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Forty Democrats Labeled Ukraine's Azov Battalion a Terrorist Organization in 2019

They compared them to ISIS and blamed them for radicalizing New Zealand's Christchurch shooter then they sent them billions in weapons in 2022.

2/ "... the Azov Battalion is a well-known ultranationalist militia organization in Ukraine that openly welcomes neo-Nazis into its ranks...The United Nations has chronicled human rights abuses and incidents of torture in this group's relatively short history..."
3/ "The Christchurch... shooter claimed he had trained with the Azov Battalion in Ukraine, and he routinely wore a neo-Nazi symbol associated with them... The link between Azov and acts of terror in America is clear."

@RepAlGreen @BennieGThompson @JacksonLeeTX18 @RoKhanna
4/ The Azov Battalion was founded by Andriy Biletsky, an avowed white supremacist who once said that Ukraine’s national purpose was to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade … against Semite-led Untermenschen [subhuman].”

5/ (Top) A photo of the Azov Battalion – a regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine - with a NATO flag, an Azov flag, and a Nazi flag.

(Bottom) The emblem of the Azov Battalion combines the Nazi Black Sun and the "Wolfsangel" symbol used by the Nazi Waffen-SS.
6/ Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion holds up a photograph of Adolph Hitler.

A NATO instructor teaches Azov Battalion members how to use newly-delivered grenade launchers paid for by American taxpayers.
7/ A 2016 OSCE report found the Azov Battalion responsible for mass executions, torture, and rape of civilians and prisoners.

The corporate media only covers one side of the story, but both sides are guilty of war crimes.

8/ Today’s war in Ukraine cannot be understood without first understanding the US government’s role in Ukraine's 2014 Maidan Coup.

9/ In 2013, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych rejected a $17 billion IMF loan and EU association agreement.

In response, John McCain and Victoria Nuland worked with neo-Nazis, like the leader of Svoboda, Oleh Tyahnybok, to escalate the violence and overthrow Yanukovych.
10/ CNN: "A 2012 European Parliament resolution condemned the main – but by no means most extreme – ultra-right party, Svoboda, as racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic.”

11/ Every Jan. 1st, Svoboda, which was called the Social-National party until 2004, marches through the streets of Ukraine, holding torches to honor the birth of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera.

12/ In 2013, Sen. John McCain appeared on stage in Maidan Square, where he stood shoulder to shoulder with Svoboda leader Oleh Tyagnibok and protested the elected government of Ukraine.

Victoria Nuland was caught on a leaked phone call planning Ukraine’s new government.
13/ Ukraine is a divided nation, and many of the protestors were organic.

However, western NGOs such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), an infamous CIA cut-out, also funded, trained, and bussed in activists, journalists, and protestors to fan the flames.
14/ The violence escalated, with protestors using bats, metal bars, and bulldozers to attack the government.

On Feb. 20th, unidentified snipers fired into the crowds, killing people on all sides, in an event known as the Maidan Massacre.

15/ The Maidan Massacre trial and investigation produced overwhelming evidence that Maidan protesters were massacred by snipers at Maidan-controlled buildings rather than by government snipers.

16/ Nevertheless, armed mobs took over the Ukrainian government, leading to the Russian annexation of Crimea and the civil war in Donbas, killing an estimated 14,000 people since 2014.

The newly formed government accepted the IMF loan.

17/ If you want to truly understand how corrupt this foreign aid is, here is another one of my articles on how the Ukrainian billionaire oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky funded Hunter Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

18/ Many people don't know that the shelling in Donbas increased 9-days before Russia invaded Ukraine.

If the first causality of war is truth, then it should follow that the first battle between Russia and Ukraine was also won with lies.

19/ A diplomatic solution with Russia might have involved something as simple as demilitarizing the Donbas and a signed treaty promising Ukraine would never join NATO, but the US political establishment wanted this proxy war with nuclear-armed Russia so they created it.
20/ The same discredited neoconservative and neoliberal establishment that lied about Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are now lying about Russia & Ukraine.

Every modern American war has turned stable countries into hotbeds of chaos, corruption, and death.
21/ Support the innocent people of Ukraine and Russia, but do not support the corrupt governments that created this bloodshed.

Do not support the military-industrial complex, the war propaganda machine, and the useful idiots lobbying for World War III.
22/ This isn't a story of good versus evil. It is a story of corrupt governments ruthlessly fighting for competing self-interest while ordinary citizens suffer the consequences.

The world should be calling for peace and diplomacy.
23/ Twitter banned me for the last two years, so retweet this message if it resonates with you, and join the 50,000 subscribers who read my newsletter at:



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Dec 22
1/ Hunter Biden’s boss and benefactor at Burisma Holdings is the same Ukrainian oligarch who also claimed the position of boss and benefactor over Volodymyr Zelensky before he became Ukraine’s president.

Ihor Kolmoysky.

2/ Zelensky achieved national fame, portraying a president on a hit television sitcom called Servant of the People, which was broadcasted on a channel owned by Kolomoysky.

Kolomoysky provided security, lawyers, and vehicles for Zelensky's campaign.
3/ The Pandora Papers revealed that Volodymyr Zelensky was the beneficiary of a web of offshore firms created in 2012, the same year Zelensky’s production company entered into a deal with Kolomoysky’s media group & received $41 million in funds from Kolomoysky’s Privatbank. Image
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Dec 19
1/ The FBI buried the #BidenLaptop since 2019.

What's on it?

Joe Biden was the architect of the 1994 Crime Bill that sent millions of people to prison for doing what his son is doing here.
2/ After a 13-month investigation, the @MarcoPolo501c3 report fully documents 459 violations of state and federal laws found on the #BidenLaptop.

It includes 140 business-related crimes, 191 sex-related offenses, and 128 drug-related crimes.

3/ The Biden family made more than $30 million from officials linked to Chinese intelligence.

Hunter, Jimmy, and Sara Biden partnered with the "spy chief of China" (Hunter's words) and CEFC Energy to spread China's Belt & Road initiative.

Joe knew everything.
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Dec 17
Here's a thread of my videos that went viral on Twitter while I was banned from Twitter. Enjoy!

They said it would stop transmission!
Joe Biden says 'lock him up!'
Democrats sound like based pillow merchant (@realMikeLindell)!
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Nov 12, 2020

Dr. Andrew Appel, a Princeton Professor of Computer Science, and an election security expert demonstrated in 2016 on Fox News how a Dominion Voting Machine could be hacked to switch votes from one candidate to another. Image
2/ He described how it was as simple as writing a slightly different program that would switch votes from one candidate to another just before the polls were closed. Then he could hack a machine in a few minutes, with a screwdriver, and a usb stick.

3/ Dr. Appel has warned about specific security flaws in Dominion Voting Machines, saying these voting machines were inviting "permission to cheat." Image
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