional couple being brought back together by the disaster - and dammit, this movie falls right into the trap. WHY?! 😭 It'll never work!

It does however, let you plot the death of a real rich wanker & that shit is always fun! 🙌
My ★★★ review of San Andreas on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch.

(🧵 👆👇)


54. #FallMovie (2022)

I'm watching this movie with a friend right now and holy fucking shit this movie is WRONG! 🤢😂

My god, as they're climbing... I can't even look at the screen when they're climbing down for gods sake! 🤮 TERRIFYING!!!!! 🎉

MAJOR Acrophobia triggers here!
🚨 There may be spoilers below! 👇

Definition of bad friendship happening here.

I have Juno vibes too. (The Descent) Feels like some serious influence in a number of ways from that movie in fact. Especially because all women.

I would like to slap Hunter repeatedly in the face!
These women are doing a fucking amazing job though! Absolutely stunning work! I feel their emotions strong and this is some serious badass shit too. I always fancied The Descent without monsters... And this is kinda it! But up!!

Holy shit like 36 mins in thou omfg!!! 😱 Fuck!!!
This was a terrible before bed movie! 😱 😂 Especially when I'm meant to be trying to do my meds and get ready for bed! 😂

But omg it's kinda amazing though, I love it!

I just wish they'd ditched the boyfriend drama. Why do they always have to do that predictable shit?
Two badass women being badass women isn't enough, ffs? 😤

LOOK AT THIS SHIT. It's enough by itself, OK?!? A blonde woman hangs from t...
🚨 Huge spoiler for Fall 2022 🚨

Yeah girl that's no mistake. That's a fucking choice, you fucking betraying bitch.

Don't betray your freinds by fucking their partners, fuckers.

Saw that coming from literally the fucking first few mins of the movie. 😡
Really a shame I didn't see it coming when it happened to me.

Hardy fucking ha.
1 hr 15 in and fucking hell I'm stressed!!! This is some phobia facing bullshit!!!

Go girl!!! 👏 👏 👏
Jfc, there is a reason backpacks were created. THEY GO ON YOUR BACKS, people!!! 😤😂
Omg omg omg omg I can't even spoil this one or I'll ruin it!

Holy fucking damn! 🔥 😭 Woah! 😱

Fuck yeah you found your fight again! ✊
👏 👏 👏

Loved it!!!

Also I loved that the only real male character was barely there and it was Jeffrey Dean Morgan and he is the best Daddy and totally worth adding to the mix! 😍
55. #KittenWatches Frozen (2010) with @DisMoviePod

I didn't hate Frozen but honestly, if they hadn't all been assholes, I might've LOVED it. Unfortunately these ppl are tiresome, awful & the movie never makes you care at all if they live or die.

🧵👇 Movie poster shows a ski li...
I'm so resentful that Frozen didn't do justice to the terrifying idea of being stuck on a ski lift & noone knows you are up there!!! Brilliant actors and great writing could have made for something really special!

#HorrorMovies A girl in a pink jacket sit...
Frozen has a lot of human error aspects and wow do these characters make the worst of decisions the entire way along!

I also detracted half a star just for demonising wolves! 😡 I HATE that shit!!! 😤 Wolves are beautiful. Fuck you!
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

- Some elements of body horror
- Acrophobia triggers
- Ableist language

My watch partners take 👇
My ★★ review of Frozen on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch. (🧵 👆👇)


56. #KittenWatches #TheBabysitter

This is a quirky ass dark comedy with a seriously contradictory, complex, extremely hot villain. I'm totally in love with her geeky-ass, sexy evil self! 😂

I had a lot of fun with this one!!

#ComedyHorror Image
I did want to slap the shit out of dad for being awful to his kid who clearly has an anxiety disorder of some kind!
Obviously this post is just an excuse to post this gif... I won't even pretend. 🤷🏻‍♀️
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

- Needle phobia triggers

- Child in peril

- Arachnophobia

- Very bloody but in a comedic way

- A kid uses the R word but his mum slaps it down HARD which at least was refreshing compared to the norm.
My ★★★½ review of The Babysitter on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch. (🧵 👆👇)


57. #KittenWatches #TheBabysitter: Killer Queen

"Luckily the devil gives good head" 😂

Not as fun or as clever or hot as the first one, but I didn't see the twist coming & I enjoyed that! An enjoyable enough ride if you enjoyed the first movie.


🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

- Gaslighting

- Firey deaths

- Very bloody but in a comedic way
My ★★★ review of The Babysitter: Killer Queen on Letterboxdfor my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch. (🧵 👆👇)


58. #KittenWatches Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Worst. Rollercoaster. Ever. 😂

Also the least special effects ever, for a movie only made in 2008. It's not without redeeming factors though, & it has some charm… it just could have been so very much better!

#MovieNight Movie poster shows various ...
My ★★½ review of Journey to the Center of the Earth on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch. (🧵 👆👇)


59. #KittenWatches Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

The Rock singing me to sleep thou…!

My ★★½ review of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch. (🧵 👆👇)

60 #KittenWatches A Lonely Place to Die

This is a really intense movie, with some genuinely scary as fuck moments. It balances some epic & terrifying climbing scenes with more action packed ones - our heroes having to fight both the elements & the men hunting them!

#MovieNight Movie poster shows Melissa ...Melissa George rappels down...
Melissa George & Holly Boyd - a child who never speaks a word of English, nor is she translated in any way, absolutely carry this movie admirably. If we had cared more about the others it would likely have elevated the movie, but they did do a wonderful job! Melissa George shelters a y...Melissa George speaks to a ...
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

- Human Trafficking
- Claustrophobia
- A child in peril
My ★★★½ review of A Lonely Place to Die on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies and TV watch. 🧵 👆👇

#MovieReview #Thriller

61. #KittenWatches Lost in Austen, a British mini series.

Amanda Price, a girl from present day London, who has a special interest worthy obsession with #PrideAndPrejudice, finds herself swapped places with #JaneAusten's fictional character, Elizabeth Bennet.

#TvReview 🧵👇 Dvd cover for Lost in Auste...
This would definitely count as survival for me, purely because these people are all absolutely insufferable and so is their awful, cruel world 🙃 I have enough problems with misogyny and inequality in 2022, thanks! Jemima Rooper lies on her c...
Amanda, joyfully, gets to knee the obnoxious, disgusting Mr Collins in the balls AND shout at Mr Fucking Intolerably Privileged Wanker Darcy on a regular basis - so I'm calling it a win for Amanda. 👏 Some of the cast stand, all...
She also made #MrDarcy get in the water, and I nearly cried laughing! 😂 👏 👏 👏

I mean... You would have to, wouldn't you!?
Lost in Austen is my second most favourite #JaneAusten adaptation, after Pride & Prejudice & Zombies - of which I need a rewatch very, very soon if any of my close friends wish to join me!! 🎉

⭐ 3.5/5

#TvReview for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇
62. #KittenWatches Ice Age

All you really need to know going in is that this movie is an animated Three Men & a Baby…but the men are a mammoth, a sloth & a sabre tooth tiger - & it's set in a world on the brink of an ice age, from which they try to flee!

#FamilyMovieNight Movie poster shows an anima...
It's taken me this many years and many rewatches to finally make that connection lol. So you're welcome for my impressively slow insight! 😂

(Random fun fact...did you know we're technically still IN the ice age?)
The ice age where, by the way:

- Sid the sloth is non monogamous and totally promotes that lifestyle.

- The rhino's are totally gay. (But you REALLY shouldn't interrupt their dates!)

- Humans actually wanted to survive back then. Who knew? 🤷🏻‍♀️
- Sabre tooth tigers in a pack are not just hungry predators but… actually, actively evil.

- Dodo's killed themselves.

- An ice age squirrel invented popcorn.
My ★★★½ review of Ice Age on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

An animated homage to 3 Men and a Baby!

#DisasterMovie #FilmTwitter
#MovieReview #MovieNight

63 #KittenWatches Ice Age: The Meltdown

The one where:

- We finally get a female character & Queen Latifa puts in their place men who think the end of the world is a fab time for women to risk themselves by getting pregnant "for the survival of the species"!👏
#FamilyMovieNight Movie poster shows animated...
- Manny was a climate change denier.

- A mammoth thought she was a possum.

- Acorns are still tricksy!

- I wish I could sleep like Sid

- Kitty is terrified of water! 🐅🥺

- Sid becomes a fire god 🔥 😂 Two possums and a mammoth l...
My ★★★ review of Ice Age: The Meltdown on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

The one where Queen Latifa injects some much needed class sass!

#DisasterMovie #FilmTwitter
#MovieReview #MovieNight

64 #KittenWatches Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The one where:

- This time they're doing Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

- They made a gay joke about butterflies & I was not amused.

