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President Trump just called Ron DeSantis a globalist. He’s 100% right. Here’s a long thread with everything i know so far to validate his point.

1. War

DeSantis said Trump wasn’t tough enough on Russia and advocated for more lethal aid to Ukraine.
He also voted to sanction Iran, Russia and North Korea while Trump opposed it. Earlier he wrote a joint letter to John Kerry, asking him to force Ukraine to join EU to fight against Russia. His former press secretary is a foreign agent who worked for a Zelensky official. ImageImageImage
He seemed to support a regime change in Venezuela. Called the current regime illegitimate and wanted a “free Venezuela”.
He also supported the unending war in Afghanistan, called to use everything in our arsenal.
Not to mention his best friend Kent Stermon, who was the COO of Total Military Management. DeSantis lived in his condo when he was in congress. And of course in return, he appointed him on board after he became the governor, just like he did to other lobbyists. Image
2. Trade

DeSantis voted for TPP 3x in congress. And he’s also backed by Club for Growth. Club for growth supports free trade and free market, which is against Trump’s fair trade. Club for Growth donated $2 million to him in August last year alone. ImageImage
3. Immigration

DeSantis voted Nay on H.R. 1625 and H.R. 3354, both of which contained border wall funding. One of his biggest donors, David MacNeil, stopped supporting Trump because he tried to end DACA. But he supports DeSantis. Image
He sent 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard, and only resulted in them obtaining visas. His globalist donor Ken Griffin seemed to have some friends there, and asked him to stop it. He did. But the following two flights were already paid. And $950,000 tax dollars were wasted. ImageImageImage
When talking about the 1986 Reagan Amnesty, he said he might go along with it if Reagan came to him.
He also sponsored a bill to make Puerto Rico a state. He wanted to please those Puerto Ricans who moved to Florida, just like he moved illegals from Texas instead of Florida, because he was scared to lose votes from them in his state. Even now FL is having a immigration crisis. Image
4. Energy

DeSantis banned fracking and offshore drilling, spent a lot of money on environmental issues, and invested a lot of money on electric buses. Even California allows offshore drilling. He also embraced Crist’s failed California solar energy subsidy model. ImageImageImageImage
He’s also a climate hoax believer.
5. Connections

He called Bush 41, the one who brought up New World Order, the most inspirational person he had met, 20 years after his presidency. That explains his stance on wars, and his good relationship with Bush’s son, Jeb.
He also wanted to become someone like Paul Ryan. And we all know how bad Paul Ryan is. In return, Paul Ryan is backing him this time.
He was also proud of the endorsement from John Bolton. For details, see this thread and the article written by @LauraLoomer lauraloomer.substack.com/p/if-theres-on…
His former press secretary Christina Pushaw is the definition of a globalist. She is part of Warsaw Security Forum, and they’re partnered with many usual suspects. The current press secretary, Bryan Griffin, met Pushaw there. ImageImage
Not to mention his globalist donors like China Ken Griffin, DACA David MacNeil and FTX Paul Tudor Jones, and a lot more. Pretty much everyone that supports him is a globalist. ImageImage
Summary: Ron DeSantis is as globalist as it gets. President Trump is absolutely right on this, and he knows a lot more than I do. Stay tuned for the upcoming primary.

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May 16, 2023
DeSantis just endorsed Kelly Craft, who is tied to George W. Bush, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney for governor of Kentucky. He just declared total war against MAGA. 🧵
Kelly Craft likes to attack her opponent for being tied to Mitch McConnell, while she called McConnell “dear friend to our family for decades”. Image
The Craft family runs a coal producer. They backed Rubio in 2016 primary, and they threatened Trump not to oust Paul Ryan as speaker if he wanted their donation, when he was trying to raise money for the general election in 2016.
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Mar 8, 2023
It’s no surprise that Thomas Massie and Chip Roy are on Team DeSantis now, considering who’s backing them.

Thomas Massie is funded by Koch bros, and Duke Energy, which is known for lobbying DeSantis.
He’s also funded by Club for No Growth. Receipts: opensecrets.org/members-of-con…
Chip Roy is also backed by Koch Bros.
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Mar 7, 2023
Let’s see who are the republicans that helped push the fake narratives that Jan 6 was a “riot”. Too many did, but let’s focus on the ones that many people think are good.🧵 Image
“Best governor ever”, Ron DeSantis, said Capitol Police did an “admirable job”. Keep in mind, the one who murdered Ashley Babbitt is also one of them. And those who led Jacob Chansley into the building, are among them too? Admirable my ass.
He hired this guy as his deputy press secretary later to prove that he meant it whole heartedly. Image
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Mar 2, 2023
“Their (DeSantis and Christie’s) policies are more like President Bush than like Donald Trump,” said Sara Fagen, a former Bush 43 administration official. What she said is actually true. Here’s a comparison of DeSantis and George W. Bush on their campaign platforms and policies🧵
1. Foreign policy

Bush tried to pose as anti-war when running for president, just like DeSantis did recently. He criticized Clinton’s “endless and aimless deployment”, but he also said he wouldn’t retreat from the world, and he would have WELL-DEFINED OBJECTIVES. 🚩🚩🚩
Recently, DeSantis said almost the exact same thing. He said “no blank check” and we need STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES. Sounds familiar? Bush’s objective was seizing WMD, which was a ridiculous one. There’s no guarantee that DeSantis wouldn’t make up one like that.
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Feb 26, 2023
I’m shocked that people are acting like Jeb Bush endorsing DeSantis is something shocking. Their not so secret connection has been known for a long time. When we’re doing research on this fraud, Con Inc grifters, including the obvious DeSimps and those play-both-sides ones, are… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
The stuffs we posted are not some insider info. They’re all public knowledge. Those “influencers” definitely have more ways to obtain info on him. But they don’t care. While pretending to be “anti-establishment”, they only care about money and influence on social media.
If they really had integrity, they could’ve called out his lies on COVID response, or at least one of the usual suspects that are backing him. In that case, DeSantis’ fame would’ve ended quickly like Abbott and Noem. There’s a reason that they only attack these two, so they can… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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Feb 24, 2023
Susie Wiles is the best operative in Florida. Having her = guaranteed to win Florida. She delivered the win in 2010, 2016, and 2018 for Scott, Trump and DeSantis, under very difficult circumstances. So why did DeSantis ask Trump to fire her? Did he want Trump to lose?
DeSantis is so self-absorbed that he wants people that are only loyal to him. He doesn’t want Trump/Scott people. He hates them both. Same for his wife, who is his handler and has jealousy that sees no bound. And his chief of staff Shane Strum, who worked for JEB BUSH. Image
He fired her eventually, probably because… she knnew too much? Almost everyone in politics denied that Wiles leaked anything about him. But here’s the leaked information that angered DeSantis. Looks about right for someone like DeLobby. Image
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