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Feb 7 10 tweets 4 min read
1) Interestingly enough, the US biological presence in Taiwan might be worse than Ukraine.

According the the NIH, there are 1,251 biolabs in Taiwan, 262 of which are private.

Including a BSL-4 lab in Taipei, which notoriously saw C19 outbreak (NIH link next slide).
2) If the Chinese MIL are true in their displeasure in the US biological presence in Ukraine, surely the US biological presence in Taiwan is a main factor in their desire to reclaim Taiwan from US Deep State proxy activity.…
3) Does everyone remember the infamous C19-infected lab mouse that bit a scientist and caused a C19 outbreak out of the BSL-4 lab in Taiwan 👀 12/10/21

This one didn’t get much coverage in the Western MSM. Wonder why.…
4) What was Pelosi doing in Taiwan that caused such a massive response from China and threats of militaristic retaliation?

Given Chinese MIL’s public and formal grievances for US biological malfeasance, we have to consider their connection.…
5) Trump has been telling us since before the Olympics that China was looking to move into Taiwan.

Trump has hinted many times that Ukraine and Taiwan are similar situations to their respective parent countries.

Looks like Taiwan may be a Deep State proxy as well.
6) Then when you think in terms of militaristic biological applications, Ukraine and Taiwan have the two most important things in common.

Ukraine was formerly USSR (Russia) and Taiwan was formerly China.

Meaning the citizens still have the same DNA to their parent countries.
7) Why is this important? Because the advancements in US micro- and nano-biology allow for genome specific biological weapons, that can target entire nationalities.

This is not ‘conspiracy theory’.

Here is Dem Congressman Jason Crow speaking on this US biological technology.
8) Given the Chinese MIL displeasure with US biological research and capabilities, the entire country of China is at risk of directed biological warfare, so long as the US has a biological foothold in Taiwan, with access to historically Chinese DNA.

Same goes for Ukraine/Russia.
9) Russia and China don’t want the US to have biolabs in former Russia/China territory, because the populace posses DNA that can be used to quite literally wipe out their entire civilizations, as they are homogenous societies.

This is why Russia/China are pissed.
10) We always thought it would be the nuclear arms race that separated the world powers. We always thought WW3 was going to be nuclear.

Turns out the real arms race going on behind the scenes, was a biological arms race. Our DNA is the key.

Humanity is in great peril.


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Feb 9

@Newsweek put out an article pertaining to the connections between Hunter Biden and Metabiota.

Which also included a “fact-check” on the Ukrainian MoD decree to destroy docs associates with biolab company Metabiota.…
2) You’ll notice they opted to make @DC_Draino their target in the hit-piece, despite the fact that I put out the information, and O’Handley even cited I put it out.

Interesting that they opted to leave me alone in all this 🤔

Now let’s break down the flaws in article.
3) @Newsweek confirms that Hunter Biden secured DoD funding for Metabiota via his position at Rosemont Seneca…

Meaning Newsweek just admitted the US funds Biolabs in Ukraine 😂

Then they quote @PolitiFact who, back on 2/25/22, said “there are no US-run Biolabs in Ukraine” ImageImage
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Feb 5
1) Now that I’ve presented the meat of my research, challenges have been made, and the hypothesis tested by the public; let’s isolate what we know for certain, conclude what we can conclude, and discuss the next steps moving forward.
2) First, let’s isolate what is NOT theory:

Russia and China have formally accused factions within the US government of creating biological weapons in Ukraine. The accusations have been ongoing for almost a year, and practically the entire Western world has been in the dark.
3) The FBI and DHS weaponized Big Tech and MSM, who lied about the existence of the US funded biolabs in Ukraine. Gaslighting the public that “there are no biolabs in Ukraine”.

Only for the US Gov to eventually admit there are lots of biolabs, and Putin is after them.
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Feb 5
There are 3 people in car.

Someone farts.

Persons A and B get angry, and demand for the person who farted to fess up and stop farting.

Person C ignores the accusations from persons A and B, calls them liars, then demands it’s not important to find out who farted.

Who farted?…
Person C doesn’t stop there.

Person C then goes on to use the FBI and DHS to weaponize private Big Tech and media companies, in order to censor journalists and scientists who highlight all the evidence that suggests Person C farted.
Person C also just so happened to get obscenely rich and gain global political power as a result of the chaos caused by the fart.
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Feb 4
1) This line of thinking is EXACTLY what I’m trying to bring attention to.

This widespread Mandela Effect plagues both the Left and the Right.

Why is it that the US are absolved from even consideration that they might be involved in wrongdoing?

Because we won WW2?
2) So even if some psychopaths were to gain control of the US government, we aren’t allowed to question them because of a war that ended 80 years ago?

We must assume Russia and China are wrong because of their past?

How about we just look at the evidence, like logical beings.
3) The US, Russia, China, every government/civilization on the planet; all of them have committed heinous atrocities at some point in their history.

This idea that the US are infallible, is insane.

The US doesn’t get to ignore allegations from Russia and China just because.
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Feb 4
1) Since the public are on the topic of China, let’s share a video from The Ministry of National Defense from the PRC, on 3/25/22.

Americans are largely unaware that China has also been demanding for investigations into the US biological activity in Ukraine and abroad.
2) Wu Qian elaborates on the PRC’s stance on US MIL involvement in the biolabs in Ukraine, as well as the “many locations of US overseas biolabs [that] saw outbreaks of rare infections diseases.”

Chinese MIL are demanding answers.

Link to source CCTV.

3) So for those wondering why China would militaristically escalate against the United States, well they are openly demanding for clarifications as to why dangerous pathogens are ‘leaking’ from US labs worldwide.

They are openly asking for transparency.…
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Feb 3
1) IMPORTANT THREAD on the infamous Trump-Zelensky meeting, 9/25/19.

We all remember Zelensky looking mortified when hearing what Trump knew about in Ukraine, live, in front of the world.

Here Trump suggests that Zelensky should get together with Putin to “solve his problem”.
2) The “problem” Trump was referring to, was the corruption in Ukraine. The entire country is controlled by US Deep State oligarchs.

Trump makes it known in front of Zelensky, that he knows about what’s going on in Ukraine.

Which is why Zelensky is visibly uncomfortable.
3) Trump revealed that Putin knows about the corruption in Ukraine, and expresses to Zelensky that it would behoove him and THE WORLD to get with Putin and help “solve his problem” of Deep State politicians running his country via proxy.

Trump offered Zelensky an escape.
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