BREAKING: the Ontario College of Psychologists @CPOntario has demanded that I submit myself to mandatory social-media communication retraining with their experts for, among other crimes, retweeting @PierrePoilievre and criticizing @JustinTrudeau and his political allies.
I am to take a course of such training (with reports documenting my "progress" or face an in-person tribunal and suspension of my right to operate as a licensed clinical psychologist.
About a dozen people from all over the world submitted complaints about my public statements on Twitter and Rogan over a four year period (out of the 15 million who follow me on social media) claiming that I had "harmed" people (not them) with my views.
In its wisdom @CPOntario decided to pursue these complaints even though they could have dismissed them@as vexatious
I have been accused of harming people (although none of the complainants involved in the current action were clients of mine, past or present, or were even acquainted with any of my clients).
And even though many of them falsely claimed that they were or had been clients of mine and were allowed by @CPOntario to have their complaints investigated despite this falsehood
We are now in a situation in Canada under @JustinTrudeau where practicing professionals can have their livelihoods and public reputations threatened in a very serious manner for agreeing with the Official Opposition and criticizing major government figures.
If I comply the terms of my re-education and my punishment will be announced publicly. I have already had the second most serious category of punishment levied against me and have been deemed at high risk to "re-offend."
Canadians: your physicians, lawyers, psychologists and other professionals are now so intimidated by their commissar overlords that they fear to tell you the truth. This means that your care and legal counsel has been rendered dangerously unreliable.
Ask Queen's U law@professor @PardyBruce if he concurs on the legal front.
To reiterate: I face public disgrace, mandatory political re-education, disciplinary hearing and potential loss of my clinical licensing for agreeing with @PierrePoilievre and criticizing our standing PM @JustinTrudeau
I am willing (if @CPOntario concurs, which they won't) to make absolutely every word of all this fully public so that everyone can decide for themselves what is actually happening
And to let the chips fall where they will in consequence

• • •

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How can you improve your personality?

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But more than that, it makes them cynical, bitter and vicious, and resentful. (3/4)
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