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So there are a few things that I want to cover today. It has to do with #Cuba🇨🇺 & the new #FamilyCodeLaw #CodigoDeLasFamilias #CodigoSi & why the Extreme Right Wing of the #CubanDissidents & #CubanExiles are against it #LGBTQRightsAreHumanRights #CubanConstitution #Socialism
So first what is #ElCodigoDeLasFamilias Or the #FamilyCodeInCuba. First we need a small lesson in #Socialism. #Marxism teaches that we need to use #Science & Common Sense to advance society.
Common sense says if you want a #Democracy to advance and flourish, you need to improve it with scientific precision. So, #Marxist countries make it very easy to have what is known in America as a #ConstitutionalConvention. Aka whenever they come up with something better for
#Cuban Society like better rights for workers or patients in a hospital or whatever, they make improvements by updating the Constitution. The last time they had a constitutional convention in #Cuba🇨🇺was in 2019. But now the #CubanRepublic has created an even better constitution
that gives the #LGBTQ Community in #Cuba🇨🇺 Greater rights than most Western Nations. It codifies LGBTQ rights so that anyone can have adopt a child & have a marriage that is recognized by the state at the same capacity as a Herero marriage.
#LGBTQ Activists from around the world are praising #ElCodigoDeLasFamilias or "Code of the Families" for being so progressive and democratic
Here is an article from a #Feminist #Activist website

#CubaFamilyCode: Until Love is Law

Please click on the link and share it if only to help the website.

"What changes with Cuba’s new Family Code, as it will be put to a referendum on September 25th"
By Beatriz Ramírez López
For children and teenagers, grandparents, people with disabilities and people in vulnerable conditions, people who have been discriminated against, men and women alike, groups of people who have been historically rendered invisible… This is a Code that does not exclude them.
A Code of rights and love.On September 25th,#Cuba will vote to ratify a new #FamilyCode, based on plurality, affection, & social justice.The country’s 2019 Constitution had already introduced a number of principles that responded to the evolution,development,
& changes experienced by #Cuban families.The family structure, established as the fundamental body of society, was,from that moment on, no longer conceived according to the traditional&patriarchal model.#Cuba Magna Carta not only set forth the principles of family diversity,
but it also established the idea of equality among all people,regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation,or gender identity.Thus, this declaration [which will be put to referendum now] legally acknowledges the same rights and freedoms.In February&April this year,
Popular Consultation processes were conducted across the country to discuss the #FamilyCode draft. In the discussion spaces,the early draft was edited&adjusted according to the perceptions&needs of the #Cuban population.According to the country’s National Electoral Council,
more than 61 percent of participants said they approve the Code.This new legislation, which will replace the current Family Code that has been in force since 1975, sets forth a very different concept of family from the religious&sexist standards imposed in the past.
It also establishes the paradigm of environments free from violence,respectful&affectionate child-rearing,& a country where all rights for all people are paramount.Popular Consultation processes were conducted across the country to discuss the Family Code draft.
A Code for All Families

The structure of the bill that will be put to referendum this Sunday includes eleven titles,474 articles, 5 transitional provisions, and 44 final provisions.#Militants, #Feminists, #LGBTQIA+ people, & other
collectives feel that this Code is a dream that has been enshrined over the course of many years of struggle. A dream that is put on top of a political will to create an inclusive society, with all the nuances and diversity of human beings.
One of its most revolutionary topics—which has been discussed at length in a state that is grounded in a strong base of Catholic and Protestant churches and deep-rooted patriarchy—is the acknowledgment of the legal union between people of the same gender and their right to adopt
The protection of the most vulnerable segments of society,including older adults,people with disabilities,& people in vulnerable conditions,is included in the substantive text of the Family Code. It acknowledges their rights&sets forth guarantees to enforce these rights.
The new #FamilyCode also establishes the defense of older adults&their role at home as important&active people,acknowledging their contribution in caring for&protecting babies.Consequently,grandparents are granted the right to raise their grandchildren in
(Important aspect here : I actually didn't know until right now that this protects Grandparents rights to raise their grandchildren. So #Cuba🇨🇺 #CodigoDeLasFamilias #FamilyCodeLaw defends even that)
cases of parent abandonment or any other reason.It also sets forth the right to self-determination and equal opportunities in the family environment.Child care and protection has been a key point in the discussion.
First of all, the expression “power of the father” [“patria potestad”] is replaced with “system of parent responsibility,” focusing on child-rearing not as an exercise of possession&violence,but rather as a process based on respect, conversation,&kindness.
Moreover,children&teenagers are considered rights-bearing individuals,having their ideas&thoughts respected in a manner consonant with their progressive autonomy.New regulations were created regarding filiation.
(In America, a child can't even choose if they want to go to church or not or what to believe in. Because they have no rights. Except the bare minimum.)
The current rules include relationships established by blood or adoption,& they will now be expanded to include same-sex couples,introducing the social-affectionate parentage and the acknowledgment of assisted reproductive technologies.
Now we come to the problems. Who is it that is attacking this Family Code and why?
Challenges to Cuban Families

