#SPACEID Mission​
Building on BNB Chain, SPACE ID is a universal name service network that seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications in the digital world. It is chain-agnostic, decentralized, censorship-resistant, and open-sourced
To mint your .bnb domains

Please join a community of 128,000+ ...
in 48 hours our discord has grown by 12,000 members!
#SPACEID Discord: discord.gg/xcHMTDrr

218,000 twitter followers (96% authenticated)
Update on stats:
.bnb domains registered .... holders
A total of: 307,468 SID have been created by 116,803 unique addresses (wallets)

@sincy12 ... @SpaceIDProtocol as a web3 company has the ability to bring a franchise an audience... in the realm of millions of eyes
Don't believe the hype.... believe in the product!
Launched in September of 2022, as of Dec.11th,2022 .bnb is already 2nd largest domain naming service in all of crypto!

via: @stevenkin's analytics
Look at the average .bnb created per day.
The future is multi-chain, and to combat some of the issues users face in a world over run by A.I. and bots a human readable address is an excellent way to remedy common challenges

How does quant computing by-pass signature log-in?
It can't
This is WEB3
You will need a human readable address to enjoy the security of signature logins. The advantage of not needing a password for ur fave sites. The benefits of a .bnb transcends a quick flip, or short term speculation... long term we have correlation to the price of .bnb
Hypothetically if BNB were to increase by 351.5% to 1001.775 USD price point. The $5.81 usd or 0.018 bnb (Dec.11,2022) would equate to a floor of $20.42 (161BN marketcap).

So early adopters and beta testers are taking advantage of great price points, & low re-registration fees.
@SpaceIDProtocol Did you know that the greatest womens soccer player in Canadian history is starting a professional Futbol league?

@sincy12 could your teams & players use .bnb crypto handles for direct sponsorship... like adopt an athlete. How much for a franchise?
@sincy12 @arton_sid @cz_binance @BinanceX
@SpaceIDProtocol @binance @BinanceLabs @BinanceX

Hear me out...
Nickname: The Dot BNB's 🐝
City: Toronto

Colour way: Purple & Neon Green
Alternate: #BNB black & yellow
Mascot: SiD the Avatar x 3 III, IV ect
@sincy12 x @arton_sid

The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be held across 16 cities in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Eighty matches will be played across the three host nations, with 10 in Canada, 10 in Mexico and 60 in the United States
Historically under served... this market of womens pro soccer is in and of itself an Alaskan Gold Rush of opportunity for everyone involved.

@SpaceIDProtocol we need to... net us a franchise.
Imagine being the first web3 MVB Finalist to be drafting pro athletes
At the end of 2023 the conversation about being a DAO takes place.
blog.space.id/space-id-roadm… @sincy12
@SpaceIDProtocol please share amongst leadership

Canadian womens team placed bronze in 2020 Summer Olympics, current rank #6.
US Womens soccer is strong...

Womens soccer is going to be highly lucrative
@sincy12 pro league is going to be televised...
@SpaceIDProtocol x @sincy12
We should totally do an AMA someday

The future could be, using your .bnb domain name to safely, securely log-in to "streaming app" to watch games, or public team events from around the globe
@sincy12 x @SpaceIDProtocol if "The Dot BNB's" womens pro-soccer team existed;
- We'd be the first league & team too allow crypto handles on the back of a jersey

We could exponentially grow sport and application of tech in sport as we rapidly scale.
@cz_binance x @SpaceIDProtocol x @sincy12
I know the market very well in Ontario. In acquiring a womens pro soccer team in Toronto, Ontario, Canada we advance use case and utility for #BinancePay , nft based ticketing, & virtualization of pandemic proof community through sport
The pandemic proof part is a by-product of being apart of a community. The virtualization of, makes for better connectedness & access to opportunity. We can do this through by the second wage remittance

Every franchise should run its own node @sincy12
Benefit of running a node is that essentially every franchise would be its own bank @sincy12

And @SpaceIDProtocol "The Dot BNB's" would have on-chain privacy to "public" addresses & "anonymity" as desired when transacting via @sam_thapaliya's use of ZK-rollup & Optimism coding
@sincy12 ZEBEC is on-chain tax compliant in 43 states

every athlete would be able to at the very least decide rate of pay & adjust it as desired. Whether that's by the second, minute, hour, day, weekly

Payment streaming forces credit systems to evolve b/c of shifting paradigms
Via @SpaceIDProtocol every game ticket/PPV game sold could lead to the deposit of a "game" OAT. Think of it as an "attendance token".. its an NFT as a thank you too the user. @sincy12 No other league thanks its fans like this

The Dot BNB's win 1st ever game & u get a token!! CREATED BY @bigblackcryptoe aka #BIGBLACKCRYPTObnb
In leveraging payment streaming via @Zebec_HQ x @sam_thapaliya to be the 1st to pay athletes by the second @sincy12 ..

The league will be impossible too ignore... thats the biggest flex. I get it upfront, and by the second!!!


Current price 0.02 eth

Tokenized assets can be used to gate access, or add additional benefit... like access to a "Gold Fifa Baller" Role... and specialized "Futbol" chat for 2026 FIFA World Cup Plans...

