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This "Sticky Dough" account from Kiev, set up in February '22, cuts to the chase and has a straight-up old-school Azov badge in his profile pic. Wolfsangel plus Sonnenrad. Image
And here's a Petlyura fan account with a single Wolfsangel and two Balkenkreuz's. It's worth noting the handle starts with "oberstu"...as in, Obersturmbannfuehrer? That would mix a couple of historical periods, but I get the idea. 🤨 Image
"Ukraine ueber alles, bitch" says even more more than that Wolfsangel over there. 🧐 Image
Oooh, a Wolfsangel from Brunswick, OH. 🤔 Image
While this handle expresses my current feelings more than the owner of the account can ever know. 🤨 Image
An American from New Jersey with a Wolfsangel. Putting that symbol next to your name sends a message that yes, you are a neo-Nazi, but one who supports the US political order. A stormtrooper-in-waiting, as it were. Image
"The person your mother warned you about" has a Twitter account. With a Wolfsangel. 🧐 Image
Posted this one earlier, but not as part of this thread. The disease-cure combo is standard 1930s/40s Nazi genocide rhetoric. Tolerated by @TwitterSupport.
Judging by the language, this one's almost definitely an American. Most of his followers (over 2K) are NAFO members. @TwitterSupport doesn't care. Does @ADL have an opinion on the proliferation of Nazi symbols on Ukraine-supporting accounts? Image
An Australian account, set up in May '22 with 1.2K followers, all likely dreaming of White Australia. Wants to kill "Orcs" and Chinese communists, so naturally has a Wolfsangel and a Balkenkreuz. Tolerated by @TwitterSupport. Any opinions, @ADL? Image
This is an interesting account to follow in general. Set up in August 2014, not much following, but 42K tweets and claims to be military. The "handle" is an exercise in honesty: "A Ukrainian", flanked by Wolfsangels. And "Azov-Steel" on the banner. Image
"I am Christian", insists the owner of an account written in Ukrainian sporting a Waffen-SS Galizien symbol in the profile pic and Stepan Bandera on the banner. Image
The geography of the Wolfsangel continues to expand! This #NAFO fella hails from NATO and EU member state of Romania. "Horia" may or may not be a reference to Horia Sima, leader of the Iron Guard. @TwitterSupport doesn't care. Hello, @ADL #ADL? Image
MSM's glorification of Azov means its Nazi symbols are bound to spread in the West. As in the case of this Gen-X #NAFO fella from the very liberal San Francisco, CA. @TwitterSupport doesn't care. Hello, @ADL #ADL? Image
Snarky Fella's followers include Astrid of the Balkenkreuz and Wolfsangel. A US Navy veteran. CTI stands for Cryptological Technician, Interpretive. A military linguist whose job is to read intercepted and decrypted comms. Image
Reupping this one, for the benefit of @ADL #ADL which seems to be asleep at the switch. What are you waiting for, the Kristallnacht? 🙄
Or perhaps you'd like to catch a flight on this "Lufthansa", @ADL? Big account, 14K readers, 50K tweets, exists since 2011. Profile says "While pigs oink, the jihad continues"--a pun on a Russian proverb. Wolfsangel and Balkenkreuz, one each. Image
It's also worth nothing who is among the readers of this Nazi symbol-sporting account. Image
The neo-Nazi "Luftganza" is also followed by the official account of Lviv Police. Hello, @ADL? 🤔 Image
Neo-Nazi "Luftganza" followers include Shaun, a mercenary from the UK. I believe he's done interviews for British media from Ukraine. Image
Neo-Nazis coming out of the woodwork. Hello, @TwitterSupport? And as a matter of fact I did tag this Romanian one, he's just not part of this thread yet. But he will be. Image
This neo-Nazi also felt the urgent need to reply to this thread. 🤣🤣🤣🙄 Image
Reupping this one for the sake of thread completeness. An engineer in a construction firm, probably in Chernovtsi or Chernigov. With a Nazi symbol in profile.
This one's for the "there are no Nazis in Ukraine because it has a Jewish president." Well this "infantry private" in the "1488 regiment" uses Zelensky's image for target practice. Image
It was only a matter of time before a HIMARS (HIMMLERS? 🤔) and a Nazi symbol met. @LockheedMartin should use this image in its ads. Image
Landstormer is a Dutch (EU and NATO member state, btw), with a Wolfsangel and a desire to continue the grandfathers, presumably Nazi collaborators of Dutch National Socialist Movement, started. Only just started this month, but the followers are worth a look, too. Image
Landstormer's followers so far include:
--a prominent Dutch "fact checker" 🙄
--a retired Norwegian military officer, from the Telemark battalion
--someone who claims to be an O-6, or a colonel, in the US military
--someone who simply wants to genocide Russians
--etc. etc. ImageImageImageImage
Continuing the Infinite Thread of Wolfsangel Connoisseurs, totally not violating any @Twitter TOS...A Polish "Azov respector" who wants to destroy Russia, build Intermarium (so, restore Poland's Commonwealth in 17th century borders) and "add" Lithuania. 🤣🤣🤣🙄 Image
"Captain Ozbekistan", the Proud Russophobe? Coming soon to the MCU! 🤣🤣🤣 Image
I don't even know where to start with this one. Soldat_Wotanaz8 covers nearly all the bases here. 🧐 Image
Reupping this one, for the sake of Leaving No Wolfsangel Behind. 🙄
The $TUD 🙄 is an "Azov supporter" and an "advocate of total moskal annihilation." The Wolfsangel and SS-Galizien signs in profile pic are icing on the cake. I've not seen the --dollar sign--Wolfsangel combo. 🧐A pro-American neo-Nazi? 🤔 Image
Well, there are some cracks in the Wolfsangel Block unity. Pro-Ukrainian? Check. Russophobic? Check. Anti-Communist? Check Anti "other filth like #NAFO? WHOA! HOLD YOUR HORSES! 🤣🤣🤣 Image
They are also against "Polish imperialism". 🤣🤣🤣 Yes, shared hatred of Russia will only take you so far. Image
Yes, claiming that Russia is a "terrorist state" increasingly gives one license to display Nazi symbols. This female "nationalist and russophobe" does not believe in "good Russians."
