If you've been paying attention you will notice a concerning dynamic between mainstream media & @FTX_Official

Let's dive into some examples & try to understand the reasons behind this trend 🧵 Image
1) @nytimes puff piece released the day after it became public that FTX was insolvent:

-Painted Sam as a good person that just made a whoopsy

-Let Sam shill a game he is an investor in

-Highlighted how Sam has been sleeping fine (despite ruining lives)

2) @Reuters article arguing FTX collapse is a good thing actually 🥴:

-Pick favorable picture of Sam when he was much healthier

-Argue this is good because it will bring more scrutiny to crypto & slow crypto adoption

3) @Forbes painting Caroline as an innocent nerd stuck in a bad situation:

-Describe her as a 'math whiz' who 'loves Harry Potter'

-Try to absolve her by painting her as "rare female leader in male dominated industry" & victim of "nasty criticism"

From just these couple of articles, it's clear that the mainstream media is attempting to provide cover for people that appear to have committed fraud on a massive scale.

The next question is, WHY are they doing this?

I believe there is a few reasons...
1) The first is some sort of sunk-cost fallacy.

A large part of the reason SBF/FTX rose to prominence, was because of support from the media.

These publications have been publishing positive pieces for years. They likely feel a need to defend the image they helped create. Image
2) The second, is due to financial incentives.

@SBF_FTX was directly investing in many media firms such as @propublica & @semafor.

Also @Forbes, is integrated with Whale Media, who received an investment from Binance (who held FTT).

3) The last angle I believe has to do with Politics

SBF was a major Democratic donor (#2 to the entire Biden campaign)

Almost every mainstream media outlet has a political leaning & SBF fit well with the views many of them were trying to push

They just lost their golden boy
So the question at this point, is how do we push back & make sure people understand who SBF really is?

I think the answer is citizen journalism.

Between Twitter spaces, threads, & newsletters, independent voices are shining light on the truth...
Crypto twitter were the first ones to start raising the alarms on SBF, while most of the media was still fawning over him.

It will be up to all of us, to hold him and the other bad actors at play accountable.

Because if we don't, no one else will.
On the topic of independent media. I've been covering the FTX situation as objectively as I can with my @web3pills newsletter.

Sign up if you haven't already. It's FREE 👇


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Jan 20
Lately @OpenAI has been getting a lot of positive press.

But they're in hot water after an article revealed they used workers in Kenya for less than $2/hr 😬

Here's a complete breakdown of the situation & what happens next...
Yesterday, an article was released by @TIME titled: "OpenAI Used Kenyan Workers on Less Than $2 Per Hour To Make ChatGPT Less Toxic."

While it was an attention-grabbing headline, there's actually much more to the story...
The workers in the story are from an outsourcing partner called Sama.

Sama's business model is simple:

They employ workers in Kenya, Uganda and India (i.e. cheap labor), to manually label data for Silicon Valley clients like @Google, @meta, and @Microsoft
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This model is crushing it on Instagram.

The only problem?

She doesn't exist...
That's right, the woman in the previous tweet is not real.

It was an image generated by AI.

In fact, there's an entire Instagram profile filled with more pictures of her 😱

So what is going on?
The model in this photo goes by the name of "Ailice" and she's an experiment started by @dannypostmaa

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Users can then vote on which photos they want to be shared on her instagram next.
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Jan 16
Despite being 48 years old, this year will be THE most important one in @Microsoft's history.

Here's why I think Microsoft will surpass @Apple, @Google and @Meta to become the sole leader in big tech 🧵
After spending the 1990s dominating software, Microsoft began a downward spiral:

-Bill Gates stepped down as CEO
-The US government hit Microsoft with a massive antitrust case
-Microsoft whiffed on the smart phone & the internet generally

They seemed destined for irrelevance.
However, Microsoft's fortunes changed in 2014 when @satyanadella took the reigns of CEO and launched one of the most impressive comeback's in business history.

Here's how he did it...
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Jan 9
Students using technology to cheat on essays is a tale as old as time.

However, some educators are so concerned with ChatGPT that they've banned it in schools!

That problem may already be old news

Here's the story of how a Princeton student is combating AI plagiarism with AI🧵 Image
When @OpenAI released their language model ChatGPT-3 back in November, it was clear that this was a step-change technological improvement.

Naturally people began to think of new ways to apply this model.

Before long, the technology had made its way into the hands of students...
Students have long leveraged the internet/technology to get out of writing essays.

Whether it was using Sparknotes, changing text to white, or hiring people online, students will do literally ANYTHING to avoid writing 😂

And ChatGPT appears to be the best option ever.
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Jan 6
While I would love for the pain to be over for the crypto industry, there are still a number of clouds on the horizon.

Here's a comprehensive list of the potential risks you should be keeping an eye on.

This is a must read thread if you're in crypto 🧵
1) @DCGco

@BarrySilbert has built DCG into a crypto empire that's been around since 2015.

Their holding companies include @GenesisTrading, @Grayscale and @CoinDesk.

Cracks have already begun to form with Genesis considering bankruptcy + firing 30% of their workforce. Image
Right now there's a multi-billion $ hole in Genesis' balance sheet from the crypto contagion.

How that hole is handled could have a massive impact on the industry.

Barry is the largest holder of BTC, if he has to market sell any of it, it could pull the markets down further.
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Jan 4
Just watched the @LoganPaul response video to @coffeebreak_YT about #CryptoZoo

Drama aside, I think this saga can teach us a lot about the future of the internet.

If you care about: Creators, Web3 Social or Crypto this thread is for you 🧵
Let me begin by stating that I am a viewer of both of these creators.

I watch every episode of Coffeezilla, and many episodes of Impaulsive.

As someone building a new media platform, I have respect for both of them for different things...
Regardless of your views on him, there's no denying that Logan Paul is one of THE most successful content creators of the modern era

From starting with Vine & YouTube, to working with the @WWE & launching his own products, Logan has been a trailblazer

He is @MrBeast level
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