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For those of you who are not familiar with the Vietnam Era, this was tried by LBJ in 1966 with Project 100,000, which lowered the minimum required score for the Armed Forces Qualification Test. It was a disaster. The newly qualified soldiers were slow learners, routinely
incompetent and undisciplined, and in combat were dangerous to themselves and their comrades. Their fatality rate was three times that of soldiers who met the previous qualification standard.
You can get the details in a book titled "McNamara's Folly."…
That the Navy is doing it again after that experience, in an era when cognitive demands of military service are higher than they were 50 years ago, is gross negligence towards those who are already serving and damaging to national security.

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1/4 I'll elaborate a little. Let's say I'm writing an article or a chapter using data from the 1000 Genomes Project. I want to make statements about Sub-Saharan Africans and also statements about the Yoruba, Luhya, and Esan subsamples of Sub-Saharan Africans.
2/4 Which is easier? To write sentences in which all are referred to as populations or sentences in which some groups are races and others are, um, what? Sub-races? Ethnicities? For me, it's a no-brainer. "Populations" is flexible, easily shifting from the continental level to
3/4 more granular component populations. I _prefer_ "population." I think it's better terminology. If I'm writing an article about US unemployment by population, I'll use "race" because I don't have any more granular populations that I want to talk about. But if I'm presenting
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1/7 Good review, and I certainly can't complain that the reviewer didn't read carefully. I am of two minds about Bo's complaint that I tried too hard to not rile up my readers (a point that others have made as well).
2/7 My decisions about tone for Human Diversity were made early in the writing process, around 2017, when I was still optimistic that I could get some people on the left to read me in the wake of my post-TBC partial rehabilitation
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1/10 What better way to start the new year than with a puzzle about the coding of race and ethnicity by the @uscensusbureau. Specifically, a coding change from 2019 to 2020 changed the percentage of Latinos who identified racially as white from 66% to 24%. This is a huge change.
2/10 Three obvious possibilities:
(1) Latino racial self-identification is changing.
(2) Latino racial self-identification was misrepresented by the old measure.
(2) Latino racial self-identification is misrepresented by the revised measure.
3/10 All three could be true to some extent. But how much of which? Your essential text is the Census Bureau's blog post about the nature of the change:…
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1/4 I've come to think over the last 20 years that secular humanism has no moral bottom. Absent a core of absolutes of right and wrong, anything can be rationalized. Absent some divine origin for those absolutes, they cannot be absolutes.
2/4 Twenty years ago, I saw the potential for such rationalizations. Since then, I have watched the most secular elements of societies in the West rationalize ever-widening departures from what used to moral principles that secular humanism claimed it could sustain.
3/4 I admire many secular humanist thinkers. But consider how few Steven Pinkers remain and how many who are now advocating forms of totalitarianism. Secular humanism rests on sand.
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1/5 How much difference does a single-parent family make in criminality after controlling for genetics? Don't know, but here is a table with the relative roles of genes, shared environment, and everything else on some relevant traits. Image
2/5 The bad news for parents: The roles of shared environment for traits involving personality and most abilities are quite small. But look at the right-hand page (from Human Diversity, if you're wondering).
3/5 Shared environment's role in explaining basic interpersonal interactions is 36%, which implies an important socializing role (you can't make them kind and compassionate, but you can civilize them somewhat).
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1/6 I have a lot of followers who are sophisticated about complex multivariate methods but who haven't read into the IQ/race controversy. As an exercise, please take a look at this article (it's not paywalled).…
2/6 It's one example of a growing literature. It's not racist pseudoscience. One of the coauthors, Bryan Pesta, a tenured faculty member, was recently fired, with this article being a major reason.
3/6 Perhaps you can access the Chronicle of Higher Education's account of the affair (it is paywalled). The author is fully on board with the pseudoscience allegations, but his account is also detailed, and it is chilling.…
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