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Join me as I point out just a few reasons why Die Hard IS a Christmas movie.

Yippee Ki-Yay, Muthaf**ker!
1. Die Hard is full of Christmas music
Let it Snow, Winter Wonderland, Christmas in Hollis. Bruce Willis whistles Jingle Bells, the score uses actual jingling bells. Ode to Joy is used throughout.
White Christmas only has 2 Christmas songs.
2. Die Hard is about reconnecting with the family.
A dad struggling to be reunited with his family on Christmas Eve is as Christmassy as it gets. His wife is also called 'Holly', so that's two Christmas references in one here.
3. Die Hard is continually wishing you a Merry Christmas.
There are 21 references to Xmas, including holiday parties, Santa hats etc. This means Christmas is mentioned every 6.2 minutes during the films running time.
Here are just a few.
4. Die Hard loves Christmas trees.
The signs and symbols of Christmas are EVERYWHERE in Die Hard. From Merry Christmas graffiti to plastic Santas. The film loves a Christmas tree, though, which are liberally scattered throughout the film.
5. Die Hard is set on Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is the reason the whole film works. It's why John's there, it's why there's a party, and most importantly, the reason Hans Gruber chose this night is that the police would be less active
6. Hans Gruber is The Grinch
Just like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, about 'the Grinch' stealing all the presents of the town. Hans Gruber wants to steal all the 'presents' from the Nakatomi Corporation on Christmas Eve.
7. Father Christmas appears in Die Hard
McClane taunts the gang by staging a Christmas gag with the body of the "terrorist" he's just killed by dressing one of the gang as Father Christmas, complete with Santa's 'Ho Ho Ho'.
8. Die Hard Christmas babies
There are 2 babies in Die Hard. Holly's secretary is due to give birth, and the reason Sgt. Al Powell was in the area is that he was buying Twinkies for his pregnant wife. There are a lot of Christ refs in Die Hard
9. The Christmas Party
The Christmas party is referenced throughout Die Hard. Even when the action is taken away from that particular setting, the film reminds you that there was a Christmas party going on. It never lets you forget.
10. Twas the Night Before Christmas
Theo recites the classic Twas the Night Before Christmas poem by Clement Clarke Moore as the SWAT team moves in. He changes it a little bit at the end.
11. Hans Gruber and Christmas Miracles
Even Hans Gruber believes in the miracle of Christmas because it's all part of the plan.
12. John McClane is Jesus Christ
McClane is put under trial by forces of evil in his attempts to redeem everyone. He also walks around barefooted the entire time and, at one point bleeds from his feet like he's got Stigmata.
13. Die Hard is about Friendship
Christmas is all about goodwill toward men and the strong friendship formed between John and Sgt. Al Powell reflects that message beautifully.
14. Christmas Wrapping Paper
The climax of the story is the showdown between John and Gruber, and Christmas wrapping tape is CRUCIAL to how this plays out. The reveal is also accompanied by Christmas Jingle Bells to drive the Christmas message home
15. Hans Gruber is Killed by a Christmas Present
As Hans Gruber tries to take Holly with him, she is saved thanks to her Rolex watch, which was an early Christmas present presented to her at the start of the film. Christmas literally saves Holly.
16. It Snows in Los Angeles
You can't have a Christmas movie without snow, right? Well, it snows in Die Hard. After Gruber blows the building, the bearer bonds float down, creating a snowy landscape for the final Christmassy setting.
17. The Final Christmas Send Off
Even the last line in the film is a reference to Christmas, just before the brass of Let it Snow plays us out. Argyle says with a smile, 'If This Is Their Idea Of Christmas, I Gotta Be Here For New Year's.'
18. It's a Christmas Movie Because the Writer Says It Is.
Steven E. de Souza, the writer of Die Hard, went to the trouble of creating this comparison with White Christmas to prove the film HE WROTE is a Christmas film.
1⃣9⃣ Image
19. The Director of Die Hard Says it's a Christmas Movie.
John McTiernan states the reasons why Die Hard is a Christmas Movie. There's no higher authority on the subject than this man, he even outranks Bruce Willis. This is the only proof you need
20. Yippee Ki-Yay, Doubters.
Christmas Eve wouldn't be the same without this movie. If you don't believe the writer, director and all the evidence laid out above then I can only assume you're also a flat earther
Die Hard is a true Christmas Classic
Anyone stating Die Hard's summer release as a Gotcha
Some other Xmas Movie releases 👇
Holiday Inn - Aug 4, 1942
Christmas in Connecticut - Aug 11, 1945
Miracle on 34th Street - June 4, 1947
Stalag 17 - July 1, 1953
The Apartment - June 15, 1960
Trading Places - June 8, 1983

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