1/7 Let’s strip away evidence and history, and try something new.

Let’s put software entrepreneurs, a Swiss-German corporate club and Pharma CEOs in charge of public health, and see what happens.

Let’s then lock old people in homes and withdraw support, and see what happens.
2/7 Let’s stop taxpayers from earning money, and see what happens

Let’s close borders, and see what happens

Let’s stop cancer and cardiovascular screening, and see what happens
3/7 Let’s restrict education to those wealthy enough to have their own room, computer and screen, and see what happens.

Let’s stop supplies of essential medicines and diagnostics to low-income countries, and see what happens.
4/7 Let’s close marketplaces essential for food and income, and see what happens.

Let’s mandate a new pharmaceutical class consisting of genetic material, without any medium or long-term data, and see what happens
5/7 Let’s give that medicine to pregnant women and young children, and see what happens.

Let’s divert hundreds of billions of dollars from other health needs to a virus that targets the sick elderly, and see what happens.
6/7 Let’s close playgrounds and stop childcare and sport, hide kids faces, and see what happens.

Let’s force children to sit alone in the cold to eat lunch, forbid talking, and see what happens.
7/7 After all, it’s an unprecedented pandemic that kills 3/10,000 people <60 years of age.

The last pandemic generation did Woodstock. Let's do fear, isolation and denigration instead.

And see what happens.

• • •

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Dec 30, 2022
1/7 10 ways to recognize fascism (when it is shoved in your face) - now and 90 years ago.

1.Seeks to divide people into an ‘us’ and a dangerous, degenerate, less intelligent ‘them’.
2.Favors rule by emergency decree, promoting fear to build community support against a common enemy.

3.Mocks calls for individual freedom, painting those who make such calls as a threat to the common good.
4.Restricts the right to work and function in society to those who agree with its agenda.

5.Censors contrary narratives, labelling difference of opinion and awkward facts as misinformation, and those who state these as enemies or terrorists.
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Nov 16, 2022
1/12 On lies and medical fascism.

In the 1920s -1930s, public health abandoned truth & equality, promoting lies and inequality instead.
This dominated practice from institutions such as Johns Hopkins to the medical societies of Europe.
2/12 This indecency in variously expressed in forced sterilization and/or killing of members of society they felt inferior or non-contributing, and later the mass murder of millions who were considered genetically or socially inferior.
3/12 Uniformity and acceptability was achieved within the profession by standardizing the use of dogma and lies over evidence-based medicine or concepts of equality. Peer pressure and career considerations ensured wide compliance.
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Nov 2, 2022
1/7 A note on amnesty & disgusting behavior.

In 2021 a friend needed to visit her mother terminally ill with cancer in a Canadian hospital.

My friend felt strongly regarding bodily autonomy & human rights. She was young & fit & had elected not to have a Covid vaccine.
2/7 The hospital staff refused to let her visit her dying mother unless she agreed to be vaccinated.

They would prefer her mother lie alone, in pain, without family.
3/7 My friend very reluctantly agreed to be injected.
Immediately after her first injection, before any possible immunity, she was allowed to visit the ward.

Understand, the requirement was not immunity, or to protect others.
It was purely about compliance & humiliation.
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May 15, 2022
1/8 Outlandish Covid-era conspiracy theories – Find 2 that didn’t happen.

•Covid-19 vaccine mandates would be imposed for students and children
•Forced marriages for girls would become an acceptable cost to sell Pharma.
•Playgrounds would be closed in response to a disease that kills on at an average age of 78.
•Mammoth hair would substitute for wool in the New Zealand fashion industry.
•WHO would rewrite its ‘herd-immunity’ definition to exclude non-pharmaceutically-driven responses.
•Positive PCR results would be classified as a disease.
•Australia would use its army to close internal state borders and prevent peacetime civilian travel.
•Sweden would survive to the end of 2020.
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May 6, 2022
1/6 The WHO is being disingenuous👇

WHO knows increased deaths are significantly due to WHO's response to the pandemic, not just the virus or 'over-burdened health systems'.

This is why WHO advised against lockdowns in 2019 (flu pandemic guidelines).

Covid deaths are highly concentrated in the elderly.

Unicef estimated nearly a quarter million dead children from lockdowns in South Asia in 2020 alone.

World Bank /Global Financing Facility estimate 2 dead women and children from the response to each dead from Covid

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Apr 6, 2022
1/18 An Accelerated History of Pandemics.

541–543 AD: Plague of Justinian (like earlier ones). Bacterial (Bubonic -Y. pestis), bad because no antibiotics (ABs).

1347–1351 Black Death, Bubonic again (no ABs)

1817–1824 1st cholera pandemic (still no ABs)
2/18 1820s - 1900: Still more cholera, bit of Y. pestis (still no ABs…)

Blame mostly shifted to dirty colonies

1918-18 Spanish flu. Virus. Nasty. 20-50M dead, including lots of kids. Mostly from secondary bacterial infections (still no ABs).
3/18 1957-59: Asian flu. 1.1M dead

1968-69: Hong Kong flu 1M dead

2002-3: SARS (Not really a pandemic but nasty virus to get, ~8000 dead).

Young generation of 'Global Health' bods get excited by distraction from restaurant diarrhea outbreaks, inaugurates pandemic industry.
Read 18 tweets

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