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1. #DisinfoGate PART 3

10/15/2020- One day after the NY Post Hunter Biden Laptop story, Pierson says-“Russians leak information…whether it denigrates Biden and/or boosts Trump”

Which Russian “leak operation” is she referring to?
2. 10/19/2020- Five days after the NY Post story, Shelby Pierson’s boss, former DNI @JohnRatcliffe states emphatically:

“Hunter Biden’s Laptop is NOT part of some Russian Disinformation campaign”

Again, which Russian leak operation was Shelby Pierson talking about?
3. Elvis Chan (FBI) was deposed in the Missouri v Biden case

He ID'd Pierson as 1 of 4 Govt. officials that warned Social Media about concerns of a Russian “hack-and-leak” operation ahead of the 2020 election (pg. 222)

@AGAndrewBailey-it wasn't just FBI
4. Yoel Roth states, in a sworn declaration, that he had weekly meetings with ODNI, DHS & FBI.

Roth states he was warned of expected “hack-and-leak” operations by state actors that would involve Hunter Biden…
5. Buried in the unclassified IC Assessment of Foreign Threats to the 2020 Elections, there is one section that stands out

Page 9- the report blames Russia for publishing & amplifying disparaging content about Biden, his family & specifically “his son"…
6. @JohnRatcliffe said NO ONE from ODNI was authorized to discuss “content moderation” w/ Social Media firms

Yet Shelby Pierson said “sharing information from the IC w/ Social Media platforms to consider, relative to their terms of service, how to remediate inauthentic content”
7. DISTURBING- Pierson says domestic censorship, on social media, is justified if IC determines it’s “foreign sponsored”

“if we’re aware that this information is foreign sponsored…we want to do everything we can to MANAGE this information”


1/14/2020- Pierson speaks at EAC Summit. She confirms that the Intelligence Community, Social Media firms & Tech firms are in a “partnership”

In my first #DisinfoGate thread, we heard @BillEvanina also describe this partnership
9. Shelby Pierson states:

“we need an entire whole of society…working together to understand threats that come w/ election security & countering MALIGN INFLUENCE”

She includes “Social Media, Tech firms, the Press, Academia, Special Interest Groups & NGO’s”
10. ODNI's Pierson & @BillEvanina held the highest positions in the IC working on ‘election security’

Pierson & @BillEvanina have both, unambiguously, stated that they worked w/ Social Media firms to “take down” or “remediate content”
11. @JohnRatcliffe said NO ONE from ODNI was authorized to discuss “content moderation” w/ Social Media firms

Both Pierson & Evanina publicly admitted discussing content moderation w/ Social Media firms

@Jim_Jordan @Weaponization @JudiciaryGOP should call ALL THREE to testify
12. Brian Scully confirms, in his deposition, that ODNI officials held weekly teleconferences w/ CISA to discuss ways to “counter disinformation related to the November 2020 Elections”

Exhibit 31 is OIG report on DHS that confirms this

As noted earlier-Elvis Chan ID’d Pierson
13.Shelby Pierson was appointed by former DNI Dan Coats on July 19, 2019. She was named Chair of the Election Executive & Leadership Board. She was the top election security official in the Intelligence Community…
14. Was Shelby Pierson a partisan?

Did her personal bias affect the types of intelligence she shared with Social Media firms?

Did she use that intelligence to advise what content she wanted the Social Media firms to ‘remediate?’
15. 2/5/2020- Trump acquitted in first impeachment

Eight days later, Shelby Pierson briefed the HPSCI, where she told the committee that “Russia was working to get Trump re-elected.”…
16.Trump was enraged over this, fired Acting DNI Maguire and replaced him with @RichardGrenell

Yet Pierson remained in her position.

17. 3/10/2020- In a classified briefing to Congress, @BillEvanina walks back claims made by Shelby Pierson a month prior.

Evanina told Congress they had “nothing to support” the notion that Putin favored one candidate or another.…
18. While Shelby Pierson has now left ODNI, the effort to counter “disinformation” continues

Pierson’s old position as Elections Threats Executive is part of a new center at ODNI:


Its mission is identical to DHS Disinformation Governance Board
19. Jeffrey Wichman, former 30-year CIA officer, is the current acting Director of the Foreign Malign Influence Center

#FMIC’s mission is to counter “malign influence” that seeks to influence public opinion & behavior

Wichman is the de facto leader of the ‘Thought Police”
20.#DisinfoGate- A real, documented, & vast conspiratorial effort led by Shelby Pierson & Bill Evanina at ODNI, along with other Government officials

It includes virtually the entire Intel Community in partnership w/ Social Media firms, Tech firms, MSM, Academia, NGO’s, etc.
21.#DisinfoGate- Using a false narrative that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, CISA was created as a liaison between IC & Social Media

The goal was to censor free speech (under the false guise of foreign disinfo) & socially engineer the opinions of American voters
22.#DisinfoGate- After achieving their goal of getting Trump out of office, this Deep State/Social Media partnership is now ostensibly being used to censor & socially engineer our views on COVID, vaccines, climate, race relations, Russia/Ukraine War, etc.

