1/ Your #energy is what they want.

How your #energy is fuelling their system of slavery.

2/ #Energy isn’t only about #infrastructure & facility engineering - weird statement coming from an engineer & @wef brainwashed MBA, right? Right.
3/ The human activity is all about #movement. The difference bt living & dead is the ability to #move. Movement = life. Don’t trust, verify - look at the remains of a 🐸 on the road next time & think for a moment. That’s how my dad explained this to me btw.
4/ What is gonna happen if movement is restricted?
Life is dying. A human being cannot live & thrive w/o free movement. Humans r part of the biosphere, we move matter through our body functions. What else do we move?
5/What is restriction of movement? Ist it about #lockdowns ? What’s about movement of information? Isn’t this movement restricted for thousands of years? What happens when the flow of #knowledge is restricted?
6/ What is your #energy? Do you know that you have some? You can feel different states in your body, the state of #anger, the state of #fear, the state of #trust, the state of being in #love, the state of #fearlessness.
7/ Those states mirror YOUR #ENERGY. In which state do they want you to be?
#fear #anger #anxiety #inseciurity
8/ Do you have the power over your #energy ?
Fortunately, you do. Why? Bc of the spark of life. That’s the difference bt you & a stone.
Tesla wrote “Man, however, is not an ordinary mass, consisting of spinning atoms & molecules, & containing merely heat-energy.”
9/ A human being can control his velocity at his will. Think about this for a moment. The mechanical movement energy = (m/2)* v^2
Can you calculate it for a human being? Why it’s not possible?
10/ How did they disempower you?
➖hiding knowledge
➖programming you via the language & fraudulent information to fear & obey
➖let you exchange one cult for another, so you have the ILLUSION of choice (!)
11/ What’s wrong w our language?
“Let’s see what they are cooking for us”.
“The government decided that..”
“We aren’t allowed to..”
12/ You are talking like a slave = you are a slave.
You should care great nothing what THEY planned, decided or think you are allowed to do.
13/ How to free/change your energy?
Free your language & seek knowledge.
Knowledge is #power.
14/ Look for information & accept that you will have to change your position on things several times, as the layers of lies & frauds fall off. Change is movement ;) you aren’t gonna die bc something changes.
15/ Develop the attitude to observe w/o blindly accepting anything. You aren’t in danger bc something isn’t set as a point of reference.
Boscovich writes “absolute rest, at any rate in Nature as it is at present constituted, is impossible”
16/ Boscovich is right of course, even the mentioned stone vibrates, you only can’t perceive it. Your brain thinks it’s solid. Nothing is solid, everything vibrates & changes. But you can control your energy, bc unlike the stone, you carry the spark of life & have free will.
17/ They conditioned you to the idea, that you can live and function only within a set of rules provided BY THEM & they defined everything else outside their framework as chaotic & dangerous, & they trained you to believe it.
18/ Do not trust ANY influencer (also don’t trust me!), as they can be wrong + they are NOT universal. Do not EXCHANGE one cult for another! Nobody is gonna come & rescue you. You have to find out yourself & if you don’t know the right way atm, that’s ok, keep looking for it.
19/ Your #power is your #FreeWill
They think you accept things bc they show it to you in advance & you don’t say #no, so by not saying no, you accepted.
If you want to be #free, start to execute your Free Will & say #no to disempowerment.
➕take care if your body.
➕watch your foods & water intake
➕watch your language
➕filter & question every information
➕question your beliefs
➕stick to positive ppl
➕focus on solutions
🙏❤️ Love & blessings

• • •

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