If you are curious what "Ukrainianism" stands for these days, the symbols next to 🇺🇦 provide a hint. 🧐 Image
"Till Valhalla 38" seems like a good recently created account to follow, but alas it's locked. Azov supporter with the inevitable Wolfsangel. Image
"Whiteboykek's" America and Iceland linked to Ukraine via the Wolfsangel is an accurate depiction of current reality. Not one I'd endorse, tbh. 🧐 Image
WTF, John 🤨 Image
The Baltic states have their own special pathologies. Needless to say, this Lithuanian account supports Ukraine. Image
Since Lithuania is trending on @Twitter, I'll add one more Lithuanian nationalist to this thread. 6/6/1934 is the date of the military coup attempt in Lithuania. Swastika is pretty rare on Ukrainian accounts, less so on Lithuanian ones. Oh, and the banner? Pure anti-semitism. Image
Since "Nazis in Ukraine" are trending on Twitter (#NAFO own goal since their denials drove up the trend considerably 🤣), may I present Nurse Mengele here whose Hippocratic Oath was written by Stepan Bandera himself. 🤨
Since "Nazis in Ukraine" continue trending 😎, one more for the thread: a Ukrainian refugee or migrant in Italy. Image
Continuing the "Nazis in Ukraine" trend...this one's a little odd since the name is as Polish as it gets.🤔 But, hey, the Wolfsangels look as Nazi as it gets, too. 🧐 Image
What gets me are these American #NAFO accounts with Nazi symbols which regularly post on @Twitter and other #NAFO types casually respond. The new normal. Image
It's not the first Wolfsangel-sporting account to have Matthew VanDyke of Sons of Liberty (sic) International as a follower. Image
An apparent UK-based #NAFO account with a Wolfsangel which for some reason doesn't want me to see more. Or check who the followers are. 🧐 Image
Since Nazis in Ukraine are still trending on Twitter, who am I to complain? 🤣🤣🤣 We're gonna add Krycia Gartovana here who "hates and plunders everything Katsap-related". This presumably includes anything Cyrillic. 🤔 Image
In addition to "Nazis in Ukraine", perhaps we can get "Georgian Nazis in Ukraine" trending as well? 🤔
"Nazis in Ukraine" also have a diaspora in Poland. There is a non-trivial account of them. Not all of them have Twitter accounts, and of those who do, not all are so obvious. This one, evidently a welder (spawacz) in the city of Koszalin, on the Baltic coast. Image
"Christ has risen, Ukraine will rise too" believes Ukraine is the Christ of nations. He or she hasn't realized Ukraine is being crucified on a Wolfsangel even as we speak, by Nazis in Ukraine and their friends abroad. Image
Since "Soviets" are now trending on Twitter, too 🤣, I'll take this opportunity to point out there were no Nazis in Ukraine under the Soviets. Like this Blonde from Ukraine who believes "rusnya" is "anti-sapiens." Image
Since both NAFO and Nazis in Ukraine are trending on Twitter 👍, I'll post this #NAFO account that's aligned with Nazis in Ukraine. Whoever runs this has a definite affinity toward neo-Nazis. ImageImage
Miss Natalya, age 17, currently studying in London, writes that "the more Russians we kill now, the fewer Russians our children will have to kill." Oh, she also awaits "Russia's destruction." The kids these days...🙄 Image
The Wolfsangel Alex's pithy "Ukraine ueber alles" cuts to the chase without much ado. 🧐 Image
The photo shows a parade in a Nazi-occupied city, you can barely see the "SS" atop the building on the left. Anyone who uses the Wolfsangel (I'm looking at you, #NAFO) and claims it has no Nazi connotations is either dishonest or ignorant. Image
A Wolfsangel in profile AND a quasi-swastika in profile. One of them "Nazis in Ukraine", I tell ya. Image
This one's clear enough. Profile says "our nightingale-like language or Muscovite barking?" "Nightingale" happened to be the name of one of two Ukrainian battalions formed by the Abwehr prior to the invasion of USSR. Location: "your mother's apartment" 🙄 Image
We're gonna kick off today's round with an actual Swastika (h/t @blumo0n), hiding in the profile behind a few other symbols. Hard to tell nationality, mostly reposts other accounts, but a heavy pro-Ukraine, pro-Nazi lean (of course). ImageImage
This one self-identifies as a "Nazi, sexist, homophobe, conservative, imperialist, nationalist, and generally a bad person." Not idle chatter, either--he retweets Evhen Karas of the C14 and various Right Sector types. From Zvyahel. Image
The Kuchma Klux Klan account likely belongs to an American. Big Azov-stan and race war aficionado here. ImageImage
But the morning would not be complete without at least one #NAFOnazi. Image
Appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, this account is likely run by an American. A promoter of Intermarium, representing a highly unlikely union of peoples with mutually exclusive nationalisms that would require external (US) military presence to sustain. ImageImage
Decaf Dorsey is a Dutch #NAFO account with neo-Nazi leanings. ImageImage
Including this oldie in the thread.
