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Sep 19 46 tweets 20 min read
This little prank has went on long enough and by now most of you have figured it out, so it's time to come clean about Long Knife Enjoyer. The results are quite amusing or quite damning depending on your POV.
I made incredible gains in the first week, and I got too cocky. Not everyone was so gullible, and @ComstKurt shared his suspicions in a private Discord server, which then bubbled into the main Amarnite Discord. I then started rushing and by the end everyone was on red alert.
It was a simple plan: a) agree and amplify, b) subvert and destroy. It turns out "subversion" was quite the misnomer because there really was nothing to subvert; the sphere's gatekeeping function had eroded so thoroughly that it was practically an open border.
Let's go with the highlights, then. In just 2 days Masaki promised to promote my account, and I got my first BAP like.
This thoroughly illiterate rejoinder, cloaked in grandiloquent rhetoric about eugenics, made a quick impression. It was subsequently RTed by BAP on day 6.
This op was never intended to target or parody Mikka, contrary to what some think. Nonetheless he was a useful springboard for early exposure. I would effortlessly write nonsense about the technological necessity of abolishing the nuclear family, and people would like it.
In just three days, Meredith personally DMed me and said I was "an excellent poster" who "had already made an impact." The standards for excellence were pitifully low indeed.
The most blatantly parodic tweets about leftists actually being family values conservatives would be liked by Meredith, Sentinel, Iago, Svevlad, etc. At this point no one had any suspicions.
This was too easy. The general theme of "DEM PROGRAMZ BUT NATIONAL SOCIALIST" was a remarkably trivial and effective bait.
Another case in point: this BAP retweet.
When I posted about communistic Jacobin tendencies being the gallant predecessors of NS, the sphere amplified it shamelessly. Most of them aren't really this dumb. It's just that, contrary to pretensions of being sovereign individuals, they're quite susceptible to peer pressure.
"Trannies are the real trads. Hereditarianism is actually magic dirt theory."

64 likes and a BAP retweet.
Day 6 was the watershed moment. This was when BAP discovered me. He proceeded to dig into my feed, liking and retweeting practically everything. My jaw dropped at how easy this was.
So what did BAP retweet? "The Soviet Union was a traditionalist conservative regime." Random barely lucid gibberish praising Hitler as Jesus.
At this point I was the rising star of anime Nazism. Things were going so smoothly and I thought I would be able to fold everything in three weeks, and end with a "strategy of tension" where like the Drummer of Niklashausen I would incite an internal schism.
This wouldn't come to be, because not everyone was retarded. NothingUserb blew the whistle, and Earth Rabbit shortly thereafter warned of LKE trying to discredit the sphere. Skorr would then start Carlsbadjakking LKE. This put a monkeywrench into things, but did not yet kill it.
Nonetheless I would ramp up the absurdity. "Planned Parenthood is a conservative family values organization." Retweeted by Mikka, liked by Nefastis and Atlas. Randos coming in to defend the point.
"Fascism was cuckservative." Liked by Meredith. In reality Italian colonial policy in Abyssinia was a closely studied and pivotal influence on NS Eastern colonization policies. But historical accuracy was never an Amarnite strength. It's all about having "the right vibes."
Another grandiloquent empty statement involving Napoleon, Hitler and providence -- easy fodder. BAP retweet. All of subsequent German history revolved around coping with the consequences of German dualism and the waning influence over Mitteleuropa due to the Reich's dissolution.
This was inspired by Iago (Amarna Forum mod) fantasizing about artificial wombs. Iago has long acted with contempt, and he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed judging by his liking "The Bible directly led to black crime." I made a modest proposal for... Total Woman Death.
This was too much for Iago. However, Meredith was enthralled. He DMed to tell me he was sympathetic and it seemed like the final step in eugenic progressivism, but was afraid it wouldn't go well with the sphere. Evidently our freethinking individualist needed a license first.
In spite of the rising tide of suspicion, I still had my defenders.
More vacuous and poorly written grandiloquence getting the BAP retweet. At one point Taxpayer told me that if I wrote bad gigachad dialogues I could have gotten even bigger. He was probably right, but that isn't my forte.