In this era of disinformation, introducing new legal terms has been challenging, due to media manipulation and a highly sexist culture that resists the multiple forms of family structures.
In this sense, religious fundamentalists have created campaigns to support the “original family” & several other campaigns that twist the meaning of parent responsibility and education from a gender perspective.
One of the strategies promoted by religious leaders has been to spread fear about the alleged “homosexualization” and sexualization through education and separation of parents and children when the government sees fit.
Ultraconservative sectors in #Cuba are currently dedicated to a highly #sexist education,full of gender stereotypes,as well as to exercising child-rearing through imposition.
(Basically what they want is a religious state where women lose all the rights they gained in the Revolution a real life #ChristianTaliban in #Cuba🇨🇺 is what they want).
But their conversation has not been exclusively about the control&manipulation of children.They also question the rights #Cuban women have secured decades ago,such as the access to work&abortion.Similarly,they have been reiterating ideas about submissive wives,
whose social&divine mission should be exclusively focused on caring for their family&bearing children.In addition to the homophobia, transphobia,&misogyny that characterize these sectors,the progressive communities of the island also face a number of
prejudices&stereotypes that are part of the collective imaginary.The radical right has been using the popular vote as a political weapon, carrying out numerous manipulative campaigns against rights on social media.
The #patriarchal structures cemented in society seemed virtually impossible to change.But while raising awareness to end the practices we have rendered natural for decades requires a long-term process, having legislation that acknowledges gender violence, women’s double shift,
&the primary role of caretakers while condemning all expressions of intrafamily violence—that is a truly revolutionary step.This is because the #FamilyCode bill in #Cuba🇨🇺 demonstrates how necessary it is to have an equitable division of domestic work,
as this load has been historically shouldered by women. It acknowledges #Cuban women’s right to improve themselves without being overloaded at home,while setting forth for the first time the protection of caretakers&the pursuit of happiness.
Amid this scenario,the struggle for diversity,the respect for women’s sexual&reproductive rights,the end of all manifestations of discrimination,& the condemnation of all kinds of family violence is now more than ever a battle we must win.
Beatriz Ramírez López was born in #Havana, #Cuba, in 1998. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Havana and works as a journalist at the Women’s Publishing House [Editorial de la Mujer].
She directed the documentary webseries The Cursed Word [La palabra maldita], about feminist collectives and women, for Muchacha Magazine.
So continuing on, the Dissidents in #Cuba🇨🇺 Who are backed mostly by the Catholic Church & American Think Tanks are doing everything they can to block & sabotage the Family Code. But they're tactics are divided. Some have chosen to weaponize their votes & do what #Republicans
in the #US are doing : infiltrate lower levels of power, get elected, & start an aggressive campaign of Reactionary Political take overs to rewrite constitutions & try to make every square inch of the country as conservative as possible. They failed to do this, because even the
older generations who are pro dissident (a minority in the country) will not get rid of the progress they gained in the Revolution. They aren't stupid like the people here in #America who shoot themselves in the foot & then wonder why things are so bad.
Particularly the older #Cuban Women who might support the dissidence & are not going to vote against their rights or the ability to raise their grandchildren if anything should happen to their children.
And of course all the negative commentary about the Codigo Familiar in #Cuba🇨🇺 is coming from strange accounts outside of the island & linked to mostly #CubanExile accounts
There's a reason they were exiled : They were far right extremists or rich white #Cubans that didn't want to share resources with the rest of
us lowly peasants
Also many of these accounts doing the Social Media war aren't even real in all probability