The point of origin of the current Wolfsangel infestation of Twitter, the Azov Regiment. Every soldier in the banner has a patch with that symbol. Officially recognized by Ukraine, equipped and trained by NATO countries. Image
A Romanian fan of Azov just couldn't contain herself at the news of the prisoner swap...although I don't think she realizes yet Azovites traded Russian POW camp for internment in Turkey. Image
Oh look, a mathematician from Kharkov with a Wolfsangel and an MG-42. Views the Wolfsangel as a "symbol of resilience." Let's just say that's gonna be a hard sell... ImageImage
Azov's Wolfsangel continues to evolve, to make it less obvious. First they titled the design, then they removed the vertical bar leaving the three canted lines. Still recognizable, though. Image
Nevertheless, many of its members continue wearing the earlier stylized design. ImageImage
14, 88, AND a Ukrainian flag, as if that weren't redundant 🤣--when you see the first two on @Twitter, odds are good the third will follow. Oh, and the red-black OUN-UPA fascist flag in the banner. Sizable account, 2.4K followers, nearly 30K tweets. Image
"Death to Russia", Wolfsangel = power, and a total non-sequitur in the form of "fascist destroyers were marked with letter Z". Also, "Russia will die when Ukraine's sun rises."🙄 Image
An active Ukrainian #NAFO account with two Wolfsangels in profile which proclaims, among other things that "Rusnya aren't human." Image
Another 🇺🇦--Wolfsangel marriage which advocates collective responsibility for a monstrous crime that was not actually committed, which amounts to a call for genocide. The rest of the account is pure #copium. Image
"Not a word about science", father of two, they/them pronouns likely refer to the two Wolfsangels. 🧐 Image
A Dutch Ukraine-loving account, but if the Wolfsangel in the profile doesn't convince you, the pinned tweet surely will. 😐 ImageImage
I suppose we can debate whether these individuals are oblivious to or unwilling to publicly admit their ideology. Azov chose that symbol cleverly, and possibly with guidance from its Western helpers. The Wolfsangel is obviously a Nazi symbol, but without the Swastika's notoriety. Image
Hey @LockheedMartin, how come you haven't hired SatanATACMS as your spokesperson yet? She/her performs "ritual and burial services", right up your alley, eh? 🤔 Image
Surely one can say "I'm Ukrainian" without having those symbols on BOTH SIDES? 🤔 Image
"Uncle Lem" has blacklisted me pre-emptively. 🤣🤣🤣 Something I said? 🤔 Image
I thought I've seen everything, but no. It turns out the WOLFSANGEL IS A TWITTER HASHTAG. Did you know that, @TwitterSupport? But oh, boy, does it make my work easier. 👍 Image
So I click on the Wolfsangel hashtag #ꑭ and what do I see? Why, it's Denis Prokopenko, the commander of the totally "denazified" Azov Regiment. #NazisInUkraine Image
Now this may sound crazy, but Ukraine's backers include a Guderian somewhere in Valhalla. 🧐 Image
These Wehrmacht fanboys are totally loving on Ukraine, too. ImageImage
See, this is how Propaganda of Big Lie works: the dude has a literal Nazi symbol (next to the Ukrainian flag, where else) in his profile and at the same time accuses Russia to be a "Nazi state". 🙄 Image
This Wolfsangel hashtag #ꑭ is a double-edged sword--once you know it exists, you can find all sorts of people. To wit, a Slovak with a Nazi symbol in profile who's a fan of Azov, yet somehow believes the Z markings on Russian vehicles and the swastika are somehow related. ImageImage
Alyona "Unapologetic Ukrainian" Shevchenko, also a Wolfsangel user, believes "we don't deserve Azov" and I agree wholeheartedly, though in an entirely different sense. And I am not extremely grateful they exist. ImageImage
The #ꑭ hashtag has its American users, like this Italian-American who's never seen a regime change operation she didn't like. No doubt she considers herself a "liberal", even a "progressive", too. 🙄 Image
This Azov Civil Corps Mariupol account hasn't posted anything in a looong while. 🤣🤣🤣A better Ukraine is possible. Unless you want THOSE flags on the streets of your city...why would you want them on Ukraine's streets? ImageImage
Hans von Panzer from Deutschland whose profile is the symbol of 1. SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler and who joined Twitter only this month, is already at war with "Russian propagandists" maligning Ukraine. 🧐 ImageImageImage
"Tweet writer", a.k.a. Warlock Barky (his barky is worse than his bitey, I suspect) with a Wolfsangel in profile does not believe he is a member of the same nation as a Buriat soldier of the Russian Federation killed in action in Ukraine. ImageImage
Lesya Stepanivna has the usual paraphernalia on her profile, including the OUN-UPA banner, and her retweets include a call for the extermination of Russians on the entire planet. Which gathered 1,400 likes. ImageImage
The account's name literally means "rubber ass", but considering that there is a...Wolfsangel...right in the middle of it 🧐, elasticity is a virtue given the circumstances. 👍 Image
Ms. "Sensitive Scum" is starting to suspect something...🤔 ImageImage
While "Cotton Natalia" seems unhappy Russians aren't protesting their country's military mobilization against the bearers of symbols like the one in her profile. 🤔 ImageImage
The earliest use of the #ꑭ hashtag I could find is May 16, in the context of the siege of the Azovstal Steel Works that were occupied by the Azov Regiment and other Ukrainian units. Lots of tweets on that day using it. ImageImageImageImage
The #ꑭ hashtag may have been created by an entity supported by Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation. Image
It seems nothing triggers Ukrainian nationalists like the diversity of the Russian military. This here "LGBT Instructor from NATO," or "dlcksucker", boasts he ate a Buryat. Three times, in all caps. 🤔 ImageImage
Voldemaut Zelyman wants to know if there are questions...🤔
#Ukraine #nazism #ADL ImageImage
An account of a Ukrainian in Turkey who happens to be a major Azov enjoyer. #Ukraine #nazism #ADL ImageImage
A recently re-spawned #NAFO-affiliated Right Sector member account, with all the usual symbology and ideas. #Ukraine #Nazi #ADL ImageImage
"Yenotsha", or "female racoon", seems mainly concerned with organizing events aimed at freeing the Azov neo-Nazis from Russian captivity--and nobody else. She's even lobbying for renaming a street in Poland named after the Polish People's Army to "defenders of Mariupol." ImageImage
The "Great Ukraine", or "Ukrainian Empire" is a reflection of the nationalists' territorial ambitions beyond the 1991 borders. Supports Azov almost exclusively. #Ukraine #Nazism #ADL ImageImage
"Frost" is an actual #Azov militant of the sort who takes selfies while wearing the wolfsangel/sonnenrad patch. Lots of followers but not many tweets--there is a gap during his time in Russian captivity. Recently exchanged so tweeting again. #Ukraine #Nazi #ADL ImageImage
A quasi-official, gov't-supported Ukrainian propaganda account proudly flashing the wolfsangel hashtag #ꑭ in support of #Azov. #Ukraine #Nazism #ADL Image
Not from ignorance of what they stand for, that's for certain. Contemporary Estonian nationalism views Nazi collaborators as national heroes, too.
