What the heck is MEV & why are Osmosis & Skip trying to capture it?

🧵👇🏻 (1/13) #OSMO Image
2. What is MEV?

•Maximal Extractable Value (MEV): the max value (not including block reward or gas fees) that can be obtained by changing the order of transactions in a block
3. But how can you change the order of transactions?

•The order in which transactions(TX) are processed in a new block depends on Gas Fees

•TXs with Higher gas fee=Higher Priority

•Thus, to change TX order, you can submit a TX with a higher gas fee & give yours priority Image
4. Why would someone do this?

•Simple Answer: Money

•Unfortunately, since profits can be made by reordering TXs, sometimes independent actors (Searchers) take advantage of every day users to make a profit. Lets look at an example 👇🏻
5. Sandwich Trading

•Imagine a Searcher runs a algorithm to find a unprocessed Large TX to buy OSMO

•Knowing this large order will raise price of OSMO, this person utilizes bots that auto submit a TX with a higher gas fee to buy OSMO right before the large TX & sell after Image
6. What are the effects of Sandwich Trading?

•The original user who submitted the large TX first gets a lot less OSMO than expected (Slippage)

•Sandwich Trading and Front running can cause higher gas prices for everyone and network congestion
7. However, there are good sources of MEV

•Liquidation: Buy collateral at a discount from unhealthy borrow positions. This ensures Lenders are paid back

•Arbitrage: Buy a token at low price on one DEX, sell high on another. This ensures Stable Prices

•more on arbitrage 👇🏻 Image
8. Enter @SkipProtocol Arbitrage

•Creating an on chain module that captures Arbitrage Opportunities on Osmosis

•Directs profits back to the community instead of leaving it concentrated in hands of a few Searchers

•Example of an arbitrage that turned 25 OSMO into 8k OSMO 👇🏻 Image
9. MEV Searchers have demonstrated that a massive market exists for Arbitrage

•Estimated $6.7M in historical revenue from arbitraging Osmosis Pools

•With Skip, current profit projections of 50-150k per month Image
10. How could these profits benefit Osmosis?

•Stakers & Validators: increase rewards to increase adoption

•Paying IBC relayer fees

•Osmosis DAO: used to fund future projects

•TX fee and Gas Refunds: reduce fees to bring Osmosis closer to a goal of a 0 fee DEX
11. Other Key Benefits

•Community will vote on how revenue is distributed

•Open Source Code: actions can be verified, no trust required

•Future Possibility of Skip to facilitate a Blockspace Auction for MEV not captured by the protocol
12. For full details go check out the proposal

13. If you are looking for educational content like this for Osmosis and all of Cosmos, make sure to join the Orbital Command Discord :)

Think about MEV capture on other chains outside of Osmosis. Yes, I mean Terra, Kujira, Juno, Sei. Check out 🧵 👆🏻


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