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Book Review, Part 3 of 3

Klaus & Co. return for the series finale - with the spotlight on societal shifts.

Let's see how we would live in a WEF-inspired future...
The bad ideas in this chapter stand on their own, so don't worry if you haven't read the first two.

That said, here are the links if you want to start from the start...

Chapter 1 - Pandemic Severity
And now, Chapter 3 - Societal Shifts

I can't think of a better place to start than this...

Klaus & Co. use one of the longest sentences in history to tell us:

→ How much wealth we will have
→ How we will be happy
They say we should "collectively" recognize that more wealth won't make us happier beyond a certain level.

But they haven't explained (yet) what that level of wealth should be.

Or who should determine the number.
*Quick aside: What is "responsible eating"?

I doubt it includes grass-fed beef somehow.

But it might include doughnuts...
(You'll see what I mean 👇)
Klaus & Co. want you to know about the "Doughnut" framework.

They say it is being considered by "several institutions" and some major cities.

• The UN determines the SDG’s.

• Scientists determine the boundaries human activity must not cross - for the sake of the planet.

• We're allowed to live in the “sweet spot” between.

• And a select handful of people determine the boundaries for the rest of us.
If that’s not a centralized control red alert I have never seen one.

→ Who elects the decision-makers?

→ Who funds these scientists?

→ Who pays for the studies?

→ Who enforces it all?

No thank you, Klaus.
If nothing to this point has disrupted your inner peace, you are doing well.

Something in the next one triggered me a touch.

See what you think...
"Degrowth" feels uncomfortably close to "depopulation" doesn't it?

And, isn't real economic growth a positive thing?

Don't we want more and more people to live in prosperity?
Throughout this series, I've made a point of highlighting contradictions.

I want you to assign Klaus & Co. the degree of credibility they rightfully deserve.

(Roughly zero).

Well, the Kings of Contradiction aren't done yet...
This one is so bad I wondered if it was a typo.

Except, it isn't.
From rich TO poor?

Ummm... That just doesn't make sense.

But, what follows immediately after does make sense.

Even if it is the opposite of what they just said...
As if to drive the point home with all the force they could muster...

They produce this for the reader:

*Not an economist myself, but this clearly does more for the already-rich than the still-poor of the world...
Moving from the contradictory, to the obvious…

Klaus & Co. tell us that people with no jobs, no income and no prospects might resort to violence.

Well, yes, they might.
And as for dealing with this potential violence…
"...could begin to disintegrate"?


If governments have resorted to military force to quell riots...

Society has well-and-truly started to disintegrate.

Don't ya' think?
This won't surprise anybody, but Klaus & Co. advocate for centralized control and government interference in markets.

Writ large:
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but…

• Governments don't have their own funds, they steal yours

• Governments don't fix market failures, they create them

• Exerting centralized control over complex systems doesn't work
The crazier things get, the less tolerant people will be of woke, hypothetical ideas.

Providing valuable services, producing goods and generating wealth becomes more, not less important.

Klaus & Co. (as per usual) take the opposite view:
Then our WEF-loving friends go on to tell us about the "bottom line".

Somewhat ironic, since that term refers to the last line on a business income statement.

The amount left after deducting expenses.

Prosperous (that is to say, profitable) businesses reward investors and employ people.

Those people can then afford to ready themselves for adverse events.

That is how we prepare society for a future crisis, in the real world.
A word on collaboration…
Of course, we should collaborate as a society to address our challenges.

But Klaus & Co. advocate for centralized planning and control of society.

Which is the path toward, not away from doom.
Remember this → Nobody ever fell asleep in a democracy and woke up in a dictatorship.

The WEF drives a steady, creeping advance toward authoritarianism.

They will erode freedom and liberty an inch at a time - if we let them.

If you come across anyone who still thinks the “Great Reset” amounts to no more than a conspiracy theory…

Send them this one.

And if they remain unconvinced, they are beyond help.
No choice you say, Klaus?

For the record, and for one last time, that's incorrect.