Because they don't have a strong base in #Cuba 🇨🇺 To weaponize the votes like #Republicans in America, they have a faction that is telling people NOT to vote. They figure if they can't win in a fair & free vote, then they will boycott the voting process & then cry "tyranny"
afterwards which is how American Think Tanks are training right wing parties & movements now. They know in a fair & free election, they can't win because they have no support. & in this case even among their own bases they won't vote against a constitution that is likely to give
them even more rights. So the new tactic since the day of #Trump & #Pence is this : Refuse to be involved in your country's electoral processes. & then months after everyone voted & they are busy trying to improve their country, paralyze EVERYTHING with disruptive & often violent
protests, claiming corruption & spreading anti government conspiracy theories & saying that "leftists & communists" were blocking them from voting when that isn't even remotely the case. Sound familiar?
They use these tactics as a pretext to start a Coup or a Civil War later, with American money. Ever since #Cuba🇨🇺 Dropped the #dollar for the #Euro, #RegimeChange operations on the island accelerated. And the next thing you know the famous #SOSCuba Coup that began first on
July 4th with an aggressive social media campaign (nothing screams CIA harder than a propaganda campaign on the Fourth of July) then the violent Coup attempt on July 11th that rocked the island with violence.
If you don't think that's the reason these violent "protests" happen, remember that Saddam Hussein was dropping the dollar for the euro before the Iraq War & Gaddafi was murdered & Libya taken over because he wanted a gold backed Universal African Currency.
What's really funny is the Cuban Exile "journalist" who wrote an editorial called "Voting No (against the family code) is not Homophobic," 🤦‍♀️
Essentially his entire argument boils down to "If you support the family law, you support Socialism because it's a law in Cuba. And therefore you have to vote against it to defeat socialism, or even boycott the vote altogether to stick it to the communists,"
Imagine someone telling you that you shouldn't vote for a progressive law that gives greater freedoms & rights because it exists under a government that you don't agree with. So you would allow bigots & extremists to take over because then you are taking the "principled" position
of being against Communism. What makes this funnier is that this "human rights" (American Think Tank with Cuban Exiles) is against......human rights? & is supporting this guy's position of screwing over marginalized people for his anti communist inquisition.
The editorial is here on the Think Tank's website translated into English.

Now read this part :

3. Disapproving the Family Code does not necessarily mean being against same-sex civil unions, but against other aspects of the law such as the substitution of “parental authority”
for “parental responsibility”, as this represents a greater intrusion of the State in family life, allowing it to sequester parental authority,"

The idea of changing Parental Authority to Parental Responsibility is not so the #Cuban government can "control children" it's to
affirm that children are NOT their parents property. But that parents have a RESPONSIBILITY to give the children they bring into this world & adopted children a better life. So the dissidents issue with the law is that it not only gives LGBTQ people human rights, it also gives
children human rights. It hides it's obvious prejudice & old fashioned bigoted thinking with fear mongering that the "evil commie government is gonna use these rights to take your rights away!!" The same thing #Republicans in the #US use against anyone they don't like
Basically what the dissidents in #Cuba🇨🇺 & their Pro #Republican #CubanExile allies in #Florida are doing, is spreading fears about voting for this is voting for a Dictatorship & human rights abuses etc..when anyone whose even taken 5 mins to read the Family Code, is Not an
at government tyranny of any sort. There is no reason for the dissidents & the far right exiles to oppose this bill. Because there is nothing here that any sane, moral, or just plain decent human being would oppose. So there's only two conclusions I can draw from this. 1 is that
this is a stunt to "own commies" by hurting the most marginalized people in #Cuban society in order to defy the #Communists by throwing stones not at them, but at the people they're trying to help. Or 2 : They're bigots. & they hide their bigotry behind empty calls of "freedom"
just like here in the #US where a bigot can hide behind religious freedom to discriminate against another person & not give them service or make a cake or whatever for them because they're LGBTQ "& that's against Jesus,"
Even if you were anti communist & hate the government over there, anyone with common sense should know that this move by them to attack #ElCodigoDeLasFamilias is to attack the LGBTQ Community & progressive thinkers in #Cuba🇨🇺 the same people they claim they are protecting.
Just like when they ask for genocidal sanctions against #Cuba🇨🇺 to starve #Cubans to death to make them violent enough to revolt against a government that gives them progressive & democratic changes in society that we don't even have here.There's a reason for that : it's because
there is no such thing as a "good" Anti-Communist. Communism is for the people. The opposite of Communism is Elitism. If you don't like the people, But you love the Elite, that says a lot about you. And nothing good.
Here is an amazing thread by a Comrade from Jamaica, who goes into it as well and brings up some amazing points I wish to point out from his thread

