RUSSIAGATE Mega Thread. Brought to you by @UndeadFoia, who is still in exile on @elonmusk's platform.

Will have tweets of varying importance throughout.

Topics: Alfa Bank stuff, DNC hack, Mueller, @GeorgiaTech and data privacy concerns highlighted by @RonWyden yesterday.

The Sussmann speaking indictment highlighted four additional individuals.

Tech Executive-1, Originator-1, Researcher-1, and Researcher-2.

The charge tangentially related to a 2016 allegation of a secret communications channel between Trump and Putin.
Tech-Executive-1 was immediately identified by @FOOL_NELSON as Rodney Joffe. Mostly because @FOOL_NELSON is brilliant, but partly because he read the Daniel Jones deposition.

Originator-1 was identified as April Lorenzen who masqueraded as "Tea Leaves" during the 2016 election and relevant "news" articles, like the October 31, 2016 Slate article:…
Researcher-1 is Manos Antonakakis of @GeorgiaTech and Researcher-2 is David Dagon of @GeorgiaTech

@GeorgiaTech was awarded a @DARPA contract under the Enhanced Attribution umbrella called Rhamnousia.
This required the purchase of data and so, @GeorgiaTech entered into an agreement to buy data from @Neustar where Rodney Joffe was a senior executive.

It is here that the Alfa Allegations come into play.
The current narrative offered by the researchers is that after the June 14 news release of the DNC hack they were inspired to look at the Trump Organization's DNS trail and came across these "pings" from Alfa Bank that had begun on May 6th.
Later, they would offer a non-technical narrative to these pings that they represented a communications channel as part of a "hack and influence" campaign coordinated between Trump and the Russians.
The first problem originates with the Shearer dossier, as described by @LeeSmithDC in which Bob Baer, a former intel analyst for fake news @CNN noted a conversation with Clinton operative Cody Shearer in March or April of 2016.…
Two issues: One, the Clinton campaign "knew" of the secret communications channel months before our cyber researchers did. Isn't that odd?

Two, Baer says he heard it from @nytimes which I don't really buy, @EricLichtblau was looking at this stuff much later in the summer. Image
So if Clinton knew about this server before Rodney Joffe/Manos Antonakakis/David Dagon/April Lorenzen, sections of the Sussmann indictment stand out even more: ImageImage
Won't get into the Alfa stuff much further, there's a lot of content out there. Knowing WeaponizedAutism's resume as I do, I take as gospel his debunking of the Alfa logs here:…
As we learned at the Sussmann trial, the FBI wanted to interview the author of this Alfa Bank white paper, who they knew to be David Dagon of @GeorgiaTech

The 7th floor of the FBI denied that request. Remember that for later.
Before we move away from Alfa stuff, recall that this information went right to Fusion GPS well in advance of the FBI. Even before the researchers said they went looking for the info in June, Fusion GPS was discussing Alfa bank with reporters in May.…
And as we see here, Fusion GPS directed reporters to David Dagon and April Lorenzen to carry the narrative.

And so the reporters reached out: ImageImage
But...that wasnt the end of the story.
In the spring @ProfMJCleveland was able to show that Antonakakis and Dagon had somehow managed to go on to work for Special Counsel Mueller.…
I was able to snag one document that gave some indications of what that related to.

APT-28 is Fancy Bear, the Russian GRU primarily associated with the DNC hack. APT-29 is Cozy Bear, who was later found to be active in the DNC network as well. Image
Then I think @ProfMJCleveland snagged this next one, where Antonakakis notes in an email to colleagues that John Durham is interested in his work on Guccifer 2.0, alleged to be one or more of the 12 GRU operatives indicted by Mueller. Image
This prompted @JerryDunleavy to ask DARPA about this and they went on to deny approving ANY work associated with the Alfa Bank allegations or the hack of the DNC (to include Guccifer 2.0).

That created alot of confusion.…
White papers on the DNC hack were described, but DARPA was denying involvement. Maybe those white papers were post-fact analyses to demonstrate Enhanced Attribution's prowess? We wondered.

It never squared with Antonakakis being scared for his life. Image
Before going any farther, we need to differentiate DNC hack attributions.

First, there was Crowdstrike's in June 2016.
Next, ODNI/DHS had a statement Oct 7, 2016.
Followed by the ICA Report in Jan 2017.
Ultimately concluded by Mueller indictment and report.
The @CrowdStrike attribution was blasted out by the Clinton campaign. Very well organized campaign, lots of quotes, tons of articles blaming Russia.

Days later, the first Steele dossier report was written to a very receptive FBI crowd given the environment.
I won't recap the litany of issues around the Crowdstrike-DNC investigation. Seems odd they waited 5 weeks AFTER they knew Russians were in the network to remediate it among other known issues.

It was led by Sussmann, later implicated in the Alfa bank hoax.
The current narrative is that the FBI took what Crowdstrike did, corroborated it, and proceeded from there. That is not right.

