1/ Live tweeting @elonmusk Twitter spaces w advertisers:
Q: What's biggest learning so far?
—"The overarching goal here is, how can we make Twitter a force for good in civilization?"
—"We want to be in rigorous pursuit of the truth, to be somewhat in the business of truth"
@elonmusk 2/ @elonmusk pivots to verification:
— "The issue is that creating a fake account is just extremely cheap"
— "Charging $8/month raises the cost of a bot or troll somewhere btw $1k-$10k"
— He says it's not just the money. Bad actors, "don't have a million credit cards and phones"
3/ @elonmusk gets philosophical:
— "Truth is signal falsehood is noise."
— "We want to improve the signal to noise ratio, which is possible."
— Acknowledges there will be "some bumps on the road here."
@elonmusk 4/ @robinw asks Musk to clarify "official" system v "verification"
— "We're going to be extremely vigorous about eliminating deception. So if someone tries to incorporate the brand that acct will be suspended and will keep doing this"
— Key point is someone "engaging in trickery"
5/ @elonmusk on verification:
—"Ppl will be verified," but "u can still look at unverified"
—"You're gonna have ur inbox of highly likely to be relevant, & then u want u can still look at all the others but it will default to the highly relevant category which will be verified"
@elonmusk 6. @robinw asks Musk about brand safety. He doesn't address GARM, or industry standards/bodies:
—"If somebody's advertising, that they're not going to get super negative information right next to their ad or content that may be inappropriate"
—Says working to improve ad relevance
@elonmusk @robinw 7. @robinw asks about hate speech:
—Musk: "If they have paid $8 and are risking the suspension of their other account, they're going to be far, far less likely"
@elonmusk @robinw 8/ More @elonmusk on hate speech/his view on humanity?
— "I have a lot of faith in humanity. The vast majority people I think, are good, not bad. They're good. But there's a small number of people who are not good. "
9. @iab CEO @mrdcohen asks how marketers should be thinking about Twitter's brand:
@elonmusk: "Well, I think if I say that Twitter is doing something different if I say that I mean me. And if there's any confusion about the two, then I would just ask me on Twitter, basically."
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk 10/ @mrdcohen on @elonmusk focus: "We're terrible at relevance"
—Musk: "Needs to be useful to advertise in both short term and drive demand, and in the long term, esp brand safety"
—Musk: "Drives sales in short term and protect the demand of the long-term."
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk 11/ @elonmusk on brand safety:
— "we'll make sure we do drive sales the short term but we're also not doing anything that damages reputation the long term. "
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk 12/ @robinw asks content moderation council:
@elonmusk: "We would have an advisory council that represents a diverse set of points"
—Need to "take moment to completely rewrite the software stack"
—"Rate of evolution on Twitter will be immense step change" compared past
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk @robinw 13/ @elonmusk on Vine/video:
—"Once people become verified, they'll be able to initially download 10 minutes of video, which will be expanding to 42 min soon then several hours as we fix a bunch of stuff on backend servers."
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk @robinw 14/ @elonmusk on creator econ:
— "We need to enable monetization of content creators. & if we provide players w ability to post what they create on our platform, & monetize it at a rate at least competitive w alternatives, then of course creators will natively post on Twitter"
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk @robinw 15/ @elonmusk: "We should elevate citizen journalism"
— Then knocks media:
—"I think we will see articles major newspapers where we know a lot about what actually happened, and what we know that what actually happened is not what is represented in that article."
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk @robinw 16/ @elonmusk on journalism on @Twitter
— "I'm not saying we should somehow downplay the major publications or prominent journalists. I'm simply saying we should elevate people and give voice to the people. Much more. "
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk @robinw @Twitter 17/ @mrdcohen asks process for verification:
@elonmusk: "Someone has to have phone & credit card & $8/mo. That's the bar"
"Its leveling of playing field"
"Will be less special to have blue check mark but I think that's good thing"
"Isn't that what we believe in? 1 person 1 vote"
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk @robinw @Twitter 18/ @mrdcohen asks if brands have to pay for verification:
@elonmusk: "We are trying to be an equal treatment situation, so yes."
— If a brand doesn't want to pay, @elonmusk said: "If somebody’s real hellbent on not paying, ill pay it for them"
@iab @mrdcohen @elonmusk @robinw @Twitter 19/ 📌 (BOOKMARK THIS)
— Asked if same rules apply to @elonmusk as everyone else, @elonmusk said, "Yeah, absolutely."
20/ @yoyoel says changes to policy enforcement coming:
— "One of the directions that we're trying to build towards is having more tools in our toolbox to be able to reduce the harmful impacts of content without always having to go to that step of a ban"
@yoyoel 21/ @robinw asks @elonmusk: How do you think about comfort levels of speech on Twitter"
— Musk: "Giant difference between freedom of speech and freedom of reach"
— Emphasizes that we need to be tolerant of speech we dont agree with
@yoyoel @robinw @elonmusk 22/ @elonmusk on commerce:
— "We've got a lot to do on software side..We're gonna change a bunch of existing code base. We want advertising to be highly relevant & timely"
"From commerce standpoint, if you're able to buy things quite effortlessly on Twitter w 1 click thats great"
@yoyoel @robinw @elonmusk 23/ @mrdcohen asks @elonmusk who will be on content council? Musk doesn't really know.
—Musk: Will take a "few months to put that together"
—"I mean a lot of people won't be on it"
— Musk then asks @mrdcohen: "What do you think we should do?" And says he's "open to ideas."
@yoyoel @robinw @elonmusk @mrdcohen 24/ @robinw asks @elonmusk to address brands that have paused ads.
—HUGE dif in this response from last week when he claimed activists: "destroy free speech"
—"Wait to give it a minute to kind of see how things are evolving"
—Says he's open to feedback
@yoyoel @robinw @elonmusk @mrdcohen 25/ @elonmusk to advertisers and brands:
—"The best way to understand what's going on with Twitter is just to use Twitter"
26/ @elonmusk closing remarks to advertisers:
—Wants Twitter to be "a force that points civilization in a positive direction"
—"Evidence for that will be more users signing up and more people using Twitter for longer"

• • •

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