- Sid tried to wank off a really angry buffalo & co-parent with a T-Rex.

#DisasterMovie Our gang of Ice Age charact...
My ★★½ review of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

Journey to the Centre of the Earth in the Ice Age.

#MovieReview #MovieNight

I really had way more fun than I should have had, reviewing those last 3 movies!
65. #KittenWatches #Executive
Decision with @DisMoviePod

Just about the silliest movie ever, complete with *terrible* one liners. An entertaining mid air disaster watch that we enjoyed laughing at!

Cheese level?

#MovieReview #DisasterMovie Movie poster shows Kurt Rus...
It has such terrible, terrible acting - even by actors who are verifiably not terrible. And it's messy. Just so very messy. A million unnecessary side plots. 😂
🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

Racism & Xenophobia aplenty
My ★★ review of Executive Decision on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

Expect the cheesiest of cheesy disaster movies and maybe you'll love it! 😂

#FilmTwitter #Thriller #MovieNight

66. #KittenWatches Vertical Limit

The 1st scene of this movie is iconically epic!

The rest bogs you down w/ obnoxious, selfish, super rich white men, sexual harassment & the grossness of men using wealth to force their way to places they have no right being.

#DisasterMovie Movie poster shows snowy mo...
There's good moments (and a few laugh out loud, so bad it's good scenes, too!) and some fantastic climbing scenes - but for me it just kinda lost me.

But they did throw the sexual harrasser off the side of a mountain. So I'm good. 🤷🏻‍♀️
My ★½ review of Vertical Limit on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

#MovieReview #MovieNight #FilmTwitter

67. #KittenWatches Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Hot, badass, powerful female lead. Lots of humour, fun, adventure, revealing clothing and female driven action - what can I say? 🤷🏻‍♀️ It's a (slightly guilty) pleasure!

#LaraCroft #TombRaider
#MovieReview #MovieNight

🧵 👇 Movie poster for Lara Croft...
It's truly hard to suspend disbelief that anyone that fucking rich (not to mention titled) has any redeeming qualities at all, but you somehow can't help but root for sassy, confident, brave, hot, seemingly ethical but so rich how can she be, Lara.
I will say this. It is white. So very white. & it comes with all the colonial ass bullshit that you would imagine comes with rich people doing archeology & raiding tombs in other countries - of which the movie feels uncomfortably not enough aware! 🙃
The secret society is A Lot. Not that anyone in the world would be truly surprised if rich white men really did have a shadowy cult for maintaining their power over the damn world. At this point in my life, I'd be more surprised if they didn't! 🤷🏻‍♀️
My ★★★ review of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

TLDR; Hot. Badass. Fun. But unaware of it's issues.


68. #KittenWatches Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

In which Lara rides a shark after making friends by punching it in the nose, disses the queen & admits she's into pain play. ("What's pleasure without pain?")

#LaraCroft #TombRaider
#MovieReview #MovieNight
🧵 👇
It's fun. It's cheesy. It's got some really teasing and steamy moments. And it has a young Gerard Butler's accent, which is always really hot! Again, a guilty pleasure!
This movie has all the pitfalls of the first, but amped up even worse. Colonialist nonsense. A hell of a lot of non white people die for Lara to be the surviving hero. It's offensive on many levels. I found it much harder to ignore in this one.

I deducted a ⭐ for that reason!
My ★★ review of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

TLDR; Fun with hot, sassy, badass Lara but way too much white colonialist bullshit to make it palatable.

69. #KittenWatches Tomb Raider (2018)

They've humanised Lara more in this prequel, and tried to give her less obvious privilege… but you can't deny the privilege of *choosing* not to inherit a fortune. 🤷🏻‍♀️

#LaraCroft #TombRaider
#MovieReview #MovieNight

🧵 👇 A movie poster for Tomb Rai...
It did work to some extent though. Especially along with being younger, more relateable, less skilled & less cocky. (And ofc, she is still super duper hot.)

For me, the bow she starts with is also an improvement! Guns are not hot! 🤷🏻‍♀️
The adventure is fun and there's lots of bad guys to root for being punched in the dick by the young Lara. 🤞 And you know? She's up to the challenge!
🚨 Content Warning 🚨

- Slavery
My ★★★ review of Tomb Raider on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

TLDR; A young Lara being arguably much hotter with a bow instead of guns & without the trappings of wealth detaching her from our reality.
70. #KittenWatches Creep 2004 w/ @DisMoviePod to whom I give many apologies for this horrible suggestion!