"Raise the fuck rate... but for eugenics." Loud applause.
After that, I made a blunt Nazbol post. My reason for doing this was to bait Masaki when I saw him bizarrely minimizing deportations by the USSR. Then there was Meredith ranting about how Putin needs a Cheka. I got the Masaki like, but I misjudged opportunity and faced backlash.
It was after the USSR tweet that the account lost most of its credibility. Meredith came up with an ingenious cope: the fact that people fell for it makes no difference because the views of the sphere are already beyond self-parody, so what difference could it make?
"Anti-Semitism is wholesome chungus." Masaki RT.
I also made a thread on the "Polish Origins of WW2" the purpose of which was to break taboos about pan-white unity and brother wars. What I didn't expect was Masaki's intense enthusiasm that he told me to spend several months writing an essay on "The Poles: A Misshapen People."
At this point I didn't care. Would Atlas lap up quotes from far-left Russian nihilists like Sergey Nechayev? Yes.
Now I'm sure all of you saw this. It became a viral sensation. Over 300 quote tweets, 140k impressions and still going.
Yet initially it got a positive reception from such a prominent Amarnite as BastilleAddict/Votary. However he sheepishly deleted quickly after, perhaps realizing it would be shot down (effectively having to hide his true views). In private Hül also voiced support.
This soyjak got RTed by BAP within minutes. It helped raise the profile of my thread on exterminating the Polish lice. It also shows the intense enmity Taxpayer receives. Up until recently he was one of the anime Nazis' dearest personalities. But as soon...
as he turned on some of their shibboleths about Christianity and Nietzsche, they have been ruthless toward him.
My final polemic was planned from the beginning. Could I denounce the Third Reich itself as wholesome chungus and get approval?
As it turns out, yes, particularly from Masaki (also Atlas but of course), and even after the account had been thoroughly discredited. He quoted it as an "interesting thread" and informed me that a true leader must be a Machiavellian in using slogans like "Volksgemeinschaft."
Masaki then independently reinvents the Middle American Radical strategy, and concludes that the essence of Hitler's example was apparently not Der Sieg des Glaubens, but "unrestrained pragmatism." I should say, in Masaki's case, it would be unrestrained opportunism.
A pitiful end to a pitiful experiment. There will be two main coping strategies: a) "I never fell for it" (demonstrably false), b) "LKE actually made good points in line with the sphere." (self-compromising)
BAP has completely let his guard down as a gatekeeper. The things he retweeted were simply embarrassing and should have never passed the smell test. But he has a love affair with the "Animejugend" and his desire to be the cool uncle is impacting his common sense, as with Masaki.
The only way the sphere can really control itself is through behaviorally conditioned associations. "This reads like Logo Daedalus." In the short term "this reads like Carlsbad" may be used, but in long run it will simply contribute to stagnation and paranoia against newcomers.
The sphere is beyond reform and is now circlejerking itself into decline. It's now an arms race to come up with as much word salad to present all political ills as being the result of traditionalism. It's a mirror of MAGACommunism.
I encourage people to make sockpuppets and ratchet things up. Make it as hard as possible for BAP to tell apart increasingly absurd levels of self-parody. The sooner this is eradicated the better.
My style is distinct and people are aware of my views, so I couldn't hide for long. Yet I still made inroads. The external gatekeeping against "having a normal one" has disabled internal gatekeeping. Only when you straight up praise Soviets or defend trannies will people notice.
I should again emphasize there is nothing to properly subvert, since there is no worldview. Only ad hoc positions that have been perfectly adapted to the polemical needs of fighting ever more insular Twitter cliques. None of it has transferability or makes sense outside of it.
Consequently, it can't be said that troll accts serve to discredit the sphere at all. Ex falso quodlibet. They'll simply blend in with the rest in an environment where there is no mechanism to filter parody from "orthodoxy," and where "innovation" in stupidity is amply rewarded.
The basic Amarnite assumption is that only a tiny elect have any importance at all. From these premises, it can't be said that the sockpuppet isn't representative. Sed contra: the sockpuppet and its supporters are the *most* representative, and the rest either catch up or perish.
