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When I was working on my Jonestown series, it occurred to me that the internet might facilitate cults of unprecedented proportions, that rather than 1,000 people committing mass suicide, it could be millions. It’s increasingly clear that that’s exactly what the trans movement is. Image
It bears every hallmark of a cult: isolates from former relationships, demands total identity transformation, irreversible acts to display one’s commitment, intolerance of heresy, severe penalties for leaving the group… It’s not suicide, but removal of genitals is one step away.
It seems clear at this point that gender dysphoria is contagious in the same way Tourette’s has been observed spreading to young girls via Tik Tok. More experienced members initiate new acolytes - look up what they mean by “cracking the egg” for more on that.
I think I’m right about this, and that a Jonestown-style cult has infiltrated all major media corporations, the education system, and has even cowed most politicians.
Oh, here’s the podcast series by the way. This is the trailer, the link is in the description.

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Mar 22
Civilized people are at a huge disadvantage in these situations. The Target customer is an unbalanced anti-social, waking up in jail w/a black eye is just another Monday. The seated man has a job, people who depend on him, and should simply avoid places where animal attacks are……
Who hasn’t been in a situation where you had to decide whether it was time to end your date to get into a drag-out brawl w/gutter trash, or if it would better to just wait it out for a few minutes so you don’t have to explain to your boss why you’re in jail and can’t make it in?
Add to this the certain knowledge that the whole thing will be recorded and you’ll be turned into a hate figure by national media before you’re prosecuted for a hate crime.
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Mar 22
What’s the funniest thing any President has ever said? I’ll start w/Obama:
Another entry:
“I love the poorly educated!”
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Mar 20
About half of all a Union soldiers were either immigrants or the children of recent immigrants. That is, half of the army Lincoln sent to attack the grandsons of the American Revolution weren’t even here when it happened, and had no stake in the long-running North-South conflict.
The South voted to withdraw from the Union and fired on Fort Sumter after the Union refused several formal requests to remove that military base from their sovereign territory. Then Lincoln raised an army to invade and subjugate the South.
Only on the mythologized historical events, since like all myths there are inevitably gaping holes set about by pious warnings to KEEP OUT.
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Mar 20
One of the uglier aspects of the Civil War was that men of means in the North were able to purchase an exemption while the Union imported armies of foreigners to fight their Southern countrymen for them, signing up recent and new immigrants en masse, often right off the docks.…
Yes, as some have pointed out, the South had service referrals for prominent citizens as well, but that wasn’t really my point, which was that it strikes me as mercenary and dishonorable to import legions of foreigners to fight a civil war you started.
About half of all a Union soldiers were either immigrants or the children of recent immigrants. That is, half of the army Lincoln sent to attack the grandsons of the American Revolution weren’t even here when it happened, and had no stake in the long-running North-South conflict.
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Mar 18
Some frogs took umbrage at this post, but the desperate tone of their responses tells me they know I’m right. If immigration is a settled issue, they say, then it’s over, there’s nothing left to fight for. I disagree. 🧵
First, the reality: non-white kids are already a majority in US schools, and their number grows every day. Several states like CA have already shown willingness to defy the federal government as sanctuary states, and they are backed up by federal courts.
The Supreme Court wouldn’t even allow Trump to include a citizenship question on the census or revoke the previous presidents Executive Orders. They knew it was within his power, so they delayed the case on a technicality long enough for the 2020 election to be fortified. /2
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Mar 17
They’re about to charge an additional 1,000 people for being in the Capitol on January 6th to send a message to the people contemplating what should be done about the most serious political abuse of the criminal justice system in American history.
I am well past tired of Trump and frankly find much if his recent behavior embarrassing, but a thousand January 6ths is absolutely the appropriate response if he is indicted. I’m not advising anyone to break the law, but the Founders would.
The context here is that we have a MOUNTAIN of public evidence verging on proof that the Biden family accepted bribes from interests in Ukraine and China. Hillary Clinton smashed hard drives w/hammers *after* they’d been subpoenaed by Congress.
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