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🧵If you thought the Twitter Files were as bad as it gets for the “Trust & Safety” of Big Tech merging with government, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
“Safety by Design” might be the biggest tech threat you’ve never heard of. The World Economic Forum, the Australian Government, and a radical bureaucrat named Julie Inman Grant are using it to impose their woke ideology onto the internet for everyone worldwide. Here's how:
You may remember Julie Grant, the Australian eSafety commissioner, from this viral World Economic Forum clip last year in which she proposed a 'recalibration' of free speech.
After beginning her career in DC, Grant tried to become a “safety antagonist"—her words—at Microsoft, Adobe, and pre-Elon Twitter. She left Big Tech after her push for “Safety by Design” fell flat and went where her scheme for control was welcome: the Australian Gov & WEF.
The eSafety Commissioner operates programs everyone can all get behind, such as removing child pornography. But the programs don't stop at the line of legality. The office also seeks to suppress whatever it deems “harmful.” Every so often, we hear what that means.
In between Grant's apparent desire to have app stores ban more than Parler and her mockery of "middle-aged caucasian men,” you might have noticed two key mentions: “harm” and “basic online safety expectations,” which fall under “Safety by Design.” So, what is Safety by Design?
“Safety by Design” is the notion that government regulators cannot possibly keep up with innovation, so liberals' regulatory preferences need to be built into the technology itself.
In order to operate in Australia and many more countries soon if WEF has its way—more on that in a moment—a company would have to abide by these “basic online safety expectations” and lean into the “safety” pushed by the eSafety Commissioner and the WEF.
Here are just a few screenshots from the eSafety website’s “enterprise” training course for tech companies. It lists "hate speech," "individual identity attacks," "disinformation/misinformation," and "conspiracy content" as items for the companies to suppress. ImageImageImage
eSafety even has a page specifically for female journalists, singling out blowback they may receive from reporting on "right-wing groups." As if conservative women reporting on leftists don't receive the same or worse sorts of threats in their inboxes. Image
What about that mis- and dis-information they want to stop? Are these would-be regulators rational and reticent in their treatment of controversial topics such as, say, the COVID-19 vaccine? Not exactly...
At this point, you might be thinking, “Thank goodness I don’t live in Australia.” (Or perhaps, “Uh-oh. I live in Australia!” But it turns out it doesn’t matter. Thanks to the World Economic Forum, “Safety by Design” is being exported globally.
In addition to serving as the eSafety Commissioner for Australia, Grant also serves on the World Economic Forum’s "Global Coalition for Digital Safety" and on its "XR Ecosystem Governance Steering Committee on Building and Defining the Metaverse."
The WEF is all in on “Safety by Design,” in partnership with the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. When did Klaus Schwab get himself elected PM of Australia? When did he get himself elected to anything at all? Image
You can see that the Safety by Design project is part of the World Economic Forum’s "Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment and Sport" platform. Does that sound like something that exists merely to deplatform child pornography? No. Because it isn’t.
"Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment & Sport" lists three initiatives: “The Power of Media,” which pushes "diversity, equity and inclusion," as well as the two that Grant takes part in, “Defining & Building the Metaverse" and the "Global Coalition for Digital Safety."
You might expect the "Global Coalition for Digital Safety" to list terrorism or child protection first among its list of threats. Instead, it seems to consider "health misinformation" a more dire prospect. Image
On January 9, 2023, the Coalition released a new white paper claiming that "urgent action is needed to minimize the potential harm to all people” from things like “hate speech” and “mis- and dis-information.” When they tell you what they're planning, listen to them.
And now we come full circle. The Global Coalition for Digital Safety is the entity that operated the World Economic Forum panel where Grant uttered her infamous 'recalibrate free speech' line.
The WEF is currently hosting its annual meeting of globalists in Davos. They aren’t meeting to braid each other's hair. They are meeting to make decisions about our lives and our children’s lives. I'm paying attention. Are you?

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