A sneak preview of who might be running Italy in a none too distant future. Like the OG al-Qaeda, just because you are fighting the Russians does not mean you are "pro-USA." A marriage of convenience, that's all. Image
It's a mystery to me why you'd pick the SS officer Skorzeny to be your idol if you are Spanish, though naturally if you see the Wolfsangel you just know this will be a pro-Ukraine site. And of course neither Ukrainian nor Spanish fascists care much for the EU. Image
At first glance, nothing to see here but then you scroll down to the pinned tweet and it's a total Banderastan.😂 Complete with a Wolfsangel, what else? Odd that even Italian accounts are not using the fascii but a German SS symbol.🤔 ImageImage
The Sacred Panzerfaust--Worker from Spandau appears to belong to a Ukrainian serving in the Bundeswehr has fond thoughts of the Wehrmacht. Spandau was a generic term for German machine-guns, including this here MG-42. ImageImage
And honest-to-goodness Polish #NAFO account with a #Nazi symbol. Naturally supports #Ukraine, who else? 🙄 Image
Likely a bot account created in March 2022 with very few followers but LOTS of tweets, which appears to exist for the sole purpose of propagating the #Nazi wolfsangel hashtag. Supports #Azov. It spams everyone in sight, but mostly #Ukraine accounts. #ꑭ ImageImage
Erika Arien, not to say "Aryan", from #Ukraine, with a #Nazi wolfsangel symbol in profile. Big #Azov enjoyer. ImageImage
"I'm worried about yours" from #Ukraine tweets mostly in support of the #Nazi #Azov regiment. It's interesting that the "Heroes of Our Days" graphic is in English. Certainly meant for the English-speaking audience. ImageImage
Another #Nazi #Azov support account (its name speaks for itself), a citizen of #Ukraine but based (no pun in tended) in #Spain. Twitter suggested this hashtag #SpainIsAFascistState so I'm running with it. 😂 Views Poland as an oppressor of Ukrainians, too. ImageImage
An account by someone in or from #Ukraine displaying #Nazi symbols. The tweet with the photo says "Today near Kherson" but depicts Waffen-SS re-enactors of the SS-Galizien division. Picking up where they left off in 1945... ImageImage
Since #Fascism is trending on Twitter, I'll reup this one from #Ukraine gratuitously displaying #Nazi symbols.
Since #Fascism is still trending...say, isn't that @AdamSchiff with the recently exchanged members of Azov which was founded by and for neo-#Nazis? 🤔
Fascism still trending? In #Ukraine or elsewhere?🤔
Alexander with a #Nazi symbol somewhere in former Dnepropetrovsk, #Ukraine, is ready for a nuclear Gotterdaemmerung. 😐 ImageImage
I'm more than a little curious how @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety and @Twitter in general react to these insistent demands from an account in #Ukraine proudly displaying a #Nazi symbol in its name. 🤔 ImageImage
The reputation and ideology of #Azov travels far and wide. A "nacionalsocialista" from #Spain, with a sonnenrad on elbow and Azov's #Nazi symbology just visible on the banner. To the surprise of exactly no-one, the "nacionalsocialista" supports #Ukraine. ImageImage
The "nacionalsocialista" earlier in this 🧵is followed by "Go3bbels III" who's wearing a Sonnenrad on his elbow. A newly established account--they are spreading fast... Image
Ms. "Bloody Horn" (by Insomnia?) is into "black metal, iron ore, and Russophobia." The Wolfsangel hashtag #ꑭ and support for #Ukraine's neo-#Nazi #Azov regiment go hand in hand... ImageImage
Rostyslav Dudynets with a #Nazi symbol in his name is a #NAFO-affiliated account in #Ukraine, complete with the avatar. "The more Russians we kill now, the fewer Russians our children will have to kill." Image
Another Spanish "nacional socialista" and "aceleracionarista" with #Nazi symbols who wants Jews to be sent to Mexico. Located in #Germany and a fan of all things #Fascist and #Nazi, though very little mention of #Ukraine. Image
Sheldon Cooper, turns out, grew up to run a #NAFO account with a #Nazi symbol from #Ukraine. 🤔 Image
@visegrad24, a big account with nearly 300K followers, has no problems posting videos of #Ukraine soldiers wearing #Nazi symbols. And getting tons of likes and retweets... ImageImage
"Banderite" is another #NAFO-affiliated account displaying #Nazi symbols. Supports #Ukraine, naturally, but not located there. Probably an American. Image
Patiperro is a Chilean in #Ukraine who supports all the usual causes and proudly displays a #Nazi symbol right next to his Ukrainian flag. And whenever you see an account with a Wolfsangel, you just know Matthew VanDyke is following it. ImageImage
I shudder to ask what the "mission sacred destiny" are in this case, given the #Nazi symbology. Might be a former student at U. Indiana-Bloomington. Definitely wants #Ukraine to become a collection of burning shards of glass... ImageImage
Church Burner 88 likes #Ukraine, Wolfsangel, and the European Union. 🧐 Also fancies himself #DarkBrandon's strongest soldier. And wherever that #Nazi symbol might be found, Matthew VanDyke is sure to be among the readers. ImageImage
Asuka Langley Soryu is a Polish #Azov enjoyer who very inventively incorporated a #Nazi symbol into the #CIA's location. 🧐Pinned tweet contains video of Azov taking an oath, including someone with a #British flag right above the Wolfsangel. ImageImage
Given the pair of #Nazi wolfsangel symbols, I have no trouble believing this account belongs to a bona-fide #Ukraine SBU agent. 🧐 Image
Please meet Yuri, a #Nazi symbol-sporting #Azov enjoyer from, improbably enough, #Turkey. Image
#NATO symbol and acronym flanked by a pair of #Nazi symbols is just too delicious to pass up. Appears to be run by a pro-#Ukraine, anti-#Russia American. Image
The "Ukrainian Insurgent" wears his ideology both on his sleeve and on the Twitter profile. Two #Nazi wolfsangels seem like a minimum for any self-respecting nationalist from #Ukraine. Welcomes the victories of fascists in Sweden and Italy--a new Axis is built. ImageImage
Another #Azov-enjoyer account which unfortunately is locked, but whose owner doesn't realize that Azov Internet Defense Squad abbreviates as...AIDS. 🧐🤔😂😂😂 Image
KRAKEN Connoisseur is #German, though location is a city in eastern #Poland. Perhaps a #Bundeswehr soldier arming/training Ukrainians? Believes #AfD are "Volksverraeter" (a #Nazi term) while #DieLinke are "Putinsklaven". ImageImage
