First off, coincenter, and a large contingency of lawyers are fighting for your rights, and the defense of the first amendment to control the US government, and to prevent them from imposing global KYC on defi, which they and the EU desperately want to do....we will
continue that fight...

In the meantime...lets talk about damage control....

How do you not get kicked off of DeFi completely?

How do you atleast maintain privacy without anonymity?

Basically NFT gating with certain types of NFT's and or ZK privacy tech that contains some
sort of KYC information, or some sort of derived verification process, maybe even a numcheck PGP hash or something tied back to a doxxed account on Coinbase, something elaborate and cryptographic along those lines. Yes, I mean permissioned Dapps, which I utterly hate, but we're
talking about being completely banned and threatened with prison.

One glaring detail, is that many US and EU institution could trade whatever product they wanted on Binance international and FTX international this entire time the last 5 years, using offshore structures,
because of a lot of laws meant to enrich the rich, and spite the poor.

In Legal theory there are things known as legal Cooperatives, you would have to read up on Mondragon, worker owned companies essentially.

We may need to start wrapping every single Smart Contract, and it's
users, in certain types of Legal Wrapper/structure to indemnify the members of the dao, under normal Nation State and international Corporate structure law, so that only primary major stakeholder/operator/managing director have limited liability, and the US gov dos not have a
free for all on governance token holder and voter, and average user.

Well we would take it a step further and perhaps treat the Dao as a Giant Prop Firm, where every dao member is a Prop trader, thus emulating, and gaming whatever Jump and alameda did.
If they get special privileges, so should we.

• • •

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Sep 25
@lex_node @ChrisBlec a) I kind of think they will brute force what they have through weasel language like with bZx, software licencing is easier to lose than pass b) I think commodities are easier to trade offshore if you can game it let me explain,
@lex_node @ChrisBlec There are ultimately loopholes Jump/SBF use to trade offshore Bitmex. etc, Security designation is very stifling, bastardizes tech, and Commodity status is definitely being applied to bitcoin. This Dccpa bill could give them even greater authority to pursue Uniswap,.
@lex_node @ChrisBlec Not only is the current crypto policy leading to unfair KYC requirements that violate speech, it's so ignorant to overseas CFTC law, it isn't going to allow anything to be legalized. US hedgefunds/other big entity have been trading on Deribit/Huobi/Binance this whole time.
Read 6 tweets
Sep 24
"The battle over tornado sanctions means nothing. Justice is only established in lower level. At a high level, only force works.

Korea and Japan are at odds with each other. However, when individuals meet each other, they are very harmonious and kind to each other.
Sincerely trust and help. But the whole nation is fighting each other. It's really strange. A group of harmonious individuals turns into a jealousy group.

The issue of tornado and DeFi has also entered that high level. It has already gone beyond the realm of reason.
Don't mention any more good or logic. You're just wasting your mouth. For such words to work, it is only possible if your power exceeds that of the U.S. Treasury. Only then can Tornado and DeFi survive."
Read 4 tweets
Sep 23
The CFTC's Case against bZx is an Example of "Regulation By Enforcement To Build Precedent". The Real Reason They're Doing This Is To Crminilize/Prosecute/Extradite Governance People On Platforms Like DYDX arbitrum, and Especially the v4 Cosmos DYDX Chain.
I need to recap some things

The US uses bilateral agreements intergovernmental agreements and intelligence agency 5 Eyes with the EU and countless other UN countries to sue, prosecute, imprison, and extradite Non US Citizens who violate US Financial Compliance Laws.
The Main tool the US is using to sue Forex and Crypto are not SEC and CFTC laws, but rather Sanctions, Foreign account Tax Compliance act, and The Banking Secrecy act

It is impossible for DeFi to comply with The investment company act or the Dodd Frank act
Read 16 tweets
Sep 22
The United States Is Preparing Long Term Plans That Would Give Them Extra-jurisdictional Reach To Extradite & Imprison Most Non US Citizen DeFi Developer/Governance People @LPNational @LPNH @FreeStateNH @LibertarianInst @LBRYcom @coincenter
If you want to fact check any of this than just go look at Jake Chervinsky's twitter and his pinned post. He has a thread that covers this new CFTC Bill, the digital asset consumer protection act.
There are three major clauses of this act that will kill DeFi, and a fourth one that gives carve out exclusion for the SEC to sue any project it claims is a security other than BTC and Eth.
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Sep 22
I'ma gonna be totally legit, someone needs to post what I wrote about the CFTC bill on r/cryptocurrency, it's that serious. We're pretty much about to have permissionless DeFi de facto outlawed over the next 18 months globally.
Especially the long comment needs to be recommended in the new post on r/cryptocurrency, the automod will block it if it's in the main body, flags keywords.…
I was banned from r/cryptocurrency for some frivolous stupid reason, reddit is utterly idiotic.
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Sep 22
The people that memed the bitcoin maximalist stuff into being magically in 2020 are some Robert Green 48 laws of power evil 8 d chess stuff, not the maxi themselves, they're dumbass, but the memes that were given to them, couldn't be more anti-libertarian anti-cypherpunk
Private intel firm in fairfax, Neoconservative NGO like atlantic council and manhattan institute, feds themselves, banks, private equity lobbyist, fascists, anarcho-monarchist people. Yarvin fans. Hoppe people. your hive of villains pretty much.
Crypto is fucked because it's all circular teleogy bitcoin. only rich conservatives understand finance law, and only they actually support Neocons, you can't get poor conservatives who know nothing to push a pro-free speech pro-DeFi position for the Bannon Crowd, too confusing.
Read 4 tweets

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