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@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen That's your impression? Do you not allow any other opinions or views to be heard or have any compassion? Many people suffered, lost their jobs, even friends & family over what-a vaccine that does nothing to prevent Covid nor stop transmitting. Treating like lepers isn't right. ImageImage
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen I've done a lot of volunteering in my younger days, incl many yrs of participating in the Host Family Pgm in Calgary & also in BC helping new refugees adapt 2 life in Canada. One family I got 2 know was from Bosnia & was also a truck driver, so their family supported the protest
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen Many of my friends are from different countries like this, also Germany, Hong Kong and more – they see warning signs of the total control by this Liberal gov't. Justin Trudeau called them a fringe minority, racists and just ignored them for weeks.
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen When seeing the beginning of the truckers’ convoy heading to Ottawa my husband & I felt proud and happy to see the momentum grow to such a huge group-it was inspiring to see so many supporting them & it was all peaceful. We, along with others did not support the border blockades.
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen The truckers were intending to be peaceful and were exactly that, co-operated with local police re where to park and made it known that they wouldn’t tolerate any extremists. References:
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen Unfortunately, someone in Ottawa appeared with a Swastika flag that wasn’t part of this protest-conveniently disguised and put a negative spin on this. I tend to believe this was intentional to give a false story. He was asked to leave yet didn’t.
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen Some others who joined the protest may have done some things to annoy people but this was never condoned by the truckers. The horns were disruptive to some residents & that was solved. The majority of this whole protest was peaceful, crime rate actually decreased, homeless were
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen fed, garbage picked up and some restaurants that were open did very well-truckers even helped them with cleaning etc in their restaurants. One local Ottawa resident even produced a blog re his experience there. Reference:
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen From all the facts I know, I don’t believe the claim that the Emergencies Act was necessary. No police including the RCMP, Ottawa police, nor any others requested it. Borders were cleared, an agreement was reached to have the truckers leave which had already begun, yet the
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen They treated everyone involved as if they were hard criminals – freezing bank accounts and more which hurt some innocent people who just donated a few dollars. When violence and force was used against innocent protesters it made me & many others very ill to see it. I still can’t
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen believe that would be something done in Canada and condoned! Now many people are even afraid to (participate) donate to any protest like this. Just a couple of references:
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen There are many videos on record to prove how badly the protesters were treated. Some were hurt. Screenshots of phone messages of the police who were in Ottawa to force the protesters out revealed their intention to use force and it was treated like a joke. ImageImageImage
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen Now some are facing charges, many have been dropped, and Tamara Lich was originally denied bail while hard criminals get bail-how can this happen & why? References:
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen There were many false accusations & main media focused so much on the negative that the public only got 1 side of this whole protest. This resulted in a lot of Canadians getting the wrong impression, even thinking the truckers were there to overthrow the government of all things!
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen Trade was hardly affected as per this reference (also, borders were blocked by a different group):
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen Even one well known, well-qualified journalist CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, foreign correspondent bureau chief in Beijing, India and Jerusalem…as a longtime journalist, Rodney Palmer commented on how terrible the reporting was on this. Media was complicit in painting
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen such a negative picture of this protest. blacklocks.ca/told-reporters…
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen My husband and I are fully vaccinated yet along with many others are totally against the over-reach of mandates. People lost their jobs, savings and self worth when being fired just for refusing to get vaccinated either due to a medical reason or fear of the relatively untested
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen vaccine which was rushed. I realize the medical experts did not know enough about Covid19 to make good decisions yet our Dr. Tam had been previously involved in a previous SARS outbreak which she was part of producing a report on. Reference: theglobeandmail.com/canada/article…
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen No other flu outbreak was ever handled like this one, mandating people in such a restrictive and damaging way. There have been serious flues that overwhelmed hospitals in the past, yet there were no mandates. These are good reasons against mandates:
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen The Liberals originally stated there would be no mandates, then used a special poll to divide Canadians after the mandates were implemented. Reference: montrealgazette.com/news/local-new…
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen A special poll was done by the Liberal gov't 2 find out how Cdns felt re the mandates & the result was a snap election 2 use this as a wedge issue. This was diabolical, using health issues like this, wasting over $600 Million & time 2 try getting a majority win for more power.
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen I’ve read that the Liberal gov't didn’t provide all of their documentation &/or phone records regarding this decision 2 invoke the Emergencies Act – why not if they have nothing to hide? It seems so common that they keep covering up information they’ve earned the ‘F’ rating for
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen no transparency on so many issues. Reference: cdhowe.org/media-release/…
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen there are many like me who don't agree with this Emergencies Act being used 4 this protest & feel that it could have been handled much better as well as sooner as it was shown in other Provinces. This also sets a very dangerous precedent when the Emergencies Act can be used to
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen suppress freedoms in any future peaceful protests. The Emergencies Act was never used for the rail blockades which involved 6 weeks of blocked rail lines, endangering lives, fires, thousands laid off, 60 + ships awaiting unloading at both East and West coasts, and damage done.
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen I could go on & provide many more examples of all the misinformation supplied by media, especially CBC which did their job of twisting the real truth. It's no wonder you & many others have such a negative view & that is what's sad. Just think how this has affected many!
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen Those who demean the protesters should be ashamed! They are human beings who just wanted to be heard & were treated like dirt. This is not how Trudeau/Liberals or Canadians should be treating them or labelling with derogatory names. #TrudeauMustGo #LiberalsMustGo ImageImageImage
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen Sad to see @Srl82Shawn doesn't like facts & blocked me!
@Srl82Shawn @Jayson4162 @ryangerritsen @threadreaderapp can you please unroll? Thanks.

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