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Sep 17, 2022 24 tweets 4 min read
1/ In the second half of the 16th century, Britain plunged into an energy crisis. At the time, the primary source of energy driving the British economy was heat derived from the burning of wood, and Britain was literally running out of trees.
2/ As the supply of wood dried up, its price began to soar and inflation set in, compounding the problem and spreading it to all corners of the economy. With imports from continental Europe insufficient to close the growing supply gap, the resulting crisis was dire.
3/ And then they discovered coal. Well, they didn’t exactly “discover” coal – it had been known for centuries that coal could be a useful fuel – but they did learn that coal could replace wood in many important applications. They also recognized that they had a lot of it.
4/ With a higher energy density than wood, coal is a superior fuel that enabled meaningful improvements in the British economy. Trees could be preserved for construction purposes, homes could be more efficiently heated, and companies could leapfrog their competitors.
5/ It is now well understood that the wide adoption of primary fuels with high energy density enables a better standard of living. Transitioning to higher density fuels is something that usually occurs spontaneously in an economy unless politicians interfere.
6/ It took little encouragement from the British government for its economy to realize the benefits of coal over wood – the inherent advantages of the material and the phenomenon of creative destruction were sufficient.
7/ In another example, the history of propulsion technology at sea is marked by a completely sensible journey up the energy density ladder. Wind power gave way to coal, which was displaced by diesel, which ultimately gave way to nuclear technology in military vessels.
8/ Given this, it might surprise our followers to learn that the European Union and Britain are incentivizing a return to the primitive concept of burning wood for energy on a massive scale.
9/ Not only are they going back to the future, but they also claim doing so is carbon neutral (spoiler alert: it isn’t, not even close). Nearly 40% of Europe’s so-called renewable energy is currently obtained by combusting wood, much of it coming from forests in the US.
10/ In a farce so perverted and obscene that it can only be the work of bloated and arrogant bureaucracies, a carbon accounting loophole is causing huge amounts of CO2 to be pumped into the atmosphere today that will take decades to abate using natural means.
11/ All across the US Southeast, massive industrial feller bunchers are cutting down and stacking mature trees with ruthless efficiency. The resulting logs are loaded onto trailers and hauled by diesel-powered trucks to wood pellet factories.
12/ Once there, the logs are milled, dried, and pressed through specialty extruders at high pressure, all of which require significant primary energy and raise local pollution issues. The resulting pellets are transported to coastal ports where they are loaded onto cargo ships.
13/ The diesel-powered cargo ships make their way across the ocean, emitting CO2 along each of their several thousands of miles traveled. Once in Europe, the pellets are burned, emitting more CO2 per unit of heat generated than any other fuel source currently used at scale.
14/ We are meant to believe THIS process is somehow carbon neutral. The loophole that enables this orgy of deforestation boils down to how and where emissions are counted. In the current framework, burning wood is zero-carbon at the point of combustion.
15/ From the perspective of Britain and the EU, the wood pellets they burn were immaculately conceived – the manner in which the pellets arrived at their power plants is not relevant to their carbon emission calculations.
16/ By burning “carbon neutral” wood pellets and decreasing their use of coal, European environmentalists get to brag to the rest of us about what wonderful stewards of this shared planet they are, all while being among its worst offenders.
17/ Further, the fact that mature trees sequester huge amounts of CO2 compared to newly planted saplings is ignored, making the premature death of that generation irrelevant to the political calculations of environmental impact.
18/ The time value of carbon emissions does not matter to the European environmental elite, despite their repeated hand wringing about how urgent the carbon crisis is, what little time we have to reduce emissions, and the devastating consequences of not acting immediately.
19/ Studies show that the burning of mature US trees absolutely overwhelms the carbon impact of all electric vehicles ever sold in the UK. All the economic sacrifices made in the name of minimizing our impact on the climate are turned into a mockery by this one insanity.
20/ To the credit of some 800 scientists from virtually all disciplines, serious efforts to reverse course have been made. In 2018, a letter was penned that accurately pointed out the environmental bankruptcy of the current biomass accounting policy. They were ignored.