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More from @NameRedacted247

Feb 23
1. #DisinfoGate PART 2


#FMIC quietly opened it’s doors in Sept 2022

It’s mission is identical to DHS Disinformation Governance Board

FMIC mission is to counter “malign influence” that seeks to influence public opinion & behavior

2. The Foreign Malign Influence Center is operated under the ODNI

Jeffrey Wichman, former 30 year CIA agent, is the acting Director of #FMIC

Wichman, for lack of a better term, is the defacto leader of the “Thought Police”
3. In 2019, @SenAmyKlobuchar & @SenJackReed introduced legislation to establish the Foreign Malign Influence Center, using “Russian disinformation” as a pretext.

#FMIC was founded under the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act…
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Feb 6
1. #DisinfoGate- VIDEO: Government official admits that Intel Community “partnered” w/ Social Media & worked together in “TAKING STUFF DOWN”

Bill Evanina is the first official to admit this publicly

The effort to ‘combat Disinfo,’ ahead of 2020 election, was as large as 9/11
2. Bill Evanina, former Dir NCSC (ODNI), admits:

“What we accomplished the past 2 years…as an integrated, holistic Government effort in PARTNERSHIP with Social Media & Tech Firms is unprecedented”

Describing it as the “MODEL OF THE FUTURE”
3. 10/9/18-
Evanina, sitting alongside Chris Krebs, describes some #DisinfoGate Operation details

“DNI identified a crisis manager for elections within ODNI”
Evanina further details how intel is gathered by CIA, NSA & funneled to Chris(DHS) & FBI

1 month later, CISA is founded
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Jan 23
1. #TwitterFiles & #FacebookFiles A deep dive into how Twitter & Facebook became willing partners with The Deep State

Should Facebook & Twitter hiring practices, along with their close ties to FBI, CISA & other Government Agencies be a focus in @Jim_Jordan investigation?

2. At a September 5, 2018 Senate hearing, @Jack stated, “We’ve really strengthened our PARTNERSHIP with Government Agencies since 2016.”

Jack requests regular meetings with “Twitter’s Law Enforcement partnerships” & asks for a “single point of contact” with the Government
3. Twitter was not pressured at all. @jack went to Congress requesting more help expanding their already existing "partnerships" with Law Enforcement & Government.
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Dec 27, 2022
1. Google currently employs at least 165 people, in high-ranking positions, from the Intelligence Community.

Google’s Trust & Safety team is managed by 3 ex-CIA agents, who control “misinfo & hate speech.”

Here’s the breakdown:

2. Since the 2016 Presidential election, Google/Facebook/Twitter have hired at least 300+ people formerly employed by CIA, FBI, etc

Ex-CIA agents are Heads of Trust & Safety at Google & Facebook. Is it OK that ex-CIA agents control what “misinfo” is?
3. Nick Rossmann (He/Him)– Current Google Senior Manager Trust & Safety. Former CIA Analyst 5 years.… Image
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Dec 19, 2022
1. After learning that Twitter employs at least 15 former FBI agents, I searched Facebook. What I found is alarming

Facebook currently employs at least 115 people, in high-ranking positions, that formerly worked at FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS:

17 CIA
37 FBI
23 NSA
38 DHS

2. All, but a few, of the former intelligence agents were hired, by Facebook after the 2016 Presidential Election & after the FBI established their social media-focused task force FTIF.
3. As @mtaibbi detailed in #TwitterFiles Part 6, we know there was massive coordination of censorship between the FBI & Twitter during 2020-2022.

Who is controlling “misinfo” censorship at Facebook?

Is there similar coordination between Facebook & the Intelligence community?
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Dec 7, 2022
1. @elonmusk , Your new company @Twitter has many ex FBI/CIA agents in high ranks. Should probably do a little housecleaning.

Thread 🧵
2. Kevin Michelena - current Twitter Sr. Corporate Security Analyst. Ex FBI Intelligence Analyst 12 years…
3. Doug Hunt - current Twitter Senior Director. Ex FBI Special Agent 20 years.…
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