I suspect "Kacap Hunter" is also #German, given the like of #DieGrünen. The #Nazi symbol superimposed on #NATO's I mean, wow, are you saying the quiet part loudly or what? 🤨 Image
No, not a National Socialist but a National Programist, presumably a programmer from #Odessa that's currently in #Ukraine, not Texas. The retweeted photo is captioned "a typical dining table in Ukraine". 🤨 ImageImage
Just as I was losing hope, I found an account belonging to a #Ukraine "Nazi-Nationalist" without a single Wolfsangel! 😍 Though he made up for that with two sets of #Nazi SS runes and a Black Sun to boot. Boar14888 even posted a handy "know your runes" guide for the neophytes. 😐 ImageImage
OK, back to the Wolfsangel crowd. The #Nazi symbol, the #Ukraine flag, and the profile all suggest the owner is (was?) a member of #Azov. But no tweets since 2017. Sent to #Bandera on a Donbass battlefield? 🤔 Image
Another orphaned account claiming to represent the Chernigov #Azov organization. Hasn't tweeted since 2016--sent to #Bandera?. Fairly gratuitous #Nazi symbology on the profile, both the wolfsangel and sonnenrad/schwarze sonne. Image
Also an orphaned account of the #Azov "Civil Corps" (ha) from Vyshgorod. No #Nazi symbols or ideology on this account since 2016. ImageImage
Oh look, a veritable archaeological find: Azov KHERSON 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. If anyone has an issue with the Russian referenda, please consider these #Ukraine #Nazi folks represent the alternative. ImageImage
I feel like Indiana Jones, unrolling this Infinite #Nazi 🧵...Today's first is an account from #Poland with the usual combo of #Ukraine flag and Wolfsangels. US-made weaponry is an added bonus. One of the retweets celebrates a mosque attack in Birmingham. ImageImage
Adding an account from #Latvia symbol to the Infinite 🧵of @Twitter #Nazis. A relatively rare case where a #Fascist openly self-identifies as such. 🧐 ImageImage
Another account from #Latvia with what looks a lot like a #Swastika in the profile pic. Oh, and the usual opinions and retweets, including the support for the neo-#Nazi #Azov from #Ukraine. ImageImage
Looks like today yielded a bumper crop of #Nazi accounts from #Latvia. In addition to the usual opinions, also supports the outcome of recent elections in #Italy. ImageImage
A #Latvia #Nazi who seems to spend his time plastering #Azov stickers all over the country. 🤔 ImageImage
Another #Nazi from #Latvia who supports this nationalist organization with symbols that, well, do remind you of something...🧐 ImageImageImage
To round off the morning, an #Estonia "Forest Brother" who's honest about their #Nazi nature. Claims to be located in South Africa and posts only in English, but nevertheless endorses the #Crusade against "Neobolshevism". ImageImage
A #Lithuania account decorated with #Nazi symbols, including a Swastika in the banner. It asks the question that is surely on everyone's mind: should Swastikas and Wolfsangels/Sonnenrads rotate clockwise or counterclockwise?🤔 ImageImage
Another member of the neo-#Nazi #Azov Internet Defense Squad, or...AIDS for short 🤣🤣🤣🙄 from an unknown country but posts only in English. Has a Telegram channel and a soft spot for Nazi symbology. ImageImage
The "Blitzkrieger" from #Lithuania likes numbers 14 and 88, of course, and these lightning bolts do look suspiciously like #Nazi SS runes. Naturally committed to supporting #Ukraine, ImageImage
Continuing the Endless 🧵of @Twitter #Nazis Who 😍🇺🇦, we have Meth! 🤣From #Lithuania, a recently created account that worships #Ukraine nationalists. ImageImage
Interesting to see the #Nazi Wolfsangel symbol adopted by a member or at least a supporter of #Turkey Grey Wolves. ImageImage
Whereas the "Caliper Enthusiast" happens to be #Dutch. Would vote for #Hitler in a heartbeat. I suspect #EU will come up with a suitable substitute. 🤔 ImageImage
I have posted the "Vatnik Exterminator" one much earlier in this 🧵, but this is a much revised version, now with a different name, a flag of #Sweden, and the national symbol of #Poland in the profile pic. Also a #Nazi Wolfsangel. Followed by @MatthewVanDyke, naturally. Image
An account from #Finland with a #Nazi symbol with a pronounced nostalgia for the "Continuation War." ImageImage
Gus from #Sweden proudly proclaims himself to be a "Center-Cight #Fascist" and provides some takes on why Sweden decided to join #NATO. ImageImageImage
This evening's installment of Endless 🧵of @Twitter #Nazis Who 😍🇺🇦 starts with an account from #Ukraine adorned with a Wolfsangel and propagating the pro-#genocide slogan of "The More Russians We Kill, the Fewer Russians Our Children Will Have to Kill." Image
That such account is followed by @Matt_VanDyke comes as no surprise at all. Image
"Quiet" here is not the first person to claim to be "the person your mother warned you about" to have a #Nazi Wolfsangel displayed. Claims to be an "Antirashist" rather than a "Rusofob". Image
The best gift one can get for "Wild Cherry" from Rovno/Rivne, #Ukraine, are socks that say "100 million dead Russians." Well the profile does say "katsapnya must croak, period," and the #Nazi symbol in profile implies as much. ImageImage
Gruzik may have a #Nazi Wolfsangel in his handle and wish for all "Moskal occupiers" to die, but spends most of his time on twitter complaining how many speakers of Russian there are in Warsaw, #Poland. 🤣 Image
Continuing the Infinite 🧵of @Twitter #Nazis Who 😍🇺🇦, here's one from #Portugal displaying the inevitable Wolfsangel. Is this a @MacaesBruno burner account? 🤔And to the surprise of no-one, whenever there's an account with a #Nazi symbol, you just know @Matt_VanDyke is nearby. ImageImage
"Careless Boxer" is an example of the "down is up" aspect of pro-#Ukraine propaganda. Two #Nazi symbols in profile and one in the banner, claim that "RuSSian = nonhuman", yet it's the other side who are the "real Nazis". Actively uses #NAFO hashtags to harass others, no pushback. ImageImage
Continuing the Infinite 🧵of @Twitter #Nazis Who 😍🇺🇦, Definitely Not Dzhokhar Dudayev here has a problem with Israel complaining about the cult of #Bandera and not recognizing #Holodomor, while continuing not arming #Ukraine and having normal ties to Russia. ImageImage
It's a pity Vovkun from #Ukraine protects his Tweets, because if the banner has a #Swastika and a @wolfsangel and a "God punish Russia" slogan, one can only imagine what the rest of the account is like. Very recent addition to @Twitter family. Image
