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1. South Africa has collapsed, here's why:

Part 1: Intro
Part 2: The wasteland
Part 3: Societal collapse
Part 4: Final outcome
Part 5: Doing good
2. [Part 1: Intro]

South Africa is a beautiful country and home to many unique languages and cultures, such as the Afrikaner (or Boer). We have a base load of around 70 million people, access to both sea and land trade and are considered a great tourist destination.
3. We live in a truly beautiful country. A place like no other. Our winters are short, and summers long.. our country is huge too. I love this land, as did my forefathers who built it. But here is what they're not telling you.
4. [Part 2: The wasteland]

Buckle up.
5. Our infrastructure is just short of completely obliterated. Infrastructure required for immediate and long term access to life in general is either non existent or hanging on by a string. Here's a short list:
6. * Sewage treatment works - more than half are offline. And those are working, aren't effective. circleofblue.org/2022/world/a-t…
7. * Water processing works - of the millions of km's of pipping, we only have an average of 64% access rate to fresh drinking water. businesstech.co.za/news/lifestyle…

The system is dying. Blackouts are making it worse.

8. * Electrical grid - by now, most of you know that South Africa is going through "load shedding". Where the government turns off large parts of the electrical grid in order to avoid grid collapse.


This leads to every possible issue imaginable.
9. With the above rolling blackouts (correct term for load shedding) - comes less water, no comms and just complete decay of jobs and hope. It's a sad picture.. where you go an average of 8 to 12 hours a day without power. And sometimes without water or power for days.
10. * Almost every single state run enterprise (SOE), is defunct. They're literally the spitting image of Zimbabwe. ESKOM - our only power producer - is dead in the water. Averaging a 50% or less power output.

11. A complete lack of maintenance, corruption leading to bankruptcy and literal sabotage of generating plants has lead to this.

12. * Our rail is dead. 1/4 of our freight, gone in not even 5 years. But it's worse now.. the rail just isn't there anymore. It's gone. Stolen. Every piece of available track, copper cable and scrap metal - gone.

13. * The rail network is so dead that land grabbers are setting up shacks on the tracks.



14. Working roads, what's that? 😂 Our roads are basically just one giant pothole and nothing else. I don't want to repeat it, but our roads have collapsed. At some stage, they even ran out of tar to facilitate repairs.


15. SA's port infrastructure - slowly dying. Workers constantly on strike. I.T related attacks and fires. All crumbling. Our ports are hemorrhaging money by the day.



16. City Power - our biggest grid repairer - is almost non operational. They also no longer do Nightshift due to attacks on employees and lack of funds. They've also used up their budget for the year.

17. Our sub stations are collapsing.. either exploding, setting fire or just disappearing into the ground.

18. [Part 3: Societal collapse]

This is why we are where we are.
19. Police force - non existent. No operational call centres. (Apart from WC). Most police stations don't even pick up the phone. We call them to fetch bodies.. that's it.



20. Looting is our national sport. Trucks are targeted (guerilla warfare style) and stopped on uphills. Objects are then placed behind the wheels so that the driver cannot escape. Looting then begins.


21. South Africa averages 3 to 4 violent civilian based unrest issues a day. Every 24 hours. That includes looting, protests and riots.
22. Crime. Read 👇

1 rape every 10 minutes.
80 murders every 24 hours.
3 - 4 kids murdered every 24 hours.
Average of 70 hijackings a day.
Average of 2500 home invasions every 24 hours.
At least 4 - 5 CIT heists every week. Image
23. All of our major cities register well within the top 20 most dangerous cities in the world. I'm being very fair here, considering the actual stats are A LOT worse.
24. Societal collapse has led to the US government issuing a warning to international travelers in SA - stock up prepper style on food and water.

25. Hospitals - almost done. Hanging on barely by a thread.



26. Every other day, a coordinated attack takes place on our water, power and comms infrastructure. Water lines are targeted, sub stations stripped out and cellphone tower batteries stolen. ImageImage
27. Copper cable theft is a massive issue here.. electrical copper cable is ripped from high voltage lines, underground trenches and sub stations. All sold for a bit of heroine or tik. Drugs are the biggest driving factor of copper cable theft in SA. twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Image
28. There are 30 million people in this country, all receiving some form of a government grant. Our population? A grand total of 60 million. God help us. The grant for supporting children is somewhere around R500 ($28). The poor are basically being paid to have kids.
29. The South African government has stated they're not constitutionally bound to provide electricity to the republic, and as a result, not bound to ending rolling blackouts either. Further increasing societal chaos.

