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My team and I are reading through the omnibus bill today - all $1.7 trillion and 4,155 pages of it.

Follow along for some of the most egregious provisions in the bill ⬇️
It expressly prohibits CBP funding from being used to improve border security. Image
...but at the same time, allocates $410 million towards border security for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman.

America Last in action. Image
And, of course, $1,438,000,000 for membership in global multilateral organizations, including the UN. Image
The word "salmon" appears 48 times in the bill. ImageImage
$65 million for salmon?

Seems fishy. Image
🐝 $3 million for bee-friendly highways, & another $5 million for the salmon.

Talk about a buzzkill. Image
And lest the other fish feel left out of the spending spree, here's $65.7 million for international fisheries commissions.

Perhaps President Bush was onto something when he said "I know the human being and the fish can coexist peacefully." Image
On a more sinister note, here's at least $575 million for "family planning" in areas where population growth "threatens biodiversity."

Malthusianism is a disturbing, anti-human ideology that should have ZERO place in any federal program. Image
$65 million in two programs for Senator Leahy, and a federal building named for Nancy Pelosi.

Swamp gonna Swamp. ImageImageImage
Here are just a handful of the many earmarks in the bill, including $3.6 million for the "Michelle Obama Trail." Image
A few more earmarks:

$477k for "antiracist" training from the Equity Institute

$3 million for the LGBTQ+ museum in NYC

$1.2 million in "services for DACA recipients"

$4.1 million in various career programs for one of the richest counties in the US (Fairfax) ImageImageImageImage
If an additional $47 billion in Ukraine funding isn't enough for you, the bill also authorizes a "Ukrainian Independence Park" right here in DC. ImageImage
Also, monuments for journalists and service animals... ImageImage
The bill also renames 25 post offices, in addition to the dozens we've already renamed this session.

I'm amazed that we haven't run out of post offices to rename yet. It's bound to happen eventually. Image
$524.4 million for a DEI and "structural racism" focused NIH subdivision -… Image
$300k per year for the Continuous Plankton Recorder. Chump change compared to the rest of this bill! Image
Of course, there's a section for NDAA corrections - another gargantuan bill that passed in a rush.

Because God forbid that Congress actually proofread legislation before passing it! Image
Gender programs in Pakistan and a $200 million for a Gender Equity Fund. ImageImage
Last year's administrative expenses for the vax injury trust fund were $13.2 million - now it's $15.2 million.

That's a 15% increase. Anticipating a 15% increase in vaccine injuries?

It also authorizes "sums as may be necessary" for vaccine injury/death claims. Image
$335,000,000 to prepare for an influenza pandemic!

Including the use of surveillance tools. Image
$7.5 million to better understand the "domestic radicalization phenomenon," plus $1 million for gun violence research.

These research programs are often a smokescreen for violating civil liberties down the road. Image
$535 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which indirectly funds NPR via grants. Image
This provision nearly doubles the 66,000 available H2B visas (temporary low-skilled workers).

The H2B program is highly prone to abuse and hurts American workers. Image
$11.33 billion for the FBI.

$1.75 billion for the ATF.

& $2.63 billion for US Attorneys, with an emphasis on J6 prosecutions and domestic terrorism cases.

All with significant increases from the previous year.
Did you know that the House of Representatives has an Office of Diversity and Inclusion?

It's set to receive nearly $26 million in taxpayer dollars. Image
Also included in the bill: Regulations on cosmetics, changes to horseracing rules, and the Electoral Count Act.

Everything but the kitchen sink. ImageImageImage
$286 million in Title X funding, which funds Planned Parenthood. Image
$70 million for minority business development - an increase of $15 million from Fy22. Image
The omnibus was released around 2am today. The Senate is voting now to begin debate on the bill.

To have read the entire bill by now, you would've needed to read 4+ pages per minute, without a single break, for 16 hours straight.