Vovkun's earlier account, set up in March, did not have the #Swastika, only the #Wolfsangel and #Sonnenrad symbology of #Ukraine's neo-#Nazi #Azov regiment. Pity those tweets are protected too. Image
An account based in #Lviv, #Ukraine, whose owner claims to be an "ultranationalist, hetmanite-statist, and Moskal-hater". The red-black colors of the #OUN and the #Nazi #Wolfsangel symbol say as much, tbh. Image
"Belarus 1937" posts exclusively in Russian, making it difficult to ascertain the nationality. But definitely a pro-#Ukraine account with lots of followers and tweets, displaying with strong #Nazi affinities. ImageImage
We'll end the morning with a nationalist from #Bulgaria who's fond of #Nazi symbols on his profile. Definitely views contemporary #Ukraine as an example to emulate. ImageImage
But as a post-scriptum, I have to say I am really charmed with @Twitter suggesting I ought to follow someone with a #Nazi symbol in their profile. 🧐 Image
In the midst of the whole anti-@elonmusk #NAFO shitstorm, it was amusing to see someone with #Nazi Leben- and -Toten runes jump on the bandwagon. 🧐 ImageImage
Got another live one here: Someone in #Ukraine with two #Nazi symbols in their handle calls @elonmusk a "genocide enabler" and calls for #NAFO help. 🧐🤔🤣🤣🤣🙄 ImageImage
Since @StanfordCISAC saw it fit to host a #Ukraine neo-#Nazi #Azov event, with Michael McFaul present, let's not forget that organization is also present on Twitter. Big, active account with lots of followers. Proudly displaying its Wolfsangel. ImageImage
Well ain't that special. Just a Ukrainian bunny, living in Canada (!), sporting double Wolfsangels. 🧐 Image
An account from #Ukraine which fancies itself the "first private memery". I'm particularly impressed by the one in which a Ukrainian soldier tells his Deep State handler "update the map, we've liberated 1488 towns". 🧐 ImageImage
I've long suspected "Snow White" was a #Nazi, but until now I didn't have proof. 🧐🤣🤣🤣 But I wouldn't have guessed she was from #Ukraine. Image
Since Yura Sorge in #Kyiv says the "most important thing about him" is that he's #Ukrainian, the second most important thing must be that #Nazi symbol next to his name. 🧐 Image
Danylo Honchar presents himself as an "official representation of Russophobia." The #Nazi symbol and the #OUN flag say as much. 🧐 Image
Sour Karinne from #Ukraine wants to learn the cure from sorrow. What, that #Nazi symbol in the profile right next to the Ukrainian flag doesn't do the trick? 🤔 Image
Alina Mykhailova has become something of a celebrity, including in the Western media. But it doesn't take much scrolling through her accounts to find, for example, a photo of a #US volunteer from #Kentucky with #Nazi tattoos... ImageImage
Continuing the Infinite 🧵of @Twitter #Nazis Who 😍🇺🇦, we have the semi-cleverly named Estepan b'Andera from #Ukraine who happens to be a #NAFO #Fella. Does lots of #Farticle5 actions, harassing other users. Image
Wolfsangel-branded "Lviv Nightingale" (a reference to the #Nazi #Nachtigall battalion responsible for the Lvov #Pogrom in 1941?) is also a #NAFO account. Created only in August, already has 3.5K followers and 5.5K tweets. Posts mostly in English to harass other users. Image
As a side note, I can't help thinking these juvenile and mean-spirited #NAFO #Fella antics are embarrassing to Very Serious People who might he hoping @elonmusk will come in and clean the Augean Stables of #Twitter.
Nazis in Ukraine also seem to be running this account, in which the #Wolfsangel symbol is positioned right next to the #NATO acronym. NATO doesn't seem to mind the association. Image
"Arthur" claims to be a Ukrainian-American #NAFO #Fella with a #Nazi Wolfsangel both in the profile and on the profile picture. Pinned tweet whitewashes #Azov. It's not the first #NAFO account to reference Reconquista and give it a neo-Nazi spin. ImageImageImage
It's completely not a surprise to learn that this recently created #NAFO #Nazi account is already followed by @Matt_VanDyke. Image
Another recently (re)created #NAFO account. No more than a month in existence and already 900 followers, incl. @Matt_VanDyke. Symmetrical #Ukraine flags and #Nazi #Wolfsangel symbols, nicely done! Both banner and posts make it clear owner views Russians as subhumans. ImageImageImage
Geography of the #Nazi #Wolfsangel symbol used by "friends" of #Ukraine continues to expand! An account from Northern Ireland joins the Infinite 🧵. Possibly owned by an Irish merc as it's followed by two notorious Western mercenaries in Ukraine, @Matt_VanDyke and @jmvasquez1974. ImageImageImage
The Infinite 🧵of Nazis in Ukraine gets none other than Valeriy Zaluzhnyy and his swastika bracelet. Worth noting that according to Ukrainian Constitution, the Commander-in-Chief is the President. Zaluzhnyy calling himself C-in-C implies (another) coup took place. Image
Since Ukrainian Nazis are still trending, how about Jetman (likely pronounced Hetman), who's offering translation services to #NAFO. The oft-seen explanation for the Wolfsangel is that it's letters N and I of the slogan "National Idea". Which sounds kinda Nazi too. Image
Continuing the Infinite 🧵of Ukrainian Nazis on #Twitter (and their friends), Wild Cherry's account consists of a combination of cursing Russia ("katsapnya must croak, period") and soft porn. 🧐 ImageImage
Dodo Socks advertise "Russophobia below the knees", which they deliver around the world. One of the offerings says "I want 10 million dead Rusnya". ImageImage
New York, eh? Account's name recalls one of the commanders of OUN-UPA, and the profile proclaims "I'm a Nazi", "Bandera", "ukro-fascist", "banderite", "Russophobe", etc, etc., etc. "Any questions?" Image
"Miss Mallet", was celebrating the attack on the Kerch Bridge only days ago, praising the SBU for it. Naturally a big fan of Azov. ImageImageImage
It's, like, as soon as someone puts that Nazi Wolfsangel into their profile, Matthew VanDyke follows them. 🧐 Image
A journalist from Odessa is mad at Instagram for limiting the use of the Wolfsangel hashtag #ꑭ because the content posted with it violated its "community guidelines." Twitter's "community standards" are a different case altogether. ImageImage
A Boston native who is a "commie hater" and therefore, almost by default, a Nazi-lover. Another #NAFO #fella who does fundraising for the Ukrainian Nazi #Azov regiment. ImageImageImage
