I've been writing about transhumanism, including Neuralink, since 2018. It's a technology that seeks to change what human beings are, their essence, their physical form. Now it's here, and human beings are on the precipice of being transformed into transhumans. 🧵
It's scary, because as it becomes reality, human beings will simply become another part of the internet of things. We will just be data ports in a great sea of data ports, some human, some machine.
Instead of being able to think our own thoughts, with a barrier between our thoughts and data inputs, it will be a two-way stream. Will we know when thoughts are not our own but have streamed into our minds without us even noticing?
Who will be doing that streaming? Will authoritarian regimes have access to Neuralinked dissident minds? Will misinformation and disinformation censors have the ability to literally police and redirect our thoughts?
Where does thought end and data begin? Will there be any way for human beings to understand the difference between their own thoughts and the data that is fed into those thoughts?
LIBBY EMMONS: Neuralink Seeks to Transform Human Beings Into Simply Another Data Port in the Internet of Things


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Nov 30, 2022
It was barely a month ago that The New York Times was worried that Ye's "white lives matter" stunt would corrupt the Balenciaga brand.

Now they claim concerns over Balenciaga's penchant for child exploitation in advertising is just a QAnon conspiracy. 🧵
Being horrified that a luxe brand is pimping kids with bondage gear teddy bears is just a rouse by conspiracy theorists, they say.

Rich celebrities get a pass because they have good taste, screams the Times, for the rest of us it's just pearls before swine.
In this very specific instance, the Times thinks an apology from the accused should be enough. Take note of who they are covering for—this is not a consideration they offer to any average American.
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Nov 28, 2022
Doctors are meant to do no harm. They are meant to treat patients, not hurt them. Yet so many doctors on the front lines of "gender care" see themselves as magicians, wizards, saviors, who can solve all a healthy child's problems with drugs and body modifying surgeries. 🧵
This doctor in Utah believes that altering a child's body composition so that it better matches their mental image of themselves is "affirming," not at all concerned with the fact that mental images of ourselves change as we grow & come to understand who we are.
Doctors like these should not be awarded, praised, or promoted. They should instead be prevented from treating children, should be stopped from surgically or chemically interfering with healthy teens, and held liable for what are essentially culture war crimes.
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Nov 28, 2022
This is the pipeline to mainstreaming pedophilia acceptance in contemporary American culture. 🧵👇

Acceptance, tolerance, political correctness, and advocacy for fringe lifestyles, begin in the arts and academia, and then spread out into culture and society at large.
Now the arts world has taken up the fight with a new play sympathizing with convicted pedophiles with Downstate–the latest offering from New York's Playwrights Horizons.
The play paints the decrepit old pedophiles with sympathy, while making a victim, who arrives to confront his abuser, as "irritating" as possible.

The play turns makes the predator relatable, & the man he abused as a child the "most disagreeable character" in the play.
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Nov 14, 2022
TRUE STORY: a thread

I went to City Hall in NYC today to speak out for women's rights along with Kellie-Jay Keen.

A person came up to me and screamed "fascist" in my face as soon as I stepped out of the subway.

I witnessed an arrest, and there were more to come.
Trans rights activists banged on pots & pans, screamed that we were Nazis and fascists, and told us to "go home."

But I am home, I've lived in this city longer than most of these people have been alive.
The New York Post claimed the women were anti-gay, and the protestors were staging a gay rights protest. But there are no rights that LGBTQ people in New York City do not have.

Here's the real story:

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Oct 29, 2022
Amy Hamm is a nurse who believes biological sex is real & is now on trial to keep her job. The BC College of Nurses & Midwives says "transphobia" makes her unfit

@_CryMiaRiver covered each day of the hearing & she's found that the experts are nothing more than propagandists. 🧵
A NURSE is facing anonymous accusations of "transphobia" that could cost her her career. Her crime is believing in reality.

When the hearing began in September, Hamm's lawyer said "speaking the truth should not be a punishable offense."

On day 2 of the hearing where a NURSE is fighting to keep her job after saying biological sex is real (bc 🤡🌎) an EXPERT witness claimed being a lesbian is essentially "transphobic."

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Oct 28, 2022
WPATH guidelines are used to justify child sex changes for kids. Take a closer look at these guidelines, which declare there should be NO AGE LIMITS 👇

REVEALED: Leading trans health group recommends lowering ages for medical gender transition

Leading trans health group removes age barriers to medical gender transition to reduce liability for pediatricians

They claim "eunuch" is a gender identity:

Trans health group claims 'eunuch' is a gender identity, says it can be identified in teens

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