This is the most traumatising movie I've seen since I watched Triangle. Which is ironic because I found out after that they are written by the same man: Christopher Smith.
And Christopher? I am calling you the fuck out for your ableism & deep hatred of women.

I am not even going to tell you any of Creep's pros. It offended me to the fucking core in multiple ways. It doesn't deserve the courtesy of it.
This movie uses facial and body scarring as inherent horror. That's ableist as fuck, to anyone who doesn't realise it.

I want to do damage to literally everybody involved in making this. I am HORRIFIED it got the good rating it did.
Please, take care when deciding whether to watch Creep. It has fucked me up in really bad ways and it did NOTHING to prepare me for it, either. They didn't build up to the tone of the worst of scenes. There was no REAL warning. It just was there, suddenly fucking me up.
It's going to take too long to get this shit out of my head and I resent them to fuck for it. 💔 🤬

🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

These contain inherent spoilers on this occasion.

- Attempted rape (whilst attacker is high)

- Claustrophobia

- Ableism: facial scarring as horror
🚨 Content Warnings Cont 🚨


- Rats

- Medical/surgical abuse

- Body and sexual horror.

- And the absolutely most misogynistic, woman hating female death I have seen on screen in years. I would not even give the details on Twitter level horrifying.
My ½★ review of Creep on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

I cannot in good conscience recommend this misogynistic, ableist piece of movie trash.

Major content warnings on this one. 👇

#Horror #Thriller #MovieReview

If you want to know the details of the horrific gratuitous scene in question, in Creep, my watch partner has got you.

See her review here 👇

71. #KittenWatches Freaky (2020) with @DisMoviePod

The Universal logo playing all bathed in blood red with creepy music playing, I thought, told me all I needed to know about this movie! It didn't though! The movie is WAY funnier. But damn - bloody, it is!

#SpookySeason #Horror Movie poster shows a teenag...
Had Freaky been pure #Slasher instead of #ComedyHorror, it would possibly have been too much gore for me? 🤔

The opening scene is A Lot! I mean, if you love horror, these weirdly comedic but BRUTAL kills may blow you TF away! But the gore level is HIGH & the killer merciless!
However, if you can manage that scene, the rest of the movie will be easily within your range & the tone changes a lot later!

I really did quite love this movie! It's a cool spin on Freaky Friday where the body swap happens between a serial killer & his potential teenage victim.
Kathryn Newton is fantastic as the teenage girl & serial killer both! She can really turn on the menacing! A great performance!

Vince Vaugn playing a serial killing male in a teenage girl's body is admittedly too much, though he *does* settle in a bit and find his pace later.
I'd have preferred it if his performance had been played straight instead of for laughs at how silly and camp a teenage girl would apparently look in this man's body.
One last note - I do often appreciate Bear McCreary's music, and he is really on point here! 🔥

You can find @DisMoviePod's take on Freaky, here:

My ★★★½ review of Freaky on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇


A fun & very bloody #Slasher twist on Freaky Friday!

#HalloweenMovies #Horror

72. #KittenWatches The People Under The Stairs w/ @DisMoviePod

This #ComedyHorror has lots of abuse, blood & cannibalism & a strong social commentary.

I'm going to refer you to @DisMoviePod's review to really unpack this complex movie! 👇

Movie poster shows a creepy...
This is what happens when I forget to take notes, because I can't remember anything with my memory dysfunction! 😂


My ★★★ review of The People Under the Stairs on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

73. #KittenWatches Final Girl 2015

Final Girl is all great concept, actress, kills & not much else of substance. Abigail Breslin is on fire despite the general state of "meh", though!

It in no way earnt it's ironic trope-busting-intended title.

#SpookySeason #HalloweenMovies👇 Movie poster shows abigail ...
The main failing was arguably that the men cast for these parts simply couldn't pull them off! You just didn't BELIEVE them. Boy Evil only came to life at all in the moments when he wasn't trying to play the douche - and given his character, that says it all! Dire casting indeed! Abigail Breslin sits on a f...
There is literally zero examination of the situation our final girl finds herself forced into, and (*spoiler!* 👉) there were no well deserved consequences for the man who trained & sent her into death defying situations to kill for him. That made me firey fucking mad! Abigail Breslin stands back...
Watching it with @DisMoviePod was what made it worth it… trash talking the men and applauding Abigail Breslin. 👏

See her take here:
My ★★½ review of Final Girl on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

Tldr; All potential, little payoff. Personally, I want a re-write and a do-over. Now, please!

