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To the unelected Prime Minister, the UK People do not recognise this Government as of, by and for the People. We are therefore dissolving Parliament. All existing parties are now categorised as terrorist organisations, and all sitting MPs are banned from holding office again. Image
Among the many and disastrous acts or failures to act committed by this Parliament and its three governments over the two-and-a-half years since the ‘pandemic’ was declared by the World Health Organization in March 2020, are the following:
1. Authorising the Bank of England to create a £895 billion quantitative easing programme in March 2020, and the Government to spend £410 billion on lockdown, both causing the spiralling inflation that is predicted to reach 18% in 2023, the highest since the 1970s.
2. Without mandate from the electorate, allowing the Government to transform the UK from a parliamentary democracy into a constitutional dictatorship in which 537 coronavirus-justified Statutory Instruments were made into law before being laid before Parliament for approval.
3. On the justification of a threat to public health that never existed, removing the rights and freedoms of the UK public for 2 years in violation of UK law, causing poverty, bankruptcy and the death of tens of thousands of citizens denied medical diagnosis, care and treatment.
4. Under cover of an ‘emergency period’, authorising the allocation of £46.7 billion of public money to private contractors on the justification of combatting the spread of a virus with the infection fatality rate of seasonal influenza using medically meaningless measures.
5. Authorising the mandating of a still experimental ‘vaccine’ programme that has already killed 2,272 UK citizens and injured millions more, and whose consequences in the future may be far worse, as a condition of restoring the public’s constitutional rights and freedoms.
6. Overseeing the implementation of the programmes and technologies of the Global Biosecurity State, including Digital ID, CBDC, UBI, SDG, ESC criteria, Social Credit and Facial Recognition, largely without the knowledge and certainly without the vote of the British people.
7. Overseeing the outsourcing of the authority and duties of the UK state to multinational corporations, including the right to censor anything Western governments and the international technocracies they form want censored, creating the basis for a new form of totalitarianism.
8. Overseeing the revolution in the governance of Western democracies from the nation state, and the division of powers between executive, legislature and judiciary, into global governance by international technocracies of unelected corporate CEOs and Government technocrats.
9. Authorising the expenditure of £2.3 billion of UK military armaments and training for a proxy war waged by a puppet Ukrainian Government that until recently was universally denounced as neo-Nazi and installed by a US-engineered coup in order to expand its hegemony in Europe.
10. Failing to renationalise the utilities whose privatisation under previous governments has allowed the companies now running them to raise the price of energy in the UK to the extent that 2/3rds of UK citizens, some 45 million people, will be driven into fuel poverty by 2023.
11. Under cover of the ‘pandemic’, enabling the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in modern history, with the wealth of the world’s billionaires rising from $5 trillion to $13 trillion in 2 years in which 250 million people were driven into extreme poverty.
12. Being a bunch of incompetent, ignorant, corrupt, weak, gullible cowards who will forever be remembered as the worst Parliament in British history that oversaw the return of fascism to the governmental, juridical and cultural forms of the neoliberal democracies of the West.
Where these and other actions by the UK Government, Parliament, judiciary, civil service, police, institutions, industries and people have brought us since March 2020 is analysed in ‘The Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State’.

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Apr 16
Asking whether the imminent war with Iran, like the proxy-war with Russia, can be ‘won’ is the wrong question. The goal of war in the New Normal isn’t victory over a designated enemy but the creation of a permanent state of war that justifies two things. Image
First, war places the warring states under a legal or de facto State of Emergency. This justifies the removal of the rights and freedoms of their citizens on a temporary basis it is within the legislative authority of their governments to extend for as long as the war lasts.
We saw this trialled successfully between 2020 and 2022 under lockdown restrictions on our rights and freedoms, when the West was placed on a war footing, both legally and economically, in what was universally described as the ‘War on COVID’.
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Apr 14
There have been 238 narrative films and 256 documentaries made about ‘The Holocaust’, 5 last year alone. But what purpose does this industry serve? To answer this, we should look at not only the politics of the films but also when they were made. Image
The number of Holocaust films/documentaries made by decade:
1940s: 18/10 = 28
1950s: 9/1= 9
1960s: 16/10 = 26
1970s: 25/6 = 31
1980s: 27/29 = 56
1990s: 42/72 = 114
2000s: 42/68 = 110
2010s: 44/49 = 93
2020s: 16/11 = 27 (so far)
Total: 238/256 = 494 films in 84 years.
As can be seen, for 15 years after WWII, very few films were made about the Holocaust, as the US pumped money into rebuilding West Germany as a buffer against the USSR, took Nazi scientists into its nuclear programme, and appointed Nazis to senior positions in the UN and NATO.
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Mar 28
For those who don’t know, key words (lockdown, COVID, gene therapy, excess deaths, climate scam, woke, trans, Ukraine, Gaza, genocide, etc.) trigger an algorithm that sends a sex bot to like the comment, which is then censored on the grounds that it’s a danger to children. Image
It’s the same grounds on which the Online Safety Act 2023 was passed in the UK. Under this legislation, all online platforms operating in the UK have a duty and obligation, with punitive fines for non-compliance, to censor content deemed potentially dangerous by the Government.
Ostensibly protecting minors from adult content, which includes sexbots advertising pornographic websites, it’s a system of censorship written into the algorithms. But its real object is the dissemination of information on subjects over which the Government wants total control.
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Mar 22
At 1 minute and 51 seconds you’re alive, a man walking up a hill, with legs and arms, a will and intentions, and, in principle, rights under law, including the right to live, and only the streak of light descending on your shoulder alerts witnesses that all that’s about to end. Image
A split second later the missile from the drone hovering 3 kilometres up, operated by a man sitting in a military camp so far away he cannot see the blast, which he watches through a virtual reality headset enclosing his head, explodes in the space formerly occupied by your body. Image
And now you don’t exist. You aren’t dead, for there is nothing left to be dead. You were more than killed. You were erased from existence. If the incinerated scraps of what you once were could be found, only a pathologist coud identify them as human. As of now, you never existed. Image
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Mar 15
EXTREMISM: The New Legal Definition
For example, supplying arms to criminal regimes like Israel and Saudi Arabia; supporting apartheid and colonial ideologies like Zionism; or passing legislation that censors and criminalises disagreement with the orthodoxies of woke. Image
For example, through enforcing lockdown restrictions on our movement and association; imposing mandatory gene therapy as a condition of employment; creating a surveillance state of CCTV and ULEZ cameras; enclosing citizens in 15-minute cities; introducing bans on consumptions. Image
For example, by ruling the UK for 2 years under a state of emergency during which 537 coronavirus-justified regulations were made into law without Parliament approval; or implementing authoritarian technologies like digital ID and Central Bank Digital Currency without a mandate. Image
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Feb 29
When the governing executives of the UK, EU, NATO and USA all state that they stand with Ukraine ‘for as long as it takes’, they are making a commitment to the proxy war they have waged against Russia since they overthrew the elected government in 2014. But a commitment of what? Image
In terms of its military, NATO is stronger than Russia, so ‘as long as it takes’ could mean the defeat of Russia on the battlefield or until Putin is overthrown by a coup and a puppet govt is set up in the Kremlin to mirror that in Kiev. But there are problems with this scenario.
The size of the forces involved would mean a Third World War that would devastate the economies of Europe and Russia. This would benefit the USA, as it did in WWII, but leave Europe even more subject to the USA than it has been since the former blew up the Nord Stream gasline.
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