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How the discovery of the shots causing more production of IgG4 as opposed to the other classes of antibodies might explain the negative efficacy of the shots conservativereview.com/horowitz-possi…
I spoke to Dr. Dan Stock, an Indiana family doctor who is one of the most brilliant immunologists i know. Here is how he explained the significance of class switch from IgG1-3 to IgG4.
When Antigens (Ag) bind IgG1-3 antibodies (Ab) they change shape and then can bind to a macrophage (MF) which takes the Ag-Ab complex into the MF (we call that Ab-mediated uptake opsonization).
But the Ab gives the MF different instructions depending on what type of IgG it is. IgG1-3 tell the MF “this is this or that type of pathogen, protect yourself from it and present it to the lymphocytes so they can make the proper response”.
The MF understands that it has a pathogen, changes its metabolism to make it less infectable, and shows it to lymphocytes with particular patterns of cytokines, which activates the proper immune response.
IgG4 binds an Ag and then is opsonized into MF but the MF is given the instruction “this is innocuous material, don’t protect yourself or activate the lymphocytes, just destroy it”. The MF processes the AG differently without protecting itself and becomes more infectable.
And it doesn’t tell the lymphocytes that they should respond. This is exactly what we saw happening late in the old RSV vaccine, and is another mechanism explaining ADE, in addition to the hypocellular immune response.
The MF becomes more easily infected, doesn’t signal a proper immune response and the infection goes further with more tissue destruction and inflammation than it would have it you hadn’t induced IgG4 production.
So yes, it explains the late-onset immune compromise that we’re seeing, if these shots induce IgG4 shifts, as we now know they do.
IgG4 transformation is part of developing what we call immune tolerance: Where the immune system recognizes a foreign protein but doesn’t mount a response to it. It’s a great thing to do against pollen. It’s a terrible thing to do against a virus.

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Without the active assistance of a governor signing and expedition warrant, out of state cops cannot just come in and grab someone (and this is putting the Secret Service issue aside). DeSantis said he won't do it. People demanded that of him. So again, why is Trump going to NY?
You can't have it both ways. If it's important that DeSantis violate all legal norms (which Im in favor of if its in response to them violating the norms to begin with), then its important that Trump break the precedent and not show up.
I hear people suggest then he would be in legal jeopardy. But do would DeSantis if (in their hypothetical of NYPD somehow trying to come down) NY takes it to the federal courts and they issue an order. They want DeSantis to openly defy. Fine. But then Trump has to do his part.
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Let's put the jabs and paxlovid aside for a moment. Everyone agrees molnupiravir is crap, yet Merck got $2 billion and ran with it. It's approved to this very day. Now we know it causes mutations medrxiv.org/content/10.110…
"Within days of treatment, we detected a large number of low-frequency mutations in patients and that these new mutations could persist... All patients treated with the drug accrued new mutations in the spike protein of the virus"
"Our study demonstrates that this commonly used antiviral can ‘supercharge’ viral evolution in immunocompromised patients, potentially generating new variants and 25 prolonging the pandemic."
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