Long Knife Enjoyer is a ludicrous malcontent, but that is what makes him the perfect anime Nazi. LKE IS the sphere (as Atlas said, only about 8 people "get it"). The arc of anime Nazism bends toward LKE and beyond. The nonsense that awaits us will be astonishing to behold.

• • •

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Sep 17
Calling one's self reactionary was only ever fashionable in the 2010s and is over by now. The fact that you're so agitated by people calling their enemies "progressives" as they have been doing for many decades is to completely misunderstand its connotation, esp. since Stalin.
There is nothing historically equating "progressivism" with revolutionary meritocracy. In the Third Republic, the "progressistes" were the moderate center-right faction who ended up voting against sep of church and state in 1905. "Progressive Bloc" in Russia was decentralist.
In short, there is zero value to contesting this concept, because every yokel by now understands that "progressive" is a cipher and not some label to be taken at face value. Or are you honestly suggesting we go back to whining about the REGRESSIVE LEFT?
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Aug 29
As far as "eugenics" goes, in spite of all the progress in genome sequencing and editing, not much is truly cost-effective and game-changing beyond the old-fashioned means from the days of pedigree charts. Or even before that when it was simply called "doing justice."
SNPs are not causal variants, and research in "fine-mapping" is still limited. CRISPR still has significant issues with immunogenicity, mosaicism and off-target effects. Artificially synthesizing all ~3.3 billion base pairs of the human genome is far beyond prior work.
Further if it's true that much of cognitive decline and physical deterioration owes to dysgenic fertility, immigration and somatic effects of environmental contaminants, it seems like what you need is not a Galton but a Lycurgus.
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Aug 11
Was National Socialism a Nietzschean movement?

The answer is no. Let's inquire in depth as to why.
The major interpretive problem is that Nietzschean topoi were ubiquitous in interwar German society. Hence, isolated references to Zarathustra, "Wille zur Macht," etc. mean little in themselves. What matters are concrete facts of textual reception.
The question of whether NS "fulfilled" Nietzschean principles belongs to the realm of spiritual typology, not descriptive analysis. One could as easily say NS "fulfilled" Kantianism, as many did indeed claim -- Bruno Bauch, Max Wundt, Hermann Schwarz, etc.
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Aug 9
Well, status report: more Kondylis spaces soon. Expecting Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe translations this month. No use dwelling on the recent Reichsbann from BAP et al; may as well get back to work. To the six people who read me, my sincerest thanks.
The one thing I do want to comment on is BAP getting bizarrely offended over my citing Stirner. I don't do it to be pretentious. I genuinely find him more interesting than Nietzsche and think he tackled questions Nietzsche didn't as aptly. Of course he was never as influential.
It was Stirner who woke me out of my dogmatic libertarian slumber and set me on the path to ultimately accepting Christianity, strange as this may sound. I've talked about it before.
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Jul 29
Palestinian Jews were being awarded doctorates in German universities as late as 1937, as aliens ostensibly not subject to the Nuremberg Laws.
Alfred Baeumler, leading Nietzsche interpreter and education commissioner, objects to Chinese exchange student Wen Tsin Wang's dissertation on rural vocational schools in Germany, for not covering the NS revolution, and for carelessly citing Marxists.
Baeumler goes after Hans Achim Ploetz's dissertation on poetics, savagely berating him for citing many Jewish authors (including Husserl) without criticism. Unbeknownst to him he's fucking with an SS man. The affair fizzles out and Ploetz goes on to become Heydrich's adjutant.
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Jul 5
It is astonishing to observe what a watershed the "saddle period" from 1918 to 1934 was for the American political lexicon. The particularistic, sectional, party-oriented vocabulary was replaced with a novel emphasis on a left-right spectrum and an "American liberalism" ...
Here is one sample from 1878 in a South Carolina paper. You have a lexical field around "Bourbonism," "Liberalism" and "Radicalism." But these terms simply denote the redeemers around Wade Hampton versus his enemies. They have no universal connotation.
Indeed, so vibrant and unique was the 19th-century American political vocabulary that there were several dictionaries of "Political Americanisms," such as C.L. Norton (1890). Observe the entry on what a "Liberal" is.
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