What a farce.
More earmarks:

$750k for the "TransLatin@ Coalition"

$2.35 million in improvement/maintenance for the Iditarod Trail

$1.5 million for the restoration of the Albany, NY city hall

$400k for the "Racial Justice Improvement Project" ImageImageImageImage
By the way, the hundreds of pages of earmarks aren't even included in the main omnibus bill. You have to view them on a separate website.

We're working through those documents as well, including a breakdown of total earmark $$$ by party.…
We're back for day two of the omnibus breakdown.

The FBI is getting a new, $375 million HQ - final location TBD. Look for that to be a fight next Congress.

Retiring Senator Shelby already has several buildings named after him - this adds an FBI training center to the list. ImageImageImage
In addition to a federal building, Nancy Pelosi also gets a fellowship program for foreign service. Image
The bill creates a pandemic czar, adding to our already bloated bureaucracy and giving the gov't even more avenues to stifle civil liberties in the name of "public health." Image
The EPA gets $10.1 billion, an increase of $576 million above FY22.

It includes $108 million for "Environmental Justice" activities.
The bill also allocates $900 million for land acquisition and related programs.

Doesn't the federal government own enough land already? Image
$166 million for neighborhood reinvestment activities.

$4 million for "shared equity housing models."

The latter appears to be an idea from the World Economic Forum.… Image
The Pentagon will get $8.6 million for "gender advisor programs."

Make of that what you will.
More earmarks:

$6 million for Clemson University

$982k for motel vouchers in LA

$817k for partnerships with "justice-involved individuals" in Glendale, CA

$2 million for "improving coordination" in the NYC Mayor's office ImageImageImageImage
Biden requested $37 billion for Ukraine.

The bill allocates $47 billion - bringing total aid to >$100 billion.

Zelenskyy will address Congress tonight, & will likely ask for EVEN MORE $$$.

Meanwhile, Pelosi is comparing him to Churchill & says that democracy on the line. ImageImageImage
Salmon is the new pork! 🐖

$5 million for salmon reintroduction

$1 million to protect salmon from toxic chemicals

$750k for Oregon salmon conservation ImageImageImage
Diversity action plan requirements for FDA studies. ImageImage
$1.74 billion for USAID operations - $2.1 billion total for the agency. This includes millions in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

The omnibus summaries put out by Dems tout DEI programs in nearly every single corner of the bill. ImageImage
Various democracy programs, including in Nicaragua ($15 million) and Venezuela ($50 million). Image
$27.64 million to the Kennedy Center in DC, and $17.74 million for repairs. Image
$1.3 million for a "recommendation for alcohol" in the 2025 dietary guidelines. ImageImage
Boozman (AR)
Blunt (MO)
Capito (WV)
Collins (ME)
Cornyn (TX)
Cotton (AR)
Graham (SC)
Inhofe (OK)
McConnell (KY)
Moran (KS)
Murkowski (AK)
Portman (OH)
Romney (UT)
Rounds (SD)
Shelby (AL)
Thune (SD)
Wicker (MS)
Young (IN)
Republican Senators Barrasso (WY), Burr (NC), & Cramer (ND) didn't vote on the bill.

All Democrat Senators were present and voted for the bill.
The omnibus contains over $15 billion in earmarks.

That's nearly 700 extra pages - with over 7,000 total earmarks from BOTH parties.

Here's our breakdown: Image
In a House GOP conference meeting last month, 158 Republican reps voted FOR earmarks.

Today, 14 Republican Senators voted AGAINST an amendment from Sen. Johnson that would have stripped earmarks from the omnibus.

Washington's spending addiction is a bipartisan problem.
This omnibus bill spends

$6+ billion per day,

$250+ million per hour,

$4+ million per MINUTE

…until Sept. 30th, when we start the process all over again.
The House is now voting on final passage of the omnibus.

I am a NO on this atrocious bill.
The omnibus passed the House with the help of 9 Republicans-

Katko (NY)
Jacobs (NY)
Cheney (WY)
Fitzpatrick (PA)
Upton (MI)
Davis (IL)
Herrera-Beutler (WA)
Kinzinger (IL)
Womack (AR)
All of the provisions listed in this thread, and more, will now be signed into law.