#HorrorMovies #MovieReview #MovieNight

74. #KittenWatches The Ledge 2022

The Ledge is what happens when a man writes a woman's story. It had SO MUCH potential & I felt let down in so many ways! The worst failure imo is how the women are written from a man's paltry understanding of women.

#FilmTwitter #SpookySeason Movie poster shows a woman ...
Like, sure the one girl left the other with this group of men at night - men who are absolute strangers to them - even though one is acting possessively & is sexually harassing them?

Suuuure. Cos we have soooo much inherent trust in men?! 🙄 Please. A group of men and women si...
This lack of understanding rots the foundation of the entire story & it's really a shame because the premise has real promise. I want a do over!

Seriously - you cannot adequately write this story of men driving women to such desperate lengths to survive, without a woman's input! A woman perches on a ledge,...
I'm brought to that point again, where I think about how men will swear blind they don't know any men who have or would rape or harm a woman. Then they write & create a movie like this, where all the men are either rapists, murderers or enablers. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sure, dudes. We believe you. 4 men stand in the dark loo...
I will say that the woman is a stone cold badass & an amazing climber & that part kept The Ledge ticking along well enough to keep watching. I really did enjoy the parts where she is alone and climbing - and she's actually a decent actress and really wasted on this part!
#Horror A woman climbs a sheer rock...
All in all, I'd have better enjoyed watching this w/ a friend, so I could hate on the men together & plot their horrible deaths at her hands!

🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

- Sexual harassment
- Misogyny
- Attempted rape
- Racism & xenophobia
- Pyrophobia (inc a firey murder)
- Snakes
My ★★½ review of The Ledge on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

A great concept full of missed opportunity, probably due to it's male writer. Some great solo climbing scenes for our girl, though!

#Horror #Thriller
75 #KittenWatches Barbarian w/ @DisMoviePod

OK no THIS is what happens when a man writes a woman's story. HERE WE GO AGAIN!

This time it's worse. It's what happens when a white man writes a Black woman's story.
#SpookySeason #HalloweenMovies #Horror #MovieReview #MovieNight

🧵 Movie poster for Barbarian ...
I'm writing this as I watch & directly after cos I don't much want to come back & spend time reviewing it? It won't be the most coherent thing I ever wrote.

Our main character is a Black woman written so unrealistically trusting that I wanted to scream often throughout.
When you have to have conversations with your watch partner that go like:

"I want her to be freed"

"Well yeah, it's not her fault she was written this way"

You know something is wrong with this movie.

I will admit, it often surprised. Just not in ways that were meaningful.
There is some technically good movie making in Barbarian but sorry not sorry, that is NOT enough to make it a good movie.

A white man had no place writing this story. & oooh boy did he fuck it up!

I am OFFENDED it was made. I'm OFFENDED men are reviewing positively.

#Horror 🧵
🚨 Spoilers 🚨

I just don't know how to sum this up.

In reality the woman would never have entered that house. She would never have trusted the man. She would never have gone in the basement. Never have gone in the secret basement area. Never have gone down the secret stairs
🚨 Spoilers 🚨

But she does & in this creepy ass basement is a woman who's clearly been held captive, for a very long time. Perhaps her whole life. It's horrifying.

There is a teaching video for breastfeeding, playing on a very old tv. Feelings sink lower in my friend & I both.
I think the most horrifying thing about Barbarian is how it feels like they are wanting the audience to see this clearly tortured, traumatised, captive woman as less than human.

As a monster.

Worse, she is naked & they are objectifying this "monster".

Fucking NO.

#Horror 🧵 A woman covered in blood, w...
Worse, the underlying theme of her monstrousness is clearly ableist.

She is traumatised and mentally ill, hence violently dangerous. 🙃
Once again I'm just left sickened by men.

I was having a shit day before this movie and it did not improve my day nor my life.

I had so many issues here that seriously I can't begin to write them all down. But I had to purge this shit!

Make. Better. Movies. Men.

I. Dare. You.
🚨 Content Warnings / Spoilers 🚨

- Rape

- Confinement

- Dehumanisation

- Objectification

- Forced breeding

- Men enabling men.