21/ Back in the US, publicly traded companies like Enviva are rushing to meet Europe’s virtually insatiable demand for “carbon neutral” wood. There’s lots of happy talk about responsible forest management, good corporate citizenship, low-impact supply chains, and so on.
22/ Enviva recently announced it is expanding into Germany. On its last earnings call, the company’s CEO proudly announced the signing of the first in a series of agreements with a German utility operator
23/ Germany – a country proactively shutting down nuclear power plants despite suffering a massive energy crisis – is back to burning wood for power on an enormous scale. For the planet, of course. You could not make it up if you tried.
24/ A single pellet of uranium fuel no bigger than your fingertip provides as much energy as a ton of coal (and certainly even more wood). How many trees will be clearcut before this boondoggle of absurdity is stopped? <fin>

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Dec 23, 2022
1/ In August, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz led a delegation of senior political and business leaders on a trip to Canada to beg Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to consider fast-tracking the approval of new LNG export facilities along Canada’s Atlantic Coast.
2/ Despite historic spreads between the price of natural gas in North America and the rest of the world, the drama-teacher-turned-cosplay-Prime-Minister professed to be unable to find a compelling business case for the proposal.
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1/ The Sunday River ski resort near Newry, Maine is a sprawling 870-acre complex of 135 trails spread over eight mountain peaks. Known for its consistent, high-quality snow conditions, the resort is a popular destination for skiers of all skill levels.
2/ Like much of sparsely populated Maine, Sunday River is characterized by stunning landscapes of unblemished natural beauty. In the summer months, tourists can enjoy a round of golf, partake in a day hike, learn archery, or plan a float trip down the nearby Androscoggin River.
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1/ On January 10, 1901, the world was changed forever. Up on Spindletop Hill, just south of Beaumont, Texas, an enormous geyser of oil exploded into the sky, much to the awe of the drillers who made it happen.
2/ The well gushed at a powerful rate of 100,000 barrels a day, far more than any oil-producing well in the country, initiating a historic economic boom that gave birth to the modern petrochemical era.
3/ Within months, the population of Beaumont increased by a factor of five, property values soared, and a classic “gold rush” mania ensued. Much of the critical petrochemical infrastructure that dots the US Gulf Coast today grew directly out of this groundbreaking discovery.
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1/ On May 6, 1937, the German Zeppelin Hindenburg was on final approach for landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey. It was completing a cross-Atlantic journey from Germany and was running several hours behind schedule.
2/ Despite the delay, a large crowd of onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of the iconic airship. As the Hindenburg dropped its landing lines to the ground crew waiting below, witnesses reported seeing a fire at the rear of the airship.
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Oct 29, 2022
1/ It was only months ago that a leader of a G7 democracy granted himself temporary dictatorial powers, retroactively made protesting against his policies illegal, froze the bank accounts of dissidents with no due process, and jailed organizers of an opposition movement.
2/ When such events occur in places like Russia or China, people in the West are universal in their condemnation. When they happen here, many first consider whether the aspiring totalitarian is “on their team” before casting judgment. This is shortsighted thinking.
3/ At the height of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown against the Freedom Convoy, a particularly disturbing incident occurred which has since been mostly forgotten. The protestors were being funded in part by online donation campaigns. Not for long.
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Oct 15, 2022
1/ The original iteration of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone is perhaps the most iconic television anthology in history. With 156 episodes aired over five seasons (1959-64), the CBS show broke new ground with its unsettling mix of suspense, drama, horror, and moral provocations.
2/ The show was meant to make viewers ponder deep philosophical questions by making them uncomfortable. Contrary to the belief that weaponized clickbait is the key to durable engagement, people enjoy being made to think, and Serling tapped into this desire with brilliant flair.
3/ In the 10th episode of the third season – The Midnight Sun – a prolific artist (Norma) and her elderly landlady (Mrs. Bronson) find themselves in an existential crisis: Earth has suddenly changed its orbit and is hurtling ever closer to the sun.
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