But you all know what I think by now.
That's it.

Review complete.

281 pages of...

→ Half-truths
→ Contradictions
→ Bad predictions
→ Run on sentences
→ Anti-freedom bullsh*t

Final Grade: F-Minus.
Thanks to all of you who have read and supported this mini-series.

There is always a chance Twitter will decide I can't write here anymore.

I'm not planning on it, but joining my email list will make sure we stay connected if that ever happens:…
And if you want to spread the good word about this bad book...

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Sep 7
Book Review, Part 2 of 3.

Klaus & Co. are back with their campaign for:

→ Centralization
→ Global Governance
→ Public-Private Partnerships

Can they make a case?

Let's find out... Image
COVID-19: The Great Reset
by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malaret.

It's not a conspiracy theory. It's a book.

→ Klaus is founder & exec. chair of the WEF

→ Nobody's ever heard of Malaret, but he's from the WEF too

Chapter 1 - Pandemic Severity (ICYMI) 👇
Chapter 2 (right here & now) is all about centralization.

Following are some ideas from Klaus & Co. that focus on:

→ Increasing the role of government
→ Centralizing decision making
→ Interfering with markets

You will probably be able to sense my disdain.
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Sep 5
COVID-19: The Great Reset

Klaus & Co. have sold 250,000+ copies of this book.

It would shock me if 250+ people have actually finished it.

I'm one of those people and frankly, I can understand if you don't want to be next.

Let me help...
Some claim the whole "Great Reset" idea is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

That's rubbish.

Let's consult the facts → The actual book.

COVID-19: The Great Reset, by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malaret
COVID-19: The Great Reset is 281 jumbled pages of...

→ Half-truths
→ Contradictions
→ Bad predictions
→ Run on sentences
→ Anti-freedom bullsh*t

This review won't convince you to read the book.

It won't convince you that Klaus is an evil genius either.
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Aug 14
Our friends at the WEF have posted this opinion piece, penned by Inbal Goldberger (I've never heard of her either).

She is spruiking about the future promise of AI systems to combat misinformation.…
You know what is a bad idea?

Taking the already dubious activity of policing "misinformation" (read, dissenting opinion) and obfuscating it behind an algorithm.

Genuine offences against morality get reported.

This type of dystopian control is not required.
Not surprisingly, as the VP of Trust and Safety at ActiveFence she has a product to sell...…
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Aug 10
I might have titled this thread:
"Bill Gates can do backflips."

Alternatively, it could have been:
"Not even Bill Gates believes Bill Gates."

Either way, here's one on “clean” energy, solar panels, and skullduggery. Image
To start us off:
3 x Quotes from Bill Gates
(Source below)

*It's clear Bill has a low opinion of solar tech at this stage...

”Whenever we came up with this term ‘clean energy’ I think it screwed up people’s minds…”
”How you gonna make steel? Do you guys on wall street have something in your desks that makes steel?"

"Where’s the fertilizer, cement, plastic, where’s it going to come from?”

Source video from 2019, but it's probably quite a bit older than that
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Aug 5
The WHO have a new campaign to #EndExploitativeMarketing

The same folks who...

→ Support the interests of big-pharma
→ Take gob-loads of money from the Gates Foundation and GAVI
→ Fund a group solely dedicated to "behavioural insights"

No joke 👇

100% serious:

The WHO has a "Technical Advisory Group on Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health."

They even shamelessly publish their work.

For example, this document all about manipulating people into taking COVID-19 shots.…
In case you don't feel like subjecting yourself to the whole publication...

Here's a couple of little manipulative nuggets 👇
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Jul 31
Quick and dirty perspective checker.

6 Tweets, mostly photos, 1-minute max.

The climate hysteria test 👇
Here's my dead-simple method:

→ Go to Google Images
→ Search for "Cattle Farming"
→ Search for "Silica Mining"
→ Search for "Lithium Mining"

Screenshot the first few results for each and post.

Let's go 👇
CATTLE FARMING → Beef, Milk, Etc.
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