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Jan 19 10 tweets 3 min read
Here is @ChurchSociety answer to this. For what it is worth, I am with them on points 1-5
However, by point 6, this is their proposed solution:
"It is time for those who have failed to persuade us of the need and biblical basis for changing our doctrine and practice, to move on and move out of the Church of England."
The issue with this, of course, is that those who affirm these changes will not do this. Indeed, as the article notes:
"The Archbishop of York says this is 'not the end of the journey' — he expects there to be further changes down the road."
Given this 'is not the end of the journey' and knowing those Church Society call to leave, 'not with our blessing perhaps, but with our appreciation of your integrity', will not leave in expectation of these further changes, might evangelical integrity warrant a different stance?
As the article rightly notes, 'It would be a fearsome thing to be led by those whom God had abandoned.' Given such people are not leaving but intend further changes, and those in line with them are not leaving, how might evangelicals address that fearsome problem with integrity?
It seems to me, the only answer is the very answer they do not like and will not here. There answer, given all that lies in this post:…
"It [is] hard to understand why anyone would want to remain in a denomination that has now moved beyond fudge to officially enshrining its own hypocrisy for all to see."
Indeed, perhaps it is time for evangelicals to have the courage of their own convictions and leave over those red lines? Red lines their evangelical brethren outside Anglicanism would both welcome and applaud their integrity for leaving over.

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Jan 18
This is essentially true. But the sleight of hand about companies losing money is interesting. It's the reason why they insist workers should not seek pay rises because the companies lose money. But what he actually means is they make a bit less profit, which isn't the same thing
There is a world in which companies still make profit and the pay increases workers seek can be met despite inflation, that is with companies taking the hit on profit (while still making profit) for the sake of their workers and customers.
But because we live in a world where profit is the summum bonum, economic growth is the be all and end all, the idea of less profit - though still making substantial profit - for the sake of workers and others just does not compute.
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Jan 16
My solution to the death of the combustion engine but concerns about electric car distances:
Dodgem style (or mario bros if you dares watch that terrible film) overhead power cables on all motorways.
Hear me out
Germany have already started to make inside lanes on autobahns electrified so that electric lorries can charge and run on grid on long distances but use diesel engine (or electric motor) on smaller local journeys
If standard height can be set on overhead telegraph wires or grid (like on dodgems), manufacturers could build cars with telegraph poles that would bring contact as with tram lines in line with model size (clearly lorries will be the upper limit)
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Aug 19, 2022
Some of us were happy with levels of immigration but objected to majority white nations being favoured over majority non-White nations with whom we had no particular historic ties. I argued for brexit and predicted it before the vote on these terms.…
I did believe untrammelled EU immigration led to wage depression in certain sectors and welcomed a points based system on the grounds of need, wanting to see us open up to the world in areas we need whilst not welcoming people in over-served (and often under-paid) industries
I was mocked when I said it. I was told I was racist and all racists would vote leave. Which makes idiots of those who claim not to be racist wanting to stay in, locking out majority non-White immigrants and encouraging less immigration to the country, as we are seeing now.
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Jun 15, 2020
Many of the issues facing white wc and BAME people are very similar and both would well empathise with the other because they recognise those same problems themselves.
But, these discussions are often hijacked by very privileged people who want to maintain some level of victim status to get the feelgoods for their 'struggle'. These two groups get pitted against each other by those with vested interests
The protests are often involve middle class people who loathe the working class or who unironically believe themselves to be truly working class against all evidence and thus, believing themselves to have bettered themselves and thus sneer at real working class people
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Jun 8, 2020
This is an old video but it does help to explain the concept of privilege, which is most certainly a thing that exists
But I am increasingly convinced the term 'white privilege' is extremely unhelpful.
There are without doubt issues that black people face because of the colour of their skin that white people do not have to contend with. There are also issues of systemic racism and implicit bias that exist too. Those things are very real.
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Jun 7, 2020
If we judge history by the mores of our time, there will be no more statues to pull down
Some are wondering why the difference is between removing the Colston statue and this…
One is judged by the mores of his own time, the other is not.
One was removed by the selfsame people who decided to honour him in the first place, the other was removed by a mob without any authority to do so.
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