I wish every single person in the West would listen to Putin's speech. Obviously, that won't happen so let me summarise as a professional translator for 10+ years. He states, as he has done from the outset, what his intentions and complaints are in the plainest terms possible.🧵
Setting aside his brief comments on the recent "referendums", he spends most of his speech discussing the West. His primary complaint isn't NATO expansion, which gets only a cursory mention. The West is greedy and seeks to enslave and colonise other nations, like Russia.
The West uses the power of finance and technology to enforce its will on other nations. To collect what he calls the "hegemon's tax". To this end the West destabilises countries, creates terrorist enclaves and most of all seeks to deprive other countries of sovereignty.
It is this "avarice" and desire to preserve its power that is the reason for the "hybrid war" the collective West is "waging on Russia". They want us to be a "colony". They do not want us to be free, they want Russians to be a mob of soulless slaves - direct quote.
The rules-based order the West goes on about is "nonsense". Who made these rules? Who agreed to them? Russia is an ancient country and civilization and we will not play by these "rigged" rules. The West has no moral authority to challenge the referendums because it has violated
...the borders of other countries. Western elites are "totalitarian, despotic and apartheidistic" - direct quote. They are racist against Russia and other countries and nations. "Russophobia is racism". They discriminate by calling themselves the "civilised world".
They colonised, started the global slave trade, genocided native Americans, pillaged India and Africa, forced China to buy opium through war. We, on the other hand, are proud that we "led" the anti-colonial movement that helped countries develop to reduce poverty and inequality.
They are Russophobic (they hate us) because we didn't allow our country to be pillaged by creating a strong CENTRALISED (emphasis his) state based on Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. They have been trying to destabilise our country since the 17th century in the Times...
...of Trouble (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_of_T…). Eventually, they managed to "get their hands on our riches" at the end of the 20th century. They called us friends and partners while pumping out trillions of dollars (his irony game is strong today).
We remember this. We didn't forget. The West claims to bring freedom and democracy to other countries but it's the exact opposite of the truth. The unipolar world is anti-democratic by its very nature. It is a lie. They used nuclear weapons, creating a precedent. They flattened
German cities without "any military need to do so". There was no need for this except to scare us and the rest of the world. Korea, Vietnam. To this day they "occupy" Japan, South Korea and Germany and other countries while cynically calling them "allies".
The West has surveillance over the leaders of these nations who "swallow these insults like the slaves they are".

He then talks about bioweapon research (haven't heard about them for a while) and human experiments "including in Ukraine".
The US rules the world by the power of the fist. Any country which seeks to challenge Western hegemony becomes an enemy. Their neocolonialism is cloaked in lies like "containment" of Russia, China and Iran. The concept of truth has been destroyed with fakes and extreme...
...propaganda (irony game still strong).

You cannot feed your people with printed dollars and social media. You need food and energy. But Western elites have no desire to find a solution to the food and energy crises *they* (emphasis his) created.
They solved the problems at the start of 20c with WW1 and the US established dominance of the world via the dollar as a result of WW2. In the 80s they had another crisis they solved by "plundering our country". Now they want to solve their problems by "breaking Russia".
Russia "understands its responsibility to the international community" and will "do everything to cool the heads of these neocolonials who are destined to fail".

They're crazy. I want to speak to all Russian citizens, do we want to replace mum and dad with parent 1 and 2?
They invented genders and claim you can "transition". Do we want this for our children?

We have a different vision.

They have abandoned religion and embraced Satanism - direct quote.
The world is going through a revolutionary transformation. A multipolar world offers nations freedom to develop as they wish and they make up the majority of the world.

We have many like-minded friends in Western countries. We see and appreciate their support. They are forming
liberation, anti-colonial movements as we speak - direct quote. These will only grow.

We are fighting for a fair world for our country. The idea of exceptionalism is criminal and we must turn this shameful page. The breaking of the West's hegemony is INEVITABLE (emphasis his).
There is no going back. We are fighting for our "great (as in big), historic Russia". Our values are (irony game crescendo): love of our fellow man, compassion and mercy.

Truth is with us, Russia is with us.
That's the end of the speech. As I said from day 1, the purpose of what Putin is doing in Ukraine is to throw the West off its pedestal. This isn't about NATO or Ukraine, this is the big play to replace the current world order.

End of thread.
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Reaction from one of the attendees:

"We'll beat them all, we'll kill them all, we'll plunder all their stuff. It's going to be what we love to do!"

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Oh, and you'll probably want to read this from back in April:


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Dec 4
I've done a few relatively popular threads in the last couple of days concerning the Hunter Biden info drop.

Absolutely fascinating reading the critical replies:

1. They overwhelmingly use the same language "nothingburger", "PR for billionaire" etc. It's legit NPC territory.
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(I am genuinely a centrist. Yes, right now the derangements of the left concern me more than those on the right but I call it like I see it and don't want to be on a team)

That said, the reaction of left wing journalists to the Hunter Biden info drop is just disgusting.
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But you're supposed to be the moral ones. The ones who care about transparency, government corruption and corporate malfeasance.
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When we interviewed Sam Harris I disagreed very strongly with what he said about the Hunter Biden laptop. That's why we pushed back even though I actually wanted to move on. I found the way he saw Trump & COVID difficult to comprehend.

But I am sorry that Sam left Twitter...
A part of me wishes we had never done that interview. This isn't what we do on @triggerpod. We don't make people look bad. I left that room thinking I disagree with Sam very strongly on two major issues. I didn't leave that room thinking Sam was a terrible person who deserved
...to be hounded on Twitter and eventually off it. And yet that's what's happened.

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I wish the people who said they were going to leave Britain if Brexit happened, go to Canada if Trump got elected and that they would leave Twitter if Elon took over were true to their word.

Having these emotionally incontinent people here...
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I say this as someone who voted Remain. I was upset about the result. For like at least 10 seconds. Then I moved on...
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Oct 27
Putin Speech: "America Has Nothing to Offer the World Except Domination"

Putin just gave another speech. I translated his last major speech because it's time people in the West understood what's happening - too many still think the war in Ukraine is about Ukraine. Image
As before he states his real motivations with a speech that is entirely about the West.
Important to note that he is speaking to the Valdai Discussion Club, which has many delegates from the rest of the world. In many ways he is speaking to them.
The TL:DR of it is that he is making a pitch to the nations of the world which sounds something like this:
For too long America has been taking advantage of you and we are fighting back - let’s work together for a multipolar world.
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Oct 25
This is an interesting discussion because I don't support a mass transfer of wealth to people who already have it. But "obscene" wealth, and I'd be curious what that means exactly (where is the line between acceptable wealth and obscene wealth?), has existed in every society...
...since the dawn of humanity. I know it's comforting to think that it's the product of "neoliberal policy" but it seems to me to be a product of hierarchical systems and the self-reinforcing cycles of wealth creation (money makes money).
Unless you're advocating for wealth confiscation, what mechanism exists that would have prevented Rishi Sunak from having "obscene wealth"? I grew up under communism which practiced wealth confiscation with gleeful abandon and we still had people who were "obscenely" wealthy.
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