This sham process is a bipartisan betrayal of Americans.

• • •

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Feb 5
I'm a hard NO on any bill legitimizing illegal immigration.

As I read the Swamp's latest amnesty disaster, I'm already noticing many damaging and dangerous provisions.

Will add examples below... 👇
America Last, Ukraine First from the DC Swamp - literally.

Their priorities are clear, as shown in the first section of the bill summary. Image
How can any legislator look their constituents in the eye after voting to affirm thousands of DAILY illegal crossings? Image
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Nov 30, 2023
.@shellenberger's reporting on the CTIL files is worth reading in full.

Two key players pushing for the global Censorship Industrial Complex say the quiet parts out loud in this 2019 podcast interview.

Here are some of their most sinister admissions:
“[we’re] trying to change their belief sets.”

This is Orwellian stuff. Image
Yes, it is a violation of our First Amendment rights.

Public servants should not be lusting after the Chinese censorship model. Image
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May 29, 2023
@No_1Imp0rtant 1. Nope.
2. Nope. "Enforceable" 1% cap 2 yrs (of the kind Congress agreed to ignore every yr 2014-21). Yrs 3-6 just targets w/ no teeth.
3. Nope. Just expands existing work requirements for recipients aged 18-49 to ages 50-54 & creates 4 new exemption categories. Might REDUCE./1 Image
@No_1Imp0rtant 4. Apparently true.
5. Nope. Only a $1.4B partial rescission of $80B Dems gave IRS last year. That's 1.75% of total and NO CONCEIVABLE EFFECT for 10 yrs to come.
6. Nope. Biden can waive the restriction and bill is explicit that waiver decision cannot be challenged in court./2
@No_1Imp0rtant 7. Maybe a little. For Joe Manchin's pet project.
8. Nope. Sorry, Newt, but this is just a false leadership claim. See #5 above. 1.75% cut is not "slash." Has NO IMPACT on FY2023 staffing spending by IRS.
9. Misleading. Suggests falsely a reversal of Biden forgiveness./3
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May 29, 2023
This is a new side-by-side by @chiproytx, analyzing details of legislative text, comparing bill the House passed. Devastating.
@chiproytx And some descriptions are loose. "Minor 'work requirements' for SNAP & TANF" sound like at least something. But this only "gradually" broadens requirements for recipients aged 18-49 to extend up to age 54, and adds four new categories of exemptions. Might REDUCE scope.
Here are the Administrative PAYGO waiver provisions. The OMB Director can unilaterally waive the requirement that costly new administrative actions be paid for if the action “is necessary for effective program delivery.”

This program is toothless and will be waived perpetually. Image
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Mar 31, 2023
Using state prosecutorial authority, especially in an unusual way, for political retaliation against a former president and/or to intimidate or manipulate his presidential candidacy violates the United States Constitution.
Everyone recognizes this is happening in New York. Some whose political spite for President Trump is boundless — and who may not appreciate the dangers of this precedent — are gleeful, but the fact that political motivations are operating no one really doubts.
For Americans who live in or frequent overwhelmingly Democrat urban areas, this is a cautionary tale. As the Left becomes more openly authoritarian, something of an Iron Curtain is descending on parts of the US in which Democrat power is unchecked. Wrong-thinkers are persecuted…
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Feb 24, 2023
.@kielinstitute just updated its comparison of military, economic and humanitarian commitments to the Ukraine war through Jan. 15, 2023. Four charts tell the tale: This European conflict is being charged to Uncle Sam’s credit card (and Biden wants the limit increased).
The appearance that European central institutions have an edge in even one category — financial support for the Ukrainian government — is misleading. Europe makes loans; America makes grants.
Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently visited Congress to tell us that the United States should continue for as long as it takes. You don’t say.
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