30. EWC and NHI. Expropriation Without Compensation - where the government takes your land and gives it to the "previously disadvantaged". NHI is basically a national health insurance thing where you use the government as a medical aid. All of this will be in play, soon.
31. Army, Navy and Airforce - a joke. Our SANDF is buying their own boots, army bases are being looted for copper and scrap and machines/vehicles canabilised for parts. DENEL is bankrupt.



32. Take some barbed wire and throw it on the ground - that's our borders. Further adding to societal issues as the undocumented hoardes swarm in. YouTube videos made by my friend, @JacquesBroodryk on behalf of @afriforum.

33. South Africa has the highest unemployment rate in the world - somewhere around 35% of our "known" population is unemployed.
34. [Part 4: Final outcome]

Mass unrest, decay into oblivion and public uprisings.. that will be the end of SA. Sounds bleak.. I know. But there is hope, check the next Tweet.
35. [Part 5: Doing good]

With the state that our country is in, it's important to remember that there is hope. There are many people like myself, who just don't want to see a negative outcome for SA.
36. Institutions such as @afriforum and @solidariteit - community focused places that want only the best for our beautiful land. Communities will pull through, but only if they prepare accordingly. Normalize the discussion around the collapse of SA.. don't get eaten.

Here's a few bonus additions as to the decay, cable theft and drug use. Societal collapse is real, and it's happening in SA. ImageImageImageImage
.. ImageImageImageImage
.. ImageImageImageImage
.. ImageImageImageImage
.. ImageImageImageImage
Friends, I'd like to start creating video content on the collapse of SA - here's a link to my Amazon Wishlist where you'll find a GoPro. Hoping someone will pitch in.

I have one, but it's secured to my plate carrier, and is more suitable for that role.

I was so nice in this thread actually.. I didn't even include the majority of our issues. Such as being grey listed.. government debt.. ruling party bankrupt etc.. the list goes on.
It's important to note that South African farmers are under siege. They are dying in the most brutal ways imaginable. Cc: @ConCaracal for a follow.
I made the news all over the world.


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Feb 26
1. South Africa has collapsed. US embassy is now informing international travellers to stock up (prepper style) on food and water.

2. City Power has an average turn around time of 2 to 3 days for grid repairs. They don't have the manpower, supplies nor funds. And they've already used this year's budget.
3. We're seeing an increase in coordinated attacks on water, power and comms infrastructure.
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Feb 25
1. South Africans just aren't grasping how fast things are now accelerating. Absolute decay everywhere, ESKOM going down and taking water (incl. sewage), food and comms with it and now greylisting pushing us closer to financial collapse.
2. Tax base fleeing for other countries. Government debt. Unemployment rate is getting to Mars before Elon does. Murder rate is higher than most warzones.. hospitals are collapsing. No police or fire presence. EWC and NHI on the cards in order to get voters.
3. Ruling party and 3rd biggest party hate white people and want them dead. Businesses closing down due to rolling blackouts. Looming xenophobia riots. "Normal" riots coupled with looting which is now becoming sophisticated team efforts deployed by 100's.
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4 items you need to buy this weekend: (on a budget)

1. Solar panel that can charge your smaller devices. electromannsa.com/products/80w-1…
2. PTT radios. Study the law. (Who cares).
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Jan 28
1/ Late last night, I attended to a stabbing victim. 1 X collapsed lung and multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdominal area. 1 X chest seal, multiple gauze packings and a tourniquet later and we managed to get this individual to the ER.
2/ This is a fantastic teaching opportunity and why you really need to understand that you are your own first responder.. because there won't always be someone around to save you. Here's a few take away points from that scene:
3/ Medical life saving interventions are a skill set. YouTube can show you what to do, but without the physical training - you aren't gana make it. Find a decent trainer and just get it done. Please.
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