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Man voting in Georgia is so different than in Illinois. When I lived in chicago, during early voting, I went to the local elementary school, waited in line about ten minutes, and they gave me a sheet of paper. I checked people off then I put it in the machine and left.
Not Georgia. We drove downtown because *every* other polling place had a line >90 minutes. We paid ten bucks to park. We went in the building, then emptied out pockets to go through a metal detector. We then saw a sign about where to park to get our parking validated. Inside.
We then waited in line ~80 minutes. We got to the end and we were given a form to fill out (?). We were told *not* to sign it until told. Then we were moved into a waiting room where we were given a ticket number, like when you are at the dmv.
We were told to get our IDs out and wait. We waited here for 15-20 minutes. When your number is called they took your form, did some stuff on the computer, then told you to sign the form. Then you get a little green card. You insert it into the machine.
Then you go through three or four prompts, including a very serious™️ warning about perjury, a totally necessary warning given how huge a problem stolen identity is for the purposes of voting on behalf of someone else.
You then finally vote, and after an “are you sure” prompt you get a sheet. You then have to walk the sheet over to feed it into a machine. About half of these were working.
The bottleneck was clearly the weird application and waiting room thing. There are two dozen people at a time sitting to have their stuffed checked. Think of it as regular voting except when you got there they had to run a credit check for *each person* like you need financing.
It was easier finishing my PhD paperwork. Thankful for the kind people (nearly all black women) the shepherded the processes. But man if you are poor or disabled or whatever, good luck yo. That should have been easier. We finished tho.

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Nov 5
I heard this before, I think from @DaniaFrancis and/or @SandyDarity, but a big indicator for if your black kid will have a good school experience is the number or black kids in the gifted/enrichment track. Especially black boys. That has sort of been our experience so far.
We loved our school in Raleigh, a former historically black gifted/talented title 1 school that is now about 70% white because of gentrification. The 9yo got through no problem, but we were worried when she was of the only black kids in the gifted track.
When it was time for the then 5yo, who is a boy, things were a bit different. Same exact test scores and grades, almost to the number. All the behavior awards. But the teacher comments on his report cards were different. We’d ask all year how he was doing…
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Oct 27
I have spent my entire academic life in the norms of western liberalism. I understand completely that it is that tradition that Nazis and klansmen are free to come to your campus and loudly make their points heard. Anyone who has read any history knows you are cool with this.
But students and staff and faculty that hate Nazis also have a right under the same tradition to shout and yell and call them racists. And hear me, famous faculty of the western order and powerful Ivy League admins…
When you use your absurd power to get on here and defend the Nazis freedom to organize hate and galavanize violence you will be called racist. You campus will be seen as racist m. Lots of us will tell black students not to go there, that when the Nazis come they wil be sacraficed
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Aug 7
I hate the rain on the Eli Lilly parade, but I feel like the notion that disinvestment by large corporations will straighten out the fascists is generally not a credible threat. I mean look at Mississippi. They don’t care man they like the world small, backwards, and poor.
This way they get to control it. Some small yokel sheriff that gets to play god in some backwater, and the small business classes that make money and social status extracting rent from poor people, man they don’t want no damn tech companies or universities fucking up they hustle.
I used to think this too and this was baffled by the changes in North Carolina. Why would they want to dismantle these universities? They are the only reason for all this growth and money into the region. But as @DougHenwood points out man the ruling class ain’t just one thing.
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Feb 25
Tip for Public Administration PhD students:

If you looking to fill electives and have finished your quantitative sequence, hop in a causal inference class. If you are not especially mathy (I was not) find one thats accessible.
Some PhD programs offer causal inference classes as part of the core. I do not think most do though. so you can glean other departments or if your place has one of those tuition exchange programs with richer schools locally those are good places too. I took my stuff at Chicago.
Even if you struggle through it and finish last in the class its worth it. The standard for research design in public admin and nonprofit journals is slowly improving and this is a great way to keep up.
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Jan 11
Manchin clearly not supporting policies unfavorable to his corporate donors is untenable to poor or working class whites. But he can publicly trot out “work requirements” and “entitlements” as his fake sticking points because they are dog whistles that discipline poor whites.
I don’t think race is the a lot thing that works this way, I think gender too. Like I imagine the stickiness of a lot of backward labor law in this country is in part due to the threat of women having equal economic power.
But racism infects white women too, and other ethnic groups, it’s just super convenient here. It’s how you can have so many white peoples on the bad end of so much of our hard right turn and have so many of them bootlicking .
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Dec 2, 2021
I’ve talked about this alot on here and other places but what drives me crazy about this country, even those with whom I agree on alot of policy, is the religious mysticism with which so many of y’all talk about American democracy. Its always been a tenuous political economy.
It’s like my whole life you can’t criticize any part of the us system without getting eye rolls and “well but..”s. And it’s hella weird because any halfway educated read of American history would leave one with the impression that this shit is tenuous as hell.
The thing about religious mysticism tho is it’s impervious to evidence or reality or logic. I think that’s why American propaganda is so highly resourced. All that Stars and Stripes and pledge and jumbo jets at the football game shit works i guess, even for the highly educated.
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