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1/11 The media ask politicians and politicians ask experts for predictions on how the war in Ukraine will proceed and whether it will end this year.

Predictions are useless. There have been many over the past year, and their accuracy has been poor.
2/11 But more than that: predictions are dangerous because they guide our actions. The slow, timid and inadequate reaction of the West to the Russian invasion was to a large extent based on predictions that Russia would defeat Ukraine quickly anyway.
3/11 Instead of asking what will happen, we should ask what we want to happen and then act accordingly. There is no future but the one that we create by our actions and choices. Things do not happen independently; we make them happen.
4/11 The war will not end if Russia is not defeated on the battlefield. If (and as) we want Russia to lose this war and refrain from starting the next one, we must do things that further these goals.
5/11 We are doing the right things but we are doing them too slowly and gradually. Russia has the will, the capacity and the intention to continue the war for a very long time. It has no rational goals in Ukraine. The destruction is not collateral, it is the goal in itself.
6/11 Therefore it is not enough to give Ukraine the bare minimum it needs to slow down the invasion. Ukraine needs weapons and help to squeeze the Russians out of all occupied territories. A Russian defeat, not a stalemate, is needed to end this war and prevent the next one.
7/11 The West, and Germany in particular, must this year stop asking the Russians what weapons we are allowed to send to Ukraine. It is obvious they do not want Ukraine to receive help. It is very dumb to ask them.
8/11 The aid must be massive and overwhelming to make it clear to the Russians - to the troops on the field if not to the Kremlin - that their situation is hopeless in the long term. Our constant hesitation encourages the Russians and gives them hope that time is on their side.
9/11 In October, I proposed EU countries pool their modern tanks and send them to Ukraine. I am very glad such a project is gaining support, and I have high hopes for the Ramstein meeting today.

10/11 But tanks alone are not a solution. Ukraine needs long-range missiles, artillery, aircraft, helicopters. Anything that causes maximum devastation on the horde in Ukraine and sends the Russians the message that they are - to quote "Full Metal Jacket" - in a world of shit.
11/11 Other things on this years to-do list:

a) An international tribunal to try the Russian leadership, including Mr Putin, for their crimes. This is taking far too long.

b) A legal framework to confiscate the frozen Russian assets abroad. This is taking far too long.

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Dec 22, 2022
1/4 Hesarilla on mielenkiintoinen linja alaikäisten rikoksista uutisoitaessa.
2/4 20.12.2022: 17-vuotiasta kutsutaan 20 kertaa "mieheksi" ja hänen nimensä julkaistaan. Ryöstö ja 2 törkeää pahoinpitelyä, 2v10kk ehdotonta.

3/4 22.12.2022: 17-vuotiasta kutsutaan 8 kertaa "pojaksi". Nimeä ei julkaista, koska "hän oli teon tehdessään alaikäinen".

Laiton uhkaus ja törkeä lapsenraiskaus, 3v6kk ehdotonta.

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Dec 14, 2022
1/12 History has a habit of repeating itself for the reason that history consists of human action and human behavior. A person with a given mentality reacts to a given stimulus in a given manner, regardless of time and place.
2/12 Since the number and relative incidence of mentality types is limited and constant, we see similar action and behavior throughout history. With similar results.
3/12 As said many times before, the West has performed much better this year than anyone could have predicted. Many say that Putin made grave miscalculations. He certainly did miscalculate his own military strength and the willingness and ability of the Ukrainians to resist.
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Dec 14, 2022
1/5 Riippumaton ja puolueeton Yle on valmistautumassa eduskuntavaaleihin tavanomaisella sapluunalla. Muutama huomio tästä uutisesta:

2/5 Viestien lähettäjä on todettu "perussuomalaisten kannattajaksi" sillä perusteella, että hän seuraa twitterissä minua tai Purraa.

Myös Annika Saarikko, Li Andersson ja Anna-Maja Henriksson seuraavat minua twitterissä. Ovatko he perussuomalaisten kannattajia?
3/5 Tutkimuksessa on tarkasteltu Marinin hallituksen ministereiden saamia vihaviestejä. Lienee normaalia, että tämän postin lähettäjissä hallituspuolueiden kannattajat ovat aliedustettuna ja perussuomalaisten kannattajat yliedustettuna.
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Dec 1, 2022
1/20 This week, I had a breakfast meeting with the Ambassador of Georgia, Mr. Irakli Khutsurauli.

Our two countries have much in common, including the common headache in between. Image
2/20 As the Ambassador noted, the Russian campaign to restore the lost empire did not begin in 2022 or even 2014. It began in Georgia in 2008. Because of no Western reaction then and a feeble reaction in 2014, we have a total war of destruction in the middle of Europe in 2022.
3/20 In "The Unknown Soldier" ("Tuntematon sotilas"), the Finnish semi-epic war novel of 1954, 2nd Lt Koskela instructs inexperienced and shaky conscripts on the eve of the "Continuation War" in 1941:
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Nov 11, 2022
1/8 Congratulations to Ukraine and its armed forces on the long-awaited liberation of Kherson and the west bank of river Dnipro!


2/8 Some commentators and "experts" have over the past two months made belittling comments on the operation for its "slowness" or "lack of progress", as if it were the task of the UAF to keep the audience entertained with spectacular frontal attacks.
3/8 The UAF, unlike the Russians, understand that their most valuable capital are the soldiers. They have systematically destroyed with artillery the Russian logistics, stores, depots, troops and equipment and only advanced when opportunities have arisen.
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Nov 9, 2022
1/4 Many people in Europe have been worried about the mid-term elections results in the US and how they might impact the willingness of the Congress to support Ukraine.
2/4 I would worry much more about the fact that Europe combined supports Ukraine much less than the US alone; that the UK alone supports Ukraine more than the EU combined; that Latvia and Estonia support Ukraine more than France. Image
3/4 This is, after all, a European war, the outcome of which has direct implications for the security in Europe.
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