- Gaslighting

- CSA/Incest

- Torture

- Ableism

- Suicide

Can't believe I have to write this

- Forced breastfeeding

Just. Jfc. 🙃
I legitimately need to medicate myself to deal with the sadness in my heart and mind right now.

What the actual fuck did I just watch?!
I just want to add my watch partners take on Barbarian here. She added some extra insight I had not. In particular, she discovered that the woman raised captive in a torture basement was in fact played by a goddamn man! I am SO Angry!! Fuck men, honestly.
My ½ ★ review of Barbarian on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

Fury inducing, ableist, white male gaze movie that requires you to suspend disbelief to extremes.

#SpookySeason #HalloweenMovies #FilmTwitter #Horror
76. #KittenWatches #Scream w/ @DisMoviePod

Having finally watched this movie after avoiding it because I HATE horror masks, I can categorically say I wouldn't have died in this movie cos nothing good EVER happens when you answer a fucking phone!

#SpookySeason #HalloweenMovies🧵 Movie poster for Scream sho...
🚨 #Scream Spoilers 🚨

Also, I'd have beaten the shit out of evil Jake from Jericho for being a fucking asshole in bedroom scene 1. (OK so yea, this part might negate my first statement. I might have died here because God forbid you hold a man accountable for his abuse!) #Horror
🚨 #Scream HUGE Spoilers 🚨

Seriously thou... This boy pushing & manipulating for sex from a traumatised, bereaved girl with clear PTSD deserved to die even *before* it was proven he was the murderer I suspected him to be. I hate him.

#Criptober #SpookySeason #MovieReview🧵
🚨 #Scream Spoilers 🚨

Gale Weathers is definitely getting a national anchor job after setting up her camera and broadcasting a news report, immediately after surviving a serial killer attack and saving everyone. 👏 👏 👏 😂
A note on diversity in #Scream

I somehow expected this, but… could this movie be whiter?

Seriously, there was barely a non white face shown - & they're often framed so as to be hidden. Also the privilege just oozes from characters! 🙃

Really. Most of them needed slapping! A group of 10 teens are sho...
🚨 Content Warnings for #Scream 🚨

- Gaslighting

- Stalking

- DA

- Mind games

- Rape both in the context of no informed consent for sex, & a historical rape being referred to often.

- Ableism in the context of using the words psychotic/psychopath to refer to serial killer.
My ★★★½ review of Scream on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

Fun, relatively meta, far too lacking in diversity, scary but not quite scary enough, #Horror movie.

#SpookySeason #Slasher
#MovieNight #FilmTwitter

A note on my fear of horror masks!

Having watched 2 #horror movies w/ masked stalkers this week, I've realised that what I hate about masks is that I can't read their faces. As an empath who reads to navigate my world more safely, the idea is terrifying to me!

77. #KittenWatches Six Days Seven Nights

Anne Heche was wasted on this pile of crap movie full of asshole men, but it did teach me if I'm gonna be in a plane crash, I should do it on shit tons of xanax. So there's that.

#SurvivalMovies #DisasterMovie #MovieNight #FilmTwitter🧵
Oh, and ffs, never ask someone to marry you on holiday (unless you have already talked about it and decided you will marry!)! Wtf are you thinking?! 🙄

🚨 Content Warnings 🚨

- Bugs & snakes

- David Schwimmer. Having an affair. David schwimmer as Frank si...
My ★½ review of Six Days Seven Nights on Letterboxd for my #KittenWatches #SurvivalMovies & TV watch.🧵 👆👇

Anne Heche & Harrison Ford get plane wrecked on an island & men will annoy you for a hour & 1/2.

#FilmTwitter #DisasterMovie #MovieNight
(Yes. This review tickled me more than it should have. 😊)
78. #KittenWatches Wedding Season (2022) w/ @DisMoviePod

I disregarded this excellent British show due to it's name alone, until Disney+ popped up an ad for it & I realised it wasn't what I presumed! Thank god they did, because it was SUCH a fun, surprising watch!

#TvReview 🧵 Promo still shows Rosa Sala...
Wedding Season is in fact a tense but funny, romantic, thrilling, adventurous road trip story - and somehow that combo just works!

Some of the twists & turns were guessable but a lot were pleasantly winding roads you just had to take - & wait & see where you ended up!

#Thriller Rosa Salazar is being kisse...
Wedding Season is easy to binge with just 8 eps, about 30 mins each - all well paced.

The characters are really likeable, well written, interesting, complex people.