Another US account with #Nazi symbols supporting #Ukraine. Also claims affiliation with #Anonymous rather than #NAFO, though I suspect the overlap between the two is significant--both act as cut-outs for US intelligence services. Big #Azov enjoyer, too. ImageImage
A #NAFO #Fella from #Finland with a #Nazi Wolfsangel in profile. Fairly sizable account, too. Involved in fundraising for #Azov, who else? ImageImage
A #NAFO #Fella from Latvia who makes his #Nazi leanings plainly visible. Image
You've gotta admit, six Wolfsangels is a lot even if you are a Ukrainian Nazi. Profile says, unsurprisingly, "Ukraine above all!" and "Katsaps aren't people." Image
A Ukrainian Nazi from the Right Sector with a Wolfsangel in handle. A recent retweet includes a video from apparently a military reenactment featuring Wehrmacht and SS troops, but with caption "Ours already in Liman." 🧐 ImageImage
A Ukrainian Nazi who "studies to be a historian" and "collects for the Right Sector" posted a poem which equates Valery Zaluzhny with Theodor Eicke. SS Totenkopf Division commander killed by Red Army troops at Kharkov in 1943. Well history does repeat itself. 🧐 ImageImage
A recently joined (or re-joined) #NAFO #fella from #Germany with a #Nazi symbol, "supporting" #Ukraine. It's like the 1940s (early part) all over again. Image
A Ukrainian Nazi #NAFO account saying "our Russophobia will never be enough." Seems unhappy with the 78% Russians supporting the annexation of four new provinces. Some people are harder to please than others. 🤨 ImageImage
Little did we know that Ukrainian Nazi and genocide perpetrator Roman Shukhevych was brought back from the dead of April 2022. Is that what all these biolabs are for? 🤔 Image
The "Ministry of Asocial Policy of the Rostov People's Republics" is a Ukrainian Nazi account that takes an even bigger leap into wishful thinking than most. A recent retweet claims that while boys are content with a cross, men should want that Nazi symbol bracelet Zaluzhny wore. ImageImage
A busy account with many followers which claims that a) Paul Massaro is a bot 🤣🤣🤣 and b) it's trained by someone from Ukraine with a Nazi symbol in profile. Frankly, I find both highly believable. Also a big fan of nuclear war. ImageImage
Claims to in the United States but following and followed accounts are mostly Ukrainian. It's emblematic of the current pro-Ukraine "propaganda of big lie" to on the one hand to call oneself an "anti-fascist" while having two Nazi Wolfsangel symbols in account name.🙄 Image
Aptly named Roberto Bardak 😂is not a big fan of Elon Musk, though the vehicle in question used to belong to one of the commanders of neo-Nazi #Azov regiment in Mariupol, and the offensive graffiti was left by Russian troops. My, how the tables have turned! 🤣🤣🤣 ImageImage
"I'm Ukrainian", she says from Kharkov, adding two Nazi Wolfsangels for emphasis. The banner repeats the oft-stated maxim of "the more Russians we kill now, the fewer Russians our children will have to kill." No lipstick on this pig. 🤨#DonbassGenocide Image
If there is an eternal void here, it's in the soul of this Ukrainian #NAFO #fella. Image
Given that Matt VanDyke is involved in a "non-profit" whose acronym is incidentally SOL (or "shit out of luck" 😂) him following a Brit #NAFO account with a Nazi symbol located in Hong-Kong suggests a similar training effort might be planned for that Chinese territory. ImageImage
These #NAFO fellas are occasionally useful. Especially when they unapologetically share videos of Ukrainian vehicles with Nazi markings. A Balkenkreuz and a Wolfsangel on this T-72 with improvised extra armor. Likely a T-72M from Poland--Ukraine's ERA stocks must be out. ImageImage
An oddly small account, considering it was set up seven years ago. Nevertheless, this Ukrainian Nazi account is also followed by #NAFO #fella Matthew VanDyke. ImageImage
A #NAFO account without a Wolfsangel, but with that "Heil Hitler" 88, apparently from Australia. A member of Antipodean Resistance? Image
A #NAFO account with a Wolfsangel, claims to be Belgian but writes only in English that comes across very American ("commie scum" and related insults). And whenever there's that Nazi symbol, Matthew VanDyke WILL be among followers. 🙄 ImageImage
A Czech #NAFO #fella with a Nazi Wolfsangel system in profile. ImageImage
James appears to be an American. An enjoyer of the neo-Nazi #Azov regiment, though the vast majority of tweets deal with sports. ImageImage
A #NAFO #Fella from Oregon argues that Zaluzhny's bracelet contained no Nazi-like imagery at all and thinks Elon Musk is a "raging POS." Also thinks himself a "leftist". 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄🤡 ImageImageImage
Bandershtat Boy #NAFO fella happily and correctly identifies the origin of white crosses marking Ukrainian combat vehicles. 🤨 ImageImage
A Polish #NAFO fella brags that a Wolfsangel-bearing letter of thanks from #Azov makes him an "official, certified Nazi." 🙄 ImageImage
Trying to "prove" that Zaluzhny did not wear a bracelet with Nazi symbols became a real obsession among #NAFO. In this instance the task was undertaken by a German "NAFO-Hauptmann" "Orc Destroyer". 🙄 ImageImage
A German #NAFO account with distinctive pro-Nazi lean. Ain't it grand that Germans (and not only) can freely display Nazi symbols and be PRAISED for it? ImageImage
A Danish #NAFO account with a #NAZI symbol right in profile. Logic-challenged: if you populate your timeline with memes accusing Russia of being "the real Nazis" (your own Wolfsangel notwithstanding), why are you drinking COMMIE TEARS? 🧐🤔😂😂😂🙄 Image
A German #NAFO account with the rank of "Generaltrollnant" heroically argues that, no, those weren't Nazi symbols Zaluzhny had on his bracelet, no Sir, they were SCANDINAVIAN. Who knew Ukraine had so many scholars of "Scandinavian" lore...🤔 ImageImage
Call me crazy, but this Ukraine-supporting account from Finland has an honest-to-goodness swastika right in the profile. 🧐 Image
Since Nazis in Ukraine are trending again, say hello to Maria Danilova, a 20 year old "songwriter and amateur photographer" whose "heroes" are all the usual suspects. She's mastered the use of #ꑭ hashtag, too. 🧐 ImageImage
In the interests of keeping Nazis in Ukraine trending, the "ZE virus" account proudly proclaims #PoroshenkoIsMyPresident. It's rare to see that #ꑭ hashtag twice in a single profile. 🧐 Image
