Critics of @elonmusk have been wanting to know what good he has done for Twitter.

This🧵is Exhibit A:

Elon Musk prioritized removing child sexual exploitation/ child sexual abuse material (CSE/CSAM) on Twitter.
Under previous ownership, Twitter, at times, said that this material didn’t violate its terms of service. (read on for proof)
When Elon Musk purchased Twitter, he was constantly criticized by former employees, the mainstream media, and other critics.

Many of Twitter’s employees pitched a fit and quit when asked to work hard to make the app better. They complained about free lunch being taken away.
Advertisers such as Balenciaga and GM quit Twitter.

Strangely, Balenciaga had no problems with posting photos of children in fetish gear on Instagram.

CBS News even quit for almost 48 hours.

Yet none of these didn’t seem to take offense when Twitter accidentally promoted ads alongside tweets soliciting CSE/CSAM.

Twitter realized its mistake and emailed the brands--some of which suspended their ad campaigns.…
Some advertisers didn’t pause their ad campaigns.

I don’t have the full list of who did and didn’t but the question asked by @elizableu to GM and others who suspended their ad campaigns when Elon Musk bought the app remains:
“Is advertising with Elon Musk worse than with child sexual abuse material?” –@elizableu
In an interview with me for Teslarati, Eliza told me that she was concerned about the narratives that could be created and pushed.

Narratives such as Elon Musk, the ongoing lawsuit against Twitter by John Doe 1 and John Doe 2, and CSAM on Twitter…
In the lawsuit against Twitter, JD1&2 were minors when they were sexually abused.

That abuse was videotaped and uploaded to Twitter. The two begged Twitter to take it down.

Twitter refused. As adults, they filed a lawsuit against Twitter earlier this year.
That Reuters article I just cited mentioned a report. That report was by @andst7 and his team. The report found that:
“To date, Twitter removed only one-third of the accounts we found that publicly shared child pornography links, material, and references and still, more than 400 accounts are active.”…
Since buying Twitter, there have been both mass resignations and laying off of staff.

However, the new Twitter has been focused on removing the CSE/CSAM content from its platform. e.
(ignore the random e. floating up there)

In another interview with me, Eliza pointed out two very critical changes that previously, Twitter was slow to make.
One was the updated reporting system. And the others were removing content linked with certain hashtags. There is still a LOT of work to be done, but Eliza told me
“After years of advocating for the minor survivors of Twitter, I’ve never been as hopeful as I am right now”…
Following my interview with Eliza, @EvaFoxU interviewed her for Tesmanian.

And Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, responded to Eva’s tweet with “Priority #1”
In her article Eva noted "On October 28, Twitter, with all its problems, many of which were hidden, was sold to Elon Musk. Eliza now had to work with the new CEO to find a solution."…
To all of Twitter’s former employees, especially safety, I have some questions for you:

Why is it that @elonmusk, with a skeleton crew, can prioritize removing CSE/CSAM from Twitter more than Twitter did before Elon bought the app?
Why didn’t you prioritize the safety of children on this app?
Why did Twitter refuse to remove videos of children being sexually abused when the victims BEGGED Twitter to?

Why did it take the Department of Homeland Security to convince you to remove videos of children being raped?
@CBSNews, why did you leave Twitter over Elon Musk but didn’t leave over Twitter accidentally showing ads alongside CSAM?

Were you cool with CSAM or just didn’t know?

And if the latter, well you’re the media it’s your job to know these things.
#Balenciaga: Did you leave Twitter over Elon Musk because you knew you could post photos of children in fetish gear on Instagram or was that just a kowinkydink?
For those of you who criticize Elon Musk, know that it’s okay to not like the guy.

But acknowledge the good he has done instead of cherrypicking to create a narrative to justify your hate or dislike.
Correction: I meant to say GM paused ad spending and not quit in this tweet.

GM still uses Twitter. Balenciaga left the app completely.

Wish we could edit threads.

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Jun 4
Confession time. I did a Twitter experiment. Short 🧵

I noticed that when I post short tweets in support of Elon Musk, Twitter algo shows it to ppl who hate him.

I’ve noticed this for a couple of months.
The comments on my above tweet are vile and hateful. And within the first hour the tweet started getting a lot of likes and engagement.

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Jun 4
The Inspiration4 mission, which was funded by a private citizen, put 4 American civilians in space for the first time while raising over $200 million for St Jude’s Childrens Hospital.
SpaceX was also the first to invent the reusable rocket which saves $ and reduces waste.
Before reusable rockets, rockets were used just once and dumped in the oceans.
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May 19
Several friends in the Tesla/SpaceX community have shared their pain with @elonmusk and the political stuff.

Elon isn’t attacking individual people on the left.

He’s speaking out against the political platform and its far-left politicians who have attacked him.
The left, the platform not the individuals who feel morally aligned with the values or what they think are the values, has alienated Elon Musk.

Elon Musk has done a lot of good for the left. Yet the hate-mongering by politicians sent a clear message.
The media amplifies the issue making it even worse. They didn't cover Senator Warren's paid Facebook ad campaign that also begged for donations.

A campaign that smeared lies about Elon. Lies that many people believed to be true.
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May 18
Some thoughts (after sleep and 3 cups of coffee) about that Project Veritas video of the Twitter exec making fun of @elonmusk and people with Aspergers.

A thread🧵
The video itself is damning. Very damning. Now, many have pointed out that James O'keefe isn't really that great or trustworthy.

I get that. He has a really bad track record BUT...
Now I could be wrong and may have missed it but afaik, Alex Martinez has not come out and said,

"Hey that video of me is fake. That's not me."

If I were the person in the video, I'd be debunking it especially if the video was faked in any way.
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May 18
One thing I’ve noticed abt the left and right.

When a media from the other side presents information, the opposite side says “don’t believe that because they are in the wrong side”

Hell, even I’ve been guilty of that.

We need to stop that. We need to fact check for ourselves
Example: Project Veritas shared a video. Ppl say “don’t believe them they are far right”

Ok, well debunk the video then.
Example: ppl say “Wikipedia is far left. Don’t believe them”

Ok well let’s debunk them then.
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May 17
Plainsite is targeting @Manic_Marge, a Tesla owner. This guy always focuses Tesla owners ad supporters.

As for her working for Scion at one time, well we all have to make a living.

Plainsite has gone after @WholeMarsBlog, Viv, @28delayslater me and several others. Image
And* not ad. Wouldn’t want to be accused of saying ads because of a typo
His response is that Marge worked in SMM. Oh and that I'm a fake reporter. And isn't it odd that you can't see my tweet that he shared?

I have him blocked. Twitter knows this. Yet he accessed my profile & shared my tweet. Perhaps Twitter blocked my tweet from others viewing it Image
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