I am *totally* obsessed by Rosa Salazar as the smart, funny, complicated, hot as fuck Katie! 🔥

#TvReview A different version of the ...

• • •

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Nov 18, 2022
I am legitimately freaking out that twitter is about to die and I will lose the only thing keeping me hanging on... This community.

You all mean the world to me. 😭

Here's my LinkTree for what it's worth given I can't understand the new platforms.

I also have accounts on most of the major messaging apps. If we chat a lot, I'm super happy to add you over there too - but I don't want to make things like my telegram/signal/WhatsApp too confusing with lots of people, or I'll be utterly lost. Just dm me? 😘
(and there goes my shiny nice new pinned thread until this is resolved one way or another sigh)
Read 4 tweets
Nov 17, 2022
I am so depressed.

So sick of this care co treating me like less than human.

So sick of their abject ableism they refuse to see.

So sick of my life and health meaning nothing to them.

So sick of them getting good ratings because everyone is afraid/unable to speak the truth.
These are people who choose to frame my complaining they arent allowing me to be CLEAN or to sleep as long as I might be able to, as ungratefulness or rudeness or my just not understanding the position they're in and how hard it is for them. 🙄

It's appalling & clearly ableist.
It is so toxic to see things that way instead of seeing people's desperation and tiredness and illness. Seeing that we deserve our care needs met and the absolute least we deserve when they don't meet those needs is understanding that they aren't, and a genuine apology.
Read 7 tweets
Oct 11, 2022
In Feb, I started the biggest media watch of my life so far - Land Monsters!

Check out the first 🎉 243 🎉 items in my epic watch here! 👇

I'm a little sad my reviews will now be split over 2 accounts but this post'll begin a new thread for a new acc! 👏

One day I'd like to transfer the old reviews to Letterboxd, but memory is fickle so maybe as I go, I'll just have to rewatch the best & do so! 👏 It's a chore, but someone has to do it! 😉

I 🧡 that this watch added a whole new dimension to my special interest in survival media!
244. #KittenWatches Marchlands

This is a creeping British ghost story with slow build tension & an amazing cast! It's set across different time periods, following 3 families living in the same house, that doesn't rely on jump scares/cheap tricks.


#TvReview #GhostStories Promo image for Marchlands ...
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Sep 24, 2022
3. #KittenWatches #IAmMother

I Am Mother is *brilliantly* carried by the all female cast, which I always find enjoyable. Rose Byrne in particular did a great job at bringing "Mother" to life. The carefulness of her acting injected complexity into this intelligence!

🧵 Movie poster shows two clos...
I was actually really surprised by this movie, which had much more depth and many more layers than I expected from a Netflix movie.

Was it perfect? Nope. But it was well worth a watch! Hilary swank and Clara Ruga...
It was actually difficult to decide whether to list this one under survival or dystopian, but it had just *slightly* stronger leanings to the dystopian genre. But do expect a strong survival and post apocalypse tint to the story!
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Aug 13, 2022
#KittenWatches Dystopia

Kicking off my dystopian watch, tonight I'm watching Only (2019). This is a new one on me, and was billed as post-apocalyptic - but was clearly always going to be an apocalypse that would cause deepening dystopia. Movie poster shows close up...
A comet passes over earth bringing with it ashfall which infects the female of the species with a virus, killing most & leaving the survivors hiding in quarantine from the men who would wish to take them.
It's pretty dour so far... Particularly in light of current circumstances. Freida Pinto stands looking...
It's actually painful watching the womans' male partner do everything in his power to help her live. I wonder if this movie would have been written differently post covid? Would the writers realise how actually, the world might not have cared so very much, until it was too late? Standing outside, our two m...
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Aug 10, 2022
#KittenWatches Wow! It's taken me a long time to get my review written for Cockneys vs Zombies!😬

This movie is utterly wonderful, with brilliant disability rep. The acting & writing are really fantastic! The laughs are constant & big w/ dashings of crip humour. Movie poster for Cockneys v...
It brings the heart along with the laughs, action & gore! The ineptness of the younger protagonists vs the care home residents is a brilliant and hilarious contrast!

And oh! There are some hilarious, gory and brilliant kills in this movie, plus a few very satisfying ones!
It has a fabulous and enjoyable soundtrack, with the genius usage of "Monster" by The Automatic for the (also brilliantly artistic) title sequence. 👇

Oh and Michelle Ryan is hot as fuck, so there's that!!! 🎉 🔥
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