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1) Now that I have everyone’s attention, allow me to address why US establishment politicians are sending tanks, jets, weapons, equipment, and $100+ billion to Ukraine.

It has nothing to do with Ukrainian citizens, and everything to do with Deep State assets/secrets in Ukraine. ImageImage
2) Let’s go back to when and where it all began.

Flashback to 2005. Then Senator Obama and Senator Lugar visited former Soviet biological and chemical facilities in Ukraine, and established the US Deep State roots in Ukraine.

To “counter bioweapons”.…
3) When speaking of the labs in 2005, here is how they were described by WaPo.

The labs were “part of a Cold War network of ‘antiplague’ stations that supplied highly lethal pathogens to Soviet bioweapons factories”.

So when Russia does “anti-plague” research its “bioweapons”. Image
4) But when the US does “defensive gain of function/directed evolution” research, it’s not bioweapons.

In 2005 @washingtonpost admits that “anti-plague” research results in the production of “highly lethal pathogens” aka “bioweapons”.

Seems their tune changed in 2022. Image
5) The US, led by Obama, passed the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Act of 2005.

The US took over former Soviet labs and facilities, supposedly to destroy stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in Ukraine.…
6) Obama opened the floodgates for the Deep State. Created biological weapons programs with the Ukrainian government, and established connections for US oligarchs to build biolab companies in the lawless land of Ukraine.

Companies like Biden’s Metabiota.
7) Then the situation turned sour.

Under US “supervision”, Ukraine fell into civil war in February 2014 (Obama).

In the disarray of war, State Dept (Clinton) and the CIA, took full control of Ukraine’s government.

Nuland facilitated a regime change.…
8) Nuland, who spilled the beans on the fear of “Russian forces getting their hands on the biological research in Ukraine”, engineered the Color Revolution in Ukraine.

They started a civil war, then picked their puppet to run the government, creating a Deep State proxy.
9) Now with complete control of the Ukrainian government, then the Bidens began their dirty work.

Biden visited Ukraine 13+ times, securing US funding for Ukrainian oligarchs. Then used his power to fire a State prosecutor who figured out Biden’s kick-back/laundering scheme.
10) So the reason why all of our tax dollars are in Ukraine, is because Ukraine is a Deep State proxy, controlled by the ruling families of the DNC/Soros.

They are trying to protect their assets/secrets in Ukraine.

Most consequential of which is their biological activity. Image
11) The reason the US MSM went all out pro-Ukraine, is because the media is owned by the Pharma companies via advertisement money.

The Pharma companies who rely on the biolabs in Ukraine to create pathogens so their vaccine scheme can profit…

Starting to make sense?
12) The reason the @FBI and @DHSgov went full Orwell and weaponized Big Tech to censor all reporting on the Biolabs in Ukraine, is because intel community is compromised by the Deep State.

The Deep State who can’t let people find out about their pathogen production scheme… ImageImage
13) The reason the House Dems @DNC went insane and impeached Trump over making a single phone call to Zelensky in Ukraine… is because they couldn’t allow Trump to snoop around and investigate their Deep State proxy.

Trump was on to whatever they were hiding. Aka bioweapons.
14) The reason Zelensky ordered the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to destroy all State documents affiliated with US biolab companies “Metabiota and Battelle”… the day that missiles started flying (2/24/22)…

Is because he knew Putin was looking for the bioweapons. ImageImage
16) The reason the @WHO advised Ukraine to destroy all their pathogens (at the labs that the MSM said didn’t exist)… is because the WHO knew Putin was looking for the bioweapons.

The same @WHO that created a global medical police-state due to C19.…
15) Big Pharma, MSM, Big Tech, the Intelligence Community, Zelensky, WHO/NIH, and Deep State politicians; are all working together to accomplish the same goal…

To cover up the criminal biological weapons production in Ukraine.

All the entities who happened to benefit from C19.
16) This is why these entities are hyper-defensive about all things related to C19, biological research, and Ukraine.

It’s not because they are being philanthropic.

It’s because we are close to the proof of their crimes against humanity. For which, the punishment is harsh.
17) Tanks, jets, weapons, equipment, $100+ billion in taxpayer funds, the lives of the Ukrainian people…

All worthy sacrifices in the eyes of the Deep State. Whatever it takes to cover up their bioweapons production.

WW3 already started. C19 was the first weapon fired.


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Jan 6
1) Say hello to Nathan Wolfe.

American virologist and founder of METABIOTA!

The Biden-funded biolab company via Rosemont Seneca, studying bat coronaviruses in Ukraine circa 2014, via project PREDICT with CIA proxy, USAID.

He is the epicenter of the Deep State bio network.

Not only is he the founder of Biden’s Metabiota, he is a WEF member, DoD employee, sat on the board of Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance involved in Wuhan, funded by DARPA, Gates Foundation, funded Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar project with the Clintons, member of The Edge Foundation collecting microbes and housing animal viruses all over the world, AND Russia have accused him directly of being the key player in creating SARS-CoV-2 from a bat coronavirus he discovered in Ukraine.

Before I get started, I’d like to clarify that other people have dug into this subject already for years, I am not breaking any news here. However some new developments have fallen into place, specifically as it pertains to Russia and the Epstein blackmail operation, and I personally have connected some dots that I was unaware of until now, and the world needs to see it.

