Many of around Monbiot's age and background feel this way. The postwar generations grew up in a shabby Britain, still full of bomb craters. They were restless and bored, and their reaction was to try to destroy everything around themselves in a wave of nihilism and spite.
Some of his generation eventually grew up and realised what they had done. Most never did, and never will.
If you want to understand the mindset of these people, and how truly resentful they are of the "stifling" Britain in which they grew up, I suggest you watch "If...", despite it being quite a bad film. It was released in 1968.
This is an interesting biographical article about Monbiot.

It's curious that he is so keen on village life, culture and localism when they are in Brazil, Indonesia or East Africa, but hates them so much when they are in England.

• • •

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Nov 30
This is a crucial point. The right, especially the mainstream, often operates on an ideological level only, and not a practical one. They whinge about wokeness, occasionally making an effort to explain that communism is Bad Actually... and that's it.
For all that the Right often claims to be "anti-intellectual", these people do little other than talking. They hope that if they explain their opinion, often enough, in slow, clear English, as if to a foreign waiter, the system will correct itself.

If the Left is "incoherent" then all that shows is that one doesn't need to be "coherent" in order to win.

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May 6
People lamenting the state of higher education in Britain fail to understand its purpose, which is in part to hide youth unemployment and make the young pay their own dole via loans, but more vitally it serves Britain's grand geopolitical strategy.
Britain hosts almost a quarter of a million Chinese students. It charges them more than ten thousand pounds a year to let them pretend to have written their own essays for three years, at which point they are given a certificate with fake gold leaf on it, and then sent home.
Back in China, these alumni build tower blocks that fall down, vehicles that explode at random and escalators that eat you. They hold three-hour meetings with "Product Managers" that do not decide anything.
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Apr 8
What is interesting about this argument is not that it is silly (though it is), but that it is so old.

That legalising/regulating some behaviour will result in less of it has been argued variously for prostitution, drugs, abortions, divorce and immigration for almost a century.
In each and every case, the behaviour that was supposed to diminish in frequency as a result of liberalisation has, in fact, increased.

Now, the people who make these arguments are generally not stupid. Indeed, they are normally well-educated and middle-class.
Yet, when you wave the results of these policies in the faces of those who advocated them, they will do their best to ignore you, or call you names.

Which leads us inevitably to the only conclusion possible: That they do not, in fact, want less of whatever they are liberalising.
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Apr 6
This would have it that telling someone that they do not need to change sex, that they could be happy as they are, is itself a "conversion" therapy. It is surely the opposite, because they would not then be converting from or to anything.
Transgenderism is not only trans about gender. One has to contort oneself into a kind of meta-transgenderism for it to make sense.
This is why T'ism is such a LW wedge. All the other acceptance movements about "being who you really are" presume "who you really are" is the way you were born. Not so with T'ism, which is the opposite. The way you were born is the oppressive prison.

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Mar 18
This could only really have been written by someone who hasn't visited many churches and cathedrals.

War imagery is ubiquitous across Western churches, perhaps in Britain most of all. This should surprise nobody, given that people need faith in wartime more than any other time.
First and foremost, virtually every church in Britain older than the world wars has a war memorial, often with explicit martial imagery. Here are two, in Barnet and York.
Banners of military regiments and the British Legion, a common sight in older churches.

(The statue on the left is Raymond Asquith, son of the Prime minister, killed in action.)
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Jan 27
My generation is going to be the last in the West to remember life before the internet. I don't think anyone yet appreciates the scale of this psychological rift, or how jarring it really is.
Virtually everyone I have met in the last decade has an online presence. I can follow a lot of what they do in life, and could reach out and speak to them instantly, if I chose.
By contrast, if I think of someone I remember from my childhood - my early teachers, the dinner ladies, the friendly old man at the post office - and look them up, there will be simply no trace of them online. The same even goes for places I visited, which no longer exist.
Read 12 tweets

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