🧡Chemical Warfare Against The Amish🧡

In this thread we'll examine why the East Palestine Ohio 'Chemical Accident' may have been a coordinated attack from state actors to harm the agricultural community known as "The Amish" by poisoning the rainwater & arable land in the area.
First, who are the Amish?

The Amish are an Anabaptist Christian Religious community in America who to varying degrees shun the use of modern technology.

Some Amish communities will use technology in businesses, but most agree that it disrupts their traditional way of life.
This lifestyle of working in local agricultural communities has made them immune to various forms of government coercion & control.

Since the Obama Administration, the Amish community have been harassed over trivial matters like selling raw milk to willing & informed customers.
Many of us on Twitter recognize that the Biden Administration is simply a puppet government of the Obama Administration & the Corporate interests who lined his pockets.

Obama said he would take a 3rd term through a puppet president himself!
So with the proven track-record of animosity against the Amish during the Obama years, we have a precedent for coordinated state action against the Amish.

This casts suspicion on why the Chemical Accident took place near the border of PA & OH, in the heart of Amish Country.
In 2022, Netflix released a film called "White Noise". This film depicts the aftermath of a train derailment and deadly hazardous chemical leak in Ohio.

This film premiered at the Venice International Film Festival on August 30th 2022.

Coincidence or Predictive Programming?
Another reason the Biden Admin might have an interest in sabotaging the Amish community is because of their "vaccine hesitancy" & their ability to resist federal mandates by relying on localism.

The Amish were 1st to achieve herd immunity & disprove the fake science of the CDC.
The Amish community though relatively small, have the ability to grow & distribute large volumes of agricultural products.

Their autonomous Religious communities are likely perceived as an obstacle to Federal control of American society during a declared state of emergency.
If corrupt elements in the Government are preparing to release another virus, instantiate further Quarantines & vaccine mandates, then the Amish are enemy #1.

Poisoning the water & land where they are most populous is a way to quietly harm them under the guise of an 'accident'.
When Vinyl Chloride is burnt, it converts into Hydrochloric Acid and binds to water particles in the atmosphere.

From here it will rain on the farmlands of Ohio & Pennsylvania, in a region where there are high concentrations of Amish communities.
Governors DeWine & Shapiro of OH & PA endorsed a "controlled burn" of these toxic chemicals by Norfolk Southern Rail. This may be a criminal act of chemical warfare & a violation of the Geneva Protocol.

A legal fund could reasonably be established to prosecute those responsible.
News articles vary, with some claiming that the fire was an accident, or a "controlled release" due to fears that the chemicals might explode.

One obvious question is that if the chemicals were prone to explosion, why didn't they explode when they were deliberately set on fire?
In recent news, Union workers in the Rail industry have been sounding the alarm on lowered safety standards.

While this is important, it doesn't account for why these chemicals were disposed of in the most destructive & reckless manner possible via a rushed "controlled burn".
The proper way to deal with a spill of toxic chemical waste like this would be to have specialized workers contain & remove the hazardous elements to a secure government facility until a safe process for disposal can be determined.

That did not happen.
Further legal inquiry into the exact details of how the Governors DeWine & Shapiro managed & directed resources during this disaster may be revealing.

The arrests of journalists at the site is also extremely suspicious given the circumstances.
Adding to these suspicions, the residents in the area were told to leave during the controlled burning of the hazardous waste.

The justification was that it was for safety purposes, but it could have been a means to prevent documentation of events in the area.
In closing, there are many instances of toxic chemical spills throughout the history of industrial civilization. Nature is resilient & usually recovers.

With that in mind, we need to demand accountability for this disaster so that preventable issues like this don't happen again.

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