Yes you heard that correctly, in #Cuba🇨🇺 The young people have the vote & they're politically engaged

⬆️ For those who don't understand, that's what real Democracy, based in common sense and openness and fairness looks like. Now compare that to anything and everything you have in the US. Unless you're voting for American Idol good luck trying to get democracy here
Even #Cubans living overseas, that includes the same hypocritical far right #CubanExiles who turned #Florida into a Fascist Hell hole for decades. They're trying to weaponize the vote in #Cuba🇨🇺 To do the same. It's not about freedom. It never was.
Lots of complaints about #Leftist governments like #Cuba🇨🇺 Not giving rights. But it's pretty clear that the Right Wing "dissidents" backed by the #US like the #CubanDissidents & the #CubanExiles sabotage the democratic processes in every country

⬆️ This reminds me of #Nicaragua🇳🇮 under President #DanielOrtega. The Anti Communist opposition that was funded by American "ngos" blocked access to #Abortion for women in the country. Then they turned around & blamed the Communist #Sandinista Party for it. They even managed to
confuse the American #Left & I had to explain to many would be #Leftists in the US that the right wing opposition blocked #Abortion access in #Nicaragua not the #Sandinistas who were in favor of it
fake "activists" on the #US payroll frequently use this tactic to gas light the people into turning against progressive governments. It's a tactic of the #ColorRevolutions set up by the Western Governments. They all do them.
Directed by the Masses, not Ruling Wealthy Elites or their "ngo's"

The people who are against the #CodigoFamiliar or #CodigoDeLasFamilias in #Cuba🇨🇺 Say they're not sexist, homophobic, or transphobic, yet they use the #CodigoNO hashtag to spread prejudice
⬆️ What's also interesting is that these same people use homophobic slurs against the President of #Cuba🇨🇺 #MiguelDiazCanel openly, if this were some evil commie dictatorship, how are these people not being arrested or executed?
Western Media calls these violent rioters "protesters" & say "oh poor
Protesters being OPPRESSED" when they get arrested for burning down neighborhoods in #Cuba🇨🇺 But God forbid #Antifa or #BlackLivesMatter should do anything, even in self defense, you will hear a hypocritical
chorus of condemnation. Even as they applaud children starving to death on the island because of their sanctions. & then blame the Communists for it.
And here we have a member of #Cuba🇨🇺 #ChristinRight which at this point should just be called #ChristianFascist who reposted the following post. He says the young man in school was "harassed" because he wore a Codigo No shirt which is seen all over the island as a symbol of
Prejudice & Hate. Much like the #Trumper Hats in the #US. Now what's important :

- He wasn't kicked out of school

- Wasn't reprimanded

- Wasn't ganged up on
despite that, the poster says Christians need to "rise up" because the #CodigoDeLasFamilias is against their religious beliefs. So if you needed more evidence that the #CubanExile journalist was full of shit when he said that voting no against the Family Code isn't prejudice
you have it here. Here we see the boy's father complaining about it in social media. Again, if this were a dictatorship, why wasn't he or his bigoted son arrested? 🤔 Hell the original poster actually tagged the so called "dictator of #Cuba🇨🇺" on Twitter. Somehow I don't think
the secret police are coming. But what's more frightening is he's calling for "Christians to rise up" all of this is far right reaction to change. They are against freedom. If they weren't, why are they so threatened by people they don't even know having basic human rights?
Not related to the family code but for those worried about #Cuba🇨🇺 Or #Florida during #HurricaneIan

This explains the bullshit arguments, out right lies, & even the background information about this whole thing.

• • •

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