If you like the design @adidasCA lets collab!
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this thread. Thank you for the follow.

NFTS = apps + plug-ins?
.bnb x $ZBC = 🤯

@threadreaderapp "unroll"

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Jul 6
@JustinTrudeau @cafreeland can we have a sit down w/ Douglas?!
@theJagmeetSingh as well

See @fordnation is letting 4th doses go to waste. Many 3rd dose folks are beyond prescribed waiting times.
@OntarioPCParty strategy is too "Make this a Trudeau problem"
@CandiceBergenMP i just had too torpedo this bullshit before you tried to make a contentious subject in the next federal election.

Squatting on 4th dose vaccinations till they expire is dangerous & even down right treasonous.

Not everything can be made a Trudeau problem
@OntarioPCParty @PCPressOffice nobody is that dumb you restricted access & use to primarily conservative owned LTC's.. protecting "livestock", or eldery, your stewardship last few waves saw over 5000 deaths

People are patients, pocketing what isnt spent isnt profit, its stealing
Read 6 tweets
Jul 6
@CPC_HQ vs @patrickbrownont
Let me get this straight...
Wont detail the finding of the allegation publically, but wants the mans voter list?

Lols yet bagman chipure can rinse millions of public monies through #plymouthbrethren shell corps
Fuck em all Patty Cakes.... if your going down, take all the rats with you bud. @patrickbrownont you are now the most dangerous man in conservative politics. You know too much, & if you told all of Canada the truth about those closed door meetings, the party would fissure in two
@patrickbrownont think about it...
You know about Lisa Mcleod, you know so much, she retreated from the public eye. You know how PC interests underfunded Brampton Courts too let organized crime skate w/ $133M
(Baber was on that justice commitee that fucked up,)
Read 12 tweets
Jul 5
🔑 to beating 🇷🇺
"The only thing the mob fears...
Is the end of fear.
The end of fear is the only thing "they" fear.
If they can't fear you, they don't have nothing"

@JustinTrudeau @ZelenskyyUa @iingwen @BorisJohnson @POTUS
@EmmanuelMacron @MarinSanna
That quote is from a famous Canadian music artist, but its of special importance. The elder who spoke those words into existence lived till 88, aprox. 15 yrs born after the mafia had come to Canada... but the "mob" reference is eloquently put.
I was young when Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by Russian agents w/ polonium-210

He was the FSB officer who coined the term "mafia state". His biography is rather stunning. He is a martyr for his work in fighting organized crime &
🇷🇺 Gov.
His criticisms on Putin are eternal
Read 10 tweets
Apr 18
#PierrePolyester is fake...
@ElectionsCan_E don't ya know eh
That hosier & his anti-canadian values isn't doin' this on his on own eh.


Why so many fake accts?
#NevrePoilievre @csiscanada
#PierreKushner @Policy
This is the fastest way to lose 40% of your followers
it doesnt matter who he hired to manage his growth.

After elimination of the "botflies"... he's left w/ 77,974

But we're not done, his wife's acct has enjoyed significant bot growth as well. If any1 wants to do the honours
🐝 never piss on a hornet's nest...
Good sir, @TheoMoudakis ✍️⤴️ ... inspiration for next cartoon mon ami ☕️

Looks like poilievre has been enlisting the help of some bootleg "wen mao" & the rest of the decepticons. Its aboot time... policy on maligned use be reviewed @Policy
Read 6 tweets
Apr 18
As a #Canadidate for Prime Minister i will also run for Premier on the constituency's dollar. I plan on spending 61% of my time at the cottage eh. Speaking only in "simple meme-me-nese... haulting ever so often to
#LabelExpert #DougFord
#DontVote4Himmler #NevrePoilievre
Im still looking 4 the gravy train, i'll find it i assure u. In the meme time enjoy this cheesecake. Trust me i've almost figured out how to opt-out of inflation. As some1 who wears a drawstring suit pant, i will ask u 2 tighten your belt
#NevrePoilievre #LabelExpert
Allow me #TinyShovelMan #Thugford ur friendly neighborhood #PunServative... u don't have to take me or my nice hair seriously. I've never held a real job, which makes me qualified to be the smarmiest politician

Please elect me so i can deny u healthcare in times of austerity
Read 25 tweets
Apr 17
This just hit me eh!
#DougFord @fordnation cut $71 from
133 First Nation communities
66 of which face system water inequalities

To add to insult, he only pledged $10M to investigate burial sites at residential schools... there were 15 schools in the province 😶‍🌫️ @AFN_Updates
The mark of the beast is telling
When you divide 10M by 15
You get 666,666.666

@fordnation is a muppet... his handler chose that number b/c of the Indigenous rejection of Christianity/Catholicism... i perceive it as a slight by conservatives & handlers
#DougFord is not a religious man but his handlers are.. the ppl who control @fordnation are to an extent

Doug doesnt go to church but who advised him of $10M was calculated
The Beast of Revelation in Chapter 13, verse 18 features;
The Number of Beast
[Book of Revelation]
Read 14 tweets

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