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The more Musk's actions don't make sense from a commercial point of view, the more I become convinced that this is about politics for him, specifically ingratiating himself with the American right and with Beijing. A brief thread with the evidence. /1
Musk seems to be on a mission to damage Twitter. He’s alienating both the most unique part of its userbase – the journalists and others who make it the global public square – and the advertisers who are Twitter’s actual customers but who can’t stomach his erratic behavior. /2
Why would he do this? It makes sense if you want to court a few specific groups: the American right, Beijing, and potentially other American adversaries. /3
To understand the domestic politics angle, you have to understand how the right has become fixated in recent years on the tech industry and the (supposed) liberals who run it. /4
Prominent right-wing figures now even talk of a kind of digital totalitarianism in which cultural norms are dictated by the (supposed) ability of tech companies to police online discourse. They badly wanted to see these companies displaced or forced to cater to the right. /5
Which is exactly what Musk is offering through (a) his pledge to change how Twitter moderates discourse, to allow more RW extremism (b) his culture war against blue checks, who in the minds of the right are the key figures in Twitter’s cabal of liberal thought police. /6
The plan to charge for blue checks makes no sense otherwise. It will destroy the perceived value of the blue check and earn piddling revenue, which is primarily an ad business. Its only purpose is to win plaudits from the right by showing he shares their enemies. /7
Musk must calculate that however many online liberals he annoys, the left will never fully turn against him. He’s the guy that made electric cars a real thing! He thinks he can use that space to court the right. Why? I don’t know. But I’m convinced that’s what he’s doing. /8
Next up: China. Here’s a screengrab from today’s WSJ. At a time of great tension between Beijing and American companies operating in China, Tesla stays in their good books through actions like this. Twitter can help with that. /9 Image
It’s no secret that China often pressures Western companies to take particular stances on Taiwan or other issues by threatening to cut off market access. They want to control Western discourse through sheer market power. /10
As the owner of Twitter, Musk must know that some of that pressure will come his way. It even gives him a great opportunity to ingratiate himself to Beijing by influencing how China, Taiwan, the Uyghurs, etc., are discussed on the platform. /11
No coincidence, then, that while the deal for Twitter was closing, Musk suggested Taiwan give up its independence and become a “special administrative zone” of the PRC, drawing praise from Beijing. /12…
Looking at these and other comments – e.g. about Russia/Ukraine – many have asked “can he really be that stupid?” Maybe, but the alternative is worse: it’s an attempt at active courtship of the world’s worst dictatorships, exactly as he takes over the West’s public square. /13
What is he going to do with this control? Twitter won’t make Musk richer – if anything, it will consume his money. But it is a tool which can be used to ingratiate him and his other businesses with the American right, Beijing, and other dictatorships. This is the real story. /14
So while you consider how Musk’s moves look to be completely contrary to the long-term health of Twitter either financially or as a genuinely useful and productive forum, keep your eye on this picture instead. Twitter is now a tool of his ambitions, whatever they may be. /end
Straight from the horse's mouth: his decisions are proving terrible for Twitter's bottom line, but he's going to keep doing them anyway because something something free speech culture war? Image
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