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This is from the memoir of current head of CIA William Burns. In 1989 he served under Secretary of State James Baker in a strategic planning role as communism fell. Here he outlines negotiations re German reunification - take note of highlighted part in context of Ukraine now. Image
More on the negotiations - the Russians aren’t lying about NATO: Image
More from Burns. Here he is discussing how the Russian foreign policy establishment felt about NATO expansion in 1995 under Yeltsin, long before Putin was on the scene. No one listened then either: Image
Clinton went ahead with NATO expansion despite warnings from US embassy in Moscow that it was a bad idea. Here is Burns noting that George Kennan, who developed original containment policy toward USSR, viewed it as huge error: Image
And here is Burns summing up his view of NATO expansion - keep in mind he published this in 2019, before this current war. Image
Here is Burns in a private email to Secretary of State Condi Rice in 2008. MAP refers to ‘Membership Action Plan,’ and was a neocon push - Dick Cheney in particular - to rapidly expand NATO to include Ukraine and Georgia. Russian elite - not just Putin - was totally opposed: Image
Burns described his final meeting with Putin as US ambassador. This was way back in 2008: Image
Sometimes I read that no one was ever proposing Ukraine for NATO, that Putin made it up. That’s not how current CIA director Burns described it. Here is statement from 2008 at Bucharest summit, shortly after meeting from prior tweet: Image

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Jun 2
1/As promised, I will explain these French bistro burgers. They are lightly seasoned with allspice, dash of cinnamon, salt/pepper, drizzle of olive oil and parsley. I like to serve it with a carrot salad with a citrus dash to cut the richness (link to salad at end). This is for 2 Image
2/ For the meat - you want 12 oz of fat heavy (ça 80%) ground beef. Hit with cranks of salt/pepper, 1/8 tsp allspice, pinch cinnamon, and healthy chunk of parsley minced. Add dash of olive oil, form into balls. Refrigerate for while, then form patties as below: ImageImageImage
3/You must thinly slice a yellow onion and caramelize it - meaning you cook it in 1 tbsp butter and a dash of olive oil and salt till they are golden brown and soft (didn’t take a picture of this - sorry - but it takes about 15m). I did this with several and refrigerated.
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Jun 1
Recurrent theme among white collar workers in 30s-40s is ‘did I really spend all that time in school for this?’ Economy deadens intelligent people, makes them feel trapped, humiliates them.

This is why the globalist system will collapse eventually. It’s Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.
This is also why people flooded the streets in 1914 celebrating the outbreak of WW1. People threw off their deadening shackles, suddenly felt alive.
From 1815-1914, there were little contained wars among great powers, but nothing explosive. It’s now 2023, and nothing dramatic in world stage implications has erupted since 1945. It’s a matter of time.
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May 28
Re China technology posts. When you’re in China, it feels sort of modern, but in an Albert Speer way. Streets so large you can’t cross them, don’t want to walk them. Enormous air conditioned shopping malls where no one shops - they want clean, filtered air and escape from heat.
These modern areas are juxtaposed against 1950 style slums, and side streets where guys ride around on scooters with kids hanging off the back, no helmets.
Restaurants range from high end to holes in the wall. But Chinese will still spit on the floor of a restaurant, or blow their noses on the floor.
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May 27
1/I will share with you a technique I like for mashed potatoes. This is more interesting than the Trump/DeSantis hysterics (very low bar, I know). These are potatoes mixed with caramelized carrots and chives. They’re good - earthy - go with many dishes. Image
2/Take about 1 lb of potatoes, cut them into discs about 1/2 inch thick. Chop up some carrots (4-5), a small handful of chives. Melt 2 tbsp butter over medium heat, add carrots, and cook for about 10m till you’re caramelized them - they’re brown, not burnt. Image
3/ Add in your potatoes, then hit with 1/2 cup of stock (chicken or vegetable), bring to simmer, turn heat down, cover, and let cook for about 30m. When they have absorbed liquid and break apart easily you’re done. ImageImage
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May 25
Something to consider - they called Bush Hitler. They trashed McCain, Romney. They called Trump Hitler, Mussolini. Maybe DeSantis has better chance than Trump if he wins nomination (doubtful given GOP base and charisma deficit) - but they will call him Hitler too incessantly.
Those claiming he has the "ability and knowledge" to win and all that - you need to take into account that the media will attack anyone who challenges the left-liberal system, no matter who it is. They will invent affairs, scandals, everything. Lesson of Russia hoax etc.
There was even a story that Trump kept Hitler speeches on his nightstand and read one each night. Somebody made this up out of whole cloth, just for the hell of it. If DeSantis is the nominee, you will see very similar things - maybe he personally waterboarded in Gitmo, etc.
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May 15
1/Simple gnocchi sauce made of cream, wine, Roquefort cheese and some chives. Very simple if you’ve made and frozen gnocchi in advance or if you bought it at the store. Details… Image
2/What you need. I’ve got about 3/4 cup of heavy cream about 1/3 cup of wine, I chopped handful of chives up (didn’t use it all) and about 3 oz Roquefort Image
3/very simple. Add cream and wine to sauté pan, simmer for a few minutes until alcohol is boiled off (you can’t smell it any longer). Add in your cheese in chunks, whisk to combine, cook it down another couple minutes to thicken. Add small handful of chives, dash of salt/pepper ImageImageImage
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