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Who is Harley Pasternak, the man whom Kanye West has accused of trying to institutionalize him, drug him into oblivion, and take his kids away?

As it turns out, this "personal trainer" is connected to psychological operations, the Canadian military, and other strangeness...

🧵 Image
Finding information on Harley has become complicated by recent events. For some odd reason, his Wikipedia page was altered after Kanye's tweet. I wonder why?

On the left is his current page – on the right the archived version from earlier today.

Notice anything missing? ImageImage
Someone recently removed from Harley Pasternak's Wikipedia entry two main things:

-Any reference to Kanye West
-The lengthy list of his former clients

Curious, isn't it?

Look for yourself:…
Here's the list of Harley's noteworthy clients. Someone doesn't want you to see this. Note that some of his former clients had mental breakdowns or died under suspicious circumstances: Mac Miller, Brittany Murphy (not listed), and others. (credit to @uncledoomer for the last two) ImageImageImage
Also worth noting is the fact that Kanye West was hospitalized in late 2016.

Where was he at the onset of his alleged breakdown?

Harley Pasternak's home, of course!

Note that in the text messages Kanye posted, Harley threatens to have him institutionalized "again." (!!!) ImageImage
But just who is Harley Pasternak?

He's a personal trainer, right?

Let's take a look at his background.

At first glance, nothing stands out. He's just an educated man with a master's degree in exercise and nutrition science.

But that isn't the full story... Image
His Wikipedia page states that "During his time at U of T, Pasternak served as a nutrition and exercise scientist at Department of National Defence's Defence and Civil Institute for Environmental Medicine."
The Department of National Defence (DND) is the Canadian government's department which "supports" the Canadian Armed Forces. It's a civilization organization, a support system of sorts for the military. I'm not sure what the US equiv. would be. DOD? DHS?
Regardless, Harley Pasternak worked as a scientist for two years at DRDC Toronto, one of Defence Research and Development Canada's military research stations. (The DRDC is a part of the DND.) ImageImage
What sort of stuff is researched at DRDC?

"Human systems integration."

"Social and psychological factors that affect the resolution of conflict."

"Psychology of malicious intent."

"Social and cultural factors influencing behavior."

Literal psyops. Image
But we don't have to rely on a website to tell us.

Here's Harley Pasternak in his own words:

"Working for the military, I wasn't governed by the same laws that the typical person was, so I could look at the impact of certain drugs that are not every day things."

The stuff with the DND gets weirder.

This branch of the Canadian government once included the Defence Research Board (DRB).

The DRB quite literally funded MKUltra, as did the CIA. This program involved forced experiments with drugs, sensory deprivation, and brainwashing. ImageImage
Recap: Harley Pasternak, the "personal trainer" who got Kanye institutionalized once – and is allegedly threatening to do it again, have the rapper drugged, and take his kids away – was a scientist at a psyop-oriented military research center, whose work focused on drugs.

I'm not a particularly conspiratorial guy, truth be told. But hey, if elites did assign handlers to celebrities, particularly those deemed unpredictable or hard to control, with the purpose of keeping those celebrities in line, those handlers would look *a lot* like Pasternak.
And it isn't too crazy when you think about it.

Guy with military psyop training and exercise science finds work in Hollywood. Set him up with stars under the guise of fitness instruction. Have him keep an eye on them. This doesn't mean he's a secret CIA agent or something.
But it does mean that he's serving powerful interests, or at the very least has their backing.

Even the best personal trainer lacks the ability to get someone institutionalized on a whim.

Pasternak is likely an intermediary for more powerful, shadowy forces in Hollywood.
We're rarely able to peer behind the curtain. Occasions like this are significant because they reveal the secret power dynamics at play in elite society, the mechanisms by which even ultra-wealthy celebrities are kept in line.

How many other Pasternak's are out there?
Most of this thread was drawn from Patrick's Telegram so be sure to follow him over there
civilian organization*
Shoutout to for linking the thread – fantastic site, one of the best on the right. Image
More info coming from Patrick on Telegram, I'll try to get it up here when I can Image
Just so we're clear, under no circumstances should harassment or illegal activity be directed toward anyone involved in this. Play it cool, don't do anything dumb.
The question that remains to be answered is this:

How can a personal trainer get a world famous celebrity institutionalized and drugged into oblivion?

Isn't that something reserved for doctors?

Speaking of doctors...
Say hello to Dr. Michael Farzam! He was/is Kanye's doctor. The good doctor was personally responsible for institutionalizing Kanye back in 2016, an incident which involved Harley Pasternak as well. Image
Kanye was taken to a hospital on November 21, 2016 after Dr. Farzam called 911. Farzam claimed Kanye was "acting erratically."

Guess where Kanye was taken into custody? Harley Pasternak's home. Image
Here's the 911 call. You can hear Dr. Farzam on the phone. Listen as he insists that both police and paramedics be sent over to Pasternak's house to deal with Kanye.
Here's Harley Pasternak outside his home on November 21, 2016, after Dr. Farzam called 911 to have Kanye 5150'd. He doesn't have much to say at all.
So we've established that someone like Pasternak, who it could be alleged functions as handler of sorts, has a broader network to tap into to keep these potentially rogue celebrities in line. (Not accusing either Pasternak or Farzam of committing any crimes btw.)
Many celebrities breakdowns have probably been motivated by stress with no foul play involved. But the text messages Kanye posted were pretty damning: "Do what we say or lose everything." That raises questions about other celebrities whom we've been told to write off as lunatics.
Probably the last post here as this thread is probably as long as it needs to be. Patrick's still going on Telegram though so follow him there if you haven't already:
Lastly @spectralroc deserves credit for getting the ball rolling on this, give him a follow
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