In October 2016, the FBI didn't even have the server images. The @DNC withheld them the entire summer.
The FBI didn't even have an unredacted copy of Crowdstrike's reports at the time. We know this because of exhibit 147 of the Sussmann trial.

Look at what they didn't have.
Also take note of Delynn for future reference.

**Thread length limit, adding tweet-by-tweet from here ImageImage
It was @IvanPentchoukov that realized that as of the October 7, 2016 attribution statement noted below, our government had nothing from Crowdstrike. Nothing. Nothing.

And as @IvanPentchoukov noted above, @BarackObama personally approved the attribution.…
What did they use for the attribution? Where did the information come from?

But they went on to the ICA report, which is the biggest embarrassment in American history because it is completely void of any substance. How did they conclude there was a Russian interference campaign?
Moreover, if the FBI did not have the DNC server images by October...When did they get them? We don't know.
That leaves an open question for the October attribution, and we must proceed to Mueller's work.

That's the end of the background, now we can proceed from here.
Over the summer I learned that @GeorgiaTech was paying the legal expenses of Manos Antonakakis. Over $100,000.

If you read the Sussmann indictment and filings in the context of the political smear that the allegations were, this was surprising to me.
You have to accept that @GeorgiaTech approved and sanctioned this work that went straight to the Clinton campaign and Fusion GPS. That was a tough pill to swallow.

But then I realized, David Dagon was fighting to get his expenses paid too.
Dagon's invoices are even more expensive, to the tune of half a million dollars or more, depending on discounts. This was the guy who supposedly got immunity in mid-2021. How are the fees so high?
Frustrated that Georgia AG @Georgia_AG did not immediately agree to pay the expenses, Dagon and his attorneys went and hired a lawyer. The former Attorney General of Georgia!

Not bad!
Sam Olens came in hot, aruing that this work was in the scope of Dagon's work at the University: Image
Arguing there was NOTHING wrong with the data in the Alfa allegations: Image
Page after page, the legal invoices submitted to Georgia Tech were endless:…
But then we got something new:

He says under the header of work subject to Durham's investigation: yes...the DNC hack is part of why Durham is looking at David Dagon.

And to the confusion over DARPA's denial @JerryDunleavy ?

They were working for Mueller. "Via DARPA" Image
Going back reading the previous screenshots in context, and the only natural reading of them becomes David Dagon and Manos Antonakakis and their work amount to a substantial portion of the "Mueller attribution" and the subsequent indictment of the 12 GRU agents.
Good, right? Well....Look at everything related to the Alfa bank hoax. They were pushing garbage data with some alarming emails casting doubt about their own conclusions and then David Dagon...the guy who Allison Sands wanted to interview went on to continue doing work for DOJ.
But lets revisit these paragraphs again:
He says the DOJ began submitted queries towards the end of 2016 that included the Alfa bank allegations

We need more info but it appears they secretly funneled the allegations to the FBI and then magically were asked by DOJ to look at it Image
For the first time, we also find out that the Yota phone allegations apparently directly involved President Trump himself.

"Mr. Trump's use of a Yota phone"
The number one question everyone should be asking @HouseGOP @Jim_Jordan @GOPLeader to ask is just how much evidence from Dagon or Antonakakis sequestered as Grand Jury material in the GRU case?
Lets talk about Rodney Joffe a bit.
Apparently, Dagon and Antonakakis were not the only people involved with both Alfa allegations and the DNC hack.

I've had a little more information on this, and I believe this to be accurate, that Joffe also had a role in hack attribution.

This is something seemingly hinted at by Durham in the Sussmann trial.
Joffe is tied to numerous companies with federal contracts. He also has ties throughout the government. Including Congress. Image
This is Joffe's daughter, a Neustar employee with him. I've redacted her, but this is a newsworthy image.

On the day that the Alfa slate article came out, she was at the Armed Services committee. That tells us quite a bit about their influence. They know Joffe on Capitol Hill. Image
Moreover, who took the picture? Who does it look like?
But that's not the only ties I want to highlight. Recently, thanks to @TheAndersPaul we obtained insight into a massive data collection and mining operation.

I was encouraged by @RonWyden's letter yesterday, but this is first thread of a big non-Russiagate story. Image
What if customers don't consent? Certainly we saw Neustar selling their data to Georgia Tech, but that's not the only company we should be raising questions on:

What is the DOD doing? Is this domestic? Image
As @RonWyden correctly noted as well, the DOJ routinely passes taskings through DARPA to Georgia Tech, and I think many Americans would have questions on that.
One last point I want to raise before I take a break (and there's definitely more to come).

In @EricLichtblau's October 2016 @nytimes piece, he noted that briefings on Alfa stuff happened in August and September....

But... Image
Sussmann didn't even take the white papers to the FBI until September 21st.

So how does that make sense?
Did someone lie to Lichtblau to bolster the prominence of the allegations? Will @nytimes look to issue a correction?
More to come.

Here are some FOIA docs for those interested.…

• • •

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