Most of the weight loss from Ozempic and Wegovy comes from muscle loss and bone demineralization.

You end up in a worse place than when you started.
Why is this the case?

People feel full on these drugs. They don't eat as much, and when they do eat it usually low quality food.

This leads to nutritional deficiencies.
They also rarely change their lifestyle.

If you're in a caloric deficit and don't exercise, your body breaks down muscle.

As you get older your body breaks down bone if you're not stimulating growth.
In the beginning it'll be mostly fat lost because you have more of it to lose.

There comes a tipping point where this changes and muscle is lost.

The problem is, rebound weight gain is essentially guaranteed, as the makers of Wegovy and Ozempic admit.
What happens after 6 months when you've lost 50 lbs and stop the drug because you're starting to lose muscle mass?

You gain those 50 lbs back.

There is no shortcut. You must make substantial lifestyle changes. You must exercise and eat right.
Oh and it has a risk of pancreatitis and thyroid cancer in susceptible populations.

So there's that.
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Feb 7
The vaccine mandates will end up giving us better data than anyone imagined.

They may even be a net-positive, given enough time.

This is a controversial take, so make sure you read the whole thread and understand the argument.

Short 🧵
Over the last 40 years the number of recommended or required childhood vaccines has skyrocketed.

Kids get dozens of shots over their childhood.
Vaccine hesitant parents have never had a leg to stand on.

Big Pharma has never adequately tested their vaccines. It's always been considered unethical. It would be unsafe to leave children unvaccinated, they say.

Meaning, their studies never have a true placebo.
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Jan 27
**Contest Announcement**

If you're a graphic artist, this is for you.

Renegade Health Magazine is launching in March. You can't launch a magazine without a cover.

Here's your time to shine. Read below for contest rules and details.
Here's how it'll go:

Submit your proposal for the magazine cover to @DoctorAnarchist, @RenHealthMag, or email it to Renegade Health Mag (see profile).

The top 3-5 will be selected and voted on.

The winner's art will become the cover for the first edition of RHM.
The cover MUST contain the magazine name and logo.

You may retain all rights to the art. You made it, you keep it.

RHM may sell prints of the cover (New Yorker style). The artist gets their cut of any prints sold.

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Jan 25
Here's what I would do if myself or a loved one developed cancer.

This isn't a foolproof guide, but a good place to start.

This is my top 7
1) Vitamin D

I'd get plenty of time in the sun and supplement if necessary.

Vitamin D is necessary for immune health as well as various other functions in the body.

The goal would be 80-110 ng/mL.
2) Testosterone

• Improved immune health
• Improved muscle retention

Elevated RBC count may be beneficial in certain cancers.

I would get a baseline level, then supplement as needed with a goal of 1,100 ng/dL.
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Jan 23
Ventilators killed people with COVID.

This is a proven and well-understood fact at this point. But it's not as cut and dry as it seems. There are reasons it was a necessity.

Small thread on ventilators and COVID.🧵
Early in the pandemic, ventilators became the mainstay of therapy for severe, advanced covid.

People were being intubated, sedated, and sustained with ventilators at historic rates. Shortages were common.…
Ventilators are common in modern medicine and used for a variety of reasons.

When used appropriately they are truly life-saving.

For example, when you get surgery you are intubated and placed on a ventilator.

So, what happened with covid?
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Jan 21
We are going to see historic rates of cancer in the next 10 years.

There's two main reasons for that.
1) Lifestyle

Estrogen is carcinogenic. More body fat means more estrogen. We are fatter than ever with no end in sight.

Exercise also directly reduces estrogen levels. You know what people don't do anymore? Exercise.
2) Screening

Millions of people no longer trust the healthcare system after the last 3 years. Rightfully so.

Cancer screening rates will drop.

This means instead of finding precancerous lesions early, we'll find cancers late.

Even a 1% increase would be historic.
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Jan 13
Long COVID will be a pandemic.

It has to be. There are too many special interests and too much money at play.

Let's look at a few reasons why (short thread)🧵
1) Big Pharma

Developing treatments for long COVID will earn billions for Big Pharma.

Vaccines, pills, injections, you name it, they'll make it.

It's a win-win for them. The government will cover their losses. Only upside.

Follow the money.
2) Welfare/Disability

Nobody like working when they don't have to.

Hundreds of thousands of people are unhealthy, overweight, in chronic pain, and so on.

Mark my words, long COVID will be an excuse to get on disability.

All the incentives are aligned that way.
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