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Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:
On the topic of the "Number Nine"
#mason #masonic #freemason
Number Seven
Number Three
Twenty Seven and Other Suspicions
Comments: 9 is the number of the moon's completion being composed of a triangle whose points are 3 (3x3x3). Again this triangular cycle of 3 sets of 9 nakshatras gives the 27 day lunar cycle. 9 also gives birth to the svbc & moons magic square of 9x9=81.
Comments: 7 is composed of the square 4 of the Sun & the triangle 3 of the Moon. However it is rooted in the Sun (the totality of the 7 visible planets). We can also see this in the approx correlation to the solar revolution (-1.25) 7×52= 364. 52 is also a digitized 5+2=7.
Just as 7 is composed of the Sun's 4 and Moon's 3, so too is the number 12. And just as 7 is predominantly Solar, so too is the number 12.

5 elements 7 archetypes
Likewise we can see the numerics behind all the planetary forces through their magic squares. In which the Sun square of 36 (6by6) had a Magic sum of 111=3 and a total sum of 666=9. The Moons square of 81 (9by9) gives a magic sum of 369=9 and total sum 3321=9.
Digitized Sums:
The total Sum of Magic squares will be either 1 or 9, while the magic Sums will be unique to each Planet:

Mars 2 & 1 (5by5)
Sun 3 & 9 (6by6)
Venus 4 & 1 (7by7)

Saturn 6 & 9 (3by3)
Jupiter 7 & 1 (4by4)
Mercury 8 & 1 (8by8)
Moon 9 & 9 (9by9)

1 and 5 are absent.
Magic square Dimensions:
You can easily see that the dimensions follow the Descending order:

Saturn 3by3
Jupiter 4by4
Mars 5by5
Sun 6by6
Venus 7by7
Mercury 8by8
Moon 9by9
2 groups of planets

Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury having total magic square digitized summations of 1. These set up 2 pairs of opposites (Ven-Mars & Jup-Mer)
This creates the Square of 4
Saturn, Sun, Moon having total digitized summations of 9. (Su-Mo opp Sat). Triangle of 3
In the system of 7:
1 and 5 are absent as these are the two odd numbers which are secondary numbers in creation, whereas 7 and 9 are primary creators.

Su-Mo opposite Saturn
give the 3,6,9 triangle.

2-4 Mars-Venus opposition &
7-8 Jup-Mer opposition
give the Square of 2,4,7,8
In the system of 9 the odd numbers are:
Sun, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars
(1,3,5,7,9 respectively)

Evens are:
Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Venus
(2,4,6,8 respecitvely)

(Symmetric vs. Asymmetric)
In the end astrology is just simple math of even and odd vibrations and repeating patterns of mathematical symmetry
All the best 🙏

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Nov 22

The Idealized 360 day year, and how to orient oneself in it
1.) Recently, i was sent down a rabbit hole of calculations over a simple "mistranslation" by David Pingree in the classic Yavanajataka text.

In this thread, I would like to clarify a few common misunderstandings and give away 2 secrets and 1 forgotten technique.
2.) As some of you may know, the panchanga is composed of 5 (panch) limbs (anga). These 5 limbs being:

Vara (Day)
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I'm going to throw this out there as a free schizo-post, and then give you some traction for application.

What if time is not just linear, but a series of different qualitative "pockets of time" (much like each mirror pane in the infinity tunnel effect), and
each of these energetic pockets of time are not necessarily connected in sequence, but rather in different kinds of numerical/harmonic patterns which leap over and weave amongst each other?

Each little moment of time is connected in different ways and
is a slightly varying mirror of progression from one connection to another.

There are many concurrent running threads connected at different frequencies and harmonics of time.
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Sep 10
King Charles III and The Turning of the Seasons according to Ptolemy:

Recently, I've been interested in the rationale behind this 17 day period of mourning (which was changed from 10 days; for unknown reasons),and I think I now see why: it's astrological.
1.) Claudius Ptolemy's - Tetrabiblios - Book II - Chapter XI:

The charts of the Seasons are obtain from the nearest Full or New Moon to the entrance of the Sun into the Equinoxes or Solstices. This in turn divides the year into 4 main sections; having their own results.
2.) Now not only is the selection of Sep 25th (17 days after the Queen's death on Sep 8th) a peculiar choice. It is in fact the turning of the Seasons and a very pivotal point to begin one's Rulership from. This chart as a whole is very interesting in the following ways:
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October 25 2022 Solar Eclipse & Queen Elizabeth II:

Given that the writing is on the wall, let us explore the upcoming Solar Eclipse of October 25 2022 in relation to the planetary positions of Queen Elizabeth II birth chart. Image
Traditionally Solar Eclipses represent a transference of power amongst the ruling elite in the region of its path of visibility. Whereas Lunar eclipses affect the general public, cultural, and class strife amongst the populace.
The Solar Eclipse of October 25th 2022 will be occuring over the eastern European region where much of the power transference can already be seen between Russian Energy Dominance & European countries along with the on going proxy war between Western powers and Russian interests.
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Jun 17
The Future BTC Trends:
This thread is a primer for astrologers on how to do technical analysis solely using time. Price is not discussed, just trend changes and cycles.

Only Mercury's cycles will be used as BTC has 88 day cycles and variations of 88 and 44. Image
1. Mercury 0 declination marks the Top of cycles.
1. We can see the dates of Merc crossing 0 declination in blue which approximate tops.
2. Applying uniform orbital motion correction gives the corrected Precise tops in red denoted by the "P." Image
2. Corrections are also applied yo the Southern Declination cycles.

The Southern declination cycle of Mercury (just like the northern declination cycle) marks the lows and reliefs.

Also all of these mark trend changes as we'll come to see. Image
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Mar 5
So as posted a long time ago this 18.6 year cycle along with the Mcwhirter and Saturn square Uranus combination is why economic hardship was predicted starting May 15th of 2022: 4-years of falling prices, business stagnated, breadlines, soup kitchens, despair, and unemployment.
1.) The point of this is to stress that with rising energy costs comes increased costs for transportation of goods. All of this will trickle down into every single product from animal feed to the distance between processing and packaging factories, & ultimately the cost of food.
2. Food rationing, shortages, and socio-cultural divisions will become an increasingly important topic of consideration across the next 4 years all the way up to the Saturn Conjoined Neptune cycle.
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