I might be late to the party, but this is INSANE!

Thread!🧵 @virushunterImage
2) So Nathan Wolfe is a virologist that calls himself the “Virus Hunter”. @virushunter

He wrote a book in 2012, “The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age”.

He warned that Humans are becoming more susceptible to pandemics and that we will see many pandemics in the future.

He claims the only way to stop these future pandemics, it is to hunt down new animal pathogens before they can jump to humans, genetically enhance these animal pathogens to “gain the function” of infecting humans (aka bioweapon production), so we can study these human-engineered pathogens, and make vaccines for them preemptively JUST IN CASE these animal pathogens mutate this way naturally, so we have the medical deterrent on hand.

This dude literally wrote the book on how they created SARS-CoV-2 and the “vaccines”. He wrote a book preemptively justifying his future bioweapon production.

But that’s not all. He thanked 16 people for their assistance with all the information in his book, and one of the people he thanked was none other than Jeffrey Epstein himself.

What does Epstein know about virology?

Shout out to @hash_tigre for this thread in 2021.
3) The entire Nathan Wolfe timeline is laid out to perfection here by Rhonda Wilson via The Exposé.

It’s an absolute MUST READ.

The Bio Biden timeline, TerraMar with Ghislaine, his help with making the movie “Contagion”.

Read it. It will blow your mind.…
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Jul 29, 2023
1)⚠️Nefarious Biolab in USA⚠️

Fresno County (CA) Public Health found a disturbing operation, owned by Chinese nationals, at an unlicensed secret facility conducting biological research, housing dangerous infectious agents, in sloppy and unsafe conditions.

Let’s talk about it.

2) For starters, you should read the Abatement Warrant attached below. It’s only 7 pages.

What is described here is absolutely HORRIFYING.

35 separate refrigerators and freezers were filled with biological material. The facility had:

-(1) biological material, including blood,……

3) Untold human lives were at risk if any of these infectious agents got out and the fact that Chinese nationals were behind it makes it even more suspicious.

But the MSM are eager to report on it. This is cause for hesitation.

Something doesn’t add up.…
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Jul 7, 2023
1) ⚠️Counter-Offensive Update⚠️

Military officials from NATO, Ukraine, US, and even neutral Austria, have reported that Ukraine have changed their tactics in the counter-offensive.

We can now see those changes in tactics… and it is disturbing.

Mosquito Tactics. THREAD!🧵
2) Ukraine’s conventional NATO tactics resulted in mass casualties, billions in lost equipment, and virtually zero progress. They didn’t even penetrate the first line of Russian defense.

The “mighty” Leopard tanks were supposed to change the war, but Russia picked them off with……
3) Thus the switch to Mosquito Tactics. Sending small groups of infantry directly into the frontlines, forcing Russia to use artillery on smaller numbers of men, in the hopes that Russia will run out of munitions.

The only problem is, the small groups of infantry are running……
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Jun 24, 2023
1) Putin speaks on Prigozhin.

Putin says we are witnessing treason, but there is no ongoing civil war.

There was no mention of danger to the Russian citizenry. There has been no confirmed kinetic hostilities between PMC Wagner and Russian MoD.

Prigozhin wants a meeting.…

2) Russian MoD put out multiple statements pertaining to Prigozhin.

Stating that Prigozhin’s claims of combat are untrue and “informational provocation”.

Urging Wagner leadership to stand down.

Meanwhile, Russian MoD continue operations in Ukraine.…
3) What jumps out to me, is that Russian MoD and Russian State-sponsored media were very eager to tell us that Ukraine were using this provocation to push back in Artyomovsk/Bakhmut.

Almost urging Ukraine to make an attack.

To me, this looks like bait.…
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Jun 20, 2023
1) ☣️🦠Biological Update🦠☣️

Russian MIL drops new information on US Biological Network!

Russia acquired financial records on Bidens’ Metabiota, confirming it as the “key contractor” in US biological malfeasance worldwide!

Metabiota forced to cease all activity in Africa!🧵 Image
2) Russian MoD brief starts with a quick recap on the US Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and their global network.

“Such a comprehensive approach all around the world allows the Pentagon to have access to different strains of contagious pathogens, which can be used as…… Image
3) Russian MoD claims they have acquired documentation and financial records of Metabiota’s activity, namely in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa, confirming that Metabiota has ceased all activity in Africa, due to the governments of these nations catching on to Metabiota’s illegal…… Image
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Jun 7, 2023
1) Child sex-trafficking hotbeds follow CIA color revolutions and US disaster relief.


What do they have in common?

Missing children and heavy involvement with the Obama State Dept. (Clinton/Kerry/Nuland).

The truth is beyond sinister.
2) The Clinton Foundation collected billions in relief for Haiti, with the promise to “build Haiti back better”.

It’s well-documented, even by the corrupt MSM, that nothing was built back better, and Haiti became a hotbed for missing children.…
3) How could we forget about the calamity that was Libya/Benghazi?

The CIA orchestrated the assassination of their leader, then Clinton used NATO to bomb Libya for 7 months, creating hundreds of thousands of refugees, and thus many vulnerable children.…
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