The "Poroshenko is my president" (and who knows, perhaps he really is) sentiment is shared by Krigolam (account handle reads "Army, Language, Faith") flanked with two Wolfsangels. Believes Zelensky and Yermak are Russian collaborators...🧐 Image
This American #NAFO decided to have a Nazi avatar for a week, presumably out of sense of solidarity with @kamakamilla. Why only for a week? 🤔 That Wolfsangel in the profile has been there for far longer! ImageImage
This Spanish-language pro-Ukraine account with a swastika-ish symbol in profile goes to some lengths to argue that the symbol is innocuous, and that the "real Nazis" are the Russians. 😐 ImageImage
And why is Matthew VanDyke following it? 🤔 Image
So at first glance this NO WAR! account looks innocent enough and then you scroll down and realize they forgot a comma. It should properly read NO, WAR! A genocidal race war, judging by all the Nazi symbols and references to "Orcs". ImageImage
An add account that went dormant in 2012, then went full Bandera in 2022 (never, ever, go full Bandera 🧐). And I'm curious about what they study in that "ancient history of Ukraine" curriculum. 🤔 Image
Church Burner 88 claims to be Dark Brandon's strongest soldier, and I don't even doubt it. Followed by both Richard Spence and Matthew VanDyke, just the kind of people drawn to a nick like Church Burner 88. 🧐 ImageImageImage
Nothing says "Nazi Tracker" like two Nazi symbols right in your profile, flanking Azov. Image
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy, what did we say about Fentanyl? 🤔 Image
A pro-Nazi Europe-based account which, to the surprise of exactly no-one, supports Ukraine. Strong 1930s/40s vibes here. #BlutUndBoden ImageImageImageImage
Straight from a Pentagon biolab, it's the Reincarnation of Bandera, though for some reason a strategically placed Pallas cat is obscuring the Wolfsangel. However if you scroll down, this account is not coy about its politics. ImageImage
This apparently US-based account is almost too perfect. Everything just fits: the "Adolf", the OG Azov with both the Wolfsangel and Sonnenrad, the "I support US military industrial complex," with only one detail out of place. Who tf is "Edwards"? 🤔 Image
The first KKK--Wolfsangel combo I've seen. Big enjoyer of Adolf and supporter of Nazis in Ukraine. ImageImageImage
A Ukrainian account with a Hitler-like combover and political views to boot. Serious hatred of the Romani on display throughout--definitely falls into the "Nazis in Ukraine" rubric. ImageImageImageImage
This one is so over the top (the American flag is serious trolling, considering what the profile says) that one has to wonder if it's not meant as a parody account, but I've seen enough similar ones done completely in earnest. Pity the tweets are "protected." Image
If those twirly things are supposed to be Sonnenrads, we just might have us a new record in the number of Nazi symbols squeezed into a profile. 🧐 ImageImageImageImage
I hate to burst this guy's bubble, but there is literally nothing on his profile or account that suggests "swimming against the prevailing current." Not the Ukraine flag, not the Russophobia, not the Swastika-ish symbols. They are the "prevailing current." 😐 ImageImageImage
Aww, how cute! A little #NAFO doggo with pronouns AND a Nazi symbol! Image
The professional Russophobe #NAFO #fella (sorry for the redundancy) makes an argument on a par with "Swastika is just an ancient symbol for good luck". "Idea Nazi" indeed.🙄 ImageImageImage
Tfw when you already sent money to Hitler fan Kama Kamilia but haven't gotten your #NAFO avatar yet. So you console yourself with that Nazi symbol in profile. Image
"Danilo Bandera" appears to be one of the "ultras" who does his darnedest to disavow any links between the neo-Nazi aspects of contemporary Ukrainian nationalism. However, accounts he follows and retweets tell a different story. ImageImageImage
Max Titov is one of many Nazis in Ukraine who found a way to turn a profit. His scam is to supply pick-up trucks converted into "tachanka" technicals to the Ukrainian military. Judging by the lifestyle he leads, with a sizable financial gain to himself. Image
I doubt everything on Ivan Uhls' profile is true--hard to be both an Armor and Infantry officer in the US Army. But the Nazi symbol in profile does most of the talking here. Image
And now for something completely different: A Croatian account infatuated with Nazis in Ukraine. Not surprising, actually, considering Croatia's own history of Nazi collaboration, and the similarity of HOS (Croatian nationalist paramilitaries) to Azov. ImageImage
In the interests of keeping Nazis in Ukraine trending, this Ukrainian #NAFO account with pronouns is an admirer of a high-ranking SS official engaged in genocides perpetrated in occupied Poland. "Grandfathers fought" 🙄 ImageImage
Nazis in Ukraine include "Pornhub Princess" (no joke) whose "hatred toward Rusnya has no bounds" and whose "fandom is Ukraine and #NAFO." Image
The "Ancient Scythian" fancies herself an artist. 🧐 Pity she devotes her talents to the service of Ukrainian Nazis. ImageImage
Voledea is another self-proclaimed artist who doesn't have a problem posting the Wolfsangel hashtag #ꑭ (yes yes, I know, it really stands for "Idea Nazii" 🤣🤣🤣🙄) but then turns around and claims the Z recognition symbol is equivalent to swastika. ImageImageImage
Malinovska is likewise an Azov enjoyer and a follower of all sorts of accounts whose message is, shall we say, unambiguously neo-Nazi. ImageImageImage
Dimko wants you to know he's a "vegan designer." He designs, among other things, really cool Nazi symbols. A certain vegetarian Austrian designer would be jealous if he could see them. 🧐 ImageImageImage
"Pokemons and hatred." Tbh, I'm not seeing any Pokemons here. Plenty of hatred, on the other hand...🧐 ImageImage
Continuing the Infinite 🧵of @Twitter #Nazis Who 😍🇺🇦, we have ourselves a #NAFO #fella with a Nazi Wolfsangel in the banner and certain satanic proclivities. 🧐 Neither will help. ImageImage
I wasn't planning to include this #NAFO in the Infinite 🧵of @Twitter #Nazis Who 😍🇺🇦, because his profile was "clean" (though he does follow a few #NAFO accounts with Nazi symbols in profiles). But then he opened his big mouth. 😂😂😂 Thanks, bud. 👍 ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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