Spengler noted that the "work shy" were a much more important group of people in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia than the proletariat. Leninism was built on mobilising every kind of resentment, including against workers. So it is today, as well.👇

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Nov 30

Very interesting recent study suggests a new avenue for plant-based advocates: claiming those who don't want to eat a plant-based diet are "poorly adjusted." 👇
The study looks innocuous enough until you really think about the linkage it's making between "individual wellbeing" and dietary preference. Basically, the researchers are saying that the greater your "positive wellbeing" the more "positive" your opinion of switching.
Those who show "negative affect" are much less likely to want to switch to plant-based foods. See where this might be going? Remember my thread about S. Matthew Liao, who wants to administer everyone oxytocin so they get on board with the climate agenda?

Read 6 tweets
Nov 28
Flavour enhancers made from aborted fetal tissue are being eaten without the knowledge of consumers. Amounts of these flavour enhancers used in food products are below a certain threshold, so they don't need to be reported or safety-tested by the FDA. 👇 Image
Senomyx, a California-based company, pioneered this tech, claiming to have reverse-engineered human flavour receptors from aborted fetal tissue. The company partnered with Pepsi and its new flavouring was used in Pepsi cola in 2016. Due to -ve publicity, Pepsi reversed the... Image
partnership and Senomyx went under. It was acquired by a Swiss firm, Firmenich, in 2018. Guess what? As well as producing flavourings for processed foods and beverages, Fimenich is also heavily involved in the production of plant-based "meats"... Image
Read 6 tweets
Nov 24
Apart from the pandemic, climate change is the principal wedge driving the Great Reset. The plan for a global plant-based diet (the Planetary Health Diet) is justified as a measure to mitigate climate change, as well as to feed a global pop of 10 billion. 👇
Climate change is also being used to justify immigration from the global south into the north on a scale hitherto unimagined. This will be used to break down national borders totally. This isn't a conspiracy either. It's being advocated in the mainstream by "thinkers" such as...
Gaia Vince, who is endorsed by the WEF. We are all "nomads" at heart, she says, so we have no grounds to object when hundreds of millions if not billions are brought north in advance of climate change making the central belt of the world uninhabitable.

Read 5 tweets
Nov 23
Vegans and vegetarians are particularly at risk of becoming dumber due to their diet. One study suggests that adoption of a plant-based diet actually leads to reduced brain function and intelligence. The decrease can be as much as 15 IQ pts. or 1 standard deviation. 👇
The decrease is linked to creatine deficiency, which is one of the many deficiencies vegetarians and vegans are prey to. While we tend to associate creatine with natural bodybuilders like Mike O'Hearn, the truth is creatine is something we all need and must get from our diet. ImageImage
Creatine def. seems to be associated with decreased fluid intelligence in particular. Your ability to solve problems is impaired, but your crystallised intelligence isn't affected. In basic terms, you'd be stupider but you wouldn't know it. Seems plausible to me.
Read 4 tweets
Nov 22
One of the principal themes of my new book, The Eggs Benedict Option, is domestication. I set up a provocative comparison between the Great Reset and the Neolithic Revolution, both of which were or will be built on a fundamental transformation of food production + consumption. 👇 Image
The domestication of grains and animals in the Neolithic Revolution also represented a corresponding domestication of man. Domestication was not a one-way street. Yes, early man ate the grains and animals, but to do so his way of life changed profoundly.

The whole rhythm and tempo of life changed. From attending to a wide variety of natural patterns, from the migration of birds and mammals to fruiting seasons, early farmers would structure their lives and mental worlds around one or two crops and a few domestic animals.
Read 13 tweets
Nov 22
Mycotoxins - toxins produced by fungi and molds - are a serious problem for plant foods in general, and have been identified in at least one scientific study as a potential cause of widespread harm, including increased risk of renal cancer, in plant-based meat alternatives. 👇
This is interesting, because the study authors otherwise praise plant-based meat as healthier than the real thing. The authors believe a new framework needs to be put in place to monitor and reduce mycotoxin content in these novel foods.
Mycotoxins can cause a wide variety of illnesses, from kidney and nervous damage to cancer and impaired fetal development. One of the most common, and worst, mycotoxins are aflatoxins.
Read 6 tweets

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